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Robbery of Aes Grave in Paris

An Aes Grave collection was stolen in Paris. The French Chaine des Vols asks for your help... more ]

Numismatic Crimes – Just another month in the USA

Three cases of heavy burglary have been committed within the last August in the USA. The NCIC has recorded them and has spread information. more ]

Cell Phones as Crime Prevention Tools

Numismatic Crime Information Center promotes the use of cell phones as crime prevention tools... more ]

Theft of precious ancient coins from Schloß Hohentübingen / Germany

37 ancient gold coins, 5 made of silver and 2 made of bronze have been stolen... more ]

ANA Coins Stolen from St. Louis Museum of Transportation

Six coins from the American Numismatic Association’s collection with a combined value of approximately USD 18,844 were stolen June 11 or 12 from the St. Louis Museum of Transportation... more ]

Stolen ANA coins recovered

We reported about ANA coins stolen from the Museum of Transportation June 12. Now the coins have been returned anonymously... more ]

Theft at the World Money Fair

Ancient coins worth about half a million Euro have been stolen at the World Money Fair. Here you will find an illustrated list.
more ]

Brutal Murder of New York Coin Dealer

On August 23, 2011 the New York coin dealer Steve Halfon was killed in a brutal holdup murder. Three men had attacked him after closing. They are on the run... more ]

Arrest Made in Brooklyn Coin Dealer Murder

A man has been arrested for the murder of Steve Halfon, a Brooklyn coin dealer murdered on Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Police found fingerprints of Andrew Jackson, 26, on the car where the victim was murdered... more ]

Shipment Theft Reported of a Newly Discovered and Finest Known 1870-CC $20, NGC AU58

A Brinks shipment from Professional Coin Grading Service to Heritage Auctions was apparently broken into, and the finest known 1870-CC $20 stolen. The coin is graded AU58 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and carries NGC Certification ID 3414402-001... more ]

Foreign Currency Collection Stolen

A large collection valued at over $200,000 has been stolen in Larnaca, Cyprus. Approximately 500 notes were taken. Most were rare, but low grade Latin American notes, from 1890-1970. Some rare high value notes from Brazil, before 1926 and many more... more ]

Armed Robbery of Houston Area Dealer

Two gunmen robbed a Houston coin dealer and showed extreme violence. After having bitten the dealer’s arm they sliced the skin around the wound in order to remove any DNA evidence and threatened to kill the 12 year old daughter if not shown all valuables. more ]

Armed Robbery of Coin Dealer from Munich

On January 27, 2012 coin dealer Dr Hubert Lanz from Munich was assailed and robbed in Hilversum, Netherlands. more ]

New evidence in “Lord Stewartby Collection case”

In 2007 the outstanding collection of Scottish coins assembled by Lord Stewartby was stolen. Now, though, a TV broadcast could lead to news regarding the missing collection. more ]

Robbery in Olympia – result of saving measures?

Greece must economise. And where is it most easy to do? Of course in the cultural sector. Today 1,900 security guards watch over 15,000 museums, historical monuments and archaeological sites. more ]

Theft at Gorny & Mosch, Munich

On Sunday, the 6th of May, unknown people broke into the Gorny & Mosch gallery in Munich and stole many coins. Be careful if you find any of them offered. We publish a comprehensive list. more ]

Only medieval gold hoard of Westphalia stolen

On April 22, 2012 51 coins from a highly important gold hoard have been stolen at the Landesmuseum Münster. They originate from the only medieval gold hoard, which has been found in Westphalia... more ]

Coin dealer shoots knife-armed robber

In Florida a coin dealer was knife-attacked by a customer. The dealer defended himself with a gun wounding the attacker to death. more ]

Numismatic Crime Investigation Seminar for Law Enforcement

The Numismatic Crime Information Center will be conducting a Free seminar on Numismatic Crime Investigations on October 18, 2012 in conjunction with the ANA Dallas National Money Show. The seminar is being hosted by the Pantego Police Department and open to Law Enforcement Personnel Only. more ]

