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Panda America relocating

Panda America, one of the world’s leading retail and wholesale dealers in bullion and numismatic coins is relocating to a new, larger facility at 19675 Mariner Avenue in Torrance, CA 90503. Phone numbers and website remain the same. more ]

One tonne gold coin takes The Perth Mint into Guinness Book of Records

In a cyclopean project the Australian Perth Mint produced a one tonne gold coin, the world’s largest ever coin. Now this product has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest coin in the world and will thus enter the next 2013 edition of the book. more ]

Highest turnover in investment products in the history of the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint has published its Annual Report of 2011. Those who want to know more about facts and figures can download it from the Internet. more ]

Perth Mint Gold Certified Conflict-Free

The Perth Mint is one of the first three gold refiners in the world to be certified under the internationally recognised Conflict-Free Smelter Program. more ]

Monnaie de Paris – a 12-Century-Old Institution Growing Like a Start-Up

In its latest issue Currency News, a monthly newsletter for currency, has published this article in which our readers might be interested too. Read an interview with Christophe Beaux director of the Monnaie de Paris about how he succeeded in transforming the mint into a profitable commercial company. more ]

Growth of Presidential $1 Coins Slows Down

In their latest issue CurrencyNews, a monthly newsletter for currency, has published this article in which our readers might be interested too. As the specialised journal reports, the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank shelved plans to expand its facility in order to store excess Presidential $1 coins. more ]

Cookson Precious Metals opens new coin blank production workshop

Cookson Precious Metals, a leading supplier of fabricated precious metals announces the opening of its new coin blank production workshop. The new workshop is based in Cookson’s Sempsa facility, Madrid. more ]

Passing Knowledge

More than 42 % of mint staff is aged 55+. This means that a lot of change is about to happen. Especially numerous senior executives will retire. In this way a lot of knowledge is at risk of being lost. Therefore passing knowledge from one executive generation to the other assumes a truly existential significance. We asked senior executives about how they ensured that the necessary knowledge transfer took place. more ]

The Canadian Penny – a nation’s property or the Queen’s?

How is your mint handling the copyright on circulation coinage? The Royal Canadian Mint was faced with public displeasure, when they charged a singer using a coin image on his CD cover with a fee. This was completely according to the mint’s copyright regulations. Nevertheless in the end another solution had to be found. more ]

The Royal Danish Mint then and now

Since the middle of 2012 the Danish paper money production and the mint have been merged. Hans Denkov tells us about the reasons for this step. more ]

IACA’s Award for Best New Coin or Series Comes to Coin Conference

The Excellence in Currency Awards are presented by the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) to recognise excellence in currency issue, production, processing, management and distribution. Nominations are now being invited until December 15, 2012. more ]

The South African Gold Coin Exchange acquires equity in Stephan Welz & Co (Pty) LTD

The South African Gold Coin Exchange and The Scoin Shops announced on November 16, 2012 that it has acquired a substantial stake in the South African Decorative and Fine Arts Auction House Stephan Welz & Co. more ]

Banknote Printing Bribery Scandal in Australia

A bribery scandal shakes Australia. Important contracts with other countries for printing polymer banknotes were allegedly concluded through corruption. more ]

Japan to mint coins for Bangladesh

Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced that the country won the first contract since 1945 to mint foreign circulation coins. In April 2013 it will produce 500 million 2 taka coins for Bangladesh. more ]

A history of many centuries – the Mexican Mint

In 2014 the MDC conference will take place in the home country of the Casa de Moneda, in Mexico. The history of our hosts dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Here you will find some short information of what you will see there. more ]

Verifying the Authenticity of Banknotes with Mobile Phones

MAGnite is the latest interactive Giesecke & Devrient security feature for banknotes. This feature is based on the interaction between special color pigments and simple magnets, such as those found in the speakers of mobile phones. more ]

EU Regulation No 1210/2010 and its implications

On September 7, 2010 the EU Regulation No 1210/2010 concerning authentication of euro coins and handling of euro coins unfit for circulation has been issued. It describes the new responsibilities the EU member states must face. more ]

Crane Co. to acquire MEI Conlux Holdings

Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products, has signed an agreement to purchase 100% of the equity interests in MEI, a leading provider of payment solutions for unattended transaction systems, from Bain Capital and Advantage Partners. more ]

