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A King at a pinch – the stolen coin collection of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

A King dealing in coins – that sounds preposterous? Well, in 1944 the satirical magazine “Nebelspalter” published a caricature of the same tenor which was understood throughout Europe. Victor Emmanuel’s passion for coins was proverbial. He is said to have collected 120,000 pieces as the foundation of the most important publication of Italian coinage, the CNI, whose first volume was published exactly 100 years ago... more ]

Leo Mildenberg

In the first semester of 2011, the glorious history of the Bank Leu / Leu Numismatik AG and LHS Numismatik AG will come to an end. Hence, it is time to look back when Leo Mildenberg left a decisive imprint on the numismatic scene in Zurich... more ]

An Obituary to Arnold Spaer

Arnold Spaer a renowned collector of ancient coins passed away in Jerusalem on Friday March 4, 2011. He had formed his collection over more than 50 years... more ]

Meyer Amschel Rothschild, court factor and coin dealer

Meyer Amschel Rothschild worked his way out of the Frankfurt Jewish ghetto and all the way up to court factor in the 18th century. He specialised in coin- and antiquities dealing before becoming the founder of a famous dynasty of bankers. more ]

Munich Auction House offers Objects from the Moussaieff Collection

On June 30, 2017, the Munich auction house Gorny & Mosch will offer objects from the collection of Israeli jeweler Shlomo Moussaieff. They bear testimony to an extraordinary man with an unusual biography. more ]

Honorary doctorate conferred on merited numismatist

Harald Nilsson has made the Uppsala University Coin Cabinet known worldwide and has been conferred an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Arts, Department of History, at the University of Uppsala. more ]

Stefan Heidemann

The Metropolitan Museum, New York was able to secure one of the worldwide most renowned scholars in Islamic science... more ]

Heidrun Höhn (July 16, 1949 – October 20, 2010)

The numismatic community grieves for Heidrun Höhn, who passed away after a long and serious illness on October 20, 2010. ... more ]

Numismatica in Nummis

A medal was issued in honor of Joe Cribb curator of the British Museum’s coin cabinet on the occasion of his retirement... more ]

Director of United States Mint Resigns

Edmund Moy will depart for position in private sector. He will join L&L Energy... more ]

Israel Numismatic Society establishes Arnold Spaer Memorial Fund

The Israel Numismatic Society would like to honor one of its senior members, Arnold Spaer, who passed away last week in Jerusalem at the age of 92 by creating a grant to promote research in the study of coins of ancient Israel and the Levant... more ]

2010 Huntington Medal Award for Christof F. Boehringer

On Wednesday, April 27th, the ANS will award the 2010 Huntington Medal to Professor Christof F. Boehringer... more ]

Hans Erni (1909-2015)

Swiss artist and medallist Hans Erni died on 21 March 2015 aged 106. He bequeaths a rich artistic oeuvre comprising drafts of a banknote series never issued, a commemorative coin, medals, and stamps. more ]

The Royal Mint appoints Shane Bissett as Director of Commemorative Coin

Shane Bissett has been appointed as the new Director of Commemorative Coin at the Royal Mint. Shane’s focus as Director of Commemorative coin will be developing the Royal Mint’s offering to become more relevant and engaging with consumers... more ]

Nicholas Rhodes (1946-2011)

Important scholar on Asian numismatics passed away recently... more ]

Dr Mark Blackburn has passed

The Caius College Cambridge announces with great sadness the death on 1 September of Dr Mark Blackburn, at the age of 58... more ]

The World’s Biggest Art Collector Is Also Interested In Coins

ARTnews has nominated Sheik Saud al-Thani the biggest collector of 2011. And the numismatic world has begun to feel his passion. In occasion of Morton & Eden’s last auction the sheik bought coins worth more than 1 million pound sterling... more ]

Spectrum Group International Expands Opening Office in Paris

Spectrum Group International is expanding in Europe. After a new office in Vienna another one in Paris has opened. U.S. Numismatist Kerry Pieropan will lead the Paris operations with support from numismatic expert Ron Gillio... more ]

Action against Bob Hecht in Italy abandoned

Italian courts accused him of having been one of the most active dealers on the black market in ancient art. Now the trial against the 92-year-old man ended with no verdict – because the time allotted for the trial had expired. more ]

Bob Hecht (1919-2012)

On February 8, 2012 Robert Emanuel Hecht died only four weeks after the law suit in Italy had been abandoned because of the statute of limitations. more ]