Theft at Vicenza coin show

The Vienna-based auction house H.D. Rauch has informed us that it has become victim of a theft during the Vicenza coin show. We publish a list of the stolen objects. more ]

Shopping with antique coins at their face value

A young couple stole a coin collection worth $100,000 but is obviously not aware of what they hold in hands: they pay at the movie theatre and the pizza restaurant with these coins at face value, among them a Liberty Head Quarter. Now they got busted. more ]

‘Better to be safe than sorry’

After becoming victim of a theft Jeff Garrett, former president of the US Professional Numismatists Guild, shares his experience with us in order to give some advice and describe what it means when they smash your show cases and steal your valuable coins. more ]

Coin Theft in Train

Zurich-based auction house Numismatica Ars Classica informed us about a coin theft that took place in the train going from Zurich via Visp to Martigny on the afternoon of October 18, 2012. more ]

Attempted robbery at coin dealer’s led to gun struggle

During an attempted robbery at a coin dealer’s in the USA a gun struggle saw the shop owner and the robber injured. more ]

Theft of coins, medals, banknotes and antiquities in London

London-based coin and medals dealer Peter Morris has announced a theft of coins, medals, banknotes and antiquities in the night of Saturday/Sunday, January 12th/13th, 2013. more ]

A hoarder and gold coins worth 250,000 dollars

Does anybody know Richard Burgess? This man died last year, his property was looted and thieves sold allegedly gold coins worth $250,000. Police did not know about coins at Mr Burgess’s and is looking for where he got them from. more ]

Major Chilean Coin Collection stolen

In the night of January 31, 2013 three persons broke into the firm of Chilean businessman Lorenzo Jiménez in Santiago de Chile and stole a precious coin and antiquities collection. The owner offers a $10,000 reward. more ]

Murder with robbery of coin collector in Ukraine

On December 15, 2012 judge Trofimov and his family was murdered in Kharkiv / Ukraine and his coin, medal and decoration collection was stolen. Interpol has informed dealer associations about the stolen items and the possibility that single objects might come up in the market. more ]

Suspect Selling Counterfeit Coins

Dealers should be on the look out for a subject selling counterfeit coins. The suspect is selling counterfeit modern coins in original packaging, including capsules and COA’s according to an Oklahoma dealer. more ]

Burglary in a Swedish Ancient Art and Coin Shop

In January thieves broke into the coin shop Skarabé in the Swedish city Gothenburg. However, they acted rather clumsily and maybe this story will find a good end. more ]

Roof-top burglar robs Tacoma rare coin shop

A burglar sawed a roof and stole many coins from a rare coin shop in Tacoma, USA. When leaving he dropped a part of his loot but got away with coins worth more than $30,000. Police is looking for the man who is clearly recognisable on a store survellaince video. more ]

Important coin collection stolen in France

A fairly comprehensive coin collection was stolen from a private home near Paris, France end of May 2013. We publish a list of the stolen items and ask you to stay on alert. more ]

Hotel Room Burglary at ANA

Over $400,000 in banknotes and coins were taken from a dealer attending the ANA and staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont. The dealer reported that some person or persons removed a safe containing the banknotes and coins from his hotel room. more ]

Collection of important Indian Coins Stolen

On July 2, 2013 a collection of important Indian and World Coins (among others Gupta Gold Seals and Coins, Mughal coins) was stolen in Mumbai (India). more ]

Malawi Museum in Egypt ransacked

In the night from August 15 to 16, 2013 the Malawi Museum was looted. An employee was killed and 1,050 artefacts comprising coins were stolen. more ]

US Coin dealer shot dead at Halloween

On October 31, 2013 an 81-year-old coin dealer was shot dead in the US town of Albemarle. Footage material shows apparently the robber leaving with his booty and his victim’s car. There is still no trace of him. more ]

Robbery in Eisingen (Germany)

Police is searching a man who allegedly tried to rob a coin dealer on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 in Eisingen (Germany). He threatened the dealer with an object similar to a hand grenade and escaped with no plunder. more ]