Dillon Gage Appoints John Humphrey to Head New Digital Metals Group

Dillon Gage Metals, wholesale precious metal dealers in Dallas, have named John Humphrey to head the company’s newest division, Digital Metals. The Digital group will focus on building advanced platforms for Dillon Gage’s dealer network. more ]

Future of US mint leader unsettled

In September 2012 US President Obama nominated Bibiana Boerio as new director of the US Mint. But according to a Senate rule Senat has returned this nomination to the President. Now it is open whether Ms Boerio or an other candidate will be re-submitted. more ]

Mint of Finland will move to new premises in 2013

The new offices of the 152-year-old Mint of Finland, which has operated out of the Bank of Finland building in Turvalaakso, Vantaa since 1988, will be built in the K3 Logistics region in Viinikkala, Vantaa. Operations are scheduled to start at the new offices in the summer of 2013. more ]

Coin Innovation Through Digital Design and Engraving

The Royal Dutch Mint (RDM) has won the ‘2012 Coin of the Year Award’ for its Mint Building Centenary 5 euro coin. The coin features the most recent security technology. more ]

Creating Coins with artistic CADCAM software

The British company Delcam has developed ArtCAM Pro, a software that makes a significant leap in the way that coins are designed according to the firm. You can see here how a coin can be designed with ArtCAM Pro. more ]

Giesecke & Devrient offers new mobile payment solutions in Brazil and Germany

Giesecke & Devrient is to provide a mobile payment solution that allows their customers with prepaid accounts to top up their credit directly on their cellphone using PayPal. O2 customers in Germany are now able to use their NFC-enabled smartphones to make contactless payments in all participating shops around the world. more ]

CoinTune™: Mint of Finland’s approach to coin authentication

Mint of Finland has recently presented CoinTune, their approach to metal coin authentication. CoinTune combines fundamental physics and advanced digital technologies increasing hence the number of reliable security features detected in coins. more ]

Giesecke & Devrient back on growth track

Giesecke & Devrient continued their strong investment in future-oriented technologies. However the company has decided to cut 400 jobs. Here you will find information about the developments. more ]

International Coin Design Competition 2013

The Japan Mint will hold the International Coin Design Competition 2013 with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. more ]

H2O leads to zero liquid discharge production

Water is a precious resource. Recycling of processed water and wastewater are a central expense factor of the industry. The mid-size business H2O is promoting a liquid discharge production – a vision that is of the utmost interest for mints too. more ]

Tough Market for Canadian Mint

Sales at the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) fell by 18% to $2.6 billion in 2012, according to its Annual Report, while pre-tax profits fell by 3.3% to C$40.7m. more ]

Amera reorganizes operative business management

Amera, a global supplier of coins, coin blanks and coin production and recycling systems, has reorganized the Group’s operative management. The reorganization forms part of the systematic handover initiated by Sheffer and Engler with the partial sale of their holdings. more ]

Private mint dumps cyanide into river causing death of 30,000 fish

Mints are becoming increasingly aware of the relevance of green business and environmental issues. However, there are always bad apples like a trial in Ohio has shown. Dumping cyanide into a storm drain caused the death of over 30,000 fish in a nearby river. more ]

The Royal Mint launches new coinage currency system with banknote-strength security

The Royal Mint has launched iSIS, Integrated Secure Identification Systems. iSIS offers a full currency system, which incorporates three tiers of banknote-strength security and can be authenticated via high-speed automated detection to industry-leading levels. more ]

Loomis wins Riksbank contract for coin warehousing and handling

Loomis has been contracted by the Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, to take responsibility for part of the Riksbank’s handling of coins in Sweden. The contract, which extends over four years, will commence on November 1. more ]

Anti-counterfeiting approach by biomimicry

Some news from our cutting-edge technology section: Canadian company NanoTech Security proposes a bio-mimicry approach to money production. Instead of using ink an electron beam patterns a master die creating a nano structure that evokes colours to the human eye. more ]

Cooperation between the Royal Mint and the Thai Treasury Department

The Royal Mint has signed an agreement with the Treasury Department of Thailand to establish a regional coin training academy at The Royal Thai Mint. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint opens plating facility expansion

The Royal Canadian Mint officially opened its plating facility expansion and the Hieu C. Truong Centre of Excellence for Research and Development. The 70,000 square expansion will enable the Mint to increase production of multi-ply plated steel blanks. more ]

