“Big Maple Leaf” Theft Trial Opens

In March of 2017, the 100-kilo gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” was stolen from the Bode-Museum in Berlin. Now, the criminal trial of the chief suspects has begun. All four of them remained silent on the first day of the hearing. more ]

Mount Vernon Showcases 30 Revolutionary War and Peacetime Medals

In a special temporary exhibition, Mount Vernon’s Donald W. Reynolds Education Center is showing 30 rare medals from the American Revolution and the early republic. It is an unparalleled collection that highlights the remarkable heroes and events of the time. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in Rome ... more ]

The World’s Biggest Coin Conventions

CoinsWeekly Coin Records ring in the New Year with a look at the world’s biggest coin conventions. The title has to be split amongst events in Asia, North America, and Europa. But there are some small differences. more ]

How to detect Counterfeit Sovereigns

The British Sovereign is one of the most popular gold coins around – which is why there are also many counterfeit ones in the market. NGC specialists explain what imperfections to look for and how to spot the fake specimens. more ]

Media Error Draws Misleading Reports on Sale of Rare Coin

It’s the epitome of the domino effect: one news service publishes a false fact, hundreds of media outlets negligently copy it, and suddenly the price a coin sold for has increased eightfold. The most recent case involves a rare Philadelphia coin. more ]

From London to Llantrisant – The Royal Mint celebrates Fifty Years in Wales

In 1968, the Royal Mint moved from Tower Hill to Southern Wales. This generously illustrated article tells you more about the reasons behind the move and recent developments. more ]

France Commemorates 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 paved the way for the reunification of Germany. This year, Monnaie de Paris will issue a series of coins commemorating the historic event. more ]

Numismatic Programme 2019 of Greece

The General Accounting Office of the Greek Ministry of Finance has announced the Hellenic Numismatic Programme of 2019. It honors luminaries of the country’s history as well as its culture and flora. more ]

EU Agrees on Import Measures for Cultural Property

After three years, the European Union has reached an agreement on a new system of import measures for cultural property. An article published by IADAA summarizes the most important changes. more ]

2019 COTY Nominees Announced

The list of nominees for the 2019 Coin of the Year Award has been published. The winners in each of the 10 categories will be announced and recognized during the World Money Fair in Berlin on February 2, 2019. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in a significant mint of medieval Europe ... more ]

Record-Breaking Year for Treasures Discovered by the Public

The British Museum has announced that the number of treasure discoveries made by members of the public has hit a record level for the second year running. In 2017, more than 1,000 finds were discovered across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. more ]

Imitation, Appropriation, and New Creations: The Paduans

The Basel Historical Museum maintains the collections of the great antiquarians of the Renaissance. Hence, it should come as no surprise that it has now published a catalog of the early modern imitations of Roman coins. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

A Must-Go for Every Serious Collector: Numismata Munich

Numismata Munich has a new attraction: the Hamburg-based auction house Emporium Hamburg will hold its auction in the context of Numismata for the first time. It is a short journey to get there: the auction will take place directly at the MOC-Center. more ]

Ounce of Luck & Four-Leaf Clover 2019

Best of luck for the new year! On behalf of the Republic of Palau, CIT Coin Invest AG continues its popular series that can be given to loved ones to wish them good fortune. Real four-leaf clovers are incorporated in both the silver and gold coins. more ]

Events about Grading at the World Money Fair

This year, the World Money Fair is offering additional events about the topic of grading. There will be three workshops sponsored by NGC as well as a panel discussion. more ]

New Circulation Coin Series Launched in Kenya

Recently, new circulation coins were introduced in Kenya. Michael Alexander presents the new designs and provides detailed information about why presidential and political portraits were removed. more ]

New Coin Honors the Hellenic Mathematical Society

Euclid, Pythagoras, Archimedes … numerous great Greeks had a lasting impact on the development of mathematics. Greece has issued a coin marking the centenary of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, which promotes the study of mathematics in Greece to this day. more ]

Leu Numismatik AG Robbed on Christmas Eve

The night between the 24th and 25th of December 2018, someone broke into the offices of Leu Numismatik AG in Winterthur (Switzerland). Coins worth a total of about 200,000 Swiss francs were stolen. A complete list of all stolen coins is available. Please be on alert in future acquisitions! more ]

In Memoriam Rüdiger Kaiser (July 5, 1940 – December 8, 2018)

On December 8, 2018, coin dealer Rüdiger Kaiser from Frankfurt passed away. He was an old-school coin dealer. Reliable, honest, knowledgeable – and in no way narcissistic. Fritz-Rudolf Künker has dedicated an obituary to him. more ]

