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1,000 lots focused on Reformation and Protestantism from the Opitz Collection

Anyone dealing with coins and medals focused on Reformation and Protestantism knows the name Dr. Rainer Opitz.

No. 8048: Sicily. Victor Amadeus II. of Savoy, 1713-1720. Satirical bronze medal 1717. Extremely rare. Very fine. Estimate: 250 euros.

Künker has already auctioned two parts of his extensive collection. Now, the third part is coming onto the market. At 6.00 pm on July 3 and 4, 2019, 1,000 coins and medals will be offered in an eLive Premium Auction under the number 325.

No. 8202: Augsburg. Hollow silver cast, no date (post 1647). Very rare. Holed, very fine. Estimate: 200 euros.

In addition, the second volume of Reformatio in Nummis has been available since the beginning of June. It includes more than 5,000 numismatic pieces from the Opitz Collection that bear witness to the history of Reformation and Protestantism, as well as key figures of the Reformation. If you’d like to order a copy, just send an e-mail.

No. 8244: Brandenburg-Prussia. Frederick William I., 1713-1740. Silver medal 1732 on the admission of emigrants from Salzburg. Extremely fine. Estimate: 200 euros.
No. 8293: Bremen. Silver medal 1684. Very fine+. Estimate: 200 euros.
No. 8364: Hamburg. Silver medal 1754 on the groundbreaking ceremony for the “Kleiner Michel” church Rare. Almost extremely fine. Estimate: 100 euros.
No. 8453: Nuremberg. Wooden model 1598, depicting Mayor of Nuremberg Andreas III. Imhoff. Slight chip, extremely fine. Estimate: 1,000 euros.
No. 8555: Saxony. Silver medal on the violent death of the preacher Hermann Joachim Hahn 1726. Second known specimen in trade. Extremely fine. Estimate: 400 euros.
No. 8617: Saxe-Gotha. Frederick II., 1691-1732. Tin medal 1696. Very rare. Extremely fine. Estimate: 250 euros.
No. 8765: Paul Gerhardt, hymn writer. Bronze cast medal. Extremely rare. As cast. Estimate: 100 euros.

You can order the catalog from Künker, Nobbenburgerstr. 4a, 49 076 Osnabrück; Tel: +49 (0)541 96 20 20 22 +49 (0)541 / 96 20 222; or via e-mail. You can also study the Auction online at the Künker website.