Go-ahead for Andritz Group to acquire majority in Schuler Group

Now also China’s anti-trust authorities have given the go-ahead for Austrian Andritz Group acquire a majority in the Schuler Group. Following this transaction, Andritz holds over 90 percent of the capital stock of Schuler AG. more ]

Schuler remains on course

Schuler Group won the largest service contract in its history, worth 18 million euros. While new orders slightly declined in the first half of 2013 Ebitda increased by 5.2 percent confirming Schuler’s course. more ]

Challenging year for Mint of Finland

Mint of Finland Group had a challenging year which was influenced by the weak global market and overcapacity in the coin industry, as well as the slowdown in euro change over decision making. more ]

US Mint increases production in 2013

The US Mint has produced more coins in the first half of 2013 than in the same period in 2012. For six month in a row figures have increased. According to the preliminary totals the Great Basin National Quarter is also being more successful than its predecessor. more ]

Britain’s New Baby Coin could be a Marketing Triumph

Richard Giedroyc analyses how The Royal Mint uses modern marketing strategies for its latest issue: a coin marking the (still expected) birth of the royal baby. more ]

Crane Co. Reports Conditional Clearance of MEI Acquisition by the European Commission

Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products, said the European Commission cleared the pending acquisition of MEI Conlux Holdings under certain conditions. more ]

Schuler triples production area in Chinese Dalian

The world’s largest press manufacturer, Schuler, has more than tripled its capacity at its production facility in Dalian. The new plant allows production in line with German standards and safety norms. In total, more than 350 people are working for Schuler in China. more ]

Schuler on track

The latest figures of Schuler AG confirm expectations for a stable fiscal year 2012/13. Growth in Germany and the Americas compensated for shortfalls in other regions. more ]

Degussa acquires precious metals dealer SilviOr

Degussa Goldhandel (Gold Trade Group) is expanding its product portfolio with immediate effect in the field of precious metals storage with the acquisition of the precious metals dealer, SilviOr GmbH, of Würzburg. more ]

Canadian Government strives to keep Cent for Themselves

Canada stopped minting its penny in May 2012. The coin is being recalled, but it is also still technically legal tender. Since the coin remains as legal tender it continues to be illegal for anyone other than the Royal Canadian Mint to melt it. A monopoly which is being challenged. more ]

Austrian Mint top managers accused of corruption

Top managers of the Austrian National Bank and its subsidiaries comprising the Austrian Mint are among others accused of having concluded, between 2005 and 2011, international contracts concerning the production of banknotes and coins by bribery. Impending payments amount of several millions. more ]

Coin minting presses for the entire world

The Schuler Group is fully entitled to claim itself as international brand leader when it comes to coin minting machines. CoinsWeekly has visited the company with long-standing tradition in Göppingen in June 2013. This is a small look behind the scenes. more ]

Schuler supports vocational training in Mexico

Metalforming supplier Schuler was looking for skilled staff in Mexico and has now officially opened the new vocational training center Cedual in Puebla where young people are being trained following the German apprenticeship model. more ]

ETF Securities partners with The Royal Mint of Great Britain

ETF Securities has partnered with The Royal Mint to offer retail investors the opportunity to exchange Gold Bullion Securities listed on the London Stock Exchange for investment grade bullion coins produced by The Royal Mint. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint wins contract from The Royal Thai Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has been awarded a contract from the Royal Thai Mint to produce 200 million nickel-plated steel blanks for its 1-Baht circulation coin. These blanks will be among the first to be produced at the Mint’s newly expanded Winnipeg plating facility. more ]

Thailand struggles with too many coins

Vending machine operators in north-eastern Thailand face a serious problem: they must exchange too many coins into banknotes. By a regulation they aren’t allowed to use local offices but have to exchange at the regional bank where the amount of coins is limited. more ]

Who's the lady on British coins? Britannia or Margaret Thatcher?

