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USA combat profit for privates issuing commemorative coins

In the USA often private organisations or foundations profit from commemorative coin issues. A new bill aims at re-directing the profits to deficit reduction. more ]

Sellers of 9/11 bogus coins to pay $750,000

In 2011 a company sold on its own initiative 9/11 coins calling them ‘exclusively authorized’ – without having been authorised at all. The Federal Trade Commission has now reached a $750,000 settlement with the company. more ]

Senator insists on terminating $1 Presidential coins

A senator introduced a bill to stop the $1 Presidential Coin Programme. There is, however, no apparent reason. In 2011 the same senator fought against the waste of resources when an overproduction of Presidential coins for circulation created costs. Now, these coins are only collector items. more ]

Collecting coins in China based on harmony

Peter Anthony, expert on Chinese modern coins, explains why the concept of harmony applies not only to the Chinese society in general but to Chinese numismatics in particular as well. more ]

Britain’s New Baby Coin could be a Marketing Triumph

Richard Giedroyc analyses how The Royal Mint uses modern marketing strategies for its latest issue: a coin marking the (still expected) birth of the royal baby. more ]

First Spouse coins delayed

As in 2012 this year the First Spouse Coins issued by the US Mint are delayed due to “finning” as the US Mint’s Tom Jurkowsky explained. more ]

Could US bill prohibit bullion coins?

A new bill is intended to prevent the loss business of producing circulation coins whose production cost exceed their face value by far. However, incidentally, this bill could prevent the profit-making issue of bullion coins as well. more ]

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