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Banknotes dirtier than a toilet seat - or why you should better trust in impartial information

Banknotes ‘dirtier than a toilet seat’ - a London scientist surprised the media with that shocking news. He had previously analysed 200 banknotes and 45 credit cards. The study was commissioned and financed by a film team promoting their film ‘Contagion’. more ]

Do nickel releasing coins threaten public health?

Recently Scandinavian and British specialists have suggested in a paper that contrary to the public opinion coins containing and releasing large quantities of nickel may actually cause nickel allergies and hand eczemas. more ]

Research on how we spend money

Researchers found out that we spend banknotes easier if they are used than new ones. The money is not only a way of performing monetary transactions but also a ‘vehicle of social utility.’ more ]

40 percent of circulating coins release nickel

New studies revealed that nearly 40 percent of the circulating coins in the world release nickel. But there are only three countries so far with nickel-free currencies. The UK has only recently issued new nickel-plated coins which have been shown to release even more nickel than the older ones. more ]

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