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Women and Finance. An Evolving Image

An intriguing exhibition has opened at Olten recently: “Women and Finance. An evolving image”. Read here, why exotic women and ancient goddesses were pictured on security certificates and how role models changed – not only on these papers, but also in real life economy! more ]

Bags - an interesting topic for numismatics, too

Did you ever wonder which item is the most important one in a lady’s handbag? No, not the iPhone – it’s the money bag containing money, ID card, credit cards… Actually, the handbag originated from the want to show as imposingly as possible how much money one had at one’s disposal. That can be seen in an exhibition in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. more ]

A visit at the Joanneum

The Joanneum is the oldest and second largest museum in Austria, whose founding statute contains the obligation to collect domestic coins. Ursula Kampmann has paid the museum a visit. more ]

Much ado about the Cabinet des Médailles of the Bibliothèque nationale

Recently, throughout the numismatic world emails were sent that referred to a website spreading the news that the Cabinet des Médailles was in imminent danger of being ... more ]

Opening of the virtual coin cabinet of the Akademisches Kunstmuseum Bonn

The new website features about 3.350 numismatic objects. Scholars and collectors are invited to work with the coin collection of Akademisches Kunstmuseum... more ]

The Immortal Alexander the Great – The myth, the reality, his journey, his legacy

Did you like our last article of the week? Now you have the chance to see originals of that period in Amsterdam! more ]

Gold Rush at the Bode Museum

The Numismatic Collection of the National Museums in Berlin and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna have used the exploding gold price and the run on gold as an occasion to organize a joint exhibition... more ]

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City to open Money Museum and conference center in Denver Branch

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City announces extensive renovations to the Denver Branch’s first floor to include the addition of a Money Museum and conference center... more ]

Ashmolean Museum Acquires A Hoard of Angels This Christmas

A hoard, which was discovered in the summer of 2007, is part of the collection of the Ashmolean Museum now. More than half of the hoard’s asking price came from private giving... more ]

The Language of Money

The Museum for Communication in Nuremberg presents a new exhibition on the "Language of Money“... more ]

The Münzkabinett Winterthur celebrates its 150th Anniversary (1861-2011).

In 2011, the Münzkabinett Winterthur celebrates its 150th anniversary. Today Winterthur owns one of the most important and most active numismatic institutions in Switzerland. CoinsWeekly congratulates the Münzkabinett Winterthur... more ]

Medieval times in focus – the Coin Cabinet in the Fitzwilliam Museum / Cambridge

Only a few coin cabinets are at the same time centers of research. The Fitzwilliam Museum / Cambridge ranges amongst these. Philip Grierson, Mark Blackburn – they represent the study of medieval numismatics... But there is a lot more going on in Cambridge” more ]

Italy celebrates itself and its money

An exhibition to mark the state’s 150th anniversary was opened by President Giorgio Napolitano on the 4th of April. It shows the evolution of the Italian money from Italy’s founding until today... more ]

Myth and Coinage

For the first time, the National Archaeological Museum, the Numismatic Museum and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection co-organise the temporary exhibition entitled “Myth and Coinage”, which will be presented concurrently in both Museums from April 15 to November 27, 2011... more ]

The British Museum celebrates its 150th birthday

In 1861 the Department of Coins and Medals was separated from the Antiquity Department. Since then the BM coin cabinet is ranked among the biggest and most active numismatic research centers. On Friday, February 18, 2011 its 150th birthday was celebrated. A colloquium marked this special occasion... more ]

Warren Tucker Named VP of Heritage World Coins

Heritage Auctions announces its new Vice President of the World Coins division and its new New York City Gallery... more ]

Prominent Protagonist of the Right to collect becomes President of the J. Paul Getty Trust

James Cuno, hitherto Director of the Art Institute of Chicago, becomes President of the J. Paul Getty Trust. Cuno has won friends all over the world because he advocated the age-old tradition of collecting. more ]

New Exhibition of the ANS at the Fed: Coins of the Holy Land

A new exhibition, organized by the American Numismatic Society in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, illustrates the economic and religious aspects of the coins of the Near East... more ]

The Japan Mint in Osaka – exponent of Western modernization

By modernizing the coinage system Japan Mint has played an important part in introducing a lot of modern and Western ways of life in Japan since its establishment in 1871: We tell you the Mint’s history and take you to it’s museum full of amazing objects illustrating the long story of coin minting in Osaka... more ]

“Myth and Coinage” - a splendid exhibition in Athens

Since 5th July 2011 Internet users may visit the website of the exhibition “Myth and Coinage”, which can be viewed either in Greek or in English... more ]

Money and beauty – an impressive exhibition in Florence

From 17 September 2011 to 22 January 2012 a rich exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, explores the links between that unique interweave of high finance, economy and art, and the religious and political upheavals of the Renaissance. Don’t miss this! Here you will spot pictures of some sources about numismatics you never have seen before, for example the Secret Account Book of the Medici Bank... more ]

Women and finance – An evolving image

Wertpapierwelt, a museum of securities in Zurich, focuses on women’s role in the world of securities. Around 100 objects illustrate the changes of how women were pictured on these papers – but also on how they entered the world of finances... more ]

The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam Re-Opened

An important commercial power presents its history. Once, the Netherlands were the leading seafaring nation. They brought spices from all over the world to Europe. Now this history is one focus of the re-opened National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam... more ]

Wickham Market Gold Hoard to be Cleaned-up by Volunteers

At the moment, a gold hoard composed of 840 Iceni coins found in 2008 in a Suffolk field is cleaned by 50 volunteers. This is another example of British style cooperation... more ]

Sagalassos – City of Dreams. The ‘Pompeii of Anatolia’ in exhibition

The Gallo-Romeins Museum in Tongeren, Belgium, holds an exhibition on the ancient city of Sagalassos. The exhibition runs from October 29, 2011 to June 17, 2012 and shows mega-images and hundreds of objects... more ]

Shop around the clock – The share paves the way to consumer society

The Wertpapierwelt museum in Olten presents its 7th exhibition. It thematizes the consumer society and its links to shares... more ]

Treasure Stolen in Benghazi or Hollywood the Libyan Way?

Like in a Hollywood film robbers intruded in a bank in Libya and stole the “Treasure of Benghazi”: thousands of ancient coins and other objects. Months later the Libyans alerted Interpol about the catastrophe. But now doubts have arisen if things happened really this way... more ]

Parlamentarium: the European Parliament’s New Interactive Visitors’ Centre

The renowned Atelier Brückner has designed the new visitors’ centre of the European Parliament in Brussels. Since October 14, 2011 the European Union presents itself in its diversity and unity in 23 languages offering an interactive exhibition... more ]

International Storage Survey on Museums Reveals Disastrous Situation

Lack of space and lack of trained staff, backlog of indexing objects and damaged buildings: The list of deficits of the museums all over the world is long as a survey recently conducted by UNESCO and the cultural association ICCROM has revealed... more ]

New permanent exhibition at Basel Historical Museum

Basel Historical Museum has opened its new permanent exhibition. Objects from collections dating back to the 16th century are focused in this impressive presentation. Among other objects Basel presents medals and coins from the property of Erasmus of Rotterdam... more ]

Exhibition “Myth and Coinage” extended

The exhibition „Myth and Coinage“ in Athens is extended until Tuesday, January 3, 2012. This was decided due to its particular interest and the great visitor turnout – approximately 53,000 persons visited the exhibition until October 31, 2011... more ]

Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple Treasure to be Assessed

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) is the body which runs the affairs of the Indian temples. Now it is trying to assess the value of the famous treasure found half a year ago in the troves of Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in the province of Kerala... more ]

Scenography and numismatics: interview with scenographer Prof Eberhard Schlag

The Stuttgart ATELIER BRÜCKNER has acquired an outstanding reputation in regard to putting objects in the proper light. We talked with Prof Eberhard Schlag, Management Partner, how scenography can be put to use in numismatics. .. more ]

Roman coin project at the Museum of London

The Museum of London is currently working on an ambitious funded project to deliver over 90,000 of its objects online over the next two years, showcasing its diverse collection and opening it up to a worldwide audience. Part of it will be the Roman numismatic collection of 4000 coins. more ]

Huntington Collection For Sale – Spanish history in 37,895 coins

The vast Archer M. Huntington Collection of coins relating to the history of Spain will be offered as a single lot in a sealed-bid auction at Sotheby’s New York ending on 8 March 2012. One of the world’s most famous coin collections is expected to realize between $25 and 35 million. more ]

Money gallery at British Museum being rebuilt

The Money gallery at the British Museum opened 14 years ago, and was at the time an innovative way of displaying coins and medals. Now it is being rebuilt and therefore will remain closed to the public until June 2012. more ]

Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage 2012

Tony Abramson’s symposia in early medieval and medieval coinage have now become a firm fixture in the numismatic calendar of events. On March 31, 2012 the event returns to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. more ]

Cutbacks at Geldmuseum Utrecht

For years the new Geldmuseum in Utrecht struggles with serious budgetary problems. Now the bigger part of the staff will be laid off, services will be extremely reduced, the research department cut off, the library closed and much more. Here you will find an information send by the Head of Department and the Librarian. more ]

Calvet Foundation puts online its coin cabinet

The Calvet Foundation located in Avignon is putting online its coin collection comprising thousand of specimens of the Roman Republic and Empire and hundreds of important coins of the pre-Roman era. more ]

British Museum display on Shakespeare’s money and medals

From 19 April to 28 October 2012 the British Museum shows a display exploring the role of coins and money in Shakespeare’s works, as well as illustrating how money and medals marked the major events of the late Elizabethan and Jacobean world...
more ]

‘Cityscapes’ – City views on historical coins and medals

The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham (UK), shows an exhibition on panoramic views of Europe’s great cities on European coins and medals. ‘Cityscapes’ will be on display until 6 October 2013 and in addition it will be accompanied by an online exhibition. more ]

Automobile of Sarajevo

The Austrian museums are proposing 100 objects in a large-scale publicity campaign. Some of them might attract especially those interested in history like this automobile in which heir to the throne Francis Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo in 1914. more ]

Citi Money Gallery at British Museum open

Finally the Citi Money Gallery, the new display show at the Money and Medal Department of the British Museum, is open. In ‘Room 68’ more than thousand objects are on display in showcases; video and graphics attract visitors and fascinate children and grown-ups. more ]

Numismatics in Jerusalem – Part 2

Actually, numismatics concentrates on quite a narrow space in Jerusalem. There is the Israel Museum, which accommodates beside its own collection the Israel Antiquities Authority as well. And only a fifteen minutes’ walk from there you will find the exhibition of the Bank of Israel. Follow us today on a visit at the Israel Museum. more ]

New x-ray imaging technology assists with coin hoards

In collaboration with the British Museum researchers from the University of Southampton are applying an x-ray imaging technology in order to analyse coin hoards. The metal blocks are x-ray scanned, then a computer assembles the images rendering thus a 3D picture of the single coins. more ]

Smithonian to renovate its numismatic gallery

The construction of the Smithonian’s new numismatic gallery is expected to cost $1.5 million. Although coin dealers and other companies are contributing $300,000 are still lacking. The museum owns over 1 million artifacts and aims at displaying many more than today from 2015 on. more ]

Zürich Exhibition on formation of our economic system

The Landesmuseum Zurich is holding a historical exhibition from 14 September 2012 to 17 February 2013 that will show how it all began. ‘CAPITAL. Merchants in Venice and Amsterdam’ deals with the origins of our economic system, capitalism. more ]

New Coin and banknote Gallery in Danish Nationalbank

The Danish Nationalbank has inaugurated a new exhibition in its lobby presenting the Danish coinage since 1818. Additionally banknotes are shown too. more ]

New Gallery in Boston focuses on artistic aspect of coins

Five hundred ancient Greek and Roman coins from the Boston MFA’s world-renowned collection will be showcased in the inaugural exhibition of the new coin gallery. The Michael C. Ruettgers gallery is unique in the world for its emphasis on ancient coins as works of art. more ]

Jerusalem Electrum Congress Films online

In June 2012 an electrum congress took place in Jerusalem generating new discussions and giving many fresh ideas on this topic. Now videos show all papers given during this event. more ]

Kids Zone to Teach Kids About Money in Money Museum

The American Numismatic Association debuts the ‘Kids Zone,’ an interactive exhibit designed to teach children about money. The opening reception was held on Oct. 6 at the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs. more ]

Banker and money in the British Museum

During their volunteers day Citi employees gave a hand to the British Museum photographing coins and medals and making the objects available online. Why do we hear so seldom of projects like that? more ]

Exhibition on stories Greek coins tell

The Fondation Martin Bodmer in Cologny near Geneva (CH) displays a new exhibition until March 17, 2013. ‘Words and Coins: from Ancient Greece to Byzantium’ explores how messages were transmitted through images and texts in Antiquity. more ]

Numismatics in Gotha

From November 22 to 23, 2012 a congress on ‘Coin cabinets and numismatics in the baroque epoch’ was held in Gotha. And Gotha is indeed the perfect place for dealing with that topic. This is a picture story on what you can expect in Gotha from a numismatic point of view! more ]

British Museum acquires medals of Polar explorer Scott

Recently the British Museum has enriched its large collection of some 70,000 medals acquiring 24 medals that belonged to the family of national icon Captain Scott. more ]

Spectacular series of exhibition on French medallic art

In November and December 2012 a series of exhibitions on French medallic art in the 19th and 20th century in France has started. The title of the exhibitions is ‘Au creux de la main: La médaille en France aux XIXe et XXe siècles’. more ]

On the re-politicisation of cultural property

In an US indemnity lawsuit against Iran lawyers are trying to seize ‘Iranian objects’ from important museums of their own country in order to sell them. That, however, would mean that in the end US citizens pay for Iran. And then, of course, the academic research. more ]

French National Library puts 130,000 coins online

The French National Library is making available 130,000 Greek and Roman provincial coins in an online database. This monumental project is expected to be concluded by the end of 2013, but numerous coins are searchable already. more ]

British Museum exhibition on financial crisis in Britain since 1700

The Coins and Medals display ‘Bubbles and Bankruptcy: financial crises in Britain since 1700’, traces the history of financial crisis from the first stock bubbles of the 18th Century through to the current banking crisis. The exhibition will be on show until May 5, 2013. more ]

The Medici – a splendid exhibition in Mannheim

The exhibition ‘The Medici – People, Power and Passion’ takes us to the world of Florence, the city inextricably linked to this family’s fate. From February 17 to July 28, 2013 the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum displays the history of the Medici in Mannheim. more ]

Beau Street Hoard being questioned about its secrets

In 2007 an archaeological excavation in the city of Bath revealed an enormous hoard of Roman coins. The content of seven of the eight bags full of coins has been counted. Currently the coins are being analysed and described. The British Museum presents this work in its blog. more ]

