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VAT-free Gold Coins

The European Union publishes the list of gold coins, which are tax-exempted in 2010 ... more ]

The golden horse has yet to bolt

With the gold price again testing all-time highs, forecasters and observers are – again – speculating on whether this is as high as it will go, or whether bullion is preparing itself for another strong bull run. Alan Demby, executive chairman of the South African Gold Coin Exchange gives us his point of view... more ]

Gold-to-go the Swabian way

Gold-to-go – a new approach to investment in gold from Swabia. At least there they made it up: you can buy gold bars and coins as easily as chocolate bars, for investment or as an exclusive gift. The idea is so promising that it has been copied, yet … more ]

The coin’s DNA

The Royal Canadian Mint employs a technology in producing circulation coins which might change security policy against forgery and, particularly against thefts regarding coins of all epochs. Hence, the creation of a central archive of all stolen coins easily accessible from all over the world would be in reach...
more ]

Did you invest in gold or tungsten?

Especially in the United States gold bars filled with tungsten, a less valuable metal of similar weight, have turned up. Selling fake gold bars obviously pays. And no one knows how many of these manipulated bars are circulating. more ]

British Royal Mint Introduces The 2013 Bullion Products

On November 1, 2012 The Royal Mint has revealed its 2013 UK Bullion Range for the investment market, including the Gold Sovereign and the new specification Silver Britannia and Gold Britannia. more ]

Unique Security Feature on Canadian Bullion Coin

A micro-engraved design produced by the Royal Canadian Mint’s innovative use of laser technology makes its debut on the reverse “Maple Leaf” side of the 2013-dated 1 oz. Gold Maple Leaf and will be a permanent addition to the Mint’s flagship gold bullion coin. more ]

The Royal Mint and WPIC partner on new platinum investment products

The Royal Mint and the World Platinum Investment Council announced to partner on a new range of platinum investment products. Marking the Mint’s first bullion platinum offering, the partnership aims to stimulate investor demand for physical platinum worldwide. more ]

The Krugerrand 50-year success story

With over 60 million coins sold the Krugerrand is the most popular investment coin, an integral element in the investment sector since the coin’s inception. In 1967, the first Krugerrand was minted by South African Mint, the State minting institution, in Pretoria. more ]

Whitman Publishing Releases New Gold “Toolkit”

Whitman Publishing has released the 2nd edition of “GOLD: Everything You Need to Know to Buy and Sell Today”, by Jeff Garrett and Q. David Bowers. It informs bullion buyers, investors and newcomers about history, market trends and coins – past and present. more ]

Royal Mint bullion achieves Shari’ah Standard on Gold compliance

The Royal Mint becomes the world’s first mint to achieve compliance with the Shari’ah Standard on Gold for its bullion products. Royal Mint bullion will thus become accessible to a wide variety of investors when Islamic investment is rapidly growing worldwide. more ]

Giant Krugerrand for the Jubilee Year

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the world’s most popular and best-selling investment coin, the South African Krugerrand, has been manufactured for the first time in extraordinary weight units and in various precious metals. more ]

American Eagles most counterfeited bullion coins in the USA

A new survey indicates the popular U.S. bullion coins are now the most frequently encountered bullion coin counterfeits in the USA. Therefore members of the buying public should follow a solid advice how they can best protect themselves. more ]

A Warning About New U.S. Interstate Sales Tax Ruling

In a decision regarding interstate purchases, the U.S. Supreme Court has now ruled that states can require retailers beyond their borders to collect sales-tax revenue from consumers. This is especially significant for online purchases, but all sales across state lines could now be taxed. more ]

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