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Yes, you are right, there is no chance to track all numismatic books and articles. Who is able to buy a publication just because there is one article inside which might be interesting? is the answer to this problem... more ]

Digital Library Numis (DLN)

A new source for researching numismatics: articles and books online... more ]

American Numismatic Society unveils MANTIS, a major numismatic research tool

On April 6, 2011, the American Numismatic Society unveiled the new interactive ANS collection search tool, MANTIS. It provides access to all 600,000 records for objects in the ANS collection, through a series of new, easy-to-use search screens... more ]

Digital Library Numis Growing Enormously

Thijs Verspagen’s project Digital Library Numis (DLN) features much more material than half a year ago. The portal provides access to literature related to numismatic subjects and has increased dramatically in the first half-year of 2011... more ]

Park Avenue Numismatics Launches Free Online Rare US Coin Encyclopedia

Park Avenue Numismatics announced the launch of its new online Rare US Coin Encyclopedia. This instrument is aimed at bringing the site’s clients more information and at educating new collectors... more ]

American Numismatic Society unveils a modern archival search tool

American Numismatic Society has unveiled the new interactive ANS archival search tool, ARCHER. It provides access to the ANS’ collection of unique archival material, through a series of simple search screens... more ]

New Gateway to Italian Numismatic

The Italian website Portale Numismatico dello Stato is a public project gathering numismatic material, catalogues, legal texts, essays and a whole journal making all that stuff available to everybody. In addition it offers virtual museum tours and much more... more ]

Roman Imperial Coinage AD 268-276 goes online

As a preliminary step to the printed revision of the Roman Imperial Coinage V.1, part 2 a new website has gone online. The database presented there applies to the imperial reigns from AD 268 until 276 and is searchable and contains more than 4,500 entries. more ]

New auction portal online!

At the collector can access a new auction platform that brings together on its website the offers of many international companies. more ]

Calvet Foundation puts online its coin cabinet

The Calvet Foundation located in Avignon is putting online its coin collection comprising thousand of specimens of the Roman Republic and Empire and hundreds of important coins of the pre-Roman era. more ]

Krause Publications releases Interactive Educational Map

Krause Publications has released an educational iPad app that uses state quarters to teach children about the 50 U.S. states. This is the first true app released by Krause Publications. more ]

Free Bible Coin Reference is Updated

Mel Wacks’ Handbook of Biblical Numismatics is a reference work published online free of charge. Now, it has been updated. It features current prices and the numbers of the new Hendin manual. more ]

OCRE – A major new tool for Roman numismatics

The American Numismatic Society in collaboration with New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, has launched a major new tool to aid in the identification, research and cataloging of the coins of the ancient world: OCRE. more ]

French National Library puts 130,000 coins online

The French National Library is making available 130,000 Greek and Roman provincial coins in an online database. This monumental project is expected to be concluded by the end of 2013, but numerous coins are searchable already. more ]

Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau available online

Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service (SEALS) has digitalised numerous academic journals making them available online for free. You can find in particular numismatic journals like Schweizer Numismatische Rundschau. more ]

Finding coins with Google Images

Franky Leeuwerck explains how to use Google Images for finding collectibles like certificates – or coins – on the web. If you want to know, where a coin comes from, just make a photo and Google will find similar objects for you. more ]

Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic – A New Tool for Roman Numismatics

The American Numismatic Society and the Institute of Archaeology of University College London, UK, have launched an important new tool for the analysis of Roman Republican coin hoards. more ] Marks One Millionth Record

One of the Internet’s largest ancient coin database celebrates the addition of its millionth coin. CoinsWeekly is currently putting together information on online price catalogues for coin collectors. If you think you can help us with information we will be glad to hear from you! more ]

New Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology

In March 2014, a new online journal dedicated to the world of Archaeology and Ancient History named “Journal of Ancient History and Archaeology” will be released. The journal will be a non-profit publication with free access and four issues per year. more ]

