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The first Islamic gold coin in history

A devout Moslem, a confident Christ and the first written testimony for the Islamic creed – these are the ingredients of a really exciting story... more ]

Medieval Sicily Part 3: Arab Influence

The Arabs didn’t just rule Sicily. They had such an impact on its art and culture that this influence continued to have an effect long after the expulsion of the Muslim masters. This episode tells of what Europe owes to them. more ]

Program of the 3rd Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coinage

At Sapienza University, Rome the third Simone Assemani Symposium on Islamic Coinage will be held from September 23 to 24. The topic is Umayyad Coinage in Context: from the late Byzantine and Sassanian time to the early 'Abbasid period (7th-8th century)... more ]

Diary of a numismatist travelling Turkey (2009) – Part 7

You don’t have to introduce Istanbul. Everyone knows the beautiful city at Bosporus River. This was our last stop on our journey across Turkey. After having been to areas with barely any touristic infrastructure it was almost a civilization shock to finally get anything again a tourist would wish. more ]

Webinar on Islamic Numismatics at Hamburg University

The First Webinar for Islamic Numismatics was initiated at Hamburg. Twelve students in six countries meet every Friday at 2 pm CET in a classroom in cyber space. more ]

Numismatic Northern Spain – Part 1

Romans and Celts aren’t exactly what come to mind when you think of Northern Spain. I had basically expected this trip to be just a one-time foray into medieval times, with perhaps a few ancient bits thrown in for good measure. But I was completely off the mark – Northern Spain has so much more to offer. more ]

Numismatic Northern Spain – Part 2

The second leg of our tour through Northern Spain took us to the region that gave us the Reconquista, through the difficult terrain of the plateau and high mountain regions. Forget everything you thought you knew about Spain, and join us as we make our way to Cangas de Onís. more ]

Sorrowful prince Cem issued coins

Lately we told you about prince Cem and his sorrowful life. Actually, for a short time he issued coins too. However, only few of them are preserved. What a luck that an expert on Islamic numismatics like Lutz Ilisch has turned out to be such a diligent reader of CoinsWeekly. more ]

Numismatic Northern Spain (2012)

In April 2012 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Northern Spain. During the summer she published her numismatic diary of this travel. Here you can read all single parts. more ]

Diary of a numismatist travelling Turkey (2009)

In the summer 2009 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Turkey – of course searching for numismatic traces as she always does. She condensed her impressions in a diary whose single parts we have gathered here. more ]

The Seljuqs in Baghdad

From Hindu Kush to Eastern Anatolia, from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf – the Seljuq Empire in the High Middle Ages surpassed everything in Europe back then. In 1055, Tughrul Beg, grandson of the eponymous hero, conquered Baghdad. This is the starting point of the exciting book written by Yahya Jafar, which Ursula Kampmann introduces you to here. more ]

Treasure from Caesarea on display at Israel Museum

In February 2015, divers off the coast of Caesarea spotted a group of gold coins lying on the seabed. They had found a treasure of 2,600 Fatimid gold coins. This finding is now on display in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. more ]

Price guide for Islamic coins

Tim Wilkes makes the life of collectors of Islamic coins easier. With his neatly arranged price guide, he makes a complex collecting area accessible also for beginners. Ursula Kampmann has taken a closer look at the book. more ]

ANS launches online catalogue with Egyptian National Library

The American Numismatic Society announced the digital publication of the non-hoard numismatic collection of the Egyptian National Library, in collaboration with the universities of Washington and Cairo. more ]

Oxford exhibition illuminates Islamic Art and the Supernatural

Showcasing more than 100 spectacular objects from Morocco to China, “Power and Protection” is the first major exhibition to explore the supernatural in the art of the Islamic world. It can be seen at Oxford‘s Ashmolean Museum until January 15, 2017. more ]

Gems, rings and seal boxes from Caesarea Maritima

In 2016, a content-rich book on a private collection of gems, finger rings and seal boxes was written in Tel Aviv. The objects of the collection all have one common trait: they were all found in Caesarea Maritima. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look. more ]

Medieval Sicily

Since ancient times, Sicily has been a cultural melting pot, a junction of Africa and Europe, of West and East. The Byzantines even temporarily moved their capital there. All parts of the series you may find here. more ]

Numismatics: The royal discipline

Currently, the King Vittorio Emanuele III coin collection is being republished in Italy. We owe the volume about the Islamic coins to Arianna D’Ottone Rambach. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it. more ]

The first book about the monetary history of Estonia has been published

From sestertius to cent – 2000 years of money in Estonia – this is the title of a new numismatic book, that for the first time tells the reader the entire history of money and coins in Estonia. more ]

Coin collection found at Scotney Castle in Kent

A coin collection found in a castle in Kent has aroused the interest of several British numismatic experts. The 186 discovered pieces show which interesting collections can be found in some national monuments. more ]

The Most Expensive Islamic Coin

It is not only one of the rarest Islamic coins in the world, it is also said to be the most expensive one ever to be sold in an auction. As it sold for a hammer price of 3.7 million GBP, it certainly must be added to the CoinsWeekly Coin Records. more ]

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