The Real and the False – an intriguing exhibition in Italy

The most successful numismatic exhibition ever in Italy is being closed in Milan. It dealt with imitations and was the product of a collaboration of coin dealers, numismatists, and the Guardia di Finanza. more ]

Animali – Animals and Mythical Creatures in the Swiss National Museum

The Swiss National Museum in Zurich displays the exhibition ‘ANIMALI. Animals and Mythical Creatures from Antiquity to the Modern Age’ from March 1 until July 14, 2013 showing the changes in myths and legends over the course of different epochs. more ]

Memorabilia of ‘Gangsters and Gunslingers’ in Britain

The American Museum in Britain displays ‘Gangsters & Gunslingers – The Good, the Bad & the Memorabilia’ from 23 March to 3 November 2013. The show brings together two defining chapters in the history of the United States: the Wild West and the wild years of the Prohibition / Depression era. more ]

Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum

From March 28 until September 29, 2013 the British Museum will present a major exhibition on the Roman cities of Pompeji and Herculaneum in the Reading Room. It will bring together over 250 fascinating objects looking at the Roman home and the people who lived in these ill-fated cities. more ]

Academic collections illustrate research

Until October 27, 2013 the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art displays objects from academic collections of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of Vienna University. ‘Academic Objects? – Paths to Knowledge’ illustrate how research works in real life. more ]

Panta rhei – Or a Brief History of the Money Museum

It started in 1999, when Dr Jürg Conzett published his coin collection on the Internet. How the MoneyMuseum has developed during the last years is the focus of this article. more ]

The MoneyMuseum is selling pieces from its collection to help finance its presence on iTunes University

The MoneyMuseum is selling some of the precious items from its collection. The money raised won’t be going to ongoing maintenance, however, but rather to financing an innovative new project: The MoneyMuseum will be presenting podcasts on iTunes University on topics from the world of money. more ]

Haim Gitler nominated Chief Curator of Archeology at The Israel Museum

Following Michal Dayagi-Mendels, Haim Gitler has been nominated new Chief Curator of Archeology at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. He has joined the museum’s staff in 1987 and became Curator of Numismatics in 1994. CoinsWeekly congratulates Haim Gitler on his promotion wishing him all the best! more ]

SHIPWRECK! Exhibit at Discovery Times Square

Odyssey Marine Exploration, a private firm specialised in the fields of deep-ocean shipwreck, exhibits hundreds of authentic artefacts and historical treasures recovered from their deep-ocean projects from around the world at Discovery Times Square, New York. more ]

Tower of London launches new exhibition on historic Mint

A new permanent exhibition has been launched at the Tower of London. Located on the historic site that was once the country’s Mint, ‘Coins and Kings’, will explore the long history of this institution and its connection to London’s premier fortress. more ]

TropenMuseum petition

Amsterdam’s renowned Museum of the Tropics is hit hard by budget cuts and government plans to even close it. We call everybody to help putting this case again on the government agenda by signing an online petition. This is an open letter from the museum. more ]

Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic – A New Tool for Roman Numismatics

The American Numismatic Society and the Institute of Archaeology of University College London, UK, have launched an important new tool for the analysis of Roman Republican coin hoards. more ]

A new exhibition in the Old Castle of Stuttgart

Roughly 80,000 years of the history of civilization are presented in the Landesmuseum Stuttgart since 2012 in its new permanent exhibition. A substantial part of it is in fact related to numismatics as we have noticed at our recent visit. more ]

Ten years of Wertpapierwelt - Museum of Historical Shares and Bonds

To commemorate its ten-year anniversary, the world’s most prominent collection of historical securities is presenting a new type of exhibition. A modular design takes the visitors into the past and present world of shares and bonds and our complex economy. more ]

How to be a Man? Basel investigates the stronger sex in Antiquity

The current exhibition of the Antikenmuseum Basel focuses on men and images of men in Classical Athens. The Skulpturhalle concentrates on the traditionally male domain of sport. The exhibitions run until March 30, 2014. more ]

'Longing for Mecca - the pilgrim's journey' an exhibition in Leiden (NL)

The Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden (The Netherlands) shows impressive objects of art in its forthcoming exhibition dedicated to the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca which is central to the Muslim faith, among which there are also historically significant coins. more ]

Charlemagne and Switzerland

From September 20, 2013 to February 2, 2014 the Landesmuseum Zurich shows a large exhibition on Carolingian culture in Switzerland. Ursula Kampmann takes you with her through the display. more ]

The Battle at Harzhorn on display

In 2008 an enormous battlefield from the 3rd century CE was discovered in northern Germany. This changed the idea of that period completely: actually Roman campaigns deep into the Germanic area continued even after Varus’s defeat. Now a splendid exhibition shows the findings. more ]

The Ebnöther collection in Schaffhausen

Only few will know that just a one-hour ride by train from Zurich an eminent collection of ancient and pre-Columbian American art is on display. Now the Ebnöther collection in the Museum zu Allerheiligen / Schaffhausen is being shown in a restyled manner. Visit the permanent exhibition with Ursula Kampmann. more ]

Geldmuseum Utrecht closes

More than ten years ago the Netherlands merged three important coin collections into one museum, the Geldmuseum Utrecht. This institution was designed to be financially neutral or self-sufficient – but it did not work. On November 1, 2013 the museum closes definitely. more ]

Reflected Glory: the Romanovs, Württemberg and Europe

At Stuttgart’s Old Castle a special exhibition entitled ‘Reflected Glory: the Romanovs, Württemberg and Europe’ tells the story of five legendary women whose marriages formed the basis of the extraordinary history shared by the House of Württemberg and the Russian Romanov dynasty. more ]

Donation fund in honour of Richard G. Doty

The Smithsonian Institute has put up a donation fund in honour of his former senior numismatic curator Richard G. Doty who passed away earlier this year. more ]

Basel Museum to explore fascination of knights and castles

‘Real Castles – Imaginary Knights?’ at Basel’s Museum of History / Barfüsser Church is to run until June 29, 2014 and explores the unbroken fascination that knights and castles still hold for us today and uncovers the origins of many of our clichéd notions of chivalry. more ]

Ancient heroes on Flemish tapestry

The Musée Rath in Geneva displays until March 2, 2014 the exhibition ‘Ancient heroes. Flemish tapestry and archaeology’. Monumental tapestries showed the ancient role models to the beholders in the 17th century. The exhibition confronts ancient objects with these baroque interpretations of the past. more ]

Game of luck: exhibition in Neuchâtel

‘Money – Game – Stake’ this is the title and subject of the big annual display in the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. The exhibition runs until August 31, 2014 and cooperates with various experts on that field. more ]

“Heaven and Earth”: Unique exhibition on Byzantine art

In the first exhibition devoted to Byzantine art at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, some 170 rare and important works, drawn exclusively from Greek collections, will offer a fascinating glimpse of the soul and splendor of the mysterious Byzantine Empire. more ]

Industrialization displayed on banknotes

From muscle power to steam engines, the new banknote exhibition held by Giesecke & Devrient, the Munich-based banknote specialist, traces the history of industrialization. The firm’s in-house museum is displaying one hundred banknotes – both historical and current – from 61 countries. more ]

The Divine on Byzantine and Early Islamic Coinage

Birmingham is currently displaying an exhibition where visitors can explore the relationship between religion and money in two of the world’s major faiths, Christianity and Islam, at a pivotal time in their early history. more ]