A research by The Royal Mint has revealed that 25 per cent of British adults cannot tell who is Britannia on British coins. Instead they identify this figure with historical persons like Queen Elizabeth I or Boadicea. The Royal Mint has started an educational campaign. more ]

Schuler streamlines organization

The listed Schuler Group is streamlining its top management level and merging individual companies. The Board of Management is to be downsized from five to four members and the number of second-tier managers in Germany is to be reduced significantly. more ]

Mulligan Mint gone bust

Since its foundation in 2012 the Dallas-based Mulligan Mint has released rather peculiar coins for collectors and individuals. Now it has filed a Chapter 11 case after more than 71,000 ounces of a silver shipment missing. more ]

Royal Australian Mint's Export Solutions recognised as best in Government

The Royal Australian Mint was honoured to take out the Exporting Government Solutions category at the ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards presentation. more ]

Curved Coin dazzles at 2013 Canberra Engineering Excellence Awards

The Royal Australian Mint was honoured to accept a 2013 Canberra Engineering Excellence Award for the 2012 Southern Sky Crux Curved Coin awarded at the Engineers Australia (Canberra Division) Annual Awards Ceremony held 12 September 2013. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint making waves in the Caribbean

The Royal Canadian Mint announced recent contract wins with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, the Central Bank of Barbados and Centrale Bank van Curacao en Sint Maarten, representing both circulation and numismatic coins. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint achieves $1 billion in revenue in single quarter for first time ever

The Royal Canadian Mint reported the achievements of an extraordinary second quarter with an increase in consolidated revenues of 93.8% to $1.05 billion in the 13 weeks ending June 29, 2013. more ]

First Spouse coins delayed

As in 2012 this year the First Spouse Coins issued by the US Mint are delayed due to “finning” as the US Mint’s Tom Jurkowsky explained. more ]

Reputation Damage at Orell Füssli

Switzerland’s only security printing company Orell Füssli reported 1,800 banknotes were stolen during production. They have no serial numbers and holders will be reimbursed by the national bank. The producer covers the cost – but much worse is the loss of trust. more ]

ON THE RECORD: The Royal Mint - Overcoming Market Challenges

The Royal Mint is one of the most renowned mints with a long history. Currency News spoke with its CEO Adam Lawrence what challenges the mint has to face and how it deals with them. We republish this interview here. more ]

Degussa acquires London bullion broker Sharps Pixley Ltd

Degussa Goldhandel Group acquired Sharps Pixley Ltd, one of the leading bullion trading businesses based in London. The acquisition of Sharps Pixley Ltd underscores Degussa’s future ambitions to play a major role in international gold trade. more ]

Schuler adapts structures to global challenges

The Schuler Group is streamlining its corporate structures in Germany and continuing to drive its internationalization. The degree of vertical integration in Germany must be adapted, administrative functions are to be centralized. more ]

Schuler Group sales and earnings at high prior-year level

According to Schuler’s preliminary figures for FY 2012/13 (Sep. 30) the sales of 1.19 billion euros are on a par with the previous year, while new orders amount to 1.16 billion euros. There was a further slight improvement in Ebitda margin to 10.4 per cent. more ]

AGM Elections bring strategic changes to the European Vending Association

The EVA 2013 AGM and Workshop titled, “Shaping the EVA’s goals for the next 3 years” was held on November 28 in Brussels. The company now has a new President, Director General and Executive Committee (EC). more ]

Unique technical summit on coin blank surface finishing

In November 2013 a unique technical summit on coin blank surface finishing took place in Bocholt, Germany. Waste water treatment company H2O and Spaleck Oberflächentechnik hosted 18 mint technicians to exchange know how about coin blank finishing and waste water handling. more ]

COMEX approves Royal Canadian Mint’s 1,000 oz. silver bars

The Chicago-based CME Group has added the Mint’s 1,000 oz. silver bar product to the COMEX exchange’s Silver Good Delivery List in December 2013. The addition is a highly prestigious endorsement of its increasingly important silver refining operations. more ]

10th Technical Forum at the World Money Fair in Berlin

For the tenth time, mints and supplying industry presented their latest products for minting, die production and controlling. The programme offered by 17 speakers was impressive. more ]

Former Austrian central bank executives tried for bribery

Nine former authorised agents of the OeBN, the OeBS and the Austrian Mint are on trial, amongst others for bribery. The trial opened on February 14 in Vienna. more ]

US Mint outstrips cent losses through bullion high

The US Mint has published the final figures of the fiscal year 2013 ending September 2013 revealing that it has transferred $392 million to the Treasury. This was made possible thanks to reduced metal costs and increased production of quarter dollars and bullion coins. more ]

Strong figures make Schuler confident for 2014

In its past fiscal year 2012/13 (ending September 30), the press manufacturer Schuler achieved further growth in earnings of 19 percent. The sales were at prior-year level and Schuler is adapting its structures in order to become more efficient and global. more ]

