A Tsarist Treasure as Crypto Currency?

A South Korean salvage company claims to have found the wreck of the Dmitri Donskoi, a ship that was scuttled in 1905. They are now accused of having defrauded investors by spreading the news about the alleged find. more ]

ACTF Special Exhibit of Counterfeits Coins

The ACTF will exhibit a five-case display of counterfeit coins, precious metal bars, and grading holders during the ANA World’s Money Fair in Philadelphia. The items were confiscated during a recent investigation and aim to illustrate levels of deceptiveness. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in the university’s career centre ... more ]

Austrian exhibition in Innsbruck presents powerful women (and collectors)

“The Art of Power” focuses on three remarkable women who set standards in courtly culture within the Habsburg dynasty: The three archduchesses Margaret, Mary, and Catherine of House Habsburg shaped European politics during the Renaissance. more ]

ANA Highest Honor Awards Given to Numismatists Making a Difference

The American Numismatic Association is recognizing several numismatists for their dedication, hard work, passion and contributions to the field of numismatics. The recipients will be recognized at the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia, August 14th-18th, 2018. more ]

Münzkabinett Winterthur to move temporarily

The Münzkabinett Winterthur has to move out of its usual home at the Bührer Villa as the beautiful building is being renovated. During this time, the Münzkabinett can be visited in its temporary quarters. more ]

Sapphire Jubilee of the Coronation

Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s longest-reigning monarch – and is the first British monarch to have celebrated a Sapphire Jubilee. To commemorate her Coronation in 1953, Pobjoy Mint has released a heart-warming silver coin with technical special effects. more ]

Gold Robbery at Perth Mint Leads to Two Years in Prison

In early August of 2018, a sentence was passed on a gold thief in Australia, who had come up with a special trick in order to smuggle the stolen goods through the x-ray units. more ]

South African Mint issues tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is an iconic symbol of South Africa. His legacy is now being paid tribute to with commemorative coins celebrating his birth centenary year. more ]

A Quarter for the Comrade

Flags, flowers and wreaths. That's what we expect to see when we visit an American military cemetery. However, for some decades now, people have also been encountering coins on headstones there. This recent tradition has a moving origin. more ]

“What is Money?” Exhibition at University of Calgary

The Nickle Galleries, a museum that belongs to the University of Calgary, presents a new exhibition named “What is money?”. It is dedicated to the fact that there are more things on earth which can be used as money than coin users have dreamt of. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, after visiting the local coin dealer ... more ]

IAPN Congress 2018 in Prague

This year’s IAPN Congress took place in Prague. Attendees from more than 28 numismatic firms discussed new international trade laws, and various other issues. Paul Stevens was honored with the IAPN Book Price 2018 for his publication on the East India Company. more ]

New book about the coinage of Greek leagues

Following his publication on the Achaian League coinage, enthusiastic collector and numismatic expert Steve M. Benner has now written a new book about the coinage of the ancient Greek leagues from the fifth through the first century BC. more ]

Wanted: New Members for the U.S. Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

The United States Mint is accepting applications for appointment to the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee as a member representing the interests of the general public in the coinage of the United States. The application deadline is August 24, 2018. more ]

Indian Summer Globe

A new silver coin designed by Coin Invest for the Cook Islands takes up the theme of the successful Cherry Blossom coin. The coin unites three different surface finishes in one and, what is more, pays tribute to the famous Viennese snow globe. more ]

The Perth Mint dedicates coins to new Spielberg movie

On behalf of Tuvalu, the Perth Mint has issued new coins referring to “Ready Player One” by Steven Spielberg. more ]

Prop money leads to prison sentence

When you watch a movie, you want it to be as realistic as possible. A case in Hong Kong has now proven that some cinematic elements can also be too authentic. Two prop makers were sentenced to four months in prison – because their prop money was too realistic. more ]

Whose Truth? NYT Journalist Accused of Stealing Cultural Property

Some politicians still believe that the funding of ISIS is based on the sale of looted antiquities. A US-American journalists has overturned this false claims. The criticism she earned challenges our appreciation of scientific freedom. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, nearby Troy ... more ]

Book on Akragas by Ulla Westermark published

Ulla Westermark’s book on the coinage of Akragas was announced several years ago. Now it has finally been published. It was due to technical difficulties that the publication had to be postponed for a long time. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at this new corpus of dies. more ]

Online platform shows Terralba findings

More than 370 coins among them many of Punic origin have been found in the Sardinian region of Terralba. They have been cataloged on the Numisdata Sardinia website. The interactive web page offers maps of findspots, descriptions, and a detailed bibliography section. more ]

£18,000,000 during the largest-grossing run of auctions in philatelic history

With its £2million charity auction Spink completes the largest-grossing run of auctions in British and Commonwealth philatelic history realising £18,000,000. more ]

Why can’t we get rid of small change in most of the modern vending machines?