The ISEGRIM Project – a data base of coins

The University of Düsseldorf provides a data base with about 60,000 descriptions of ancient coins, minted between the seventh century BC and the end of the minting period of cities in Asia Minor in 276 AD. It is accessible online for researchers and laymen. more ]

Lost Change – innovative mapping tool for England and Wales

The English Portable Antiquities Scheme has presented a new tool which locates around 300,000 coins found in the country on an interactive map. Numerous search options reveal new connections between coins and their mints. more ]

New release of OCRE – Online Database of Coinage of the Roman Empire

In collaboration with New York University’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, the American Numismatic Society (ANS) has released a new version of OCRE (Online Coins of the Roman Empire). The database has become bigger, multi-contributor and multi-lingual. more ]

ANS receives NEH Grant

The ANS and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World received a major grant of $300,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities which will provide for the full implementation of the Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE) project. more ]

Journal of Ancient Numismatics again online

The Journal of Ancient Numismatics is a free online journal dedicated to the study of Ancient and Medieval numismatics and history. Thanks to the sponsorship of Agora Auctions the journal is online again. more ]

40 Years of “The Shekel” Now Accessible in Online Archive

Over 40 Years of “The Shekel”, the Journal of Israel & Judaic History & Numismatics, are now available on the website of the American Israel Numismatic Association. All issues are digitized in high resolution as a pdf file so that they can be viewed as originally published. more ]

Database of Royal Library of Belgium goes online

The Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium digitized a large number of Belgian medals and coins the past few years. Although the work is still far from being finished, some collections are already available for researchers. more ]

All volumes of the German JNG are now available for free on the internet

The Bavarian Numismatic Society had launched its journal 'Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte' in 1949. Thanks to Gorny & Mosch, all volumes of the JNG published since then are now available for free on the internet. more ]

New online database for Sotheby’s catalogues

The coin cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium is in possession of the coin collection and library of Lucien de Hirsch. Among it are 409 Sotheby’s catalogues, recording coin sales, sales prices and dealer names between 1833 and 1869. The database is now available online. more ]

A Comparison of Search Engines for Coin Prices

Collecting coins sometimes also includes selling them. But how can you find out what a coin is worth? The internet can provide help. We have tested different kinds of search engines. more ]

Art of Devastation: A Web-based Catalogue of First World War Medallic Art

American Numismatic Society launches “Art of Devastation”: an important new web-based research catalogue of the thousands of art medals, commemorative medals and tokens produced in response to this major conflict. more ]

Coin Cabinet of the royal library in Belgium increases online database

The Coin Cabinet of the Royal Library of Belgium continues to digitalize parts of its collection. A fifth database has been added, namely the catalog of the collection of coins of the Prince-Bischopric of Liège comprising a total of 2,420 coins. more ]

NGC Image Archive Tops 10 Million Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation now has images of more than 10 million coins available for free on its website and smartphone app. These images show the obverse and reverse of virtually every NGC-certified coin. more ]

New numismatic database being developed at Washington University

The goal of the Newman Numismatic Portal is to unite the world’s numismatic information into a single, searchable database, accessible to all on a free and forever basis. The Portal is administered through Washington University in St. Louis and will go online in 2016. more ]

American Numismatic Society Introduces Digital Library

The American Numismatic Society Digital Library will grow to house three collections of digital material: numismatic theses / dissertations, auction catalogues, and ebooks. Everybody is invited to send material. more ]

New search tool for collectors

Collectors Universe has launched a new, one-stop website that provides information on the availability of more than 9 million collectibles currently offered for sale. more ]

New ANS grant project on hoard analysis

HARP is the title of the latest grant project of the American Numismatic Society, aiming to create a tool that provides a global analysis of patterns of coinage circulation from Archaic to Byzantine times. more ]

ANS launches online catalogue with Egyptian National Library

The American Numismatic Society announced the digital publication of the non-hoard numismatic collection of the Egyptian National Library, in collaboration with the universities of Washington and Cairo. more ]

