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The Spirit of Money

Everybody likes a good laugh, especially at the weaknesses of others. Perhaps this is the reason why we all enjoy caricatures so much: because they make us laugh before we are taken aback and begin to reflect on them.
The Aareal Bank obviously agreed with this view since the management had decided 20 years ago to assemble a collection of caricatures focusing on the very intriguing relationship of people with money. For this purpose, roughly 300 original works by Sempé, Hogarth, Daumier, Hurzlmeier, Haitzinger and a great many others were brought together. Now the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum houses that material: the Aaereal Bank entrusted its collection to the “Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und kritische Graphik“ as permanent loan. A first exhibition was presented as early as 2009 – let us hope that many more will follow. more ]

The Nine Types of Coin Collectors

You will find them everywhere in their natural surroundings: at coin shows, auction sales, in coin shops, at the flea market... But, there is only very few information about the genus of coin collector. It seems to form a part of the biological family of collectors, which for its part belongs – without any doubt – to the human beings. This is the first attempt to describe the nine hitherto known species of coin collectors... more ]

Coins in the fountain well: Trevi Fountain in Rome

Do you know actually, who invented the fashion to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome in order to return to the Eternal City? If you do not, you will find the answer within this article... more ]

Bags - an interesting topic for numismatics, too

Did you ever wonder which item is the most important one in a lady’s handbag? No, not the iPhone – it’s the money bag containing money, ID card, credit cards… Actually, the handbag originated from the want to show as imposingly as possible how much money one had at one’s disposal. That can be seen in an exhibition in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. more ]

Geocaching – A Numismatic Scavenger Hunt?

Did you know there are treasures hidden in your immediate vicinity? Geocaching is the scavenger hunt of the 21st century and geocoins have become the most popular items adventurers can discover on their quests. The tokens will bear witness to a mass movement for centuries to come. more ]

Destinies of Coins – Destinies of Collectors

25 years after they went missing, two coins finally returned to their owner’s collection...

more ]

«Gold – between dream and reality»

From July 2nd, 2010, the MoneyMuseum on Hadlaubstrasse in Zurich will devote itself to the intriguing matter of gold... more ]

Christmas and coins

The Holiday Season is upon us, a time when we gather in family tradition to share a scrumptious dinner, tell stories... So why not also take advantage of the occasion to share your passion and show off your collection? more ]

A very special service for hotel guests: Money laundering

There is a hotel in San Francisco, where even today all taken coins are washed, before they come into the hands of guests as change... more ]

Numismatics and the Basel Carnival

There are different forms of Carnival. In Basel a very special event has emerged. Every year, the lowlifes tell the politicians where to get off. And money is a big issue at their parade! Here are some photos, how the Basel cliques are using money to express their point of view... more ]

Termite alarm in the bank vault

Termites have eaten through 10 million rupees worth of bank notes at the Indian town of Barabanki... more ]

The Karachi coin business

In Karachi the bus conductors have to give back exact change. But by law they are not allowed to provide themselves whith enough coins to do so. How clever people gain from this dilemma creating a new business sector you can read here... more ]

UFWC coin becomes first currency in space

Paolo Nespoli, an Italian astronaut has taken a coin of the United Future World Currency’s (UFWC) initiative to the International Space Station (ISS). UFWC and ISS are both searching “to link all countries and people of the world with the motto “Unity in diversity”.”... more ]

Curious Coins and Tokens From Parking Meter

Red plastic discs, World War II-era 10 pfennig pieces, tokens of a transportation agency vanished long time ago: thousands of these objects have been found in a City Hall attic in Rhode Island by an archiver. And to some of them he is even able to give explanations... more ]

A Bulgarian Finds Ancient Treasure

An unemployed Bulgarian finds an ancient treasure, “a dream came true”. But the end of the story was quite a different one: The man had to turn over the treasure, no mention of any reward, and the museum is not able to expose the finding for the time being: there is no safe cabinet! more ]

Swaziland’s New E200-Note stolen by Forgers?