Obituary: Robert J. Myers

Robert J. Myers died aged 77 on February 14, 2012. He was a coin dealer and auctioneer, a “Renaissance Man” with many passions and interests comprising numismatic literature. The obituary is accompanied by a personal statement of George F. Kolbe. more ]

David T. Alexander joins Heritage Auctions New York office as Senior Numismatist

Heritage Auctions has announced that longtime numismatist, expert and writer David T. Alexander has joined its New York staff as Senior Numismatist... more ]

Roberto Russo (1945-2012)

The great expert on Roman Republican coins and founder of Numismatica Ars Classica has passed. We publish the obituary written by his colleagues at NAC... more ]

Dr. habil. Edith Schönert-Geiß (b. August 7, 1933 – d. June 12, 2012)

On June, 12 Edith Schönert-Geiß has died in Berlin. Ulrike Peter recalls a colleague and teacher who accomplished much on behalf of the study of Greek coins. more ]

Ursula Kampmann received Otto-Paul-Wenger Award

On June 29, 2012 numismatist and CoinsWeekly publisher Ursula Kampmann has received the prestigious Otto-Paul-Wenger Award. By that prize the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists honours those who are particularly engaged in propagating numismatics. more ]

Peter Weiss condemned to write extra essay

Now has arrived the legal end of an episode which had begun at the New York International Coin Convention. Peter Weiss pleaded guilty of owning two coins he believed to have been taken out of Italy illegally after the 1909 deadline. An expert had declared the pieces in question to be forgeries. more ]

Changeover at Swissmint

For nearly 15 years Kurt Rohrer had headed the Swissmint. Now the moment of his retirement is approaching. His successor is Marius Haldimann, previously vice-director. more ]

Horst-Rüdiger Künker: 40 Years with Künker

On September 1, 2012, Horst-Rüdiger Künker will look back on a successful 40-year career at Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. For many years he has been Künker’s head of gold trade. more ]

New CSNS Bourse Chairman

Jerry Lebo, CSNS Bourse Chairman since 1998, will be retiring from that position at the conclusion of the 2013 convention. He will be succeeded by Patricia Foley, a Milwaukee attorney. more ]

New Director of US Mint Nominated

On September 20, 2012 US President Barack Obama announced his nominations to key Administration posts. Among them he chose Bibiana Boerio as future Director of the US States Mint, Department of the Treasury. more ]

Baldwin to sue sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani

Bidding until one owns the most beautiful pieces of the sale and no need to consider what they might cost? This collectors’ dream has turned out a nightmare for the New York Sale organisers. Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani owes them 12.2 million pounds for coins from the Prospero Collection. more ]

Peter Berghaus (1919-2012)

On November 16, 2012 Peter Berghaus died just four days before his 93rd birthday. Even during his last months he was keeping his mind active.. With him we have lost one of the most eminent numismatists of Europe whose cooperative character strongly influenced the world of collectors and researchers. more ]

New divisional heads at collectable auction house Spink

The collectables auction house Spink & Son Ltd announces the appointments of two new divisional heads, the Numismatic division and the Philatelic department. In the last decade Spink has rapidly expanded from its original London base. more ]

Volker Heuchert appointed Assistant Keeper at the Ashmolean

German-British numismatist Volker Heuchert has been working at Oxford University since many years and has established his reputation particularly as collaborator to the Roman Provincial Coinage project. Now he was appointed Assistant Keeper at the Ashmolean Museum. more ]

Hubert Lanz receives World Money Fair Award

On February 1, 2013 Hubert Lanz received the World Money Fair Award for his numismatic merits. Rarely a single person has done more for coin collecting in Germany and Europe. Since years Hubert Lanz is fighting for the right of every European to collect coins. more ]

Coin dealer killed in Berlin

The much-loved coin dealer Gernot Dorau has been found dead in his coin shop yesterday, March 27, 2013. According to the homicide squad it is a case of murder with robbery. more ]

Haim Gitler nominated Chief Curator of Archeology at The Israel Museum

Following Michal Dayagi-Mendels, Haim Gitler has been nominated new Chief Curator of Archeology at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. He has joined the museum’s staff in 1987 and became Curator of Numismatics in 1994. CoinsWeekly congratulates Haim Gitler on his promotion wishing him all the best! more ]

Veteran ANA employee Kim Kiick named Executive Director

Kim Kiick, a long-time senior manager and Director of Operations at the American Numismatic Association, has been named the Association’s new executive director, replacing Jeff Shevlin, whose contract was not renewed by the ANA Board of Governors. more ]

