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Lawsuit about sunken Treasures

In 1804 British canons sank the Spanish frigate Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes. She transported about 600.000 coins; now, the Spanish Government laid claim to a ship, which had been exploited by a private company at their own expense. The Spaniards argue that this ship is the sunken Spanish frigate... more ]

A treasure find on paper and its legal bedlam

French claims for gold coins from the time of the barrack emperors originating from the so-called hoard of Lava have feet of clay. Please find here a recent verdict, which was delivered by the administrative court of Osnabrück. more ]

Police of Albany investigates, who has a right to treasure troves in Australia

At the beginning of May 2011 a construction worker found a hoard of sovereigns while digging a trench in the port city of the Australian Albany. Now the authorities seem to wrack their brains in order to find out, who has the right to treasure troves in Australia... more ]

Why were British coins buried in Australian Albany?

At the beginning of May a little hoard of British sovereigns was found at Australian Albany. But why were they buried there? There are various theories... more ]

Two detectorists’ treasure trove rewrites the Roman History of Britain

Due to a treasure trove of ca. 100 Roman coins further investigations have been made. They unveiled a Roman settlement in a region, of which archaeology has thought until now, that it was never colonized by the Romans... more ]

“Black Swan” Treasure from Sunken Ship Still Contested

A treasure of 500,000 coins discovered in 2007 by the Odyssey Marine Exploration continues to keep occupied the courts. After a negative decision of the appellate court, Odyssey has announced to request an en banc hearing... more ]

The Passau Treasure

The international press has reported about the treasure of the state library in Passau found by a concierge cleaning up a store room. Now, the library has published pictures of the “treasure” on the Internet. Everybody is able to see for himself, what’s the real value of these coins... more ]

News on the Frome Hoard

The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) seeks donations to conserve the Frome Hoard and to keep this important treasure on public display in the county in which it was discovered... more ]

Gold rain from French winery ceiling

U.S. gold coins worth $1 million dollars rained down on a worker who attacked a building’s rafter with a crowbar. François Lange, the location owner and head of a Champagne-producing company, decided to split the treasure up with the workers. more ]

Beau Street Hoard Britain’s fifth largest treasure hoard

The biggest hoard ever found in a UK town has been revealed to the public. Around 30,000 coins from the third century AD were found in Bath nearby the famous Roman baths. The hoard has been declared treasure trove. more ]

Sensational Celtic hoard found in Switzerland

In Füllinsdorf nearby Basel around 300 Celtic silver coins from the time of 80/70 BC were found. It is the largest hoard of Celtic coin made of precious metal ever made in Switzerland. Archäologie Baselland shows the new find in an exhibition. more ]

Largest treasure of Celtic coins ever found on Jersey

After thirty years of continuing search two amateur metal detectorists found a hoard of Celtic coins in the east of Jersey. The sensational finding weighs ca. three quarter of a tonne and thus comprises probably some 50,000 coins – the largest hoard of Celtic coins ever. more ]

New x-ray imaging technology assists with coin hoards

In collaboration with the British Museum researchers from the University of Southampton are applying an x-ray imaging technology in order to analyse coin hoards. The metal blocks are x-ray scanned, then a computer assembles the images rendering thus a 3D picture of the single coins. more ]

Important gold coin hoard in the UK

A metal detectorist led to what turned out to be one of the largest Roman gold coin hoards ever found in the UK. 159 gold coins from late fourth century CE were found in Hertfordshire and are now being analysed. more ]

Henry VIII groats hoard declared treasure

14 silver groats minted under Henry VIII were found in a field in Norfolk (UK) and now declared treasure by a coroner. The coins may have been concealed during the famous Kett’s rebellion in 1549. more ]

3,500 kg ancient coins discovered in China

According to Chinese reports, archaeologists excavated about 3,500 kg of ancient coins in Inner Mongolia, which is located in Northern China. Most of the coins date back to the Han Dynasty. more ]

Spectacular gold coins found in Iraq

According to media reports archaeologists discovered 66 Sassanid gold coins in the city of Aziziyah in the south-west of Baghdad. The coins were expected to be sent for laboratory tests in order to confirm their authenticity. more ]

Beau Street Hoard being questioned about its secrets

In 2007 an archaeological excavation in the city of Bath revealed an enormous hoard of Roman coins. The content of seven of the eight bags full of coins has been counted. Currently the coins are being analysed and described. The British Museum presents this work in its blog. more ]

A shoe full of silver coins

During construction works nearby the Rotterdam townhall archaeologists made an extraordinary find. They discovered an old leather shoe containing 477 Dutch silver coins dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. more ]

Australia’s history to be re-written because of coins?