A specimen of the new E200 notes has been stolen from the Central Bank of Swaziland. An accountant of the bank who allegedly sold it abroad has been suspended. Was this operation instigated by forgers? more ]

Global “Smart Coin” to be Presented

On September 19, 2011 during the South-South Awards Ceremony in New York the United Future World Currency project presented a new “smart” coin using radio-frequency identification technology... more ]

Gold-to-go the Swabian way

Gold-to-go – a new approach to investment in gold from Swabia. At least there they made it up: you can buy gold bars and coins as easily as chocolate bars, for investment or as an exclusive gift. The idea is so promising that it has been copied, yet … more ]

Counterfeited Money – Weapon of the 21st Century

India accuses Pakistan of counterfeiting its currency to destabilize the economy. This is no new kind of combatting enemies, but it seems to be still practiced... more ]

Kolbe & Fanning Launches New Website

Kolbe & Fanning Numismatic Booksellers have unveiled their new and improved website. It provides various new and enhanced features: you may conduct sophisticated researches, place orders online and much more... more ]

India prevents coins from being melted to razor blades

Because small Indian rupees were made of stainless steel people melted them down producing razor blades out of them which were worth much more than the original coin’s denomination. Now India has introduced new coins made of alloys... more ]

Selected Whitman Books Now Available Digitally

Whitman Publishing announces the release in digital format of more than a dozen of its most popular numismatic books, including the 2012 Red Book and Blue Book. The titles are now available on multiple devices such as the iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Nook... more ]

Cash Logistics – Visiting Geldservice Austria GmbH

Have you ever thought about how it comes that your ATM has always the right banknotes ready to provide you exactly with those you want? In Austria exists a big logistic company, Geldservice Austria (GSA), responsible for distributing cash. We went to see how it works. more ]

Interest: balancing money

There’s quite a lot you can do with coins: Spend them, collect them, describe them. But you may treat them also as a skill exercise stacking them in the thousands. A young American did this and published a video clip online documenting his piling performance. more ]

A coin to stop modern-day slavery

The United Future World Currency are to present a prototype of a new coin that carries the message of ending modern-day slavery and human trafficking. The coin will be struck at the Royal Mint UK in eco silver, a responsibly sourced product. more ]

Dillon Gage expects new gold highs

Terry Hanlon of Dillon Gage Metals analyses the situation of the gold market. Prices raced high recently but he even expects values higher than during the 2011 peaks in the later part of 2012. Yet $2,000 or 2,100 might be possible according to the expert. more ]

A street full of coins

In a serious accident in Ontario a Brinks truck was slashed by a rock formation. Thus Highway 11 was covered with fresh minted Canadian coins worth between $3 million and §5 million! The two drivers were seriously injured. more ]

Krause Publications releases Interactive Educational Map

Krause Publications has released an educational iPad app that uses state quarters to teach children about the 50 U.S. states. This is the first true app released by Krause Publications. more ]

Help for Emilia-Romagna!

On May 20, 2012 the Italian region Emilia-Romagna was surprisingly hit by an earthquake whose epicentre was located nearby Modena registering 5.9 on the Richter scale. Help those who lost everything! more ]

Atelier Brückner designs Blue Night at Frankfurt stock exchange

On the occasion of the Luminale 2012 Atelier Brückner and a light artist transformed the Large Trading Hall at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange into an artistic installation. Join us in enjoying the wonderful photos of this event. more ]

Official EXPO 2015 coins-medals programme launched

The official EXPO 2015 coin-medals programme was launched on May 3, 2012 at Milan’s Museum of Science & Technology. The coins will have legal tender status during the duration of the EXPO event. more ]

Monnaie Magazine available for web and tablets

The French magazine “Monnaie Magazine” is now available as digital version too. There are android and iOS versions for PC and Apple devices. more ]

Olympic Medals contain less gold than once

Olympic medals use a lot of metal but these days the gold medal is mostly silver. The last time the Olympic Games handed out solid gold medals was a hundred years ago at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Here you will find some interesting trivia about Olympic gold! more ]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-open New York retail space