Exhibition of Latin American Medals at Princeton University Library

In celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of Latin America’s wars of independence, the Princeton University Library has mounted a dramatic display of medals and orders that illustrate the recognitions awarded to soldiers and civilians in the form of wearable insignia. more ]

Of knights in shining armour – exhibition in Schaffhausen

Between April 10 and September 21, 2014, the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen features an exhibition on medieval tournaments. The location is well chosen since no tournaments have been recorded in so much detail as the ones in Schaffhausen from 1436 and 1438. Ursula Kampmann has visited the exhibition for you. more ]

Reformatio in Nummis – Luther and the Reformation on Coins and Medals

More than 100 coins and medals covering 500 years of reformation provide an insight into the history of Protestantism and the world of numismatics in an entertaining way. Auction house Künker organised this special exhibition at the famous German castle Wartburg. more ]

Exhibition in Thessaloniki: The Europe of Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection have organised the exhibition ‘The Europe of Greece: Colonies and Coins from the Alpha Bank Collection’ at two of the Museum’s Temporary Exhibitions Galleries. The show will be on display until April 19, 2015. more ]

smac - State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz opened

Saxony has a large new museum: the State Museum of Archaeology Chemnitz (smac). It sets new standards in the German museum scene. The permanent exhibition was designed by renowned Atelier Brückner. more ]

The sinking of the Lusitania: medals as war propaganda

The sinking of RMS Lusitania on 7 May 1915 was a hugely significant event during the First World War and was subsequently chosen as a subject of German war propaganda. Henry Flynn, Project Curator with the British Museum tells the story of a German medal by Karl Goetz and its British reply. more ]

The coins of Emperor Charlemagne in the Fitzwilliam Museum

A new exhibition marking the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne, ‘beacon, king and father of Europe’ has opened in the Octagon Gallery of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (UK) and will be on display until August 3, 2014. more ]

Discovering the hidden treasures of Celts and Romans in Jersey

In 2012 two metal detectorists found the world’s largest hoard of Celtic coins in Jersey. The approximately 70,000 coins are now on display in Jersey’s museum and publicly cleaned in a glass fronted lab. more ]

India’s Numismatic Institute under cross-fire

India’s only Numismatic Institute is not allowed to admit new master students. The decision made by the university follows the troublesome question whether coins from the affiliated museum have been illegally purloined and offered in auction. more ]

Vienna’s Museum of Military History re-opens WWI Room

On 28 June 2014 it was exactly hundred years ago that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. On that occasion the Museum of Military History in Vienna has re-opened its newly decorated WWI room with many important original objects. more ]

The saddest night in the history of Spanish numismatics

In November 1936 the government of the Second Spanish Republic ordered to seize all gold coins in the Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid. Abroad this story has remained scarcely known. But until today, the museum has never recovered from this loss. more ]

WWI in coins and medals in the Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum Oxford shows the exhibition ‘Lest We Forget: Commemorating the Great War 1914-1918’ until December 23, 2014. Commemorative coins and medals, and emergency money evidences the war in numismatics. more ]

Karl May’s Heirs Standing on the Dock

Scalps illustrate quite drastically what victorious Indians did to their enemies. Is it impious to still display these trophies when descendants want to bury the remains of their ancestors? To that question the Karl May Museum recently had to find an answer. more ]

Exhibition in Warsaw celebrated Polish Pope

This summer works of over 70 Polish medallists were on display at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. These medals describe the personal associations of their creators with the person and work of John Paul II. more ]

The Knights’ Tournament at the Herrenacker at Schaffhausen

In 1436, there was a knights’ tournament held at Schaffhausen. That was something of an event back then, but nothing out of the ordinary. It only becomes extraordinary thanks to a detailed record on this competition that has come down to us. Now, there was a reenactment of this famous tournament to be witnessed on the original site. more ]

Moments of Eternity: Italian Medals from the Renaissance in Winterthur

Until April 19, 2015 the new temporary exhibition offered by the Winterthur Coin Cabinet presents some 60 Italian Renaissance medals combining an outstanding Swiss private collection with in-house exhibits. On display are creations by the leading medal artists of their time. more ]

Numismatics at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn

Ever been to the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn? No? Then it’s about time you changed that because the museum has much to offer for lovers of numismatics. Dr Claudia Klages gave Ursula Kampmann an exclusive tour. more ]

The era Kluge draws to an end

Only very few numismatists have shaped the numismatic course of events like Bernd Kluge, hitherto Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. On 1 October, 2014, he is retiring. At this point, Ursula Kampmann would like to dedicate a small laudation to him. more ]

GDR – Turnaround – Reunification: Museum and Numismatics in Politically Turbulent Times

In 2009, Bernd Kluge, Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, gave Ursula Kampmann an interview and explained to her what it meant to work in the Münzkabinett in the GDR era and to lead it through the Turnaround and the German Reunification. On the occasion of his retirement on 1 October, 2014, we publish this interview again in CoinsWeekly. more ]

British Museum investigates Germany’s identity

The British Museum shows an exhibition on Germany’s past and identity. At the same time a radio series present objects and places developing the topic further. Germans too will learn quite a lot about themselves. more ]

GDR – Turnaround – Reunification: Museum and Numismatics in Politically Turbulent Times – Part 2

In 2009, Bernd Kluge, Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, gave Ursula Kampmann an interview and explained to her what it meant to work in the Münzkabinett in the GDR era and to lead it through the Turnaround and the German Reunification. On the occasion of his retirement on 1 October, 2014, we publish this interview again in CoinsWeekly. more ]

‘Germany – Memories of a Nation’ in the British Museum

The British Museum has opened its new exhibition ‘Germany – Memories of a Nation’ running until 25 January 2015. The display features 200 objects and focuses on a key period of 600 years in Germany’s history, from the 15th century to the present day. more ]

Keys to Rome. An exhibition in four places – and in the virtual world

‘Keys to Rome. The city of Augustus’ is an exhibition organized in parallel in four incredible locations: Rome, Sarajevo, Amsterdam, and Alexandria. Employing the most cutting-edge digital technologies it shows how the virtual museum of the future may look like. more ]

Art and Artifice Behind History’s Greatest Fabrications

The Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries have opened “Fakes, Lies, and Forgeries”, a new rare book exhibition at the George Peabody Library. The exhibition features highlights from the world’s most comprehensive collection of rare books and manuscripts on the history of forgery in the West. more ]

British Museum explores beauty of human body in Greek art

From 26 March until 5 July 2015 the British Museum will stage a major exhibition on the human body in ancient Greek art: ‘Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art’. It will explore the Greek preoccupation with the human form featuring breath-taking objects. more ]

New permanent exhibition in ethnological museum in Geneva

The new permanent exhibition of the MEG Musée d'ethnographie de Genève was officially opened on 31 October. With around 80,000 objects as well as 15,000 pictorial and auditory documents, the ethnographic collection is one of the largest in Switzerland. more ]

GDR – Turnaround – Reunification: Museum and Numismatics in Politically Turbulent Times – Part 3

In 2009, Bernd Kluge, Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, gave Ursula Kampmann an interview and explained to her what it meant to work in the Münzkabinett in the GDR era and to lead it through the Turnaround and the German Reunification. On the occasion of his retirement on 1 October, 2014, we publish this interview again in CoinsWeekly. more ]