Schuler press mints Canadian dollar

The Royal Canadian Mint has ordered two minting presses from Schuler for its production facility in Winnipeg. The mint raises its productivity with the two new MRV 150 lines which will be used to mint bi-metal coins. more ]

The Royal Mint wins ‘Wales Innovation Award 2013’ for iSIS

The Royal Mint has scooped The Wales Quality Centre’s prestigious Innovation Award 2013 for its revolutionary new high security coinage currency system iSIS. iSIS enables not just coins, but the whole cash cycle to be more secure. more ]

Lang in Hüttenberg - A specialist for special solutions

You probably know that Lang milling machines are also used for coining die production. What you perhaps didn’t know is that the tires of your car might well have been made from moulds produced by Lang machines, too. Accompany us on our visit to Lang, the specialist for special solutions in terms of coining die production. more ]

European Central Mint exposed as pivot of counterfeiting ring

As media have revealed the Amsterdam-based private company European Central Mint actually was the production centre of a mighty international counterfeiting ring. They minted millions of fake £1 coins. Last November police raided the premises and arrested the company’s owner. more ]

Prototype of new GBP 1 circulation coin for Britain

Starting in 2017, new GBP 1 circulation coins with improved security features using iSIS technology will be introduced in Great Britain in order to reduce counterfeiting. The precise specifications of the new coin will be decided this summer. more ]

Winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2013

Japan Mint has announced the winners of the International Coin Design Competition 2013. The objective of the competition is to encourage creativity and enhance the artistry of coin designs. more ]

Botswana launches new circulation coins produced by Royal Canadian Mint

The Bank of Botswana converts its entire coinage system to the Canadian Mint’s multi-ply plated steel technology The coins were officially declared legal tender by the President at a special ceremony to celebrate the nation’s new coin series on February 27, 2014. more ]

Schuler stock exchange delisting

The Board of Management of Schuler AG plans to withdraw the Schuler share from the stock exchange. Schuler will remain a public limited company but will leave the Regulated Market. more ]

Board of Directors of Casa de Moneda de Chile changed

Mr. Francisco Mendiola Allamand has left the Board of Directors of the Casa de Moneda de Chile. Now, Mr. José Fernando Diáz Aguirre occupies the position of Interim Chief Executive Officer. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint reports the highest revenue in its history

The Corporation achieves another record-setting year with revenues exceeding $3 billion and $48 million in pre-tax profits in 2013. The year was marked by diversification in all business lines, and success in new markets and new areas of growth. more ]

Top Industry Award for Royal Mint Director

The director of The Royal Mint’s Commemorative Coin and Bullion business has received a top industry award in recognition of his achievements which have made a fundamental difference to the fortunes of the UK’s oldest manufacturing organisation. more ]

International Coin Design Competition 2014

The Japan Mint will hold the International Coin Design Competition 2014 with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. more ]

ArtCAM dominates Coin of the Year Awards

Mints using ArtCAM won the great majority of the awards presented at the Krause Publication’s Coin of Year Awards sponsored by World Coin News and presented at the World Money Fair held in Berlin during February. more ]

Schuler supplies Mexican Mint with first press for tri-metal coins

During the 28th Mint Directors Conference the participants had occasion to visit the Mexican Mint facility in San Luis Potosí which also boasts one very special machine: a specially equipped MRV 300. It is the first coining press to produce so-called tri-metal coins. more ]

Large order book for security expert Giesecke & Devrient

For Giesecke & Devrient 2013 was a year of upheaval, with a Management Board reshuffle and other forward-looking strategic decisions. 2014, however, starts with increased order intake and the company has invested 128 million euros in research and development. more ]

Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei establish joint venture

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Bundesdruckerei GmbH have signed a contract to establish a joint venture, operating under the name Veridos GmbH. The partners are bundling their international business with solutions for secure identification, such as passport and ID card systems for governments. more ]

“Master Coin Conference” of the precious metals and coin industry

On June 17th and 18th 2014 the summit conference of precious metals and coin industry took place under the patronage of Schoeller Münzhandel in Vienna. It saw a professional exchange in keynotes, discussions and workshops. more ]

Monnaie de Paris celebrates 1150 years with documentary

In 864 Charles the Bald founded the French Mint which is still producing France’s coins. On that occasion the institution presents itself in an intriguing video documentary. more ]