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-opens the legendary retail outlet in New York City on August 23, 2012. On that occasion a new GOLD to go™ ATM machine will be presented and two silver Bison coins officially launched. more ]

Gold Prices Tend to Rise after a U.S. Presidential Election

Gold prices generally languish in a year leading up to a U.S. presidential election. Terry Hanlon, president of Dillon Gage Metals in Dallas explains this phenomenon and what we can expect from near future for the prices of precious metals. more ]

Holy Grail from Lake Chiemsee

A cup made of pure gold and inspired by Celtic art has troubled the press for quite some time. A Swiss entrepreneur tried to gain one billion Euro from the ‘Holy Grail’ – and failed miserably. Now he has been condemned by a court. more ]

Secret of Sweden’s odd coins disclosed

The secret of Sweden’s ‘odd coins’ has been disclosed: an amateur artist reckoned it to be an art project to fake 1-crown coins inserting an insulting inscription regarding King Gustav and let friends and relatives ‘find’ the coins. more ]

Press releases, press releases, press releases …

A day in a journalist's life. A morning full of images, pdf files and issues to deal with. We make CoinsWeekly. And we would be much more efficient, if there were not some very special press releases... And of course it is not you, who is meant! more ]

Police officer stole Presidential coins from Philadelphia Mint

A North Wildwood, N.J., man who worked as a police officer at the U.S. Mint was sentenced on September 13, 2012 to 36 months in prison for stealing $2.4 million worth of error coins from the U.S. Mint and selling them to a coin distributor in California. more ]

US Return To The Gold Standard Won’t Go Far

The idea of linking the dollar’s value to the price of gold has cropped up in the 2012 election cycle but will be short lived, predicts Terry Hanlon, president of dealers Dillon Gage Metals in Dallas. more ]

New Fraud Trick through PayPal – Caution on Internet Sales

As soon as payment is received on the PayPal account, you can send out accordingly. It is so secure! This was what two eBay traders of gold coins believed. However, if there is no proof of receipt from the buyer, he is able to demand his PayPal payment back. more ]

Floor made with pennies

One of our readers called our attention to an article that described how a retired industrial engineer paved her bathroom floor in Texas (USA): she employed 10,000 US pennies creating thus an absolutely individual floor design. more ]

The Crystal Skull of Doom

A magic crystal skull, the last Indiana Jones film, and Belize’s Indy-like chief archaeologist form a rather absurd US-American lawsuit concerning cultural property issues. more ]

Building inspired by Chinese Cash Money

‘Time Style’ presents in a slideshow fifteen buildings which, as a matter of fact, do not look like buildings. Some of them seem to originate from another planet, others are made up like statues or flames, and one was inspired by traditional Chinese cash money. more ]

A Coin-Collecting American Boy in 1960s Rome

Robert W. Wallace, one of our steady readers and Professor of Classics at Northwestern University (USA) shares with us his memories of how he collected coins during his Rome stay in the 1960s. And about how differently coin collecting was considered at that epoch. more ]

Beware of the ghost – some banks have paranormal visitors

Scared of banks? There are some banks you should be even more scared. And the reason should not be the amount of your mortgage rates. Go Banking Rates compiled a list of haunted banks all over the world. Read about massacres, executions, robberies – and always about ghosts. more ]

Gold Prices Expected to Rise in 2013, Dillon Gage’s Roy Friedman Predicts

Gold prices have advanced every year in the last decade and are poised for their eleventh straight year of gains in 2012, according to Roy Friedman. Next year, gold prices could reach $2,000 an ounce for the first time ever, he predicted. more ]

Increasing Euro coin counterfeiting in 2012

The number of counterfeit euro coins removed from circulation increased by 17% from 157,000 in 2011 to 184,000 in 2012. The 2-euro denomination remains by far the most affected by this criminal activity. more ]