During WWII a soldier discovered coins in northern Australia which are said to come from the mediaeval Kilwa Sultanate in Tanzania. Did early connections between Africa and Australia exist? An expedition is to answer how these coins arrived there and what this means. more ]

Numismatic news from the Western Black Sea coast (Bulgaria)

Bulgarian archaeologist and numismatist Evgeni Paunov gives some detailed descriptions of recent archaeological findings in Bulgaria containing coins. more ]

SHIPWRECK! Exhibit at Discovery Times Square

Odyssey Marine Exploration, a private firm specialised in the fields of deep-ocean shipwreck, exhibits hundreds of authentic artefacts and historical treasures recovered from their deep-ocean projects from around the world at Discovery Times Square, New York. more ]

Odyssey recovers 1.8 million ounces of silver from shipwreck

Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered the SS Gairsoppa, a British cargo ship sunk during WW II, off the coast of Ireland. The company has contracted with the UK that they will recover the silver on the ship keeping 80 percent setting a new record for the deepest and largest precious metal recovery from a shipwreck. more ]

Spanish treasure fleet objects presented to public after 400 years

When the Spanish Treasure Fleet on the way back from America to Europe sunk during a terrible hurricane in the Straits of Florida in 1622 the Bank of Madrid broke. One of the vessels was excavated and now the objects are presented to the public. more ]

First authenticated pirates' shipwreck reveals coin treasure

In 1984 Barry Clifford discovered the only documented pirate shipwreck off Cape Cod. The Whydah was once the flagship of ‘Black Sam’ Bellamy and may be still stowed with over 400,000 coins. more ]

Romanian metal detectorist donates coins worth 500,000 euros to museum

A young Romanian metal detectorist found the largest silver hoard ever unearthed in his country composed of some 47,000 Ottoman coins worth about 500,000 euros. Although he donated the finding to a museum, he will receive probably around 200,000 euros as stated by law. more ]

What’s the story behind the Californian gold treasure?

In California, walking the dog a couple found the largest treasure ever found in the USA. Estimated value: over $10 million. But is the money really theirs? Maybe not, as the recent development is indicating. more ]

Lost Change – innovative mapping tool for England and Wales

The English Portable Antiquities Scheme has presented a new tool which locates around 300,000 coins found in the country on an interactive map. Numerous search options reveal new connections between coins and their mints. more ]

Great American Coin Hoard Unveiled by Stack’s Bowers Galleries

One of the greatest American coin hoards ever to be found has been acquired by Stack’s Bowers Galleries. The hoard contains over a million coins and its comprehensive market value may range from $15 to $20 million. more ]

Legendary gold cargo to be recovered from SS Central America shipwreck

Odyssey Marine Exploration has been awarded the exclusive contract to recover the remaining valuable cargo from the SS Central America off the coast of South Carolina. The ship sank in 1857 with one of the largest documented cargoes of gold ever lost at sea. more ]

Indonesian woman finds gold treasure discovered by tsunami

In a small village on the Indonesian island Sumatra, a villager accidentally came across a chest of gold coins. The treasure originally belonged to a cemetery burying rulers of an ancient dynasty that had been destroyed during the great tsunami of 2004. more ]

Can a coin rewrite Canada’s history?

In December 2013 a metal detectorist found an English coin from the 16th century on Canada’s West Coast. A hobby archaeologist who heard about this took the find to be proof of his theory that the English had discovered Canada 200 years before the Spanish. But does the coin really prove that? more ]

Arabic coin find on Baltic Sea coast

On March 28, 2014, a team from the preservation and care of field monuments Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania located a significant Arabic coin treasure near Anklam, close to the Polish border. The coins date back to the time between AD 900 and 920. more ]

Great Britain’s busy treasure hunters

According to the British Museum, almost 1,000 objects classified as treasures were discovered by hobby archaeologists and metal detectorists in 2012. Those private treasure hunters have contributed a lot to our knowledge about history. more ]

Coin hoards found on Scottish festival grounds

Two coin hoards in close proximity to each other have been discovered in the North of Scotland, one of them being the first find of Roman coins in this area. The coins shed more light on our understanding of the relations between Romans and Celts in Antiquity. more ]

First Gold Recovery From SS Central America Since 1991

Odyssey Marine Exploration recovered nearly 1,000 ounces of gold during the first reconnaissance dive to the SS Central America shipwreck site. The archaeological excavation of the site will be undertaken once the pre-disturbance survey provides detailed documentation of the site. more ]