Further Thefts at Royal Coin Cabinet Brought to Trial

The systematic thefts at the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm were not committed by one single person. Another employee helped himself to some objects. At present, prosecutors are trying to prove the man stole coins worth more than 3.8 million Swedish kronor, including a Russian family ruble which sold for 510,000 SEK in 2009. more ]

CoinsWeekly Special Issue for the New York International Numismatic Convention

There will be four CoinsWeekly Special Issues in 2019! The first one will be published in the context of the New York International Numismatic Convention. The print magazine can ONLY be obtained for free AT the convention. It’s available for download as of today. more ]

Spellbound – Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft

Do you believe in magic? The Ashmolean’s exhibition “Spellbound” explores the history of magic rings, ectoplasm, pierced bodies and witches in bottles. Of course, coins may be linked to magical practices, too. Until January 6, 2019, you can learn more about this in “Spellbound”. more ]

Stories of Gold – Rare gold coins in Cyprus

The A. G. Leventis Gallery in Cyprus presents the exhibition “Stories of Gold” with selected pieces from the outstanding collection of rare gold coins once owned by the founder – in a first display of this hitherto unknown and unpublished collection. more ]

Gold Coin Theft at Coin Show

In November 2018, two thieves stole a roll of Krugerrands at a coin show in Texas. The Modus Operandi in this offense has similar characteristics to recent coin shop thefts that have occurred across the United States. more ]

Winning Designs For 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Last year, the United States called for artists to submit designs for a commemorative coin honoring the first moon landing on July 20, 1969. The winning designs for the four-coin program have now been announced. more ]

2 Euro Commemorative Coin Dedicated to Zemgale

Latvijas Banka has issued a new 2 euro commemorative coin featuring one of the historical regions of Latvia: Zemgale. It depicts its coat of arms and is representative of historical developments in the present-day territory of Latvia. more ]

Twinkling Star

On behalf of the Republic of Palau, CIT Coin Invest AG has produced an extravagant star-shaped silver coin. “Twinkling Star” is the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a new earthling – or a Christmas present for the numismatic youth. more ]

Pobjoy Releases New Versions of Christmas 50 Pence

Raymond Briggs’ “Father Christmas” might be grumpier than the Santa Claus we like to imagine, but he has been an important part of Christmas in the UK for more than 30 years. The Pobjoy Mint has now dedicated a silver and gold coin to the beloved character. more ]

They will come for you next!

Dubious agents of foreign governments are visiting coin dealerships in the United States. They are reclaiming so-called national cultural property. On November 28, 2018, Coin Collectors Blog reported on one of those strange encounters. more ]

Gijsbertus Willem de Wit (1926-2018)

On December 1, 2018, the distinguished collector of medieval coins, Gijsbertus Willem de Wit, passed away. Only a few have achieved what he did: to have a Wikipedia entry dedicated to their collection in the infallible internet encyclopedia. more ]

Verona: Coins, Cards, and Capuleti

No more excuses: attending Veronafil was at the very top of our to-do list this year. In this report, Björn Schöpe tells you all about what he saw at Italy’s biggest numismatic convention – including some insider tips on how not to spend a fortune in Verona. more ]

The ANA Money Museum Online

The American Numismatic Association website has expanded, and part of that expansion is the growth of its museum into virtual space. If offers a virtual tour of the Money Museum from your preferred internet device! more ]

2019 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date Available

The 14th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-Date has been published. The catalog has tripled in size over its 13 years of existence and remains a standard reference work for contemporary coins. Who better to explain the editing and revision process than editor Tom Michael himself? more ]

NGC Certifies Gold Medal Struck For 1970 Brazilian Soccer Team

NGC has certified a very rare gold medal struck by Mexico for the Brazilian soccer team to celebrate them as the first to win three World Cups. The historic feat was achieved in 1970 in Mexico, which hosted the World Cup tournament that year. more ]

Issue of New 50 Boliviano Banknote

As Bolivia issue their latest banknote, which is part of their first series to denote their official name, a newly-themed series focuses on highlighting all sectors of society and features some of the country’s natural beauty. more ]

Armenian Banknotes Feature Latest Security Technologies

Based on its design and security technology, the 500 dram commemorative banknote was named "Regional Banknote of the Year". Now, all of Armenia's regular banknotes have been outfitted with the same security features.
more ]

A Magical Mirror Coin

The Royal Dutch Mint has announced the launch of a unique Harry Potter Mirror Coin in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. It makes use of the latest reflection technology and is a must-have collectors’ item for every fan of J.K. Rowling’s book series. more ]