Surge in China’s Imports Bodes Well for Gold Market, Dillon Gage Says

Imports by mainland China from Hong Kong nearly doubled last year to a record level as incomes rose. As the nation’s appetite for gold grows, keep an eye on China, recommends Dillon Gage Metals. more ]

Ongoing shaft closures will continue to bolster precious metal prices

Platinum’s price surge in the end of January was predictable, given the high levels of probability that labour unrest and the resultant production cuts would crimp supply, says Alan Demby, executive chairman of the South African Gold Coin Exchange. more ]

Dillon Gage Is On the Go with Release of New Mobile App

Dillon Gage Metals has just made it easier to access precious metals information while on the go with the release of its free, new mobile application. The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. more ]

Canadian Coin News goes digital

Canadian numismatic magazine Canadian Coin News is now offering a digital version. Electronic subscribers outside of Canada and the United States can also save money, since the electronic version is offered at the same rate anywhere in the world. more ]

CoinsWeekly on CoinWeek

Do you want to know what CoinsWeekly is all about? Or, if you know it already, do you want to let somebody else learn it right now? Ursula Kampmann gave an interview to CoinWeek and explains the idea behind CoinsWeekly. more ]

When your printer packs up while counterfeiting bills …

Some people try to print their own money in a rather unprofessional way, let’s say with a common printer from the supermarket. But maybe you should not kick up a rumpus there, especially when evidence against you is still in the printer … more ]

Videos on Medieval and Roman numismatics

French numismatist Georges Depeyrot has uploaded onto his profile at two videos explaining the world of Roman coins and Medieval numismatics. more ]

June 19th – International Reformation Numismatics Day

The International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals has declared June 19th as International Reformation Numismatics Day. more ]

Do we know how much Gold there is around?

How big would be a cube formed by all the gold that exists in the world? Opinions differ because we simply don’t know how much gold there is. However, it is an interesting question. more ]

Treasure Hunting the American Way

Allegedly the former art dealer Forrest Fenn hid a chest full of gold coins and precious antiquities worth between 1 and 3 million US dollars somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe as an award. A dedicated community is eagerly treasure hunting. more ]

Teletrading coin dealer jailed for fraud

David Laurence Marion owned International Rarities Corp. a big Minneapolis-based company. The firm went broke and its owner is now going to prison for five years because defrauding clients over millions of dollars. more ]

Meteorite particles in Olympic gold medals

When a meteorite went down in Russia earlier in 2013, for the very first time a large number of persons were hurt during such an event. Now particles of the meteorite are included in seven gold medals at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. more ]

Priceless coin worth ca 4,000 euros unearthed

During an archaeological excavation in Bethsaida on the coast of the Sea of Galilee a coin issued in Akko featuring the portrait of Cleopatra was discovered. Nothing particular if not a clueless journalist had dealt with it. more ]

Burglars without numismatic knowledge quickly copped

Teenagers who stole a rare coin collection in Saint Paul (MN) got copped the next day when they tried to change the coins into banknotes and the coin-counting machine jammed. more ]

Re-writing Australia’s history thanks to crowdfunding?

An interdisciplinary team aims at proving that long before Cook Australia has had many contacts with the world outside. This is what African coins found on the continent hint at. The project is utilising crowdfunding for its financing. more ]

Farinet: Legendary forger in Valais

In the 1870s Italian forger Farinet became a sort of Robin Hood in the Swiss Canton of Valais. His products were as popular as he himself and after his death he became a true legend. Today a walking route remembers him in this region. more ]

Numismatic Names In Heritage’s First Domain Names Auction and five other numismatic-related domain names are being offered in Heritage Auctions’ inaugural Domain Name & Intellectual Property Signature® Auction. Bidding is now open until the live, online auction on November 21, 2013. more ]

Coin-shaped or jade disc-shaped – in any case it’s ugly

In China, another building seems inspired by an ancient cash coin, although architects claim a jade disc to be on the origin of its shape. People judge it to be ugly but the local government has paid an enormous sum just to find a simple name for the unbeloved object. more ]