Swiss Coin dealer routs robber

A robber was forced to give up his intention to rob a coin shop in the Swiss town of Aarau: The shop owner and his employee simply were not frightened by the robber’s pistol and threw all the stuff at him that was at hand until the man took to his heels. more ]

Halloween murder suspect arrested

Since Halloween police has been searching the man suspected of having killed and robbed 81-year-old coin dealer Rogerdell Gibson in the US town of Albemarle. On Wednesday, 20.11.2013, the man was eventually arrested. more ]

Burglary near Bamberg

The police is asking for help while investigating a burglary in the Bamberg area in Bavaria. A large portion of a coin collection was stolen last November. Most of the stolen coins were issued by the prince-bishops of Bamberg. more ]

Thousands of Krugerrands stolen in Switzerland

In Zug (Switzerland) 2,800 Krugerrands were stolen during a burglary on March 8, 2014. The local police ask for special attention. more ]

Enormous theft of coins worth over one million euros

The French Creusy family, in the coin business for over 40 years, was robbed on their way back home from a coin convention in Paris. All their merchandise worth over one million euros was stolen. They offer 80,000 euros reward for helpful indications. more ]

Mints robbed! The Top Five List

Not all criminals are content with simply robbing a bank. Some of them prefer mints. An online article has chosen a top five list which shows that some of these crooks were “lastingly” successful. Not all cases have been solved until now. more ]

How to prevent burglaries? We asked the police …

During the last weeks and months, the number of dangerous robberies and violent crimes has risen significantly. CoinsWeekly spoke to Harald Schmidt from the department of regional and national crime prevention in Germany and asked him to give us some tips for coin dealers and collectors. more ]

Theft in Neuchâtel

The Museum of Art and History in Neuchâtel (CH) asks for your attention. In February 2014 a golden Double pistole 1694 disappeared from the museum. It could appear on the market. more ]

Cell phone photos security leak for coin collectors

Coin collectors who share photos of their coins with others online take an enormous risk since cell phones save the location data together with the picture. Criminals can make use of this to track down collections. However, there are ways to block crooks easily. more ]

Robbery at Harlan J. Berk

Chicago-based coin dealer Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. was robbed on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Two men broke in and stole various coins. Surveillance cameras recorded the robbers. more ]

Robbery at Claude Burgan’s with fierce gunfire in Paris underground

A robber took gold coins worth 100,000 euros during a forced incursion in the famous coin shop in Paris. He did not even shrink from using his gun. more ]

Great Coin Heist at State Library of New South Wales

On 7 August, 2014, twelve coins worth about €700,000 have been stolen from the State Library of New South Wales / Sidney. One of them is an original Holey Dollar from 1810. more ]

Raid on money transporter and Fedex shipment theft

We have received two reports of coin thefts: On August 29, 2014 a money transporter was raided in the Swiss Canton of Geneva, 650 1-ounce gold coins were stolen. Also in these days a Fedex shipment containing rare Cyprus and World coins has been reported stolen on its ways to Paris. more ]

Seven coins stolen from BucksCoins

On August 12, 2014 seven coins were stolen from BucksCoins. Information can be passed anonymously to the police via 101 quoting crime reference Number: 42287/14/4. more ]

Attempted burglary in Wisconsin

Men ambushed a coin dealer in the US. When the dealer turned home from a coin show they broke up his car. more ]

US coin theft suspect pleads guilty

Mark Miller, suspect in several thefts from past Baltimore coin shows pleads guilty to felony theft between $10,000-$100,000. Miller agrees to not attend any coin or currency show in the USA for five years. more ]

Reward for recovery of stolen coins

The Danish coin shop Denarius experienced a coin theft at a fair arranged by the Norwegian Numismatic Society in Copenhagen, Denmark. We give you more information about the stolen coins and the reward in this article. more ]