Saddle Ridge Coins and Cans Coming to PNG New York Show

The first public appearance in New York of gold coins from the headline-generating $10 million Saddle Ridge Hoard buried treasure trove that was unearthed last year in California’s gold country is approaching. more ]

California Man Unearths Giant Gold Nugget

In July this year, a man found one of the largest natural California gold nuggets ever seen. The nugget, found in Butte County, weighs over 70 ounces and its worth is estimated somewhere between $350,000 and $450,000. more ]

Snowball Fight with Tudor Coin

Finding a historic coin during a snowball fight is something one can only dream of. This dream came true for an English pupil. The whole school now wonders if there’s an entire hoard buried in the grounds… more ]

Israel’s largest gold hoard discovered

The largest hoard of gold coins ever found in Israel was recovered from the seabed in the ancient harbour in the Caesarea National Park. Almost 2,000 gold coins from the Fatimid period were discovered by a group of divers who will not receive any fee, though. more ]

Largest Anglo-Saxon coin hoard tops list of latest UK treasure finds

On 10 February 2015 the largest Anglo Saxon coin hoard found since the Treasure Act began was announced. The hoard is composed of around 5,200 Anglo-Saxon silver pennies and was found by a metal-detecting rally. more ]

Hellenistic Coins and Jewelery Found in Cave in Galilaea

In Israel a group of spelunkers found a cache of rare coins and silver and bronze objects in a cave. Parts of the hoard date back to the Hellenistic epoch, but some are much older. As on some vessels stalagmites had developed, the archaeological findings can even help to date the cave. more ]

Treasure Running into Millions Recovered from War Time Wreck

In 2013, the company Deep Ocean Search recovered tons of silver coins at a depth of about 5100 meters, off the Namibian coast, thus beating a record. The money had been intended to fund Great Britain’s effort in WWII. The numismatists, however, have lost the treasure a second time. more ]

Captain Kidd’s Treasures

A spectacular 17th century pirate treasure is said to have been recovered off Madagascar. But the colourful finder awakens suspicion. Not everybody believes that ship and treasure of the infamous Captain Kidd really have been found. more ]

Gold coins from Nazi reichsbank found in Germany

In Northern Germany a metal detectorist found gold coins buried under a tree. Over 200 coins were stored in two sealed pouches with seals bearing the sign of the Berlin reichsbank from the WW2 time. Speculations about the background are going on. more ]

No treasure off Madagascar?

In May American treasure hunter Barry Clifford declared that he found the treasure of the famous buccaneer Captain Kidd. His proofs: a silver bar and a shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar. A UNESCO team has come to a different conclusion. more ]

Polish Forester Discovers Thousands of Silver Coins

Two clay pots containing more than 6,000 silver coins from the 16th and the 17th century have been found by a forester in a forest in western Poland. It is a sensational find that raises many questions. more ]

Roman coin trove found in Swiss cherry orchard

A farmer discovered one of the biggest coin troves in Switzerland in Ueken near Frick by pure chance. Exceptionally well preserved, the more than 4,000 coins from Roman Times must have been withdrawn from circulation shortly after being struck and buried in the ground. more ]

Treasure from Caesarea on display at Israel Museum

In February 2015, divers off the coast of Caesarea spotted a group of gold coins lying on the seabed. They had found a treasure of 2,600 Fatimid gold coins. This finding is now on display in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. more ]

Treasures – the most intriguing topic of numismatics

‘Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures: Illustrated Stories of the Greatest American Troves and Their Discoveries’, by renowned author Q. David Bowers, is the latest release of Whitman Publishing. more ]

More than a Tomb – a Money Safe

Tons of bronze coins, and precious gold! These are the astonishing findings from ongoing excavations at a site of a tomb in Jiangxi Province (China) dated to the Western Han Dynasty (202 B.C. to A.D. 8). more ]

Bulldozer driver entitled to keep half of a Roman hoard

When he was levelling the ground in Yeovil / Somerset, Mark Copsey spotted something green in the soil... His discovery turned out to be a hoard consisting of 3,339 coins from Roman Imperial times. Now it been decided that he is entitled to half of the value of this hoard. more ]

Pigs as excavation helpers

A chance find was made by pigs in Scotland: In their search for food, they “discovered” the earliest evidence of a culture of hunter-gatherers dating to the last Ice Age. more ]

Roman coin hoard disunites British metal detectorists

The question of who is the true finder of a Roman coin hoard in Lymington, UK, currently keeps officials busy. The case illustrates the rules of etiquette of private metal detectorists. more ]

