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The Saints of Zurich

Have you ever been to Zurich? Perhaps during the last week of October, when the distinguished auction houses of Zurich hold their autumn sales? If ... more ]

What was salvation’s price?

How much did a believer of the late Middle Ages invest in order to win salvation? We will add up figures coming from a really built chapel in order to figure it out... more ]

Introduction 'The People of Zurich and their Money' Part 1

Our series ‘The People of Zurich and their Money’ will present one exciting chapter of Swiss numismatics and economic history at a time. The introduction provides an initial overview in two parts. Follow along in this first section as we trace the evolution of Swiss numismatics from the beginning all the way through to the 16th century. more ]

Expeditions into the realm of numismatics Part 1: The missing gold gulden or Basel as papal mint

In our series “Expeditions into the realm of numismatics”, we are taking you on an expedition to the treasures of the Basel Coin Cabinet. The first part revolves around a minting die for a papal gold gulden with the title of Felix V. more ]

The Casa Savoia – A Noble Family between Italy, France, and Switzerland Part 1

Auction house Gadoury will auction off an extensive collection Casa Savoia originating from the possessions of a gentleman of the royal family. In the first article of the three-part series you will learn more about how the counts of Savoy rose from a minor noble family to being protagonists of European politics. more ]

Redesigned Coin Cabinet of the Swiss National Museums opened

Since the end of July the redesigned coin cabinet of the Swiss National Museums has been reopened... more ]

New permanent exhibition in Schwyz: “Switzerland in the Making”

The new permanent exhibition “Switzerland in the Making. Through the 12th to the 14th Century” at the Forum of Swiss History Schwyz opens on 29 October 2011. The scenographic exhibition takes the visitor to a fascinating tour into the past... more ]

Charlemagne and Switzerland

From September 20, 2013 to February 2, 2014 the Landesmuseum Zurich shows a large exhibition on Carolingian culture in Switzerland. Ursula Kampmann takes you with her through the display. more ]

The Thirty Years' War

Both religion and power were the focal points of the Thirty Years’ War that shook the whole of Europe during the 17th century. Ursula Kampmann brings that era alive. more ]

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