Richard Margolis (1931-2018)

One of the founders of the New York International Numismatic Convention, Richard Margolis, passed away on November 24, 2018. The amiable New Yorker was one of the prominent experts of French numismatics and medal art. more ]

Long-Hidden Collection of Paintings by Feliks Topolski

The Bank of England Museum is showing paintings and drawings by Polish expressionist artist Feliks Topolski. They were commissioned by the bank in the 1950s and capture post-war life, architecture, and design at the newly-built printing works at Debden (Essex). more ]

Germany’s Oldest Coin Dealerships

Sometimes, the title of our CoinsWeekly Coin Records requires a plural. The record for the oldest coin dealership in Germany can be awarded to two businesses! more ]

Domitius Alexander – His Entire Coinage

There are 205 surviving coins of the African usurper Domitius Alexander. And those 205 coins form the basis of this die study, which replaces one chapter of the RIC. It is a standard reference work of Roman numismatics, no doubt. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

Seleucid Coins Online Updated

Earlier this year, the ANS launched the web-based research tool “Seleucid Coins Online”. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the coinages struck by Seleucid kings between 320 BC and 64 BC. An updated second version has now been unveiled. more ]

Release of New 50 And 500 Kroner Banknotes in Eighth Series

With the issue of additional denominations, the Norges Bank continues with its new family of banknotes. The new 50 and 500 Kroner banknotes were released in October of 2018. Michael Alexander writes about their security features as well as their motif. more ]

Museum Returned to Mint Condition

The South African Mint has reopened its “Coin World Museum” after extensive renovations. The museum’s two distinct themes, circulation coins and collectables, recreate South African history from the perspective of coins. more ]

Gold Coin Honors San Marino Historic Center and Mount Titano

The Republic of San Marino has issued a new 20 Euro coin in gold. It marks the 10th anniversary of the inscription of the San Marino Historic Center and Mount Titano in the UNESCO World Heritage List. more ]

Pirate Skull „Blackbeard Edition“ and Big Pirate Skull

CIT Coin Invest AG continues its extremely popular Skull series. The “Blackbeard Edition” is presented as a unique gold coin in the shape of a three-dimensional skull. The silver coin “Big Pirate Skull”, which is made of 500 grams of silver, has also been issued. more ]

Outbid in Ambush

Using sniping software in online auctions is becoming more and more popular. It has turned the act of bidding into an almost negligible and unexciting matter. But auction houses and coin dealers often have to deal with the unpleasant side effects. more ]

The Berthouville Treasure: Roman luxury at its best

At New York University you can admire the Berthouville Treasure in “Devotion and Decadence”. The largest and best-preserved hoard of ancient silver ever unearthed demonstrates with more than 160 objects how ancient Romans exhibited their wealth. more ]

The World’s Most Expensive Japanese Gold Coin

CoinsWeekly Coin Records have arrived in Asia. Hess Divo AG believes they have sold the most expensive Japanese gold coin. more ]

I see wonderful things

Carter’s fascination for the treasures of Tutankhamun has become deeply embedded in our collective memory. Rupert Wace dedicates a magnificent catalog of contemporary photographs to the media event of that time. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

Pegasus on Gold Bullion

Pobjoy Mint has released a gold bullion on behalf of the British Virgin Island. Just like the successful silver version, this one depicts Pegasus, the mythical horse, rearing up with its wings in spread. more ]

SS Princess Sophia on Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a collector’s coin in memory of the loss of the Canadian-bound SS Princess Sophia in 1918. The ship sank in the Pacific North West with more than 350 passengers and crew on board after striking the Vanderbilt Reef. more ]

Release of New 20 Dollar Banknote Continues “Evolution” Series

A second series of banknotes issued from the Central Bank of the Bahamas continues to incorporate CRISP generation technology. The new 20 Dollar denomination is the third one to be issued. more ]

Legal battle between RCM and RAM settled outside the courts

After months of fighting over the patent for a fast color-printing method for circulation coins, the Royal Canadian Mint and the Royal Australian Mint have reached an agreement. more ]

PCGS Achieves 40 Million Milestone

PCGS has reached a major milestone with the 40 millionth coin certified for authenticity and grade. That particular coin, a Kano Natsuo 1 Yen graded PCGS SP64, is part of a historic Japanese five-coin set. more ]

Successful CNT Conference in Lugano

Recently, specialists on early medieval coinage met at a conference organized by the Circolo Numismatico Ticinese in Lugano. The meeting saw discussions on the complex monetary relations existing at the early medieval period within the subalpine region. more ]