Hoards: the hidden history of ancient Britain

The British Museum shows a coins and medals display, ‘Hoards: the hidden history of ancient Britain’. Until 22 May 2016 this exhibition explores the stories behind the headlines focusing on prehistoric and Romano-British hoards from across the United Kingdom. more ]

Hiker Found an Extremely Rare Aureus of Trajan

In Israel, a hiker found an extremely rare aureus minted by Emperor Trajan. It was turned over to the Israel Antiquities Authority. more ]

$1 million of 1715 Fleet shipwreck coins coming to market

Sunken Spanish colonial gold treasure coins discovered during the 300th anniversary of the 1715 Fleet’s demise are offered for the first time. In addition to NGC encapsulation, each coin is accompanied by the original, numbered archeological tag of the expedition crew. more ]

Quarrel over San José gold treasure escalates

In November 2015, the wreckage of the galleon San José that was sunk in 1708 was found off the Colombian coast. It is said to be still loaded with gold and precious stones. Planning to recover this huge treasure, a U.S. American company even risks a battle at sea. more ]

Owner of the Pocking gold trove found

In the summer of 2016, children discovered a gold treasure worth 250,000 euros while playing. Only days before the official period would have expired, the owner unexpectedly came forward. more ]

Funds raised to acquire the Hoard of King Alfred

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has raised the £1.35 million required to purchase the hoard of King Alfred the Great discovered in Oxfordshire in 2015. Support was provided by the National Lottery through a Heritage Lottery Fund, Art Fund and private contributors. more ]

Piano tuner finds gold treasure

A piano tuner in Shropshire found his work to be unexpectedly exciting. In December of 2016 he discovered 633 sovereigns and 280 half sovereigns struck between 1847 and 1915 in a piano. The owner could not be found. more ]

Coin Hoard Discovered in Pilgrims’ Hostel in Israel

A hoard of coins from the Byzantine epoch was revealed in Israel beneath the ruins of a building that was part of a large complex. Apparently it served Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and the coins give clues to its story. more ]

Spectacular solidi hoard found in the Netherlands

41 Roman solidi have been discovered in an orchard in the Gelderland province. They may have served to pay a local ruler to assist in the fight against Germanic tribes. This is a promising start for a newly established project that aims at recording private archaeological finds. more ]

Portable Antiquities Scheme Reports a Record Year for Treasure Found by the Public

At the launch of the Portable Antiquities Scheme and Treasure annual reports at the British Museum it was announced that the number of new Treasure discoveries by members of the public had hit a record level. Read more about some of the fascinating finds. more ]

“Ship of Gold” exhibit to dock in Long Beach

In 1857, the steamship SS Central America sank in a hurricane while carrying tons of California gold. Parts of the in 2014 recovered cargo are shown in an exhibition that looks like a ship itself. Next stop: Long Beach, February 22-24, 2018. more ]

Coin hoard unveils the location of a settlement

A coin hoard in the Bulgarian city of Mezdra offers new insights into local history. Archaeologists expect a hitherto unknown settlement at the site of around 1,000 silver coins of imperial times – most of which are already gone. more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part III: Losses and Final Remarks

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The third part deals about lost coins and features a final remark which really is worth reading! more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part II: Deposits

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The second part deals with three different kinds of deposits. more ]

Hoards and Other Coin Finds - Part I: Hoards

Do you have to do with ancient coins? Did you ever ask yourself where they are coming from? Alan Walker of Zurich Nomos AG will present a comprehensive overview of this crucial subject. The first part is dedicated to the four varieties of coin hoards. more ]

FBI-agents as archaeologists

Has the FBI actually dug for the gold of Gettysburg? According to professional treasure hunters, there are still gold bars worth 55 m. $ hidden in the ground near Benezette, Pennsylvania. The gold was meant for Lincoln's troops. more ]

Byzantine Emperors in Finland

In 2017, a Finnish metal detectorist found several dozens of silver coins in Sysmä. They are now on display at the National Museum of Finland providing insight into the far-reaching relations of medieval Finland. more ]

A Tsarist Treasure as Crypto Currency?

A South Korean salvage company claims to have found the wreck of the Dmitri Donskoi, a ship that was scuttled in 1905. They are now accused of having defrauded investors by spreading the news about the alleged find. more ]

Gold Treasure Found Under Theater in Como

In Como, construction workers have discovered an incredible find of 300 gold coins from the 5th century AD. We do not know much so far, but media outlets already repeat an alleged market value of several millions of euros. Is the treasure really worth that much? more ]

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