The MoneyMuseum’s numismatic Podcasts

At the beginning of 2014 the MoneyMuseum will launch a series of numismatic podcasts dedicated to coins, banknotes and other numismatic items. Here, we will give you a foretaste of what is to come. Watch the first podcast and, please, give us your feedback! more ]

Caprices of fashion – an actress as advertising pillar for numismatics

On the occasion of the eight Rome Film Festival Scarlett Johansson wore a dress that should win her an Academy Award of numismatics. She presented Sicily’s coinage in a completely different light. more ]

Japanese shop accepts sticky note money

A grocery clerk apparently forgot that the banknote with the highest denomination has two zeros less when he accepted a one-million-yen note (nearly $10,000). He accepted this sticky money with a blank reverse. more ]

Numismatic Ignorance

Unfortunately we find testimonies of numismatic ignorance far too often in our daily routine. Numismatists are bothered by bad translations of the denominations in historical novels, by thalers made of brass at medieval festivals or – in this particular case – by a stupid name of a hotel. more ]

Producer of physical Bitcoins forced to give up

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Some people, though, mint coins which keep the digital information and permit to touch this kind of money and to store it physically. The US authorities, however, do not approve of this business. more ]

Record high on U.S. coin market in 2013

The U.S. rare coin market was estimated at $5 billion in 2013 and soared with nearly $393 million of coins sold at auction the past year, according to the nonprofit Professional Numismatist Guild. more ]

Platinum and Palladium Prices Can Rise Into Next Year

Prices of platinum and the platinum-group metal palladium slid this summer but they’re recovering, buoyed by factors on the supply and demand sides, says Dillon Gage Metals. Labor Disruptions in South Africa and China’s Demand for Cars Are Supportive. more ]

Olympic Medals Are Heavier but Contain Less Gold than a Century Ago

When gold medals are handed out at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in February, athletes will receive silver medals plated with gold as the price of gold rose. The medals also feature particles of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. more ]

A Journey through the world of money

The MoneyMuseum presents a series of podcasts which tell you everything you ever wanted to know about money, of course also from a numismatic point of view. The podcasts are available on iTunes and thanks to a cooperation with CoinsWeekly also on more ]

Do women and men collect in a similar way?

In summer 2013 Frank Leeuwerck who blogs about scripophily asked whether there is a difference between men and women – concerning collecting. He asked his readers and 36 collectors answered 21 questions. more ]

Zero Rupee Notes Against Corruption

Since 2007, rupee notes with the nominal value “0” have been in circulation in India. A private organisation started the campaign to draw attention to the problem of corruption. The public is invited to symbolically “pay” corrupt officials with the Zero Rupee Notes. more ]

Video series on the background of our monetary system

In a 17-part video series the expert of economy, Prof. Antal Fekete, explains his view on our current monetary system. He is proponent of the gold standard and stands in the tradition of the Austrian school of economics. more ]

More new currencies for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe hasn’t had an own currency for years now. Instead of the Zimbabwe dollar, foreign currencies are now being used for payments. In 2014, the government will further increase the number of officially accepted currencies to counteract the drastic lack of cash money. more ]

Cell phone photos security leak for coin collectors

Coin collectors who share photos of their coins with others online take an enormous risk since cell phones save the location data together with the picture. Criminals can make use of this to track down collections. However, there are ways to block crooks easily. more ]

Journal of Ancient Numismatics again online

The Journal of Ancient Numismatics is a free online journal dedicated to the study of Ancient and Medieval numismatics and history. Thanks to the sponsorship of Agora Auctions the journal is online again. more ]

Is ‘altyn’ to become the rival of the US dollar?