Rome’s rich town of Padova

Nearly nothing has remained of the once so splendid town of Patavium, modern Padova in Italy. In the current exhibition running until 1 March 2015 the local museum of Padova gives at least an idea of these lost treasures. more ]

Coinage and Power in Ancient Israel

The coin collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna presents until September 13, 2015 the exhibition “Coinage and Power in Ancient Israel“. The pieces from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem demonstrate the political and religious changes ancient Israel experienced. more ]

The Hunterian Museum in Glasgow moves

With over 1.3 million objects in its collections, the Hunterian is one of the world’s leading university museums and galleries. Now the museum, including the numismatic collections, is moving to a new location at Kelvin Hall on the main University of Glasgow campus. more ]

Google’s Digital World of Museums

Do we actually have to visit museums when everything will be available on the internet very soon? As part of its project called Google Cultural Institute, Google now presents numerous digital exhibitions that have one or two advantages indeed. more ]

Smithsonian to open new Gallery of Numismatics

The National Museum of American History opens the new Gallery of Numismatics and its inaugural exhibition, “The Value of Money” on July 1, 2015. The gallery will showcase numismatic rarities from the National Numismatic Collection which comprises more than 1.6 million objects. more ]

British Museum to open new gallery of the Islamic World

The Albukhary Foundation is providing significant support for a major new gallery to redisplay the collections of the Islamic world at the British Museum. The gallery will open in 2018. more ]

Around the World in 80 Coins

In its long history the British Royal Mint has minted coins for many nations. The project ‘Around the World in 80 Coins’ demonstrates this vividly. An interactive map invites to browse and learn. more ]

Sensational discovery at Hasegg Castle: drive mechanism of roller coining machine detected

Due to construction work part of the drive mechanism of the roller coining machine was probably discovered at Hasegg Castle in Tyrol. This technological sensation boosts the city’s candidature for becoming a UNESCO world heritage site. more ]

Triumph and disaster: medals of the Sun King

The British Museum hosts a display on medals of the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV in its Room 69a until 15 November 2015. ‘Triumph and disaster: medals of the Sun King’ explores the ‘Medallic History’ of Louis’ reign. more ]

Coin Cabinet Dresden re-opens

On 6 June 2015 the Coin Cabinet of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden was re-opened in the Dresden Residenzschloss. After decades Germany’s third largest coin collecting boasting some 300,000 objects has eventually returned to its place of origin. more ]

G7 Finance Ministers at ‘New Treasure Chamber’ in Dresden

On June 6, the new permanent exhibition of the Dresden Coin Cabinet opened its doors. Shortly before then, the G7 Finance Ministers had visited the not yet fully completed presentation. We talked to Dr Rainer Grund, Director of the Dresden Coin Cabinet, about what happened backstage. more ]

Indiana Jones™ Exhibition in National Geographic Museum

The National Geographic Museum in Washington shows the exhibit ‘Indiana Jones™ and the Adventure of Archaeology’ in cooperation with Lucasfilm Ltd. and X3 Productions. Indy fans will find key objects from the films combined with historical artifacts which inspired the plots. more ]

Medal Portraits exhibition in Spain

The house of Catalan architect Rafael Masó in Girona (Spain) is today a museum dedicated to the work and collections of Masó. Currently nearly 400 medals from his collection are on display there, a splendid catalogue accompanies this exhibition. more ]

Exhibition at the National Museum Zurich: “1515 Marignano”

The exhibition “1515 Marignano”, at the National Museum Zurich until 28 June 2015, examines the reasons behind the struggle to control Milan and the consequences of the war. It focuses on Milan around the year 1500, the battle as a major military event and the consequences of the Peace of 1516. more ]

Can luxury be a sin? New Exhibition of Wertpapierwelt

What is luxury? In its exhibition, Wertpapierwelt in Olten (Switzerland) examines until June 2016 various aspects of this question. Using the securities from the luxury goods industry, the exhibition investigates the complexity of this subject along with its social and economic facets. more ]

A Rothschild Renaissance: Treasures from the Waddesdon Bequest

The Waddesdon Bequest, the superb collection of medieval and Renaissance treasures left to the British Museum in 1898 by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild MP, is redisplayed in a new gallery in the British Museum. more ]

German Hat Museum in Lindenberg in the Allgäu opened

The Deutsche Hutmuseum (German Hat Museum) in Lindenberg in the Allgäu opened on 13 December 2014. The new permanent exhibition awakens enthusiasm for hat fashion as a part of our cultural history and lets the visitors re-experience the technical process of hat-making. more ]

How were the Statues of Easter Island made?

Until September 6, 2015, the new exhibition of the Manchester Museum will take a fresh look at the impressive statues of Rapa Nui (named Easter Island by European explorers): How were the statues made, how were they transported across the island and what did they mean? more ]

Restored or Caricatured? Of the Fate of Ancient Mosaics in Turkey

Allegedly, valuable mosaics dating to Roman Times have been seriously damaged. The deed wasn’t committed by rioters but by restorers. The incident happened in Turkish Antakya, ancient Antioch, which houses one of the world’s largest collections of ancient mosaics. more ]

Finger rings from a period of 4,000 years at the National Museum Zurich

One of the world’s largest and most significant collections of rings has been bequeathed to the Swiss National Museum. The museum is currently showing 300 selected items from the collection, illustrating the history of finger rings over a period of 4,000 years. more ]

First British major exhibition in 40 years about the Celts

Until September 25, 2016, the British Museum, in partnership with National Museums Scotland, will stage the first British major exhibition in 40 years on the Celts. Beautiful objects tell the story of the different peoples who have used or been given this name. more ]

Major Exhibit on Hellenistic Bronzes

“Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World” is the title of a travelling exhibit currently on display in the J. Paul Getty Museum. Bringing together rare works of art, this event is a must-see. more ]

Campaign against the art of Renoir

Enraged art lovers demand the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art to remove the works of a terrorist against aesthetics and good taste: renowned Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. more ]

Anglo-German switch-over: British Museum Director comes to Germany, while German becomes designated British Museum Director

Neil MacGregor, outgoing Director of the British Museum, will preside over the founding committee of the Humboldt-Forum. His current position will be taken by Hartwig Fischer, General Director of the Dresden State Art Collections since 2012. more ]

Treasure from Caesarea on display at Israel Museum

In February 2015, divers off the coast of Caesarea spotted a group of gold coins lying on the seabed. They had found a treasure of 2,600 Fatimid gold coins. This finding is now on display in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. more ]

ANS launches online catalogue with Egyptian National Library

The American Numismatic Society announced the digital publication of the non-hoard numismatic collection of the Egyptian National Library, in collaboration with the universities of Washington and Cairo. more ]

200 years of the Fitzwilliam Museum

200 years ago, in 1816 the 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion bequeathed his art collection to the University of Cambridge, along with £100,000 for ‘a good substantial Museum’ to house them. Richard Kelleher presents this magnificent museum. more ]

Frick Collection to receive the most important private collection of portrait medals

The Frick Collection will receive a gift of portrait medals from the Stephen K. and Janie Woo Scher Collection. It is considered to be the world’s greatest medals collection in private hands. A selection will be featured in a major exhibition opening in May of 2017. more ]

New ‘Swiss Finance Museum’ to open in 2017 in Zurich-West

Zurich gets a new museum. The museum ‘Wertpapierwelt’ in Olten, operated by Six, will move into its new home in Zurich-West in the second quarter of 2017. The new ‘Swiss Finance Museum’ will illustrate the history of the Swiss financial industry and how it works. more ]

National Museum of American History shows “Women on Money”

Inspired by the announcement that the 10 dollar note will be redesigned to depict a historic woman, Smithsonians’ National Museum of American History has added a news section to its “Stories on Money” Gallery. “Woman on Money” focuses on women who made a difference. more ]

‘Money Matters’ says new British Museum display

‘Money Matters’, a free display at the British Museum running through 9 October 2016, explores the world of money, and individual everyday relationships with it, through a selection of objects drawn from over two thousand years of history. more ]

Google Art Camera – could a new project become a chance for museums?