David Michael Metcalf (1933-2018)

Michael Metcalf passed away on October 25, 2018. The fervent numismatist, who specialized in medieval coins, was one of those figures in our field who had a lasting influence on our understanding of European monetary history. more ]

2018 Huntington Award to John Kleeberg

The ANS awards its 2018 Archer M. Huntington Award for Excellence in Numismatic Scholarship to Dr. John M. Kleeberg. He has decidedly contributed to numismatic research with his works on coin hoards, shipwrecks and counterfeiting. more ]

Record Update – The Most Expensive Greek Coin

An earlier CoinsWeekly Coin Record submission has been surpassed: the world’s most expensive Greek coin. Our readers have pointed out a piece that sold for an impressive 3.25 million U.S. dollars in 2012. more ]

Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

In 2019, the Norwegian Institute at Athens will celebrate its 30th birthday. But maybe it will not become much older because the legal owners are evaluating to shut it down or transform it heavily. Friends of the Norwegian Institute have started an online petition. more ]

Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force moves to foundation

The Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force and the position of director of counterfeiting has been transferred to the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation. The task force continues its work while the Industry Council for Tangible Assets can focus on a new challenge to meet. more ]

Historic Escudos on Spanish Euros

The Real Casa de la Moneda has issued four gold coins featuring four historic coins of the escuda-period. more ]

ACDC: Black Ice

In 2008, the legendary ACDC album “Black Ice” was released. It was the last one the band recorded with the original lineup. CIT Coin Invest AG has issued a silver coin on behalf of the Cook Islands to mark the 10th anniversary of the album. more ]

First-Strike Ceremony of 10 Euro Polymer Coin

The 5 euro collector’s coins with incorporated polymer rings have been incredibly popular ever since they were first issued. In 2019, a 10 euro polymer coin will be available for the first time. The first specimens were struck in a ceremony at the Karlsruhe Mint on November 14, 2018. more ]

Challenge Coins – A Memento of Camaraderie

A new tradition, which the numismatic world has been oblivious to so far, has developed in the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, over the past 20 years. As symbols of brotherhood and loyalty, soldiers are having medals minted to preserve their accomplishments for eternity. more ]

Museums of Lausanne to Merge

Lausanne is home to an excellent numismatic museum. In 2019, the Musée monétaire cantonal and the Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire will merge. Numismatics is expected to continue playing an important role. more ]

The World’s Largest Number of Credit Hours per Week in Numismatic Studies

Of course, our CoinsWeekly Coin Records also include numismatic teaching and research. A university in Europe believes they offer the largest number of credit hours per week in numismatic studies. more ]

Here comes the Money

The Lausanne Money Museum has published an introduction to numismatics for young people that finally takes its readers as serious as they deserve to be taken – without sacrificing humor. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the book. more ]

Bienvenue chez Lugdunum

The Swiss auction house Lugdunum GmbH has changed its residence. It is now located at Solothurn. Its executive director Dr. Jonas Flueck plans to intensify its activity. more ]

ICTA Names New Director and Officers

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets has elected new board members and has appointed Jimmy Hayes as new executive director. The former congressman is known by many collectors as part of the pedigree of numismatic rarities from his own collection. more ]

Russian “Coin Constellation 2018” Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the 12th International Commemorative Coins Contest were announced during the 2018 COINS Conference in Moscow. The Monnaie de Paris was the winner of the title “Coin of the Year”. more ]

Villa Pisani on Silver Coin

The Italian Zecca dello Stato has released another commemorative coin in its “Italy of Arts” series. This time, it features the majestic Villa Pisani located in Veneto as well as its beautiful gardens and famous hedge maze. more ]

Dinosaurs Rule on Palaeontology Coins

The South African Mint has released a new issue featuring archosauria. Anyone who collects palaeontology on coins will certainly enjoy the fascinating dinosaurs depicted on these gold coins. more ]

A Celebration of Cooperation

The 47th International Coin Fair in Zurich was once again a great success for coin dealers and collectors from all over the world. This year, one common idea prevailed: mutual appreciation and respect. Leonie Schulze reports on the convention. more ]

From the Ming Dynasty to Albrecht Dürer

The HVB Foundation Banknote Collection is one of the world’s finest collection of paper bills with over 300,000 banknotes from all over the world. Find out more about the foundation’s objectives and how it works to make the bills publicly accessible.. more ]