Have you been to Spain recently? To pay at the parking garage, you can insert all your 1 and 2 Cent coins, thus feeding a lot of small denominations into circulation again. But why do Spanish vending machines accept small change while others don’t? Here you can read the answer by Erwin Wetzel, Director General of the European Vending Association. more ]

Launch of essential newsletter for cash and payment industry

On July 25, 2018, Currency Publications Ltd launched Cash & Payment News. This monthly newsletter is the only news source dedicated specifically to the cash cycle and the role of cash within the payment eco-system. more ]

The Minotaur added to Mythical Creatures series

The story of the Minotaur is one of the most fascinating Greek myths. The creature that was said so be half man and half bull has thrilled and entertained listeners for more than two millennia and is now depicted on a silver coin released by the Pobjoy mint. more ]

Hungarian coin honors Fiumei Road Cemetery

Fiumei Road Cemetery was first opened in 1847 and is now one of the most famous heritage sites in Budapest. It is the final resting place of renowned Hungarians such as Lajos Kossuth and Ferenc Deák. A new commemorative coin honors this historic site. more ]

Stolen Big Maple Leaf invested in real estate?

In Berlin, the police struck a major blow against a Lebanese mafia clan. The family may also have been responsible for the 2017 theft of the Big Maple Leaf from the Bode Museum. more ]

Bernhard Overbeck (1942-2018)

Bernhard Overbeck, long-time director of the Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich, passed away on July 8, 2018. In Munich, he had curated important exhibitions, such as the one about Coins and Seals from the Holy Land in 1993. more ]

Our Cartoon: Franklin’s World

Philologist, numismatist and cartoonist Claire Franklin provides insight into her daily thoughts. Recently, in the Alps ... more ]

Young artists awarded in International Medallic Sculpture Competition

The winners of the Third International Medallic Sculpture Competition have been chosen. The competition titled “The Future in Hand” was open to artists born in or after 1980. All submissions and awarded works are now exhibited at the Medialia Gallery in New York City. more ]

Dated Shekels of Tyre Supplement available as free download

Interested in Shekels of Tyre? CNG published as requested by the author “Dated Coins of Antiquity. Shekels of Tyre - Supplemental Photographs” as free digital download. You will find nearly 1.000 photos illustrating the text. more ]

Numismatic courses in Athens and Rome

In 2018, 4 international students can apply for the opportunity to also get acquainted with Greek coins and the methods to study them in a course in Athens, organized by the Netherlands Institute at Athens, Radboud University Nijmegen and OIKOS. more ]

American Eagles most counterfeited bullion coins in the USA

A new survey indicates the popular U.S. bullion coins are now the most frequently encountered bullion coin counterfeits in the USA. Therefore members of the buying public should follow a solid advice how they can best protect themselves. more ]

World Banknote Summit 2018 agenda published

The World Banknote Summit 2018 schedule of speeches and events has been published. It promises an exciting discussion forum. The sessions include reports on new banknote series, circulation management, quality issues as well as innovative payment solutions. more ]

Italian Circulation Coin Set with 2 Euro Commemorative Coin

Italy issued a circulation coin set with a new 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the Ministry of Health which was established 60 years ago. more ]

Lullaby – Dreaming Boy

With this issue Coin Invest promotes numismatics among the youngest ones and simultaneously transcends the boundaries between collector and wider audience. This exquisitely crafted silver coin can be turned into a musical box in the blink of an eye. more ]

Rare ancient coins stolen from FedEx Truck

A package sent by Ira & Goldberg Coins & Collectibles to a client was taken from a FedEx Truck in Portugal. 27 Greek and Roman coins from Goldberg’s Auction #104 were stolen. Here you will find a complete and detailed list. Be aware when buying coins. more ]

Sights and steamers on emergency money

A new virtual exhibition titled “Nun kommt der Knallprotz vom ganzen Land” explores the topic of emergency money issued in Bavaria at the time of the economic crisis between 1914 and 1923. Exciting objects serve to illustrate the development and impact of inflation. more ]

The SMI celebrates 30th anniversary with exhibition

To mark this anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Market Index (SMI) in 1988, the Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich-West is holding a year-long special exhibition from 1 June 2018 onward: “30 years SMI: stock market indices explained”. more ]