Google Art Camera is going to make treasures from all over the world available. This sounds like a noble undertaking, but will Google influence which art objects we will be noticed and which will remain unseen? more ]

Museum of American Finance Founder Makes Final Visionary Gift to Institution

Wall Street veteran John E. Herzog has announced a final $5 million gift to the Museum of American Finance, the New York institution he founded more than 25 years ago. more ]

New Permanent Exhibition at Corfu's Banknote Museum

“Greek Banknotes: Historical Evidence” is the title of the new permanent exhibition of the Banknote Museum of the Ionian Bank in Corfu. The material spans 180 years of Greek monetary history. more ]

Farewell celebration for Hortensia von Roten

At the Swiss National Museum an era comes to an end: Hortensia von Roten, responsible curator for the biggest collection of Swiss coinage world wide, is retiring. Her successor has already been determined. more ]

The Cloisters acquire late medieval medal connected to Jean Duc de Berry

In a recent Morton & Eden sale of Renaissance and Baroque medals, The Cloisters Museum New York purchased an extremely rare French silver repoussé impression of a gold medal that formerly belonged to the important early Renaissance collector Jean Duc de Berry. more ]

Egypt Builds Pharaoh-Sized Museum; Ignores Theft and Abuse at Sites

Egypt is spending over $1 billion to build a gigantic museum for its tourists. At the same time the country fails to enforce security at storehouses and archaeological sites, and treats its cultural heritage carelessly. more ]

Images of the Human Body on Coins

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow and the Benaki Museum in Athens organized in cooperation an exhibition entitled “Heads and Tails – Tales and Bodies: Engraving the Human Figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period”. more ]

Zurich opens spectacular new wing of National Museum

With the New Wing of the National Museum Zurich, after 15 years to plan and build a once-in-a-lifetime project has been realised. The impressive modern wing is an extension of the old building, creating an ensemble of old and new. more ]

Netherlands goes online with national coin collection

Having been closed to the public, the coin collection of the Netherlands is finally accessible again, at least partially and online. This is a significant step after the disastrous austerity measures that have led to the closure of the Geldmuseum. more ]

A visit to the Zurich Coin Cabinet

As of July 1, 2016 the Swiss National Museum has a new curator of numismatics. We visited Dr designatus Christian Weiss at his new place of activity. more ]

Ancient Greece Meets Modern Art

During the Liverpool Biennial 2016 Tate Liverpool has turned its first floor galleries into Ancient Greece. Until 16 October 2016 visitors encounter classical sculptures from the collection of National Museums Liverpool, alongside newly commissioned artworks. more ]

Berlin exhibition on money’s power over art

What happens when art gets caught up in the maelstrom of money and power? This question is at the heart of the exhibition “Art Coins Money / MUSE MACHT MONETEN”, presenting answers of the artists themselves. It can be viewed at the Bode-Museum until 27 May 2017. more ]

Is the Geneva Coin Cabinet facing its closure?

The governing body of the city of Geneva has decided to send the curator of the Geneva Coin Cabinet into early retirement. Does it plan to save costs by letting this one-of-a-kind collection be looked after by a research assistant? more ]

The Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm is going to be closed and stripped down

The Swedish national museum of economy is going to be closed down. This entails the relocation of the Royal Coin Cabinet and its notable library. At this point, no one knows where, when or how the coins and books will be available again. Harald Nilsson reports. more ]

Stockholm’s Royal Coin Cabinet is relocated to the Swedish History Museum

On 12 January 2017 we reported on the current closing of Sweden’s Royal Coin Cabinet. Now the director informs us that the cabinet is relocated to the Swedish History Museum. It will certainly reopen presumably in spring 2019. Please read the director’s letter. more ]

New permanent gallery at the Bank of England Museum

Inspired by the polymer £5 note, the Bank of England Museum has opened its new permanent gallery. Its exhibition “The Story of the Banknote – From Mulberry Paper to Flexible Plastic” journeys from the Ming dynasty money to the new fiver. more ]

Interview with Manager of Dutch National Numismatic Collection

With more than 400,000 items, the National Numismatic Collection is the largest collection of means of payment in the Netherlands. Ursula Kampmann talked with Ewout van Haeften, who is responsible for the collection, about the current situation and plans for the future. more ]

Coin installation at Princeton University Art Museum

Drawn from the collections of three institutions at Princeton University, a new permanent collection of ancient and medieval coins was opened at the University’s Art Museum. Supervised by curator Alan Stahl, the organizing team involved Princeton students. more ]

Million dollar law suit against Getty

The Getty museum is being sued, because it allegedly communicated with the owner of antiques they wanted to buy. Phoenix Ancient Art consider themselves ousted as middleman and claim 77 million dollars for breach of contract. But was there ever a contract? more ]

Funds raised to acquire the Hoard of King Alfred

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford has raised the £1.35 million required to purchase the hoard of King Alfred the Great discovered in Oxfordshire in 2015. Support was provided by the National Lottery through a Heritage Lottery Fund, Art Fund and private contributors. more ]

Crimean gold to (no) end

Who owns objects that were lent to another country, when the original owner becomes part of a different state during the lending period? This has been an important question since 2014, regarding the gold objects from Crimea. A court in Amsterdam has ruled. more ]

The Toledo Sale Presented by Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

Recently Harlan J. Berk, Ltd was fortunate enough to work on a unique experiment with the Toledo Museum of Art in their decision to deaccession. The aim is to permit many pieces to remain in the collections of museums and institutions, and to offer material to private collectors alike. more ]

Theft at the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet

An audit at the Royal Coin Cabinet in Stockholm showed that a transferred 2.6 million euros worth of objects are missing. Now a former employee has to answer for theft. more ]

The museum of the Italian Mint shines in new splendor

The museum of the Italian Mint has been completely refurbished in record time and finally reveals its treasures to the general public again. The museum also has a wonderful internet presence. And this is just an intermediate stop ... more ]

Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania

The 1st Conference of the Museum of the Bank of Albania will be held in Tirana, Albania, on 14th-15th of June 2017. The conference will be a two-day event discussing “Monetary history in Albania” and “Money and Banking Museums”. more ]

ANS repatriates coins to Austrian Museum

In 1995 the American Numismatic Society acquired 94 coins which were rumored to have come from a museum in Austria in 1945. In the meantime the rightful owner was proved, and the coins were repatriated end of May. more ]

The human body on objects of the minor arts

The Benaki Museum in Athens and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow have organized a joint exhibition that is being immortalized in a bibliophile catalog. It bears witness to the eternal beauty of the human body. Ursula Kampmann took a look. more ]

Surveillance video expected to trace thieves of giant gold coin

There is still no sign of the huge gold Maple Leaf that was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum in March 2017. Berlin Police has now posted a surveillance camera video that might help to find the burglars. more ]