Émigré Medallists in Britain

The British Museum presents a new exhibition called “Witnesses: émigré medallists in Britain”, which can be visited until April 7, 2019. The focused exhibition uncovers the invaluable role played by artists from abroad in the development of British medallic art. more ]

Mark Stephenson Joins Heritage Auctions

Mark Stephenson, an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in virtually all aspects of the coin collecting hobby, has joined the Beverly Hills office of Heritage Auctions as a Consignment Director. more ]

Traditions through Empires: Cities of Asia Minor and their Coin Images

The first conference of Visual Languages of Ancient Coins will discuss the iconographic traditions of selected cities in Asia Minor from the archaic period to Late Antiquity. It will take place at the Commission for Ancient History and Epigraphy in Munich on December 7-8, 2018. more ]

Exploring the Complexity of Gender Roles in the Ancient World

On November 29-30, 2018, the international workshop “Gender Numismatics. Fluid Identities and Ancient Coinage” will take place in Tübingen. The aim is to explore the potential of gendered perspectives as critical tools for analyzing ancient coins. more ]

Final Coin of Falkland Penguin Series

Pobjoy Mint has released the final coin of the popular Falkland penguin series. This time the 50 pence coin features the Southern Rockhopper Penguin, which is the smallest and most agile penguin endemic to the Falkland Islands. more ]

Meteorite Impacts: Erfoud Meteorite NWA 6827

The latest issue of the successful „Meteorite Impacts“ series featuring a small piece of the Erfoud Meteorite represents a new dimension in minting technology. As a matter of fact, CIT Coin Invest had to develop a suitable packaging due to the crater’s sculptural depth. more ]

Designs for 2020-2021 America the Beautiful Quarters Series

Sometimes we tend to think that coin designs are without any alternative. That this is not true is demonstrated by the elaborate process of reviewing drafts by the U.S. mint’s advisory committees. Their opinions offer unique insights into possibilities how to judge a coin design. more ]

Perth Mint App Gives Investors the Midas Touch

The Perth Mint recently launched a new smartphone app. At the touch of a button, or rather, a smartphone screen, investors now have access to a unique platform which makes it possible to securely buy, store, and sell gold via digital certificates. more ]

Dramatic Cuts at the National Museum of Denmark

Denmark is economizing on culture. Numerous scholars, including numismatists, are being dismissed at the National Museum. One important field in particular is bound to suffer from these developments: the productive cooperation between metal detectorists and museums. more ]

Neil Armstrong’s Memorabilia

An incredible collection of collectibles connected to the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, will be auctioned off by Heritage Auctions on November 1-2, 2018. Medals, medallions, letters, flags – they all tell the story of a unique man. more ]

The Longest-Running Series of Art Medals in the U.S.

Another CoinsWeekly Coin Record has been submitted! This time, it is the longest-running series of art medals in the United States, possibly in the whole world. The renowned series was founded in 1969. more ]

2019 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 Available

The 46th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 has been published. This year, mint and proof sets were examined more closely. And who better to explain the editing, revision, and selection process than editor Tom Michael himself? more ]

Paul Hill and Caroline Holmes Join CNG

The CNG team continues to grow. The firm has just announced that numismatists Paul Hill and Caroline Holmes have joined CNG and will be working in the London office as of November 1, 2018. more ]

Sun Sets on Royal Australian Mint’s Golden Kangaroo

For the past 11 years, the Royal Australian Mint has held an annual ballot for the iconic Kangaroo at Sunset $25 Gold Proof Coin, with this year marking the coin’s final release. It has been one of the mint’s signature designs. more ]

Pobjoy Releases Coin Featuring Boaty McBoatface

The Pobjoy Mint has released a 50p colored coin in cupro nickel diamond finish. It shows the British AUV Boaty McBoatface submerged in the Antarctic Ocean with the research ship RRS James Clark Ross shown above. more ]

Royal Mint Experience welcomes its 200.000th visitor

The successful Royal Mint Experience factory tour recently welcomed its 200,000th visitor. The lucky lady from Wolverhampton received a golden hello from the venue’s staff. The Royal Mint Experience offers exciting tours and events for coin enthusiasts from all over the world. more ]

Yigal Arkin Wins Shekel Prize

The 2018 Shekel Prize for the best work on the subject of Judaean, Jewish or Holy Land numismatics has been awarded to Yigal Arkin. The book tells the story of the banknotes and coins of the State of Israel. more ]

How Halloween Became Successful in the German-Speaking World

One of the most popular series of the Liechtenstein-based CIT Coin Invest Ltd. is called “Skulls”. Why is such a dark series so successful? When did “feel-good horror” become a part of everyday life which even found its way into numismatics? more ]