The Cistophori of the Late Republic

William Metcalf presents a die study with results about monetary history. It is a straightforward work that should be owned by all those who want to classify coins on a scholarly level. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

David Michaels Rejoins Classical Numismatic Group

Longtime ancient coins specialist David Michaels has returned to the Classical Numismatic Group as of July 1st, 2018. With 30 years of experience in numismatics, he is, among other things, in charge of reestablishing CNG’s presence at U.S. coin shows. more ]

Update on the actual vanishing of small denominations

Everybody is talking about the disappearance of the small denominations. We are putting the perception to the test: How many small denominations have been abolished between 2014 and 2016? How many banknotes have been replaced by coins? more ]

First Fairmined-certified issue at Paris

Monnaie de Paris has struck its first issue certified according to the Fairmined standard. The gold for the 50-euro collector coin commemorating the end of WWI 100 years ago comes from mining companies that provide securer and healthier working standards. more ]

What is Money?

What is Money? Money is more than coins and bills. Anything may be used as money as long as it embodies certain characteristics and is accepted by a larger group. What kind of characteristics are required? You will learn that in this film. more ]

Mini-medal: France FIFA World Champions

France won the FIFA World Cup title for the second time after 1998. Monnaie de Paris issues a mini medal in nordic gold on that occasion. more ]

Italy cracks down on smuggling ring

In a wide-ranging raid, Italian police have successfully cracked down on a smuggling ring. Allegedly, the arrested members excavated antiquities illegally and then shipped them abroad to be sold. Arrests were made in other countries, too. more ]

Lavish costumes – not only on coins

Did you ever want to see those lavish papal vestments you know from coins and medals in real life? Then don’t miss the Met exhibition “Heavenly Bodies”. Of course, that also applies if you are interested in fashion generally as you’ll find creations by modern designers, too! more ]

Contemporary medals on display at New York gallery

“TEXTURE TEMPERATURE WEIGHT” at Medialia Gallery, New York, shows over a hundred medallic sculptures created by members of the American Medallic Sculpture Association. more ]

New chapters of the Banknote Book released

Exactly seven years after the initial release, creator and editor Owen W. Linzmayer has announced the publication of ten new chapters of The Banknote Book. The catalogue of banknotes from all over the world now contains 265 chapters. more ]

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Celebrated on British Virgin Islands Coin

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost over. But football fans can now purchase a new collector’s coin issued on behalf of the British Virgin Islands to remember this remarkable tournament. more ]

Wolfram Seidemann New Chairman of the International Currency Association (ICA)

The International Currency Association recently elected a new executive board. The CEO of the global G+D Currency Technology group Dr. Wolfram Seidemann will preside over the organization from now on. more ]

Crystal Skull

CIT Coin Invest AG continues its successful “Skulls” series. This latest silver coin impresses most notably with its complex manufacturing process. Both the powerful symbolism and the new technologies used in production make this coin truly unique. more ]

Monea expands its coin blank production in Kremnica

Monea has taken up the fully integrated production with all manufacturing steps in-house in its blank production facility in Kremnica. At the heart of the expansion is a modern galvanizing plant. This was only possible in such a short time because of modern technology implementation. more ]

How Athens financed its art

Since ancient times, the Acropolis in Athens has been regarded as an artistic climax in European history. But even then such projects cost vast sums of money. Athens obtained this money through political extortion and its ruthlessly applied naval force. more ]

Fake badge creates trust to impostor

A New Jersey man admitted to impersonating a federal agent with a fake ATF badge while selling counterfeit coins and bars and unlawfully importing counterfeit coins and bars into the United States. ACTF played a key role in the investigation. more ]

Fritz Rudolf Künker honored with Eligius Award and Otto Paul Wenger Award

The German Numismatic Association and the Verband Schweizerischer Berufsnumismatiker made the same decision within the same year. Honoring his contributions to numismatics, Fritz Rudolf Künker has been granted their most prestigious awards. more ]

Coin collection found at Scotney Castle in Kent

A coin collection found in a castle in Kent has aroused the interest of several British numismatic experts. The 186 discovered pieces show which interesting collections can be found in some national monuments. more ]

Les Celtes et la monnaie

An introduction to Celtic numismatics – in layman’s terms and up to date regarding the current state of research – used to be something we desired. A team made up of 33 scholars has now provided one! Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at this outstanding work. more ]