Numismatic Crime: Developing a Tactical Mindset for Dealers and Collectors

Doug Davis is an expert in numismatic crimes. He has fought criminals for long as a police detective and eventually founded the Numismatic Crime Information Center. In this text he gives you information at hand how to not become victim of a crime. more ]

Gold coins stolen in Munich

Two albums of gold coins from the Holy Roman Empire and Salzburg were stolen from Austrian coin dealer Halbedel at Numismata Munich. You can find a list of the stolen objects online. more ]

Double homicide in coin shop robbery

On Monday 20 July 2015 an armed man assaulted The Coin Shop in Cheyenne (USA). Two men died, the offender is at large. more ]

Crime at coin shop in Aarau solved: thieve turns himself in

The bold trick thief, whom we have cautioned against last week, is caught. A friend posted a picture of a surveillance camera on Facebook. Now, the thief turned himself in. more ]

Coin robber shot in New Mexico

On January 30, 2016, a coin dealer in Albuquerque was robbed by several individuals. Despite his head wounds, he managed to shoot down one of the thieves who later died of his injuries. more ]

Beware of Frighteningly Deceptive Counterfeits

Rare coin dealer and collector Dwight Manley has detected an exceptionally well made Krugerrand counterfeit in an also fake NGC holder. He calls for attention to this matter. more ]

Security Guard Tackles Suspected Coin Thief At Long Beach Expo

A suspected thief was tackled by a security guard as he tried to escape at the Long Beach Expo on Friday, June 10, 2016. An alleged accomplice with a backpack containing more than $300,000 of rare coins was also taken into custody. more ]

Burglary in West Palm Beach

On 10 June 2016 John Aiello was victim of a vehicle burglary in West Palm Beach, FL (USA). The suspects took a coin collection comprising many 19th c. US coins and a collection of obsolete banknotes. more ]

Sting Nets Arrests in Dealer Vehicle Burglaries

The Numismatic Crime Center played a central role in arresting vehicle burglars who had stolen coins from various coin dealers. Evaluating similarities between registered offenses combined with numismatic knowledge was of great help to the police. more ]

12 Caesars Collection stolen in Seattle

Seattle Police currently investigates a residential burglary. Here you can view the missing collection of the twelve aureis featuring the 12 Caesars. more ]

Theft at the Royal Canadian Mint

An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint stands accused of stealing gold coins and gold pucks. He probably smuggled the blanks using the oldest trick in the book – smuggling them inside his own body. more ]

High Grade Ancients Stolen

Detectives with the Los Angeles police department are investigating the theft of high grade NGC slabbed ancient coins valued in excess of $400,000. The coins are identifiable through their serial number. more ]

Triple homicide of coin dealers

In Jackson, Mississippi (USA) the owner of a pawn and jewelry / coin exchange and his two employees were each shot and killed in a robbery. Prime suspects are a man and a women shown in the video surveillance. more ]

Canadian gold thief convicted

In March 2015 Leston Lawrence gained a questionable fame when he was accused of having smuggled gold blanks out of the Royal Canadian Mint by concealing them in his rectum. A court has now adjudged him guilty. more ]

Giant gold coin stolen from Bode Museum

In a spectacular heist in the Berlin Bode Museum, one the world’s largest and most valuable gold coins was stolen. The theft is almost unprecedented. The great force the perpetrators executed came totally unexpected. more ]

Theft at the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet

An audit at the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm showed that a transferred 2.6 million euros worth of objects are missing. Now a former employee has to answer for theft. more ]

Action film-like break-in

During a burglary at the coin dealership R&K Coins in Springfield (USA), the thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of coins and banknotes. In order to get into the shop, they used a brute method, one would rather associate with action films. more ]

Surveillance video expected to trace thieves of giant gold coin

There is still no sign of the huge gold Maple Leaf that was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum in March 2017. Berlin Police has now posted a surveillance camera video that might help to find the burglars. more ]

Update to Stockholm coin heist: first pictures of stolen objects

At least 1,400 numismatic objects were stolen from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. Swedish Police is now revealing details for the first time. Here you find pictures of objects concerned. more ]