The US dollar may have to face soon a strong rival for the most important currency of the world. At least, this is what the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are aiming at. They are propagating a new monetary union whose currency could be called altyn. more ]

New Success of Money-tracking Dogs

Since years France has been training police dogs to sniff money. Thanks to Banque de France the training has been simplified enormously. Experts found out what exactly the dogs’ noses smell. And the success of this method is really impressive! more ]

Shrunken Heads

We all know that cemeteries are increasingly lacking customers. More and more survivors shun the high cost of a burial place. But the Munich City Cemeteries being that desperate to resort to shrunken heads by now… Here you can read a Bavarian farce about a shrunken head that reminds of a play in a community theater – especially in the light of its double standards. more ]

Karl May’s Heirs Standing on the Dock

Scalps illustrate quite drastically what victorious Indians did to their enemies. Is it impious to still display these trophies when descendants want to bury the remains of their ancestors? To that question the Karl May Museum recently had to find an answer. more ]

Treasure-diving between blowfish and stingray

A ton of material, among it porcelain, ancient objects and coins, is buried in Thailand’s rivers. Divers are willing to face all sorts of risks to recover such objects, but not all dangers are “from this world” … more ]

Coin dealer saves US economy

The US is facing economic ruin while activists try to save the country by help of a private gold currency. A new film blurs the boundary between fiction and reality thanks to sponsoring by the really existing “Gold Liberty”. more ]

The art collector as collectible

Usually it’s the coins that are in the spotlight, not so much their collectors. But in 1970, Norman Rockwell created the painting “The Collector”, which was recently sold at Christie’s. The painting is worth a closer look as it tells us much about the collector. more ]

Coin collecting on the Philippines to become illegal?

A new law is designed to fight the disappearance of legal tender coins on the Philippines. Hoarding of legal tender coins of any kind will be made illegal. Judicial consequences range from financial penalties to several years of imprisonment. more ]

Semi-legal counterfeit bills

As a film producer, what do you do if you need prop dollars? You will go to a prop house. But if the prop dollars look a bit too real, you might have the Secret Service knocking on your door sooner than you think. In the US, that’s exactly what happened. more ]

British Museum investigates Germany’s identity

The British Museum shows an exhibition on Germany’s past and identity. At the same time a radio series present objects and places developing the topic further. Germans too will learn quite a lot about themselves. more ]

Atari video game burial between e-waste and cultural heritage

Since 1983, when Atari buried a mass of unsold video games in New Mexico, this burial has been legend. Recently a Canadian entertainment company has excavated part of them raising reflections on the difference between historical objects and early e-waste. more ]

Are Descriptions in Auction Sale Catalogs Legally Binding?

€42,000 was the price a painting fetched in an auction, but now some experts are estimating it at sensational £10 million. It is said to be a genuine Caravaggio. Now, a court has to decide whether the auction house is liable for its wrong attribution. more ]

Coin quiz for world coin experts

You know everything about world coins? You breeze through distinguishing an Uzbek coin from a Tajik issue? And you are looking for a challenge? In that case you may be interested in a little online coin quiz. more ]

Moneta Publications: Second website

Moneta Publications has a second website. Customers have now the possibility to choose the transportation: normal, and the various UPS possibilities. more ]

Will IS terrorists challenge our economic system?

Another coup of the Islamistic movement IS did not involve rockets or guns but a PR campaign: Muslims shall return to the gold standard. Should they succeed, the implemented consequences would be enormous. more ]

Liberty Dollar was not terrorism

A US Federal court has passed a more benign judgment on Bernard von NotHaus, the creator of the Liberty Dollar stressing that he is no terrorist. But again the court made it clear that as for financial matters the US government is not to be trifled with. more ]

A Wild West scenario: heist at Wells Fargo

Once, stagecoach robberies were the biggest fear of Wells Fargo, today’s gangsters use a car to smash through a glass door of the Wells Fargo History Museum. The booty of that Wild West assault is as typical as it could be … more ]

How monkeys pay in cash

Human beings share many biases with other primates. This shows the ‘monkey marketplace,’ an experimental set-up where animals use tokens. But there are also significant differences as to how using cash. more ]

German Central Bank Retrieves Gold

Germany repatriates its gold. As a matter of fact, it is somewhat less spectacular than what some newspaper articles try to make you believe. It is a symbolic act to reassure all sceptics who doubt that Germany’s gold is still there. more ]