New Sites on World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee inscribed 19 out of 28 nominated sites on the World Heritage List. It also approved the extension of one natural site. Among the new sites is the Viking complex of Hedeby and the Danevirke in Germany, and Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. more ]

Social justice – No revolt in the Roman Empire

Of course there were revolts in the Roman Empire: everybody has heard of the uprising of the confederates in Italy, or the Jewish wars … But, for nearly 200 years, there was a long period of peace. In this film, we will tell you how the Romans achieved this. more ]

Leopard Seal Appears on new Ice Grey Titanium Coin by Pobjoy

British Pobjoy Mint continues the popular Titanium animal series of coins. The most recent version depicts the Leopard Seal – one of the world’s top predators. more ]

The Royal Mint commemorates the First World War

In association with Imperial War Museums, the Royal Mint has created a 6-coin set in commemoration of WWI. The gold and silver coins honor some of the British heroes of the time like Lawrence of Arabia, women in the workforce and the Royal Air Force. more ]

International Coin Design Competition 2018

The Japan Mint will hold the International Coin Design Competition 2018 with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. more ]

Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 – Part 4: Are we asking the right questions?

In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we report on what the Customer Task Force seeks to find out about users’ expectations of a coin. more ]

Donald Trump in the tradition of ancient emperors

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took place after all. Prior to this summit, a medal minted on this occasion had led to controversial debates. This is, however, quite a common procedure that dates to back antiquity. more ]

Congressman Wants Bank Secrecy Act to Regulate Art Trade

Against the backdrop of the fight against money laundering, a Republican Congressman has laid a draft bill before the House of Representatives which could hurt art and coin collectors financially. more ]

NGC-Certified Unique 1792 Washington President Gold Eagle at Heritage Auction

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® has certified the late Eric P. Newman’s most cherished coin: the unique 1792 Washington President gold eagle that George Washington probably carried as a pocket piece. It will be offered at auction for the first time since 1890. more ]

The first book about the monetary history of Estonia has been published

From sestertius to cent – 2000 years of money in Estonia – this is the title of a new numismatic book, that for the first time tells the reader the entire history of money and coins in Estonia. more ]

New partnership expands Degussa’s growing presence to Asia

Degussa Goldhandel GmbH continues its rapid growth. The precious metal retailer recently signed a partnership agreement with the Singapore-based GoldSilver Central. This cooperation positions Degussa and its products in Asia. more ]

The Rialto of Venice: Medieval Manhatten

The Venetian Rialto had been the centre of world trade for centuries. In this film Ursula Kampmann will give us an impression of that era with the help of a painting by Carpaccio. We will meet slaves, Turks and of course the rich merchants of Venice. more ]

New Australian coin features the Wedge-tailed Eagle

Designed by John Mercanti, the newest Australian 100 Dollar coin struck at the Perth Mint has a superb high relief reverse that depicts a mother Wedge-tailed eagle looking down at her young chick. more ]

Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 – Part 3: The sub-committees’ work and research findings

In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we provide an overview of the research findings presented by the individual sub-committees. more ]

Winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2017

Japan Mint has announced the winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2017. The objective of the competition is to encourage creativity and enhance the artistry of coin designs. Here, you can find the complete list of winners. more ]

San Marino presents two new silver coins

The canals of Venice and a painting by Caravaggio are shown on San Marino’s latest commemorative coins. Both coins celebrate Italy’s culture during the Early modern period. more ]

Warsaw: numismatic center in the heart of Europe – chapter 3

The International Numismatic Conference takes place in Warsaw in 2021. We took a look at what Warsaw has to offer from a numismatic standpoint. The three days we spent there were far too little time for that. In this chapter, we visit the Polish Numismatic Society, the POLIN Museum and find out what we missed out on. more ]

A numismatic soccer dream?

Will Germany win the soccer world cup 2018 and celebrate the victory with a collector coin? In 2016, a possible German victory in the European championship was actually the theme in a competition. Read some thoughts on that by numiscontrol. more ]

Bringing the UK’s coin collections together

We have reported about the British Museum’s exhibition “Money and medals: mapping the UK’s numismatic collections”. This article is a supplement. It will tell you some background stories from which museums the exhibits are coming and why they were stored there. more ]

Shedding light on coins from Pompeii

Giacomo Pardini publishes the 523 coins recovered in a recent excavation in Pompeii. He discusses the coins as social and cultural objects providing also an up-to-date overview of coins found at Pompeii which were struck between the fourth century BC and AD 79. more ]

How came images on ancient coins?

