Friday, 2023.02.03
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Numismatic Puzzle: Feather Money

Today’s puzzle is a teau of feather money, wrapped in palm leaves from the Santa Cruz Islands.

Numismatic Puzzle: Louis XIII

Today’s puzzle is a 1641 Louis d‘or by King Louis XIII of France.

Numismatic Puzzle: 2 Euro Vatican Benedict XVI

Today’s puzzle is a 2 euro coin of the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI (2012).

Numismatic Puzzle: 1980 1 Jiao (People’s Republic of China)

Today’s puzzle is a Chinese 1980 1 Jiao.

Numismatic Puzzle: Christian IV (Denmark)

Today’s puzzle is a 1625 ½ krone of Christian IV of Denmark.

Numismatic Puzzle: Finland’s Lion

In 1917, Finland separated from the Russian Empire and became an independent republic. This 1-markka coin of 1922 depicts the young state’s coat of arms, which dates back to the 16th century and can still be seen on Finland’s euro coins: a lion with a sword.

Numismatic Puzzle: Umberto I

Many people in 1882 Italy couldn’t even dream of such a gold 20-lira piece. Umberto I ruled a country torn by social conflict, which caused him to lose his life in an assassination in 1900.

Numismatic Puzzle: Sigismund

Archduke Sigismund of Austria was called “rich in coins” as he turned vast masses of silver into coins – among them this 1486 guldiner. This coins became the model of all heavy silver issues which are known today as taler.

Numismatic Puzzle: Bertha von Suttner

In 1905, Bertha von Suttner became the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee thus honoured the life’s work of this dedicated pacifist and writer. Today, her face can be found in many purses and wallets: on Austria’s 2-euro circulation coins.

Numismatic Puzzle: Leonhard von Keutschach

In 1500, the Archbishop of Salzburg Leonhard von Keutschach had this silver batzen minted. Through his reforms he turned Salzburg into one of the richest principalities of the Holy Roman Empire.