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Images from a minting workshop of the 16th century

How were coins produced in the 16th century? Only few illustrations provide information about that process. One of the most important is a pane featuring the coat of arms of the Schaffhausen mint master Werner Zentgraf... more ]

Recovering Precious Metal: from Grandma’s old silver knife to the new coin blank

Allgemeine is one of the biggest refineries for precious metal in Europe. It has opened its doors to CoinsWeekly. We were allowed to watch the process of transforming silver and gold scrap to pure precious metal blanks. Please join us on this fascinating tour. more ]

The Powers of the Soho Mint

William McKivor presents a medal from his own collection telling the history of its origin: It was struck in the Soho Mint in 1803, and played a role in an argument conducted in three countries in three languages on two medals, between the English manufacturer Matthew Boulton and the French Engineer J. P. Droz. more ]

Message in a bottle

In 1967 workers of the Austrian Mint found a message in a bottle bricked in a wall. Colleagues who worked in the same building around the turn of the century had left the message in order to inform posterity about their awkward situation. more ]

German cutting edge technology in the Chinese Empire

On February 6th, 2016, 42 Chinese coin dies and 36 punches from the holdings of Otto Beh’s company will be handed over to the state coin cabinet of Saxony-Anhalt. They attest to an exciting chapter of German history of technology. more ]

The mints of San Francisco Part 1: The Old Mint

Join us on our trip to the “Old Mint” of San Francisco. Old and new photos give an insight into the minting as it was done in The Granite Lady. more ]

Roman criminals detected by award winning amateur archaeologist

The Searcher acknowledged it to be the ‘most significant hoard’ in the Nations’ Greatest Find competition: a couple of blank bronze coins and an anvil. According to experts these objects were forgers’ equipment from around 300 AD... more ]

Concurrent Technologies Corporation Researchs Alternative Materials for U.S. Circulation Coins

Concurrent Technologies Corporation has been awarded a competitively bid contract by the United States Mint to conduct research and development for more economical alternative metallic materials for the production of all circulating coins... more ]

Cash Logistics – Visiting Geldservice Austria GmbH

Have you ever thought about how it comes that your ATM has always the right banknotes ready to provide you exactly with those you want? In Austria exists a big logistic company, Geldservice Austria (GSA), responsible for distributing cash. We went to see how it works. more ]

Renaissance-mania captures Royal Australian Mint with a new display

The Royal Australian Mint offers to the public the display “Shadows and Perspective: The Influence of the Renaissance on Contemporary Coin Design”. The exhibition reveals techniques still used by modern mints that have been introduced in the Renaissance era. more ]

New British coins cause headache to vending industry

The vending machine industry has faced many problems with the introduction of new coins in Great Britain. Coin operated machines had to be exchanged but particularly less well off and rural areas are hit in lack of new machines. more ]

Canada introduces new generation of coins

Enhanced security features and the patented multi-ply plated steel technology characterize the new one-dollar and two-dollar coins introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint on April 10, 2012... more ]

Think tank in Liechtenstein

Since decades the Coin Invest Trust in Balzers, Liechtenstein, takes the market by surprise with innovative coins till then unimmaginable. For these products the company has received many prestigious awards. Only recently it was awarded with the prize for the most innovative coin of the “Coin of the Year” Award in Berlin. more ]

Coin with Augmented Reality Layar Technology

The Central Bank of Aruba commemorates the ‘Shoco’ (burrowing owl) as national symbol of Aruba with an Augmented Reality Coin struck by the Royal Dutch Mint. This is the very first coin with Augmented Reality in the world. A smartphone permits access to a world of information behind the coin. more ]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-open New York retail space

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-opens the legendary retail outlet in New York City on August 23, 2012. On that occasion a new GOLD to go™ ATM machine will be presented and two silver Bison coins officially launched. more ]

Innovations in the land of silver – A congress in Hall / Tyrol

Tyrol remembers you of nothing else than skiing? Shame on you! You would miss the region’s importance in world’s history since here money history was written – from the first high denomination silver coin to the mechanization of the whole coining process. The Hall Mint held a congress on that topic on October 12, 2012. more ]

A trip to Hall in Tyrol

Did we whet your appetite last week for a trip to the Hall museum of the Hall Mint? Well, here comes a second serving, some photo impressions from the thaler’s home. more ]

Coin minting presses for the entire world

The Schuler Group is fully entitled to claim itself as international brand leader when it comes to coin minting machines. CoinsWeekly has visited the company with long-standing tradition in Göppingen in June 2013. This is a small look behind the scenes. more ]

US Mint issues curved coin

During the last years mints have tried to reinvent coins. Now, the US Mint has announced that it will issue a curved commemorative coin on the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Apparently massive problems hindered the development of this product. more ]

Visiting the Technical Forum at the 2015 World Money Fair

The Technical Forum 2015 featured spectacular new machines and technology. 18 talks showed the current dedication to improving cost efficiency in the minting industry. more ]

Round Table of DAMIN in Copenhagen: Mints, Technology, and Coin Production

The Round Table of DAMIN (Silver monetary depreciation and international relations) will take place on 28-29 May 2015 in Copenhagen, in cooperation with the National museum of Denmark. It will focus on the questions of mints, technology, and coin production. more ]

German Commemorative Coins with Completely New Security Technology

In the first half of 2016, the Federal Government will issue a 5 euro commemorative coin produced with an entirely new technology. After extensive research, a team of coin technicians and material scientists have developed a new polymer that can be coined. more ]

Mints, Technology, Coin Production

On May 28 and 29, 2015, the 5th Round Table of the DAMIN Project took place in Copenhagen. It focused on mints, technology, and coin production. 16 speakers from 13 nations from three continents participated. more ]

Copenhagen DAMIN Meeting videos available

On 28 and 29 May 2015 the DAMIN research project met in Copenhagen for a round table on ‘Mints, Technology and Coin Production’. All the videos of the speeches are now online. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 1

It only takes a look at the numbers to see how important the World Money Fair’s Technical Forum, organised by Dieter Merkle and Thomas Hogenkamp, has become: 340 delegates from mints, the supplying industry, and central banks had come to attend. more ]

News from the world of minting technology – Part 2

What’s new in coin minting? Held under the program of the World Money Fair, the Technical Forum provided the venue for experts to catch up. Please find short summaries of six presentations here. more ]

The MDC in Bangkok: News from the world of mints Part 2 Sessions of the Technical Committee 1

From May 1 to 4, 2016, the Mint Directors Conference took place in Bangkok. It was attended by nearly 360 delegates for whom 35 presentations were held. Here you find an abstract of the papers given by the Technical Committee. more ]

From Underground to End-Users

The proceedings of the same-titled congress have been published. They cover the relationship between precious metal mining, trade and mint. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

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