Whitman Publishing Seeks a Full-Time Associate Editor

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Whitman Publishing seeks to hire an editor to work on books in the antiques-and-collectibles and American history fields. The position is full-time and on-site in the company’s Pelham, Alabama, office (just outside Birmingham).

A degree in a subject related to publishing (e.g., English, communications, writing) is required; and a strong background in technical writing, scientific writing, or cataloging will be useful. For the main project involved in this position, the associate editor will fulfill all editorial duties, from macro to micro: project management (including managing processes, files, and people [freelance writers, subject-matter experts, and others]), writing, copyediting, photo research, editing spreadsheets and converting data to composition-ready Word files, and proofreading laid-out pages.

To be considered, the applicant must have all of the following qualifications:

  • Some experience in technical writing, scientific writing, or cataloging
  • Experience organizing and keeping track of large amounts of information
  • Experience using the Internet for research and fact-checking / verification
  • Demonstrable command of grammar and mechanics, along with an ear for clear and fluent writing
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office products in a PC environment
  • Proficiency in Chicago style, or experience adapting to different style guides
  • The ability to work quickly under deadline pressure, sometimes on multiple projects at once, without sacrificing quality
  • A calm, tactful, and confident demeanor
  • A high threshold for the inevitable tedium and frustrations of editorial work

Any of the following, though not essential, would be viewed as a plus:

  • Experience as a full-time, on-site editor
  • Experience copyediting books for a recognized publisher
  • A strong background in U.S. history, world history, or the Classics
  • Experience in genealogical research
  • A high level of cultural literacy
  • Proficiency applying Microsoft Word styles to produce compositor-ready files
  • Proven ability to work with a variety of authors, from novice to highly experienced, and from good-natured to cantankerous
  • Understanding of basic U.S. copyright rules
  • Indexing experience
  • An active interest in numismatics, philately, and/or other antiques/collectibles

Qualified applicants will take a rigorous copyediting test, along with tests of essential Word and Excel skills. Applicants may send their cover letter and resume to:

Whitman Publishing
Attn: Dennis Tucker, Publisher
8920 Eves Road
Box 767039
Atlanta GA 30076-7039

For further information about Whitman Publishing, visit their website.