Update to Stockholm coin heist: first pictures of stolen objects

At least 1,400 numismatic objects were stolen from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. Swedish Police is now revealing details for the first time. Here you find pictures of objects concerned. more ]

Raid at dawn: criminal investigation of Bode Museum heist successful

More than three months after the giant Big Maple Leaf has been stolen from the Bode Museum, Police arrested some suspects. Thanks to a large-scale raid, the crime seems to have been largely solved. more ]

German scenographer redesigns Egyptian Museum

The famous Egyptian Museum will be replaced by the Grand Egyptian Museum at Gizeh featuring the most important exhibition of Egyptian objects. A German scenographer has won the competition of designing the exhibition. more ]

Spectacular solidi hoard found in the Netherlands

41 Roman solidi have been discovered in an orchard in the Gelderland province. They may have served to pay a local ruler to assist in the fight against Germanic tribes. This is a promising start for a newly established project that aims at recording private archaeological finds. more ]

Gem exhibition in Leiden

Through September 24, 2017 the Leiden Riksmuseum van Oudheden presents the special exhibition “Splendour and Precision”. Select objects from its some 6,300 pieces collection illuminate the engravers’ craftsmanship in the ancient world and the following centuries. more ]

New Swiss Finance Museum

On June 28, 2017, the new Swiss Finance Museum has opened its doors in Zurich-West. Located in the new global head office of SIX, it combines historical exhibits with state-of-the-art multimedia installations on the development of the modern financial economy. more ]

Princeton University Acquires Donald Collection of Byzantine Coins

The Princeton University Numismatic Collection has acquired Peter Donald’s huge collection of rare Byzantine coins. Comprising 5,280 coins, the collection of the English numismatic scholar constitutes one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections. more ]

Geneva Museum wins European Museum of the Year Award 2017

Since 40 years the European Museum Forum has given every year the European Museum of the Year Award to a museum. In 2017 this award was won by the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva. more ]

Swiss National Museum launches history blog

The Swiss National Museum launched a history blog – also in English and French. May it be historical information on the weather, Roman beauty tips or numismatics – the blog presents exciting historical content in a contemporary style. more ]

Vienna exhibition on Gustav Klimt’s erotic reception of antiquity

“Klimt and Antiquity. Erotic Encounters” is the title of an exhibition at the Vienna Lower Belvedere until October 8, 2017. The inspiration Gustav Klimt derived from ancient art becomes apparent in selected exhibits, including his illustrations of the “Dialogues of the Courtesans”. more ]

New Bank of Canada Museum unveiled

In July, the re-designed Bank of Canada Museum opened. It offers interactive ways to learn about economy and the central bank’s role. more ]

Edinburgh money museum to close

Highlighting how money evolved over 4,000 years, the “Museum on the Mound” in Edinburgh, Scotland, attracts more than 50,000 visitors every year. Its exhibitions are especially popular with kids. However, the owner will close it down in December 2017. more ]

Communism at the British Museum

In the display ‘Communism’ running until 18 March 2018 the British Museum investigates how countries with a form of communist government have demonstrated their view on money and economy on their money, government bonds and related material. more ]

Ashmolean recounts its story as the world’s first public museum

The world’s first public museum, the Ashmolean in Oxford, presents its new permanent gallery, the ‘Ashmolean Story’. Marking the 400th anniversary of the museum’s founder (and coin collector), Elias Ashmole, it displays many 17th century artefacts and curiosities. more ]

British Museum’s Prize Medals Online

Ranging from individually engraved pieces to works by well-known medallists, from the 18th to the 20th century, the BM’s collection of more than 1000 school prize medals is now available online. It will soon be joined by medals issued as awards also by other institutions. more ]

British Museum exhibition illuminates religious beliefs

“Living with gods: peoples, places and worlds beyond” is the title of an exhibition at the London British Museum until April 8, 2018. Displaying objects from 40,000 BC to today, it highlights world faiths, traditional indigenous, archaeological and modern civil practices. more ]

Heist at Bergen University Museum

In August 2017, thieves took almost 400 mainly Viking Age artefacts among them coins from Bergen University Museum, Norway. To make the sale of these items more difficult, the public was asked for help. A first major success was achieved already. more ]

ANS Partners with Google Arts & Culture to Present Online Exhibits

The American Numismatic Society has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to present online exhibits of its collections through the Google Cultural Institute. Visitors of the first exhibition can view images and video, engage with maps and link with ANS’s database. more ]

Stockholm: Lawsuit against Royal Coin Cabinet thief

In April we had to report that at least 1,200 objects worth the equivalent of 2.6 million euros had disappeared from the Stockholm Royal Coin Cabinet. A perpetrator is now standing trial. A second one is the subject of ongoing investigations. more ]

Weltmuseum Wien in new splendor

After three years of redesigning, the Weltmuseum Wien has opened its doors again. It bears witness to the fact that the economy has been connecting most parts of the world since the 16th century. more ]

Weird objects you would not expect in a National Numismatic Collection

“You have what stored in the vault?!” is a common reaction when Jenifer Gloede reveals what her workplace literally has in store. In this article, the specialist at the Smithsonian’s NMAH collection of monetary and transactional objects presents the five most bizarre items. more ]

Rodin and the art of ancient Greece

From 26 April to 29 July 2018 the British Museum will show ‘Rodin and the art of ancient Greece’. It is little known that Rodin took his inspiration from the works of the Greek artist Pheidias who conceived the Parthenon sculptures. more ]

Exhibition illuminates Bank of England in literature

To mark the launch of the new Jane Austen £10 note, the Bank of England museum presents “Stories from the City: The Bank of England in Literature”. Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot and others figure prominently in this special exhibition that will run throughout 2018. more ]

Numismatics in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the city of banks and commerce. But Frankfurt is also a city of numismatics. Probably no one knows this better than Frank Berger. He shows us what numismatists and coin collectors should know and which places they should visit. more ]

East Asian Coins on Display at National Museum of American History

Collector Howard F. Bowker's family donated more than 380 East Asian coins, banknotes and stamps to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. A selection of them is currently on display. more ]

Virtual Tour of “Faces of Power” Exhibition

Since summer 2017 the Israel Museum has been showing the exhibition “Faces of Power” of Roman gold coins. Now the museum has published an amazing 360 degree virtual tour in combination with an audio guide. more ]

The achievements of the Money and Medals Network is the topic of a new exhibition

“Money and Medals: mapping the UK’s numismatic collections” is a new exhibition of the British Museum. It is dedicated to the successful Money and Medals Network run by the BM. This exhibition is the first of two BM exhibitions sponsored by Spink. more ]

Numismatics: The royal discipline

Currently, the King Vittorio Emanuele III coin collection is being republished in Italy. We owe the volume about the Islamic coins to Arianna D’Ottone Rambach. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it. more ]

The Silver Caesars: A Renaissance Mystery at the Met

Just a few days remain to visit the exhibition of the Metropolitan featuring the Tazze Aldobrandini. They are dedicated to the Roman emperors and their decoding is the solution of a riddle numismatists will love. We simply have to publish these wonderful pictures. more ]

A Collection in Context – The Dr. Karl von Schäffer collection

In 1888, Karl von Schäffer left his collection to the University of Tübingen. A team of authors has reconstructed the origin of this collection in a book. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at this first volume of the new “Tübinger Numismatische Studien”. more ]

Bold theft in Nantes

The Thomas-Dobrée Museum in Nantes was robbed in the night between April 13th and 14th. Not only the heart of Anne of Brittany was stolen, but also a large group of French gold coins. An illustrated list has been put online by cgb. You will find all the links here. more ]

