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Guidelines for Coin Traders in Dealing with the German Cultural Assets Protection Act

...Assets Protection Act (KGSG). While Regulation (EC) No. 116/2009 so far covered the export from Germany to a third country, KGSG now provides for comprehensive export control which includes exports... (27 Treffer im Text)

Complaint against the German KGSG with the European Commission

...paper from November 1, 2017, with the CDU summary of all the topics to be discussed, click here. Under the heading “Kultur”, the KGSG is item #4 on the list. ... (1 Treffer im Text)

Interrelations in the protection of cultural property – the American way for the protection of cultural property (German abbreviation KGSG), prepared by minister Monika Grütters, on 6 August 2016, coin enthusiasts in the US feel increasingly criminalised by similar propositions.... (1 Treffer im Text)