The Royal Mint announces positive results for 2013-14

The Royal Mint has announced its annual results for 2013-2014, reflecting the fact that Britain’s oldest manufacturer has enjoyed a successful year, increasing revenue by 24% to £314.9million and returning an operating profit of £6.7million. more ]

H2O Sales Force under new direction

The H2O GmbH has a new Head of Sales Force: Jochen Freund. In the field of efficient and reliable vacuum distillation systems for the processing and recirculation of industrial wastewater, H2O is one of the worldwide leading companies. more ]

The Royal Canadian Mint: Rethinking the factory floor

Time is money. So the easiest way to save money is using the time you have as efficiently as you can. The Royal Canadian Mint is doing so in a new project. With cellular manufacturing the time it takes from coining to final packaging will be cut from days to hours. more ]

Currency Research acquires Banknote Conference

Currency Research formally announced the acquisition of the Banknote Conference which focuses on the technical aspects of Banknote design and production and issue. The next Banknote Conference will take place in Washington, D.C, in May 2016. more ]

Gräbener stays in Netphen

An ambiguous press release by Schuler has led to concern regarding the fate of Gräbener. But rest assured: nothing is going to change for the customers. Gräbener stays in Netphen. more ]

Circulating coins: security features and social responsibility

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on considerations on new security features and the social responsibility of companies. more ]

Circulating coins: cash logistics

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on strategies for an ideal cash logistics as described by different central banks. more ]

News on circulating coins: The Coin Conference in Madrid

From October 21 to 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. It was attended by 200 delegates, representing more than 30 nations, who wanted to acquaint themselves with the latest trends in circulating coins. In seven sessions, 28 speakers talked about their experiences. more ]

Circulating coins: trends and new coin series

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics around circulating coins were discussed. This time, we report on trends and present insights from new coin series from Sweden and Mexico. more ]

2015 Excellence in Currency Coin Awards presented to winners

Every year, the Excellence in Currency Coin Awards recognise excellence in currency issue, production, processing, management, and distribution. This year’s winners have been presented the award during the Coin Conference in Madrid. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 1

It only takes a look at the numbers to see how important the World Money Fair’s Technical Forum, organised by Dieter Merkle and Thomas Hogenkamp, has become: 340 delegates from mints, the supplying industry, and central banks had come to attend. more ]

Dr Thomas Gräbener retires from Management of Gräbener Minting

On December 31, 2015, Dr Thomas Gräbener will retire from the Management of Gräbener Minting as planned. Martin Stahlschmidt and Ronny Stöcker are appointed new Managing Directors. more ]

Four and a half centuries of Peruvian coins

To commemorate the four hundred fifty year anniversary of the foundation of the Mint of Lima, the authors Carlos Contreras and Carlos Morales present an overview of the institution, symbolizing the strength and continued existence of Peru as a country, beyond the changing moods of politics. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 2

What’s new in coin minting? Held under the program of the World Money Fair, the Technical Forum provided the venue for experts to catch up. Please find short summaries of six presentations here. more ]

Theft at Dutch euro notes printer

A “substantial amount” of 50 euro banknotes had been siphoned off by employees of the distinguished Dutch printing company Royal Joh. Enschedé. After two years, their actions have now been uncovered. more ]

Sharps Pixley Opens State-of-the-Art Bullion Showroom in London

Sharps Pixley is set to put gold back into the heart of London by introducing the UK’s first bullion showroom. The site will allow everyday investors access to fine quality precious metals in a variety of forms as well as safe deposit boxes. more ]

US Mint Conducts 2D Barcode Trials

The United States Mint is scheduled to conclude its data collection software and two-dimensional barcode trial. If the test results are positive, the Mint could benefit from an enhanced workflow in their die shops. more ]

Indian printing company suspends officials over defective currency notes

Missing security features are the reason why two high-ranking employees of a banknote printing company located in the Indian city Hoshangabad are jobless now. Already circulating, tens of thousands of 500 and 1000 rupee notes have to be withdrawn now. more ]

nanoPay Acquires MintChipTM from the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has sold MintChipTM, a digital currency product developed by the Mint, to nanoPay, a fully-integrated loyalty and payments platform provider, the first digital cash platform to kick start the evolution of currency™. more ]

CIT redefines high relief minting

Developed by Coin Invest Trust, the innovative smartminting© technology now allows the production of a new generation of coins. They set their own standard in terms of relief height and sharpness, three-dimensionality and wealth of detail. more ]