Berlin coin cabinet mourns the passing of patron Erivan Haub

Erivan Karl Matthias Haub, long-time CEO of the Tengelmann Group, and – along with his wife Helga – the most important patron of the Berlin Coin Cabinet, died on 6 March at the age of 85. more ]

Treasures from ancient Americas on display in The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York currently presents the exhibition “Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas” which showcases some of the rarest exhibits from three millennia of American history. more ]

The Top Ten of museums

Every year the Art Newspaper researches the Top Ten: Which museums had the most visitors? Which exhibition themes can be marketed the best? What draws the masses to these culture palaces? The numbers and a critical commentary by Ursula Kampmann. more ]

Photographic insight into American economic history

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery dedicates an exhibition to those who made America great. The over 100 exhibits show workers at worksite and are art as well as historic testimonies. more ]

Haiti and Toussaint Louverture

Toussaint Louverture is one of the most remarkable icons of coloured identity and therefore often shown on coins and banknotes. The British Museum explores his legacy and the world’s first slave revolution taking place in Haiti. more ]

German Bundesbank has opened its vaults

The Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank hosts a special exhibition named “Gold. Treasures at the Deutsche Bundesbank” which will contain gold bars and rare gold coins from all eras. The exhibition runs until September 30th 2018. more ]

“Built on Gold“: Exhibition shows Melbourne’s golden past

A new exhibition in the Old Treasury of Melbourne showcases the story of the journey of Victorian gold, from the diggings, as it passed through the hands of the gold buyers, escort troopers and on some occasions, bushrangers in England’s southernmost colony. more ]

Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - Part 1

From September 20-24, 2021 the XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw. Warsaw? Have you ever been to Warsaw? No? Then you ought to go as soon as possible, because Warsaw is worth a trip - especially in the numismatic sense! more ]

Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - part 2

The International Numismatic Congress of 2021 will take place in Warsaw. CoinsWeekly will introduce you to some of the numismatic sights of the city. In this article we will guide you through the two largest coin collections in Warsaw. more ]

Warsaw: numismatic center in the heart of Europe – chapter 3

The International Numismatic Conference takes place in Warsaw in 2021. We took a look at what Warsaw has to offer from a numismatic standpoint. The three days we spent there were far too little time for that. In this chapter, we visit the Polish Numismatic Society, the POLIN Museum and find out what we missed out on. more ]

Bringing the UK’s coin collections together

We have reported about the British Museum’s exhibition “Money and medals: mapping the UK’s numismatic collections”. This article is a supplement. It will tell you some background stories from which museums the exhibits are coming and why they were stored there. more ]

Coin collection found at Scotney Castle in Kent

A coin collection found in a castle in Kent has aroused the interest of several British numismatic experts. The 186 discovered pieces show which interesting collections can be found in some national monuments. more ]

Lavish costumes – not only on coins

Did you ever want to see those lavish papal vestments you know from coins and medals in real life? Then don’t miss the Met exhibition “Heavenly Bodies”. Of course, that also applies if you are interested in fashion generally as you’ll find creations by modern designers, too! more ]

Contemporary medals on display at New York gallery

“TEXTURE TEMPERATURE WEIGHT” at Medialia Gallery, New York, shows over a hundred medallic sculptures created by members of the American Medallic Sculpture Association. more ]

The SMI celebrates 30th anniversary with exhibition

To mark this anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Market Index (SMI) in 1988, the Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich-West is holding a year-long special exhibition from 1 June 2018 onward: “30 years SMI: stock market indices explained”. more ]

Warsaw’s National Museum prepares first permanent numismatic exhibition

The National Museum in Warsaw is preparing its first permanent numismatic exhibition thanks to the patronage of the Count Feliks Sobanski Foundation. The exhibition is scheduled to open in the first half of 2020 – so that visitors to the XVI INC will be able to visit it. more ]

Austrian exhibition in Innsbruck presents powerful women (and collectors)

“The Art of Power” focuses on three remarkable women who set standards in courtly culture within the Habsburg dynasty: The three archduchesses Margaret, Mary, and Catherine of House Habsburg shaped European politics during the Renaissance. more ]

Münzkabinett Winterthur to move temporarily

The Münzkabinett Winterthur has to move out of its usual home at the Bührer Villa as the beautiful building is being renovated. During this time, the Münzkabinett can be visited in its temporary quarters. more ]

Stolen Big Maple Leaf invested in real estate?

In Berlin, the police struck a major blow against a Lebanese mafia clan. The family may also have been responsible for the 2017 theft of the Big Maple Leaf from the Bode Museum. more ]

CoinsWeekly Coin Records

The world demands superlatives. Let’s give it superlatives. You and your company have a record to announce? Here, you will find out how to submit it. more ]

Blaze Destroys National Museum of Brazil

On September 2, 2018, a large fire destroyed the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Up to 20 million items are said to have been lost in the flames. The Brazilian population blames primarily the government and its officials for this catastrophe. more ]

“What is Money?” Exhibition at University of Calgary

The Nickle Galleries, a museum that belongs to the University of Calgary, presents a new exhibition named “What is money?”. It is dedicated to the fact that there are more things on earth which can be used as money than coin users have dreamt of. more ]

From the Ming Dynasty to Albrecht Dürer

The HVB Foundation Banknote Collection is one of the world’s finest collection of paper bills with over 300,000 banknotes from all over the world. Find out more about the foundation’s objectives and how it works to make the bills publicly accessible.. more ]

Émigré Medallists in Britain

The British Museum presents a new exhibition called “Witnesses: émigré medallists in Britain”, which can be visited until April 7, 2019. The focused exhibition uncovers the invaluable role played by artists from abroad in the development of British medallic art. more ]

Unique Exhibition on King Ashurbanipal at the British Museum

From November 8, 2018 until February 24, 2019, you can discover the remarkable story of Assyrian King Ashurbanipal at the British Museum. This is the first ever major exhibition to explore his life, faith, politics, and kingship. more ]

Armenia! at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

From September 22, 2018 through January 13, 2019, the Met explores the arts and culture of the Armenians from the early fourth century through the 17th century. The exhibition focuses especially on questions of national identity, Christianization, and trade routes. more ]

“I Object.” British Museum Exhibition and Podcast on Rebellion and Dissent

British satirizer Ian Hislop has gone through the British Museum’s collection in search of items that tell the story of dissent, rebellion, subversion, and satire. The new exhibition “I object. Ian Hislop’s search for dissent“ can be visited until January 20, 2019. more ]

Museums of Lausanne to Merge

Lausanne is home to an excellent numismatic museum. In 2019, the Musée monétaire cantonal and the Musée cantonal d’archéologie et d’histoire will merge. Numismatics is expected to continue playing an important role. more ]

Here comes the Money

The Lausanne Money Museum has published an introduction to numismatics for young people that finally takes its readers as serious as they deserve to be taken – without sacrificing humor. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the book. more ]

The Fascinating World of Swords

The Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart has dedicated an exhibition to the symbol of power. Visitors will not only find fascinatingly beautiful swords, but also weapons and battle scenes depicted on paintings, Hollywood posters, and – coins and medals! more ]

A Homage to West Africa at The Block Museum

The Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University (Illinois) invites visitors to travel to a time when West African gold fueled expansive trade and drove the movement of people, culture and beliefs. The exhibition also features beautiful coins on loan from the ANS. more ]

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