Contributions in the proceedings of a conference at the Belgian and French Schools at Athens explore the relation between “issuer” and “user” of ancient coins by asking many intriguing questions as: Were numismatic types chosen and adapted for particular audiences? more ]

Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 – Part 2: Old and new MDC Guidelines

In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we summarize which new guidelines were published for which fields of minting. more ]

Riksbank terminates contract with Crane AB

Sweden’s Riksbank is looking for a new banknotes supplier. The bank has terminated its contract with Crane AB as the company is going to move the printing operations to Malta breaking thus an agreement with Riksbank to not produce Sweden’s banknotes abroad. more ]

Salamanca University founded 800 years ago

Founded by King Alfonso IX of Leon in 1218, the University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain and one of the longest-standing educational centres in the world. Spain commemorates the university’s 800th birthday with a collector coin in silver. more ]

Emperor Penguin

An emperor penguin has been added to Coin Invest’s series of animal-featured coin sculptures. One gold and one silver coin pay homage to the bird that, within the animal kingdom, has become a symbol of parental love. more ]

How the British became a nation of tea drinkers

Vast amounts of silver from the New World resulted in a large increase in minted silver in Europe. And thus the fall of the Aztec Empire led to the British passion for tea. But see for yourself! more ]

New Managing Director for World Money Fair

Ms Gitta Künker will be the new Managing Director of World Money Fair effective from 1 July 2018 according to a statement by the World Money Fair Holding GmbH. She is taking over from Jens Hesse-Engelschalk after he has completed his term. more ]

Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - part 2

The International Numismatic Congress of 2021 will take place in Warsaw. CoinsWeekly will introduce you to some of the numismatic sights of the city. In this article we will guide you through the two largest coin collections in Warsaw. more ]

Vasiliki Penna (1951-2018)

The Greek historian and archaeologist Vasso Penna was one of the most distinguished scholars of Byzantine numismatics. After a long illness she passed away on 17 May 2018. Yannis Stoyas remembers this eminent numismatist. more ]

Coin dealer victim of burglary in Vancouver

On June 2, 2018 coin dealer Jack Noble was the victim of a vehicle burglary in British Columbia (Canada). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police already have a strong suspicion because the man appears to have been a targeted victim. more ]

EU Adds Art Dealers to Money Laundering Rules

Anti-money laundering regulations have repeatedly been subject to change and tightening. The latest update of EU rules will burden dealers of art and antiquities in unprecedented dimensions. more ]

Coin Set: Chinese Guardian Lions

Guardian Lions always come in pairs. That’s the reason why Coin Invest AG dedicates a coin set to these mythical creatures. Latest coin technology using smartminting as well as Black Proof produced an aesthetic artwork. more ]

The Duchy of Brunswick and Lüneburg – its partitions within the 16th and 17th centuries

The various family lines of the Welfs who ruled parts of the Duchy of Brunswick and Lüneburg are extremely difficult to keep apart. This film on the Künker Summer Auction 308 helps you disentangle this ball of lines. more ]

Mint Directors Conference Awards 2018

On the occasion of the MDC in Seoul the MDC Awards were granted. There are prizes for the most beautiful coins as well as for the most technologically advanced coins. The packaging is also reviewed by an expert jury. more ]

Series featuring primates struck in the name of Gibraltar

The Pobjoy Mint announced a new series of four 50 p coins that show African primates. The second one depicts the chimpanzee, widely believed to be the closest living relative of humans. more ]

On the Roman infantry’s pay

No, this article does not focus on the legionaries’ wages but rather on a 16th century English scholar who collected coins and wrote about them. Ursula Kampmann takes a look at a new contribution to the history of numismatic research. more ]

Mint Directors Conference in Seoul 2018 - Part 1: The Future of Money

In April 2018, mint representatives from all over the world met in Seoul. They discussed current issues on the topic of coins. In this part, we summarize what was said about the future of cash. more ]

Pobjoy Mint showcases the Yellow Tree Frog on new Fiji coin

In the wild forests on the Fiji Islands, there lives a special species of frogs, the Yellow Tree Frog. On an all-new Yellow Titanium coin, the British Pobjoy Mint celebrates this tree dwelling creature in 2018. more ]

US Mint releases first coin in new platinum proof coin series

The United States Mint has opened sales for the 2018 Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin. It is the first release in the three-year series that features all new obverse designs on a one ounce, 99.95 percent platinum proof coin each year. more ]