Exchange machines in England receive favorable response

In London, four of the planned 400 kiosks that make an exchange of different currencies quite easy have been installed by now. The inventors are pleased to report that tens of thousands of successful transactions have been made already. more ]

Dutch Mint will be sold

The Dutch Minister of Finance has announced plans to sell the Royal Dutch Mint. Several offers exist, but no final decision had been made as yet. more ]

Royal Canadian Mint looks back at successful 2015

As evidenced by the newly released Annual Report, business profitability in 2015 continues to reinforce the Royal Canadian Mint’s future. A particularly strong department are collector products that helped the Mint sell almost 30% more numismatic ounces of gold. more ]

The MDC in Bangkok: News from the world of mints. Part 1 The plenary sessions

From May 1 to 4, 2016, the Mint Directors Conference took place in Bangkok. It was attended by nearly 360 delegates for whom 35 presentations were held. Here you find the first part of a short abstract of the papers given. more ]

The MDC in Bangkok: News from the world of mints. Part 3 Sessions of the Technical Committee 2

From May 1 to 4, 2016, the Mint Directors Conference took place in Bangkok. It was attended by nearly 360 delegates for whom 35 presentations were held. Here you find an abstract of the papers given by the Technical Committee. more ]

Mint of Finland has won a tendering process in Bolivia

Mint of Finland will start manufacturing circulation coins for the Central Bank of Bolivia from 2017 on. A two year agreement states the amount and denomination of circulation coins to be produced. more ]

What is the Difference Between Operating as a Private versus a National Mint?

Very few people are aware that it’s not always a state-owned mint which produces circulation coins. There exist plenty of organizational forms for mints. They all have advantages and disadvantages. This interview, which was first published in the Mint News Quarterly, will discuss which ones. more ]

Serving the Citizen: The Example of the U.S. Mint

The latest issue of the Mint News Quarterly is dedicated to the topic: “Why a nation needs a mint. Does a nation need a mint?” One of the articles is an interview dealing with the major tasks of the U.S. Mint. Tom Jurkowsky gave us this insight in history and past of the U.S. Mint. more ]

Why Germany has Five State-Owned Mints

Many a coin collector is wondering why France and Great Britain own one mint, while Germany has five state-owned mints at its disposal. Why Germany does so and why it will probable continue to have them for a while, is summarised in this article. more ]

The rise and fall of a private mint: the Birmingham Mint

It is not a law of nature that the production of coins must be in the hands of the state. The private Birmingham Mint was the world’s leading supplier of small change in the 19th cent. It went bankrupt, when, in 2001, the Royal Mint cancelled a secret contract. more ]

Mennica Polska

The Mint of Poland is one of the few cases in which a state-owned enterprise has been successfully converted into a private company. At present, the Mennica Polska is a stock company, of which the Polish state no longer holds any shares. more ]

The End of the Danish Mint

In 2016 the Royal Danish Mint was closed without any detailed public debate. This meant the end of a tradition dating back more than a millennium. Does the fate of the Danish Mint serve as an example for the fact that national mints have outlived their usefulness for cost reasons? more ]

The Privatisation Disaster of the German Bundesdruckerei

The privatisation of state-owned companies may unburden a state. Mind you, may, but does not have to. Because when a privatisation is implemented as ill-considered as in the case of the German Federal Printing Office, significant damage to the taxpayers can be done. more ]

A Quasi Unregulated Market?

In this article, Daniel Sheffer wonders whether there is need for legal regulations in order to guarantee a fair competition between state-owned monopoly holders and private enterprises. more ]

Canadian gold thief convicted

In March 2015 Leston Lawrence gained a questionable fame when he was accused of having smuggled gold blanks out of the Royal Canadian Mint by concealing them in his rectum. A court has now adjudged him guilty. more ]

Peculiarities of Globalisation: German Blanks Acquisition

Who could imagine that German 1 and 2 euro cents are struck on Russian blanks? This article which was first published in the Mint News Quarterly addresses some odd inconsistencies in the German blank acquisition policy. more ]

Gold, a new digital currency?

Investors usually buy physical gold or shares that reflect the gold price. The British Royal Mint offers the first digital blockchain-based platform for trading gold. Intended as an investment option, RMG® could also become a digital currency. more ]

Technical Forum 2018

Like in the previous years, the World Money Fair provided a display of the newest innovations in coin technology. 12 representatives introduced their latest developments. Ursula Kampmann listened to them. more ]

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