Raid at dawn: criminal investigation of Bode Museum heist successful

More than three months after the giant Big Maple Leaf has been stolen from the Bode Museum, Police arrested some suspects. Thanks to a large-scale raid, the crime seems to have been largely solved. more ]

Heritage Auctions Staff Aids in Recovering Stolen Coins

Bill Walker, a rare coin specialist in Heritage Auctions’ Dallas office, identified five stolen coins and investigated how they found their way back on the market in order to contact the owner. more ]

Minnesota man charged with felony for selling counterfeit coins

Caught with the help of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, a man from Minnesota is expected to respond to a felony charge for theft-by-swindle. After purchasing the coins on a Chinese web site, he tried to sell them at a profit to pawn shops. more ]

Million dollar theft from Canadian coin dealer

Thieves have stolen 1 million dollar worth of rare coins and banknotes from a coin dealer in Canada. This is every dealer’s nightmare for it happened in a moment that nobody can avoid. more ]

Heist at Bergen University Museum

In August 2017, thieves took almost 400 mainly Viking Age artefacts among them coins from Bergen University Museum, Norway. To make the sale of these items more difficult, the public was asked for help. A first major success was achieved already. more ]

Stockholm: Lawsuit against Royal Coin Cabinet thief

In April we had to report that at least 1,200 objects worth the equivalent of 2.6 million euros had disappeared from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. A perpetrator is now standing trial. A second one is the subject of ongoing investigations. more ]

Stolen Cyrenaican stater on the numismatic market

In 2011 a large collection of coins was stolen from the Commercial Bank of Benghazi. Now some pieces have come up in auctions. Alessandro Cattaneo and Michele Asolati identified one and describe how exemplarily auction house Leu acted. more ]

75-year old found dead after burglary

In a burglary in Indianapolis (USA) numerous objects of value were stolen comprising a large coin collection. Police found the 75-year old owner dead in his residence as victim of a homicide. more ]

Follow-up burglary and murdered victim in Indianapolis

After a burglary in Indianapolis with a 75-year old victim found dead a comprehensive list of the stolen silver coins was published. Additionally we know also of a Masonic ring and which gold coins were stolen. more ]

Simon Bendall Collection of Byzantine coins stolen

Last week, burglars stole the collection of Byzantine coins owned by renowned scholar Simon Bendall. His comprehensive collection had served him for decades as source for his many publications. more ]

Break-in at American-Football Idol Rob Gronkowski solved – due to two stolen Morgan Dollars

The burglars were sure that the owner of their target would not come home, while they were busy robbing his house: Rob Gronkowski was playing in the Super Bowl. Now, the criminals were exposed with a little help of two graded Morgan dollars and the numismatic community. more ]

Bold theft in Nantes

The Thomas-Dobrée Museum in Nantes was robbed in the night between April 13th and 14th. Not only the heart of Anne of Brittany was stolen, but also a large group of French gold coins. An illustrated list has been put online by cgb. You will find all the links here. more ]

Coin dealer victim of burglary in Vancouver

On June 2, 2018 coin dealer Jack Noble was the victim of a vehicle burglary in British Columbia (Canada). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police already have a strong suspicion because the man appears to have been a targeted victim. more ]

Rare ancient coins stolen from FedEx Truck

A package sent by Ira & Goldberg Coins & Collectibles to a client was taken from a FedEx Truck in Portugal. 27 Greek and Roman coins from Goldberg’s Auction #104 were stolen. Here you will find a complete and detailed list. Be aware when buying coins. more ]

Gold Robbery at Perth Mint Leads to Two Years in Prison

In early August of 2018, a sentence was passed on a gold thief in Australia, who had come up with a special trick in order to smuggle the stolen goods through the x-ray units. more ]

Stolen Big Maple Leaf invested in real estate?

In Berlin, the police struck a major blow against a Lebanese mafia clan. The family may also have been responsible for the 2017 theft of the Big Maple Leaf from the Bode Museum. more ]

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