Italian scholars fight for free photographs in archives

How to work academically without making photocopies from books? In Italy a reasonable solution had come into range but then it was all backpedaling. A petition fights now for the interests of scholars. more ]

Numismatic sensitivities

In these days Belgium and France as well had to withdraw new commemorative coin designs in order to respect sensitivities of their neighbouring countries. Winners and losers do not judge the battles of the past in the same way – not even centuries later. more ]

Greetings from the independence fighters

In the USA what is thought to be the nation’s first time capsule was recovered. It dates back to 1795 and among the hidden objects are several coins. more ]

The Kingdom of Bermania

In a very remote corner of the Balkans a small kingdom is hidden where not only His Majesty Alanus Rex rules, but numismatics and humor as well. Becoming a citizen there is difficult. Only he who feels the true Bermanic spirit is granted citizenship. Ursula Kampmann has been made citizen and noble of Bermania on January 10, 2015. more ]

News from Stevenson’s Treasure Island?

The story of a huge treasure on Cocos Island, located not far from Costa Rica, was already known to Robert Louis Stevenson to whom it served as an inspiration to write his best-seller ‘Treasure Island’. Now, the legendary Treasure of Lima is said to have been discovered at last. more ]

Google’s Digital World of Museums

Do we actually have to visit museums when everything will be available on the internet very soon? As part of its project called Google Cultural Institute, Google now presents numerous digital exhibitions that have one or two advantages indeed. more ]

Around the World in 80 Coins

In its long history the British Royal Mint has minted coins for many nations. The project ‘Around the World in 80 Coins’ demonstrates this vividly. An interactive map invites to browse and learn. more ]

Dollars, dollars, dollars – but not for your purse!

Money and art, a well-known topic that has come up again at Sotheby’s new auction: with a total estimate of 64 to 89 million dollars the auction house offers 21 art objects by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and other artists. They share their subject: the US dollar. more ]

Cent collector cashes in half a million coins

For 45 years, a teacher in the U.S. State of Louisiana did not miss a single cent. A zealous collector, he assembled more than half a million coins – which his insurance company ultimately refused to cover... more ]

Brand new trend in archaeology: archaeogaming

Archaeologists are working hard in the boiling sun? Not necessarily: with archaeogaming, a new generation of researchers has created a new sub-category of archaeology of which we will surely hear and see much more in the future. more ]

Campaign against the art of Renoir

Enraged art lovers demand the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to remove the works of a terrorist against aesthetics and good taste: renowned Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. more ]

Ancient American rock art under fire

Please do not shoot – in the U.S. State of Utah, this admonition falls on deaf ears of more and more trigger-happy residents which practice their skills on a very special target: ancient rock art. more ]

Chinese art market boom grinds to a halt

For years, the art world keeps looking east. Chinese art obtains record prices and more than one auction house achieves its largest turnover in China. Analyzing the results from 2014, however, a report now concludes that the upward trend has come to an end. more ]

Teaching history through games

The Bodleian Libraries has recently acquired a major collection of board games and pastimes dating from 1800 to the year 2000 and is showcasing a selection of them in a new display exploring how games have been used to teach history. more ]

3D symbols against the terror

Starting in April 2016, replicas of blasted Syrian cultural heritage will be exhibited in London and New York in 3D and original size. The famous Palmyra arch is currently being recreated using the world’s biggest 3D printer. more ]

Free one-year membership of Scripophily

Besides coins and banknotes, stock and bond certificates are collectible objects related to economic history, this field is called scripophily. The journal of the International Bond and Share Society has currently a particular offer. more ]

Exchange machines in England receive favorable response

In London, four of the planned 400 kiosks that make an exchange of different currencies quite easy have been installed by now. The inventors are pleased to report that tens of thousands of successful transactions have been made already. more ]

CoinsWeekly’s subscription-canvassing-campaign

Are you among those who forward their CoinsWeekly newsletter to their colleagues and collector friends from time to time? If they subscribe now, you can soon expand your library by a small but important dictionary. more ]

CoinsWeekly offers a new service, its download area

CoinsWeekly does not only exist in a digital form. At random intervals, it publishes a printed MünzenWoche Spezial / CoinsWeekly Special Edition. As of now, you can download this and other print media edited by Ursula Kampmann in the new download area for free. more ]

Coin makeover: a venerable tradition...

