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Hennie Rijnbeek joins A-Mark’s Austrian operation

A-Mark Precious Metals announced that Hennie Rijnbeek has joined A-Mark Trading AG, Vienna, A-Mark’s Austrian operation as executive vice president. Mr. Rijnbeek has been working in the precious metals industry for more than 25 years. more ]

Andile Mvinjelwa and Thomas Davel cleared from suspicion

Nevertheless, as consequence of the ‘krugerrand scandal’ Andile Mvinjelwa, Managing Director of The South African Mint Company, and Thomas Davel, Managing Director and General Manager Numismatics, have left the company permanently by mutual agreement on June 1, 2012. more ]

US Master Designer Iskowitz to speak at Philadelphia forum

A free forum at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on Thursday, August 9 will feature one of the most prolific designers of United States coins, Joel Iskowitz. The forum is being conducted by the American Israel Numismatic Association and the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation. more ]

New president and CEO of Mint of Poland

On June 27th the Supervisory Board appointed Mr. Grzegorz Zambrzycki as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mint of Poland. more ]

Passing Knowledge

More than 42 % of mint staff is aged 55+. This means that a lot of change is about to happen. Especially numerous senior executives will retire. In this way a lot of knowledge is at risk of being lost. Therefore passing knowledge from one executive generation to the other assumes a truly existential significance. We asked senior executives about how they ensured that the necessary knowledge transfer took place. more ]

New US Mint Director Nominated

After more than 18 months US President Barack Obama announced a new nomination for the US Mint director. The nominated Bibiana Boerio has served for decades in the automobile industry. more ]

Lars E.O. Svensson leaves the Riksbank in May

Deputy Governor Lars E.O. Svensson will leave the Riksbank on 20 May when his period of office expires. Deputy Governor Barbro Wickman-Parak’s period of office also expires in May. The bank is now working on finding replacements. more ]

Dr. Walter Schlebusch new CEO of Giesecke & Devrient

Dr. Walter Schlebusch has been appointed as Giesecke & Devrient’s new CEO and Chairman of the Management Board. Taking up this position on July 1, he will succeed Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, who will be leaving the company on June 30, 2013. more ]

Diamond State Depository President Michael Clark Passes Away

Diamond State Depository President Mike Clark passed away Friday, August 2, 2013, at the age of 66 after a brief battle with cancer. Clark will be remembered for his distinguished career in the precious metals and banking industries. more ]

Schuler streamlines organization

The listed Schuler Group is streamlining its top management level and merging individual companies. The Board of Management is to be downsized from five to four members and the number of second-tier managers in Germany is to be reduced significantly. more ]

Schuler’s Supervisory Board appoints new Managing Director

At its meeting on Friday, January 10, 2014 the Supervisory Board of Schuler Pressen GmbH appointed a new Managing Director and Head of the Systems Division: Johannes Linden, currently still Managing Director of metal packaging specialist Mall + Herlan. more ]

New Director of the Mexican Mint appointed

The Mexican Mint (Casa de Moneda de México) has announced that Mr. Guillermo Hopkins Gámez has been appointed as General Director, thus Mint Master, as of January 13th, 2014. more ]

Congratulations to Wolfgang Steguweit

On January 30, 2014 Dr Wolfgang Steguweit celebrated his 70th birthday. Following his positions at the coin cabinets in Gotha and Berlin he is enjoying an extremely prolific and restless retirement. more ]

Former Austrian central bank executives tried for bribery

Nine former authorised agents of the OeBN, the OeBS and the Austrian Mint are on trial, amongst others for bribery. The trial opened on February 14 in Vienna. more ]

Dr Thomas Gräbener retires from Management of Gräbener Minting

On December 31, 2015, Dr Thomas Gräbener will retire from the Management of Gräbener Minting as planned. Martin Stahlschmidt and Ronny Stöcker are appointed new Managing Directors. more ]

Kirsten Petersen receives World Money Fair Award

As one of the most renowned experts on the coin collector’s soul, Kirsten Petersen is given the World Money Fair Award. Her ideas laid the foundation for many coin types that today range among the most successful commemorative coins. more ]

Speech of Thanks to Prabir Dee receding from the office as President of the Technical Committee

Dr. Peter Huber gave a speech of thanks to Prabir Dee who receded from the office as President of the Technical Committee at the MDC in Bangkok 2016. Here you will find its full text. more ]

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