ANS Acquires Archives of Medallic Art Company

The American Numismatic Society has announced the acquisition of the archives of the Medallic Art Company, one of America’s oldest and most important private mints. The ANS has set up a committee who will review ways of dealing with the sheer mass of material. more ]

The Most Expensive Greek Coin

We cannot do CoinsWeekly Coin Records without acknowledging the most expensive Greek coin! The famous piece sold for more 2 million Swiss francs. more ]

The Treasure of Thun, Found in 1955

The Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds has published Volume 15 of its monographic series. It focuses on the find discovered in Thun in 1955. It contains 2,304 Roman coins, the most recent coins dating back to AD 293. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

ICTA Celebrates 35 Years of Business

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets celebrates 35 years of business and uses this opportunity to look back on what the organization has accomplished in this time. It has served and continues to serve on many fronts as an advocate for dealers on state and local levels. more ]

NLG Names Ron Guth Executive Director

The Numismatic Literary Guild Board of Directors has appointed Ron Guth to be the NLG Executive Director. He succeeds Donn Pearlman who agreed to serve in that role for a year following the August 2017 passing of long-time NLG Executive Director Ed Reiter. more ]

New Family of Polymer Banknotes to Be Issued in 2019

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has announced they will be making substantial changes to their circulation currency from next year. Polymer banknotes will be in use within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean states for the first time. more ]

La Catrina Skull

CIT Coin Invest AG has presented the third motif of its popular Skull series. This time, the skull picks up on the affectionate care the dead are honored with on the Día de Muertos in Mexico. The minted miniature sculptures have been issued in silver and gold. more ]

The Royal Mint Reveals a Monster of a Coin

The Royal Mint is celebrating the 200th anniversary since the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel, The Modern Prometheus, with the launch of a £2 commemorative Frankenstein coin in various finishes. Mary Shelley’s novel has become a classic of modern literature. more ]

The Coolest Philatelist of All Time: John Lennon

Nowadays, collectors have to fight the image of it being a dusty hobby. But back in the day, philately was trendy and hip. Possibly the coolest young collector at the time was Beatles co-founder John Lennon. The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum now presents his collection. more ]

The Fascinating World of Swords

The Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart has dedicated an exhibition to the symbol of power. Visitors will not only find fascinatingly beautiful swords, but also weapons and battle scenes depicted on paintings, Hollywood posters, and – coins and medals! more ]

The Most Expensive Roman Coin

The next CoinsWeekly Coin Record to have been submitted is the presumably most expensive Roman coin. It sold for 2 million Swiss francs on December 3, 2008. more ]

Construction and Deconstruction of Monetary Unions

The proceedings of the DAMIN Warburg (2015) and Vienna (2017) conferences have been published as Moneta volume 201. The compiled articles cover a range of topics ranging from the Livonian monetary union to monetary decolonization to the Greek economic crisis. more ]

The 9th International Coin Conference and Exhibition “COINS-2018”

The only international coin convention held in Russia will take place November 2-3, 2018 in Moscow. The event will include numismatic seminars, an exhibition, the awarding ceremony of the International Contest of Commemorative Coins and much more. more ]

PNG Donates to ICTA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Efforts

To help fight fake numismatic merchandise in the marketplace, the Professional Numismatists Guild has donated $15,525 to the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. more ]

Silver Coin Dedicated to the Garden of Destiny

Latvijas Banka has issued a silver collector coin dedicated to the Garden of Destiny. The site is both a memorial commemorating the lives lost during the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century as well as an inspirational legacy for future generations. more ]

First Titanium Issue from Ascension Island Features Endemic Shrimp

Pobjoy has released the first titanium coin issued on behalf of Ascension Island. The design shows several Ascension Shrimp swimming in a rock pool. Endemic to only two pools on the island, Procaris ascensionis is a species of shrimp which is in a susceptible position. more ]

Unveiling of New 200 euro and 100 euro as Part of “Europa” Series

The European Central Bank has unveiled the designs and new security features of the two remaining banknotes to undergo updates. The new banknotes will be available throughout the Eurozone in May of 2019. more ]

Art and Memory – Conference on Medals in Boston

The Medal Collectors of America and the Massachusetts Historical Society have teamed up to organize a conference on medals in Boston in November 2018. A series of presentations will discuss, among other things, how medals have reflected American culture up to the 21st century. more ]

A Rookie’s Review of Coinex 2018

CoinsWeekly sent their newest colleague, Leonie Schulze, to the annual Coinex convention in London. If you have forgotten what the world of numismatics might look like from an outsider’s perspective, her review will surely give you an idea. more ]

