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Legal tender and Circulating legal tender

A Scarborough man tried to change a Canadian 20 dollar piece struck 2012 on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond jubilee into cash at three banks. All of them rejected the coin. His experiences were published in a Canadian journal. Find here some reactions of readers. more ]

On Pseudo coins, Collectors and the Need of Information

At the last MDC in Vienna Rene van Dijk gave a lecture on pseudo coins. He stressed the fact that pseudo coins have a rather controversial reputation among collectors. He called for better information for collectors about the legal tender status of coins. Not all auditors shared his opinion. Find here some points of view. more ]

On Pseudo coins – Collectors and the Need of Information – Letter to the editor

In our last issue we published some opinions on so called “pseudo coins”. Al Beck, a dealer from the United States who specializes in coins featuring animals sent us the following letter. more ]

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