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Numismatic Northern Spain (2012)

In April 2012 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Northern Spain. During the summer she published her numismatic diary of this travel. Here you can read all single parts. more ]

Diary of a numismatist travelling Turkey (2009)

In the summer 2009 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Turkey – of course searching for numismatic traces as she always does. She condensed her impressions in a diary whose single parts we have gathered here. more ]

Numismatic diary of a journey throughout Greece (2011)

In summer 2011 Ursula Kampmann travelled Greece writing about her numismatic – and other – experiences a vivid diary. Here are all part gathered. more ]

Springtime in Turkey (2013)

It’s 2013 and time for another numismatic diary – this trip takes us to the west coast of Turkey. more ]

Sicily in full bloom (2014)

Do you also start daydreaming when you think of Sicily’s fantastic coins? The Arethusa’s head, crab and eagle or the natural beauty of the celery leaf! Ursula Kampmann is going to visit the cities where these coins originated. Accompany us on a journey through the paradise of each coin collector! more ]

Global power Portugal (2015)

In April 2015 Ursula Kampmann travelled through Portugal exploring the numismatic and economic history of one of the world’s greatest nations of discoverers. She condensed her impressions in travel reports which you find here. more ]

Welcome to Iran! (2016)

In spring 2016 Ursula Kampmann travelled to Iran! The particular warm welcome made up for some other details. And although coins were rarely seen during the travel it was a spetactular experience. more ]

To Spain! (2017)

In spring 2017 Ursula Kampmann visited southern Spain. Follow her on that journey through her travelog to famous places like the Alhambra or Granada, to less known sites and also to numismatic insider tipps that you won't find in any normal travel guide. more ]

Numismatic Miniatures from the North (2018)

In this series, we will present impressions of Ursula Kampmann's journey to Europe's Far North. There was much to marvel at in Sweden and Norway: from Viking treasures to stolen crowns to cashless payments. You can find all episodes here. more ]

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