Leipzig University Library receives collection of medals made by local artist Bruno Eyermann

The Leipzig University Library first presented its 218 newly-acquired collection of medals made by Bruno Eyermann to the public. Eyermann was the central figure among Leipzig’s artistic medalists in the first half of the 20th century. more ]

The Most Comprehensive Gold Bar Collection in the World

Gold bars are also included in CoinsWeekly’s Coin Records! The Degussa Goldhandel GmbH claims to possess the numerically largest collection of individual contemporary gold bars in the world: namely, the famous “Rothschild-Collection”. more ]

Latest Edition of Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 Now Available

An updated seventh edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 has been published. The catalog remains an essential reference for every serious collector. And who better to explain the editing, revision, and selection process than editor Tom Michael himself? more ]

Second Edition of the MIF 2018 International Moneyfair in Maastricht

The MIF Moneyfair will take place on November 9 and 10, 2018 at the MECC Congress center in Maastricht. Looking back to the first edition which attracted 175 exhibitors and dealers from 46 countries, this success called for a second edition. more ]

Laughing Buddha 2018

The new version of the laughing Buddha CIT presents after the great success of the preceding 2017 edition, unites a wealth of innovative minting technologies to turn a beloved motif into a small numismatic artwork. The silver coin was designed on behalf of the Republic of Palau. more ]

New 50 Peso Banknote Issued in “Native Animals of Argentina”-Themed Series

In the midst of a currency crisis in the South American country, the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina has released their fifth banknote. It is part of a themed series focusing on indigenous wildlife and fauna. more ]

Patrick Richey Joins World Numismatics

World Numismatics has announced that Patrick Richey has joined them as a full-time numismatist and will be a key component in expanding the company. He is well versed in both ancient and modern coinage with a focus on 1st Century Roman Gold and U.S. Gold. more ]

Louis I of Bavaria and his Commemorative Coins

The “geschichtstaler” of Louis I of Bavaria constitute a high-ranking source on how the Bavarian king interpreted the events of his time. In this film we will show you a few examples which will be on offer at the Künker Fall Auction 314. more ]

Hispania Antiqua: Numismatic Impressions

In Künker’s Fall Auction 312 around 170 coins from the Iberian Peninsula will be on offer. Come with us on a tour to the highlights of touristic Spain which all can trace back their origin to antiquity. more ]

What is Money?

What is Money? Money is more than coins and bills. Anything may be used as money as long as it embodies certain characteristics and is accepted by a larger group. What kind of characteristics are required? You will learn that in this film. more ]

How Athens financed its art

Since ancient times, the Acropolis in Athens has been regarded as an artistic climax in European history. But even then such projects cost vast sums of money. Athens obtained this money through political extortion and its ruthlessly applied naval force. more ]

Social justice – No revolt in the Roman Empire

Of course there were revolts in the Roman Empire: everybody has heard of the uprising of the confederates in Italy, or the Jewish wars … But, for nearly 200 years, there was a long period of peace. In this film, we will tell you how the Romans achieved this. more ]

The Rialto of Venice: Medieval Manhatten

The Venetian Rialto had been the centre of world trade for centuries. In this film Ursula Kampmann will give us an impression of that era with the help of a painting by Carpaccio. We will meet slaves, Turks and of course the rich merchants of Venice. more ]

How the British became a nation of tea drinkers

Vast amounts of silver from the New World resulted in a large increase in minted silver in Europe. And thus the fall of the Aztec Empire led to the British passion for tea. But see for yourself! more ]

The Duchy of Brunswick and Lüneburg – its partitions within the 16th and 17th centuries

The various family lines of the Welfs who ruled parts of the Duchy of Brunswick and Lüneburg are extremely difficult to keep apart. This film on the Künker Summer Auction 308 helps you disentangle this ball of lines. more ]

Pobjoy Mint showcases the Yellow Tree Frog on new Fiji coin

In the wild forests on the Fiji Islands, there lives a special species of frogs, the Yellow Tree Frog. On an all-new Yellow Titanium coin, the British Pobjoy Mint celebrates this tree dwelling creature in 2018. more ]

US Mint releases first coin in new platinum proof coin series

The United States Mint has opened sales for the 2018 Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin. It is the first release in the three-year series that features all new obverse designs on a one ounce, 99.95 percent platinum proof coin each year. more ]

