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Should the USA introduce a one dollar coin?

Swedish journalist Stefan Karlsson reflects on why the USA do not substitute their one dollar banknote with a coin. It could save a lot of money but, as he argues, emotional reasons stand behind this decision. more ]

Fiji’s new design banknotes and coins officially unveiled

Fiji’s new flora and fauna design banknotes and coins were officially unveiled by the President of Fiji on December 12, 2012. The President also unveiled a new $2 coin to replace the $2 note and Fiji’s first polymer or plastic banknote. more ]

Verifying the Authenticity of Banknotes with Mobile Phones

MAGnite is the latest interactive Giesecke & Devrient security feature for banknotes. This feature is based on the interaction between special color pigments and simple magnets, such as those found in the speakers of mobile phones. more ]

Cubans not troubling themselves over fake money

In Havana counterfeit banknotes are quite common and everybody accepts them although people tend to pass them on as soon as possible. Authorities are not yet acting against that phenomenon but it is punishable and hence may soon threaten many people. more ]

Maple leaf on new Canadian banknotes irritate public

The new Canadian banknotes arose strong criticism. According to botanists instead of the national emblem, the sugar maple leaf, they show a Norwegian maple leaf. The Bank claims the leaf to be a stylised mix of various maples. However, this discussion would have been avoided if design had been subordinated to meaning. more ]

Polymer money – only longer lasting but not better?

After introducing polymer banknotes in 2011, Canada faces criticism due to supposedly weak points in the banknotes’ characteristics. And now the Bank of Canada Governor who is going to take over the same position in the UK has big plans for his new job. more ]

Banknote parody stirs Canada

The Bank of Canada has demanded a cartoon to be deleted because it depictures a satirical version of a banknote referring to a scandal around a senator. Many Canadians are irritated by the reasons that moved the bank since satirical images do not infringe the copyright act. more ]

Peru centre of counterfeit banknotes

Recently Peru has become a centre of counterfeiting banknotes particularly US bills. The Secret Service has reacted by intensifying the collaboration with Peruvian law enforcement. more ]

Jane Austen on future £10 note?

After the decision that Sir Winston Churchill will appear on a new Bank of England £5 banknote many criticised that thus the only woman on an English banknote will disappear. Now it seems that maybe another woman could be on a new £10 banknote: writer Jane Austen. more ]

Jane Austen inflames passion

The Bank of England decided that Jane Austen will feature on a new banknote after the only woman would be substituted by Sir Winston Churchill. Women who had suggested and supported this decision received threats on Twitter. Now Police is investigating. more ]

Will new US hundred dollar bills come in time?

The USA are awaiting a new hundred dollar banknote announced back in 2010. Various delays have happened in the meantime, the latest just recently even threatens another postponement. FED is expecting the new bills for October 8, 2013. more ]

Bank of England considers introduction of polymer banknotes

For three years the Bank of England has conducted a research project considering the introduction of polymer banknotes in the UK. Now a public consultation has been undertaken and by December the Bank is expected to pronounce its final decision. more ]

Former Austrian central bank executives tried for bribery

Nine former authorised agents of the OeBN, the OeBS and the Austrian Mint are on trial, amongst others for bribery. The trial opened on February 14 in Vienna. more ]

$1 coin versus $1 note – another study

Could the USA save money by replacing the $1 note with a $1 coin? According to the authors of a new Fed staff paper no, because the costs could even explode. more ]

Bank of England issues Cleland signature notes

With effect from 3 March 2015, the Bank of England is issuing into circulation £10, £20 and £50 notes bearing the signature of the current Chief Cashier, Victoria Cleland. more ]

Circulating coins: cost efficiency and collaboration with the general public

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on projects of central banks aiming at involving the general public in their activities to work in a more cost-efficient way. more ]

New app identifies counterfeit euro notes

A recently released smartphone app, developed by the Dutch Central Bank, now allows quick and easy checking if a euro note is genuine or counterfeit. more ]

Theft at Dutch euro notes printer

A “substantial amount” of 50 euro banknotes had been siphoned off by employees of the distinguished Dutch printing company Royal Joh. Enschedé. After two years, their actions have now been uncovered. more ]

Indian printing company suspends officials over defective currency notes

Missing security features are the reason why two high-ranking employees of a banknote printing company located in the Indian city Hoshangabad are jobless now. Already circulating, tens of thousands of 500 and 1000 rupee notes have to be withdrawn now. more ]

Argentina implements new banknotes with higher denominations

Due to its high inflation, Argentina plans introducing new 200, 500, and 1,000 peso banknotes until 2017. Today, the highest denomination is the 100 peso bill equivalent to 7,4 US dollars. more ]

Sweden will see 4.3 billion invalid in 4 months’ time

During summer 2016 Sweden is shifting from its old coins and banknotes to new issues. Therefore around SEK 4.3 billion will become invalid. The national bank reminds people to change their money in time in order to secure a smooth transition. more ]

The Privatisation Disaster of the German Bundesdruckerei

The privatisation of state-owned companies may unburden a state. Mind you, may, but does not have to. Because when a privatisation is implemented as ill-considered as in the case of the German Federal Printing Office, significant damage to the taxpayers can be done. more ]

At the cost of the weakest

To combat corruption and tax evasion, India withdrew its two highest rupee denominations. The repercussions of this measure are especially dreadful for the poor rural population and the women. more ]

Louisenthal Showcases Security Technology in a Hologram Exhibition in Prien

The latest achievements in security features are being shown at an exhibition in Bavarian Prien. Here, the German currency printing experts Louisenthal will present their inventions in the fields of anti-counterfeit hologram and foil technologies. more ]

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