New web portal for Thracian coins

The Corpus Nummorum Thracorum has created a new web portal collecting virtually thousands of Thracian coins for research. An impressive amount of data, a clear interface and sophisticated search options are offered for free. more ]

American Numismatic Society Launches PELLA

The American Numismatic Society has launched its latest digital platform, PELLA, an important new research tool for ancient Greek numismatics that provides an online catalogue of the coinage produced by the kings of the Macedonian Argead dynasty (c.700 and 310 BC). more ]

PCGS celebrates 30th anniversary with free PCGS CoinFacts

As part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Professional Coin Grading Service offers collectors and dealers many intriguing products and services, including ending the annual subscription fee to now make PCGS CoinFacts free to everyone. more ]

NGC Announces Enhanced, German Language Census

Optimized for all devices including smartphones and tablets, the new NGC Census is now available in German and features population data for virtually all NGC-certified coins, including NGC Details-graded coins. more ]

Google Art Camera – could a new project become a chance for museums?

Google Art Camera is going to make treasures from all over the world available. This sounds like a noble undertaking, but will Google influence which art objects we will be noticed and which will remain unseen? more ]

fund:it – a database to search for funding

What funding opportunities are available to the ambitious researcher? Supported by French scientific and government institutions, a database is intended to make the relevant search more efficient. more ]

Nummus Canada released

The inaugural issue of Canada’s first bilingual digital numismatic magazine has been released. Nummus Canada addresses money collectors of all levels, putting a special focus on Canadian coins, tokens, paper money, and medals. more ]

American Numismatic Society Launches Image-Based Roman Coin Identification

The American Numismatic Society presents a new interface for Online Coins of the Roman Empire, which allows non-specialists, hobbyists, collectors, archaeologists, and others to browse Roman Imperial coins by image for free online. more ]

NEH Funds the ANS’s Hellenistic Royal Coinages Project

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded the American Numismatic Society a substantial grant to fund the web-based Hellenistic Royal Coinages project which promises to help fundamentally with identifying and researching Hellenistic royal coinages. more ]

NGC launches online Counterfeit Detection resource

Since 1987, graders of Numismatic Guaranty Corporation have identified more than 100,000 counterfeit and altered coins. To help collectors and dealers, NGC has launched an online Counterfeit Detection resource, featuring coins most often targeted by counterfeiters. more ]

British Museum’s Prize Medals Online

Ranging from individually engraved pieces to works by well-known medallists, from the 18th to the 20th century, the BM’s collection of more than 1000 school prize medals is now available online. It will soon be joined by medals issued as awards also by other institutions. more ]

ANS provides online image-zooming feature

The American Numismatic Society will make its highest-resolution images available. With 160,000 numismatic objects photographed thus far, this will enable researchers to zoom down into minute details, in order to assist them in their work. more ]

Online compendium makes medieval texts accessible

From Europe to Asia, from AD 600-1600 – that is the range the “Global Medieval Sourcebook” spans. Stanford University’s free online tool offers transcriptions as well as new English translations of written sources in a variety of genres. more ]

Seleucid Coins Online is Now Live

ANS has released a new web-based research tool: Seleucid Coins Online, a comprehensive overview of the coinages struck by the Seleucid kings and reports on the substantial increase in the number of coins available now for study on PELLA website. more ]

Online platform shows Terralba findings

More than 370 coins among them many of Punic origin have been found in the Sardinian region of Terralba. They have been cataloged on the Numisdata Sardinia website. The interactive web page offers maps of findspots, descriptions, and a detailed bibliography section. more ]

Launch of essential newsletter for cash and payment industry

On July 25, 2018, Currency Publications Ltd launched Cash & Payment News. This monthly newsletter is the only news source dedicated specifically to the cash cycle and the role of cash within the payment eco-system. more ]

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