Half a Million Dollar for a 1851 $20 Liberty Error

During the FUN Convention in Tampa a 1851 $20 Liberty struck on a large cent planchet error was sold for nearly half a million dollars. Error coin expert Fred Weinberg knows this coin perfectly and tells its amazing history in this video. more ]

The bracteates: An image of society in the High Middle Ages

In a short film, the beautifully preserved bracteates of the Professor Helmut Hahn collection illustrate the medieval estate-based society. And the historical background in turn helps to better understand their imagery. more ]

Medal production in 1930

In 1929/1930, the America-based Medallic Art Company made a film that shows the making of a medal, from the draft to the delivery of the product finished. This is a fascinating glimpse into early 20th century medal production! more ]

Casting medallions for beginners

Everybody can make a medallion. At least all graduating students at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A Youtube video shows how even unexperienced students succeed in producing bronze medallions. more ]

From Georg Heinrich Sander to the Collection of a History Enthusiast

Georg Heinrich Sander assembled an impressive coin collection in the middle of the 18th century. A collector of today was impressed and reconstructed his collection according to his publication. This film is bridging the gap between these coin collectors, separated by centuries, united by enthusiasm. more ]

The Dr Rainer Opitz Collection

Luther, the Reformation and the consequent Protestantism are among the historical forces that have shaped our world. This film presents the Opitz Collection, a collection with a distinct focus on this subject illustrating the historical background. more ]

James Earl Jones Coin Collecting Video Free on PNG YouTube Channel

The Professional Numismatists Guild has uploaded the award-winning video “Money: History in Your Hands” on its new YouTube channel. Narrated by acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, it gives advice about buying, storing and selling numismatic items and bullion for everyone. more ]

Ships on Coins and Medals

Do you also dream of circumventing the world numismatically? Then this film about ships on coins and medals is just the right remedy for your wanderlust. The shown specimens will be offered at the Künker Summer Auction Sale. more ]

British Museum podcast shows how to deface a coin

In a British Museum podcast episode Tom Hockenhull, curator of Modern money, discussed the phenomenon of counterstamping coins during the British suffragette movement for publicity. He also demonstrates the counterstamping process in action! more ]

The War of the Spanish Succession

On November 1, 1700 the childless King of Spain died. The fight for his empire was the reason for the War of the Spanish Succession. This film will tell you its history using coins and medals from that period. more ]

William Goetzmann on “Money Changes Everything”

In a lecture at the Museum of American Finance financial historian William Goetzmann argued that development of finance has made the growth of civilizations possible. You can now watch the lecture on video. more ]

Coins and Medals of the Popes

Coins and medals of the Popes are popular among collectors all over the world. A little film explains several papal symbols and summarizes the history of modern papacy using coins and medals. more ]

David Hendin presents coins from the Jewish War

David Hendin is Adjunct Curator for the American Numismatic Society and an expert in ancient Jewish coins. In a video for the ‘Ancient Jew Review’ he gives a brief history of the war and presents some of the Jewish coins minted during this period. more ]

Money in Ancient Rome

Republic, Senate, Dictator, we all know what these terms do mean. And we tend to transfer the modern interpretation to Ancient Rome. Nevertheless, then politics was completely different. What it did look like, you will learn in this PDF slideshow series. more ]

Coins and Medals from Regensburg

The Rudolf Spitzner Collection of coins and medals from Regensburg features numismatic items ranging from medieval pfennigs to convention talers of the last prince-bishop of Regensburg. A film presents some of the numerous numismatic rarities. more ]

Russian Medals: Peter the Great of Russia

Did you ever ask yourself why there are so many medals of Peter the Great? This fact has to be credited to Catherine the Great. And if you want to know why, you should have a look at this Künker Podcast. more ]

The Principality of Transylvania

In their Summer Auction 2015 auction house Künker offered some extraordinary gold pieces. A film tells you the history full of conflicts of Count Dracula’s Transsylvania following these coins. more ]

Coins of the Roman Republic

In the Spring Auction 259-262 auction house Künker sold a special collection Roman Republic on March, 9th 2015. On that occasion Künker has prepared a little movie that gives you historical information on some of the intriguing coinages. more ]

The First Gold Coins of the United States

A selection of extremely rare, early private gold dollars of the American gold fields was part of the Künker’s Berlin-Auction 258 on January, 29th, 2015. This film narrates the gripping story behind these coins. more ]

Mining Coins as Artifacts of State-of-the-Art Mining Technology

You have to know one or two things about the history of mining technology to fully understand the purpose of the various buildings and installations you see depicted on mining coins. This film helps you. Join us in our descent into a numismatic mine! more ]