Half a Million Dollar for a 1851 $20 Liberty Error

During the FUN Convention in Tampa a 1851 $20 Liberty struck on a large cent planchet error was sold for nearly half a million dollars. Error coin expert Fred Weinberg knows this coin perfectly and tells its amazing history in this video. more ]

The bracteates: An image of society in the High Middle Ages

In a short film, the beautifully preserved bracteates of the Professor Helmut Hahn collection illustrate the medieval estate-based society. And the historical background in turn helps to better understand their imagery. more ]

Medal production in 1930

In 1929/1930, the America-based Medallic Art Company made a film that shows the making of a medal, from the draft to the delivery of the product finished. This is a fascinating glimpse into early 20th century medal production! more ]

Casting medallions for beginners

Everybody can make a medallion. At least all graduating students at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A Youtube video shows how even unexperienced students succeed in producing bronze medallions. more ]

The Dr Rainer Opitz Collection

Luther, the Reformation and the consequent Protestantism are among the historical forces that have shaped our world. This film presents the Opitz Collection, a collection with a distinct focus on this subject illustrating the historical background. more ]

From Georg Heinrich Sander to the Collection of a History Enthusiast

Georg Heinrich Sander assembled an impressive coin collection in the middle of the 18th century. A collector of today was impressed and reconstructed his collection according to his publication. This film is bridging the gap between these coin collectors, separated by centuries, united by enthusiasm. more ]

James Earl Jones Coin Collecting Video Free on PNG YouTube Channel

The Professional Numismatists Guild has uploaded the award-winning video “Money: History in Your Hands” on its new YouTube channel. Narrated by acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, it gives advice about buying, storing and selling numismatic items and bullion for everyone. more ]

Ships on Coins and Medals

Do you also dream of circumventing the world numismatically? Then this film about ships on coins and medals is just the right remedy for your wanderlust. The shown specimens will be offered at the Künker Summer Auction Sale. more ]

British Museum podcast shows how to deface a coin

In a British Museum podcast episode Tom Hockenhull, curator of Modern money, discussed the phenomenon of counterstamping coins during the British suffragette movement for publicity. He also demonstrates the counterstamping process in action! more ]

The War of the Spanish Succession

On November 1, 1700 the childless King of Spain died. The fight for his empire was the reason for the War of the Spanish Succession. This film will tell you its history using coins and medals from that period. more ]

William Goetzmann on “Money Changes Everything”

In a lecture at the Museum of American Finance financial historian William Goetzmann argued that development of finance has made the growth of civilizations possible. You can now watch the lecture on video. more ]

Coins and Medals of the Popes

Coins and medals of the Popes are popular among collectors all over the world. A little film explains several papal symbols and summarizes the history of modern papacy using coins and medals. more ]

David Hendin presents coins from the Jewish War

David Hendin is Adjunct Curator for the American Numismatic Society and an expert in ancient Jewish coins. In a video for the ‘Ancient Jew Review’ he gives a brief history of the war and presents some of the Jewish coins minted during this period. more ]

Money in Ancient Rome

Republic, Senate, Dictator, we all know what these terms do mean. And we tend to transfer the modern interpretation to Ancient Rome. Nevertheless, then politics was completely different. What it did look like, you will learn in this PDF slideshow series. more ]

Coins and Medals from Regensburg

The Rudolf Spitzner Collection of coins and medals from Regensburg features numismatic items ranging from medieval pfennigs to convention talers of the last prince-bishop of Regensburg. A film presents some of the numerous numismatic rarities. more ]

Russian Medals: Peter the Great of Russia

Did you ever ask yourself why there are so many medals of Peter the Great? This fact has to be credited to Catherine the Great. And if you want to know why, you should have a look at this Künker Podcast. more ]

The Principality of Transylvania

In their Summer Auction 2015 auction house Künker offered some extraordinary gold pieces. A film tells you the history full of conflicts of Count Dracula’s Transsylvania following these coins. more ]

Coins of the Roman Republic

In the Spring Auction 259-262 auction house Künker sold a special collection Roman Republic on March, 9th 2015. On that occasion Künker has prepared a little movie that gives you historical information on some of the intriguing coinages. more ]

The First Gold Coins of the United States

A selection of extremely rare, early private gold dollars of the American gold fields was part of the Künker’s Berlin-Auction 258 on January, 29th, 2015. This film narrates the gripping story behind these coins. more ]

Mining Coins as Artifacts of State-of-the-Art Mining Technology

You have to know one or two things about the history of mining technology to fully understand the purpose of the various buildings and installations you see depicted on mining coins. This film helps you. Join us in our descent into a numismatic mine! more ]