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Hungarian Mint Ltd. has won five times People’s Choice Award – We did ask why

In 2008 Krause Publications invented the People's Choice Award, which is handed to the favorite coin of Internet voters during the Coin of the Year Award ceremony. Since then the Hungarian mint has won each of these awards. more ]

Wikipedia – how it works and how mints can become involved

Marcus Cyron, who is very much involved in German Wikipedia has compiled some advice on how mints can become involved in Wikipedia. more ]

Mint news we are dreaming of …

Press releases are proceeded in different ways according to how they are published. Thus maybe one press release can never satisfy all journalists. Read here what I think that I need, and how I dream the material I receive every day should be in order to represent the mints and companies in a way as they may wish, too. more ]

Survey on IT based exchange and collaboration

The independent firm PixelPromenade is conducting an online survey in order to evaluate the needs of the minting industry for daily IT based bussiness networking. We invite you to participate. We are sure that we all will improve our services thanks to the results. more ]

Marketing of Coins meant for Circulation

Richard Giedroyc describes the reasons he thinks to be responsible for the lack of awareness of certain coin nominations like the dollar and the half dollar coin in the US. A lack of marketing is leading to missing knowledge about new denominations. more ]

The Canadian Penny – a nation’s property or the Queen’s?

How is your mint handling the copyright on circulation coinage? The Royal Canadian Mint was faced with public displeasure, when they charged a singer using a coin image on his CD cover with a fee. This was completely according to the mint’s copyright regulations. Nevertheless in the end another solution had to be found. more ]

Rethinking Mint Gold Products

Richard Giedroyc takes up the cudgels for a new mint policy on precious gold objects. Why should a mint leave the market for precious gold jewelry and watches to private companies? Couldn’t this be a new market segment for well known mints being famous for their solidity? more ]

Britain’s New Baby Coin could be a Marketing Triumph

Richard Giedroyc analyses how The Royal Mint uses modern marketing strategies for its latest issue: a coin marking the (still expected) birth of the royal baby. more ]

ON THE RECORD: The Royal Mint - Overcoming Market Challenges

The Royal Mint is one of the most renowned mints with a long history. Currency News spoke with its CEO Adam Lawrence what challenges the mint has to face and how it deals with them. We republish this interview here. more ]

The George Effect

... that’s the name Richard Giedroyc is giving to a new way of designing commemorative coins according to public interest and marketing them via new media. Here you will find more about it. more ]

Corporate Museums. How to use history as a Tool for Branding

Corporate Museums are trendy, just think of the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt, the Museum mobile of Audi or the Vitra Design Museum – to name just a few. Those museums do not have any educational mandate. It is their only purpose to tie a potential buyer to a brand. But is there anything Central Banks and Mints may learn from this new phenomenon. more ]

AGM Elections bring strategic changes to the European Vending Association

The EVA 2013 AGM and Workshop titled, “Shaping the EVA’s goals for the next 3 years” was held on November 28 in Brussels. The company now has a new President, Director General and Executive Committee (EC). more ]

Shining the Future – Papers of MDC Mexico: Marketing

From May 11 to 14, 2014, the Mints were meeting in Mexico. Here you find a short abstract of the papers given. Part II deals with the papers prepared by the Marketing Committee. more ]

Circulating coins: cost efficiency and collaboration with the general public

Between October 21 and 23, 2015, the Coin Conference took place in Madrid. In seven sessions, topics revolved around circulating coins. This time, we report on projects of central banks aiming at involving the general public in their activities to work in a more cost-efficient way. more ]

A Quasi Unregulated Market?

In this article, Daniel Sheffer wonders whether there is need for legal regulations in order to guarantee a fair competition between state-owned monopoly holders and private enterprises. more ]

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