Utilizing a sovereign coin to express one’s not so sovereign opinion is a venerable tradition. Reinterpreting coin motifs by engraving can be highly creative. This is how Shaun Hughes creates modern art. more ]

Whitman Publishing Wants Your Imperfect Coins

Whitman Publishing is looking for pictures of “problem” coins to illustrate in upcoming books. Hobbyists who share their images will be credited in the books’ acknowledgments. more ]

Owner of the Pocking gold trove found

In the summer of 2016, children discovered a gold treasure worth 250,000 euros while playing. Only days before the official period would have expired, the owner unexpectedly came forward. more ]

Nummus Canada released

The inaugural issue of Canada’s first bilingual digital numismatic magazine has been released. Nummus Canada addresses money collectors of all levels, putting a special focus on Canadian coins, tokens, paper money, and medals. more ]

Praise of coin enthusiasm or: strolling through the world of numismatics

Damiano Cappellari is an ardent coin enthusiast, a nummophile, as he says. His “praise of numismatics” doesn’t want to teach but to inspire. It accomplishes this through poetic walks through the world of coin collecting, as Björn Schöpe has learned. more ]

New UNESCO Heritage Sites

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has added 21 sites to the World Heritage List during the 41st meeting in Krakow. Five sites were extended and for the first time Angola and Eritrea are present in the prestigious list. more ]

Central Asian Coins: 1680-1923

The Bremer Numismatische Gesellschaft has published a new volume in its series, a catalog of pre-modern Central Asian coins. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

Sniffer dogs: the new secret weapon in the war against illegal antiquities trade?

The claim that the antiquities trade is a significant source for financing the terror in the Middle East stubbornly persists. To fight it sniffer dogs are now used in the US to locate illegally excavated artefacts. more ]

Not all that glitters is gold

Two detectorists in England found a treasure of Roman gold coins – at least that’s what they thought. In reality, they found remnants of a TV shoot, ironically the shoot of a popular comedy series about detectorists... more ]

FEDEX takes the gloves off, when Russian Embargo is concerned

Those who like laughing (and who are not trying to sent an object to a customer abroad) will love this email exchange of an over-challenged representative of FEDEX, a recipient and an auctioneer. more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part III: Losses and Final Remarks

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The third part deals about lost coins and features a final remark which really is worth reading! more ]

Silver Containing Circulating Commemorative Coins, the Silver Price and the Problems that May Arise from this Combination

When the price for silver is changing too fast, those countries are coming under pressure, that issue silver commemorative circulation coins for face value. This article takes a look at market mechanisms and solution approaches. more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part II: Deposits

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The second part deals with three different kinds of deposits. more ]

The War against Cash

Neither banks nor credit card companies are acting selflessly when they promote abolishing cash money. They have tangible interests which are revealed by Ross Clark in his latest bestseller. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look. more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part I: Hoards

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The first part is dedicated to the four varieties of coin hoards. more ]

Prop money leads to prison sentence

When you watch a movie, you want it to be as realistic as possible. A case in Hong Kong has now proven that some cinematic elements can also be too authentic. Two prop makers were sentenced to four months in prison – because their prop money was too realistic. more ]

CoinsWeekly Coin Records

The world demands superlatives. Let’s give it superlatives. You and your company have a record to announce? Here, you will find out how to submit it. more ]

The Coolest Philatelist of All Time: John Lennon

Nowadays, collectors have to fight the image of it being a dusty hobby. But back in the day, philately was trendy and hip. Possibly the coolest young collector at the time was Beatles co-founder John Lennon. The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum now presents his collection. more ]

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