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Counterfeit euros in steady decrease

The EU Commission reports that in 2011 the number of counterfeit coins has decreased by 15% down to 157,000 coins. The 2-euro denomination remains by far the most counterfeited euro coin. But there is only 1 counterfeit for every 100,000 genuine coins. more ]

The coin’s DNA

The Royal Canadian Mint employs a technology in producing circulation coins which might change security policy against forgery and, particularly against thefts regarding coins of all epochs. Hence, the creation of a central archive of all stolen coins easily accessible from all over the world would be in reach...
more ]

Coin counterfeiting factory in London detected

Recently the increasing number of counterfeit £1 coins in the UK received media interest. Now police crushed a whole workshop in a London office block – and even £2 coins were produced there. Until then these coins had been considered to be more difficult to fake. more ]

Sweden’s odd coins

Lately some excellent counterfeit 1-krona coins were found in Sweden. They clearly insult the king alluding to his alleged escapades. It will stay unknown who made them because police is not investigating. more ]

English counterfeiter gang jailed

In May 2012 police found in Essex (UK) 1.6 million discs destined to become fake one-pound coins and coins already produced equivalent to £50,000. Three men were arrested and now jailed for two, five and seven years of prison. more ]

European Central Mint exposed as pivot of counterfeiting ring

As media have revealed the Amsterdam-based private company European Central Mint actually was the production centre of a mighty international counterfeiting ring. They minted millions of fake £1 coins. Last November police raided the premises and arrested the company’s owner. more ]

Circulating coins: trends and new coin series

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics around circulating coins were discussed. This time, we report on trends and present insights from new coin series from Sweden and Mexico. more ]

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