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Zambia to re-introduce coins into circulation

Zambia has the highest denominations in the region. Due to the high inflation coins do not circulate any longer. But now the government is planning to “rebase” the currency by lopping off three zeros and to re-introduce coins. more ]

Third series of Malaysian coins introduced

Malaysia has issued a new coin series themed “Distinctively Malaysia”. The coins are considered to be more durable and resistant to counterfeiting. In addition they reduce the production costs by 49 per cent. more ]

Solomon Islands’ New Coins Revealed

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) had announced that the Solomon Islands will replace their circulation coins. Now the new coins have been revealed. more ]

New Malaysian coins cause confusion

Starting this year the Malaysian Central Bank has issued a new coin series called ‘Distinctively Malaysia’. These coins, however, cause confusion among the public and bank staff: the yellow colour is fading away and they cannot be easily distinguished by shape or size – thinks at least the MP for Kota Kinabalu. more ]

Colombia’s New Coin Series

CurrencyNews has informed us that the Banco de la República de Colombia has issued a new and extended family of coins. The 1,000 Peso has returned after ten years replacing the 1,000 Peso banknote. The new coins are lighter, smaller and have a range of new security features. more ]

Nigeria’s naira reform halted

Nigeria was to introduce new coins and a banknote of higher denomination. But after protests Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan ordered the naira reform to be stopped until the Central Bank of Nigeria has communicated better its policy. more ]

New coin set for Sweden

In September the National Bank of Sweden announced that newly designed coins will be introduced in 2016 comprising again a 2-krona coin. Swedish sculptor Ernst Nordin won the design competition with his design ‘sun, wind, and water.’ more ]

Designs selected for coins should not be taken lightly

Mints put a lot of time and effort into what designs appear on coins. Design selection, however, should never be taken for granted by either a mint or the government telling the mint what to depict on coinage as is proved by the current situation in Fiji. more ]

Fiji’s new design banknotes and coins officially unveiled

Fiji’s new flora and fauna design banknotes and coins were officially unveiled by the President of Fiji on December 12, 2012. The President also unveiled a new $2 coin to replace the $2 note and Fiji’s first polymer or plastic banknote. more ]

US Mint Coin Study Illustrates Need for Planning

The United States has considered eliminating its 1-cent coin for years. There are politics involved, but putting politics aside a recent study illustrates just how important diligence is when any change to coinage is being considered. Richard Giedroyc explains the background. more ]

India to replace 10-rupee note with coin

India plans to shift to a 10-rupee coin phasing out the banknote due to economical reasons. However the banks are not willing to support this plan since they think people prefer carrying banknotes and would refuse the new coin. more ]

Shortages, Lack of Education slow Zambia Coin Introduction

It should not be taken for granted that citizens understand a new monetary system after a currency devaluation. Richard Giedroyc reports experiences from Zambia. more ]

Discoloration a Problem for New Fiji Coins?

Fiji replaced its $2 bank note with a circulating coin of the same denomination. It now appears this coin may be causing some concern. more ]

India to increase mint capacities

The Reserve Bank of India is pushing since a long time to phase out banknotes in favour of coins due to economic reasons. However, it has become clear that the mint capacities cannot keep up with the requirements to introduce coins in place of the Rp 10 notes. more ]

Andorra has chosen designs for new euro circulation coins

The Principality of Andorra plans to issue circulation euro coins from January 1, 2014. After a competition the chosen designs are to be approved by the European Commision. The coins will be minted at the Spanish and French Mints. more ]

Heads or Tails in Kenya

Kenya’s coinage is depicting former presidents of this country despite currency Article 231 (4), which forbids to show any individual’s portrait. Richard Giedroyc reports that Kenya is planning to design new coins and banknotes. more ]

Bulgaria to replace banknote with coin?

Bulgaria is discussing the replacement of the 2 Leva banknote by a coin. more ]

Major Savings as El Salvador Replaces $1 Note with Coin

Despite some initial difficulties, El Salvador replaced the $1 note with the $1 coin in 2011, which reduced costs by more than half. This article discovers why the changeover succeeded and why the same procedure is not applicable to the US or other countries’ monetary systems. more ]

Japan to produce new 1 yen coins for first time in four years

According to a statement of Japan’s Ministry of Finance new 1 yen coins will be produced through March 2014 for the first time in four years. The reason is a consumption tax hike scheduled for April. more ]

Will India introduce plastic coins as cost saving measure?

An Indian engineer proposes to save billions of Rupees by substituting coins made by metal with coins made of plastic. He believes the coins would have other advantages too and the Ministry of Finance is currently considering his plans. more ]

Prototype of new GBP 1 circulation coin for Britain

Starting in 2017, new GBP 1 circulation coins with improved security features using iSIS technology will be introduced in Great Britain in order to reduce counterfeiting. The precise specifications of the new coin will be decided this summer. more ]

Botswana launches new circulation coins produced by Royal Canadian Mint

The Bank of Botswana converts its entire coinage system to the Canadian Mint’s multi-ply plated steel technology The coins were officially declared legal tender by the President at a special ceremony to celebrate the nation’s new coin series on February 27, 2014. more ]

Circulating coins: security features and social responsibility

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on considerations on new security features and the social responsibility of companies. more ]

Circulating coins: cash logistics

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on strategies for an ideal cash logistics as described by different central banks. more ]

News on circulating coins: The Coin Conference in Madrid

From October 21 to 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. It was attended by 200 delegates, representing more than 30 nations, who wanted to acquaint themselves with the latest trends in circulating coins. In seven sessions, 28 speakers talked about their experiences. more ]

Circulating coins: trends and new coin series

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics around circulating coins were discussed. This time, we report on trends and present insights from new coin series from Sweden and Mexico. more ]

US Mint Conducts 2D Barcode Trials

The United States Mint is scheduled to conclude its data collection software and two-dimensional barcode trial. If the test results are positive, the Mint could benefit from an enhanced workflow in their die shops. more ]

Mint of Finland has won a tendering process in Bolivia

Mint of Finland will start manufacturing circulation coins for the Central Bank of Bolivia from 2017 on. A two year agreement states the amount and denomination of circulation coins to be produced. more ]

How Great Britain has been prepared for the new 1 Pound-Coin

Great Britain has introduced the new £1 coin in March 2017. This brings a lot of changes. The Mint News Quarterly has published an interview about the enormous task of preparing all businesses to get ready for the conversion, which we republish here. more ]

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