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Harold Harefoot or the Vikings in England

Cnut the Great had formed an enormous kingdom uniting Denmark, Norvegia and England. But after his death his sons Harthacnut and “Harold Harefoot” clashed with each other. And England became their bone of contention.
By examining 12 coins we are going to stroll through Great Britain’s history – this is part 2... more ]

Arabosasanian Coins found in Pomerania

An early medieval treasure of hacksilver from the Near East has been found in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania... more ]

The Vikings and their ships

In Copenhagen an exhibition named Viking was offered. Here you will see a 37 meter long ship excavated at Roskilde in 1997. It is staged using digital projections and atmospheric visual effects. The exhibition is a co-operation between Copenhagen, London and Berlin... more ]

A Short History of England

In this series we will present you some figures of the English history by their coinage. The journey starts with the Vikings and goes until today. more ]

Heist at Bergen University Museum

In August 2017, thieves took almost 400 mainly Viking Age artefacts among them coins from Bergen University Museum, Norway. To make the sale of these items more difficult, the public was asked for help. A first major success was achieved already. more ]

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