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Canadian Mint, Vending Industry Seek Coordination

The Royal Canadian Mint causes stirs presenting modern technology approaches which promise enhanced security features of coins and other benefits. In addition the elimination of small coins saves costs to the community. But these costs are passed on to the vending industry as Richard Giedroyc explains. more ]

Coins too similar are a problem

Counterfeit Japanese 500-yen coins have been in the news recently, this being a continuing problem due to the high purchasing power of the coin. The 1982 to 2000 coin make a good case study in why mints need to ensure a coin about to be introduced to circulation isn’t too similar to another coin already in use. more ]

Will the vending machine industry decide on the future of coins?

How long will coins be used any longer? Dave Harper doubts whether coins will continue to exist for much longer, at least in the USA. The decisive factor might become the vending machine industry. more ]

Thailand struggles with too many coins

Vending machine operators in north-eastern Thailand face a serious problem: they must exchange too many coins into banknotes. By a regulation they aren’t allowed to use local offices but have to exchange at the regional bank where the amount of coins is limited. more ]

AGM Elections bring strategic changes to the European Vending Association

The EVA 2013 AGM and Workshop titled, “Shaping the EVA’s goals for the next 3 years” was held on November 28 in Brussels. The company now has a new President, Director General and Executive Committee (EC). more ]

Exchange machines in England receive favorable response

In London, four of the planned 400 kiosks that make an exchange of different currencies quite easy have been installed by now. The inventors are pleased to report that tens of thousands of successful transactions have been made already. more ]

Why can’t we get rid of small change in most of the modern vending machines?

Have you been to Spain recently? To pay at the parking garage, you can insert all your 1 and 2 Cent coins, thus feeding a lot of small denominations into circulation again. But why do Spanish vending machines accept small change while others don’t? Here you can read the answer by Erwin Wetzel, Director General of the European Vending Association. more ]

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