Raymond Merena dies

On May 21, 2013 Raymond Merena died. Mr Merena was general manager of Empire Coin Co., Inc. Later he became Dave Bowers’ partner in a new company, Bowers & Merena Galleries the then largest-volume auction house in the world. more ]

Richard (Dick) G. Doty, 1942-2013 Smithsonian Curator

The numismatic community is in mourning for Richard G. Doty. He was a master not only in describing coins but in reconstructing their history. He certainly would have written many more books. We will miss him. more ]

I.A.P.N. 62nd Annual Congress

This year’s I.A.P.N congress was held in Leipzig and, amongst other things, included elections of the members of the Executive Committee. The new president comes for the very first time from Germany... more ]

Was it another fatal robbery of a coin dealer?

72-year-old coin dealer Giuseppe Miceli was found dead at his home nearby Northampton where he ran his coin business. A man has been arrested under suspicion of murder, but the circumstances are still unclear. Police is investigating and appealing for witnesses. more ]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries names John Konop as Vice President

John Konop, a recognized financial industry executive and experienced U.S. and world coin collector, has joined Stack’s Bowers Galleries as vice president, operating out of the company’s Irvine, Calif., headquarters. more ]

Terry Hanlon named PNG President

Terry Hanlon, President of Dillon Gage Metals in Addison, Texas, has been selected to serve as President of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) for the 2013-2015 term. Hanlon served the past two years as PNG Vice President. more ]

Joel Gabrelow Joins Heritage Auctions as Consignment Director

Heritage Auctions has announced longtime gold and rare coin expert, author and scholar Joel Gabrelow has joined the company as a Consignment Director, operating out of the company’s Dallas headquarters. more ]

Dieter Raab’s 75th birthday

Only very few coin dealers have shaped numismatics in such a reserved and inconspicuous manner as Dieter Raab. Therefore we are delighted to congratulate him on occasion of his 75th birthday. more ]

Did National Geographic bribe Egyptian Indiana Jones?

Did the famous National Geographic pay illegal bribes to Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s former chief archaeologist in order to be granted privileged access to sites and information? According to an online-article the US Justice Department is investigating. more ]

Brad Ciociola joins Stack’s Bowers Galleries as currency specialist

Stack’s Bowers Galleries announces the addition of Brad Ciociola to its currency division. Ciociola brings a wealth of currency and grading experience to Stack’s Bowers Galleries, and has begun his position with the firm in January 2014. more ]

Paul (Jean-Paul) Divo, 8.8.1937-13.2.2014

On February 13, 2014 numismatist and coin dealer Jean-Paul Divo died. Lutz Neumann-Lysloff recalls his life and his achievements for numismatics. more ]

Michel Prieur (1955-2014)

On March 18, 2014 French coin dealer and numismatist Michel Prieur died of heart attack. He has influenced France’s numismatic world lastingly by calling the attention to the importance of the internet. more ]

The Sunday Morning Get Together – Memories of Richard Lissner

Currently Classical Numismatic Group offers the Lissner Collection in auction. But who was Lissner? Mark Teller shares with us the memories of his friend Richard Lissner a passionate coin collector like himself. more ]

Ron Gillio celebrates 50th anniversary as an ANA member

Stack’s Bowers Galleries congratulates senior numismatist and consignment director Ron Gillio as he celebrates 50 years as member of the American Numismatic Association. more ]

Arne Kirsch is a new Associate of SINCONA AG

Arne Kirsch experienced numismatist and in the numismatic world well-known expert changes to Sincona AG. more ]

Bernard Poindessault (1935-2014)

On 12 July, 2014, Bernard Poindessault has died. With him we lose a coin dealer and keen numismatist who has shaped French numismatics thanks to his active commitment. more ]

The era Kluge draws to an end

Only very few numismatists have shaped the numismatic course of events like Bernd Kluge, hitherto Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. On 1 October, 2014, he is retiring. At this point, Ursula Kampmann would like to dedicate a small laudation to him. more ]

GDR – Turnaround – Reunification: Museum and Numismatics in Politically Turbulent Times

In 2009, Bernd Kluge, Director of the Münzkabinett (Coin Cabinet) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, gave Ursula Kampmann an interview and explained to her what it meant to work in the Münzkabinett in the GDR era and to lead it through the Turnaround and the German Reunification. On the occasion of his retirement on 1 October, 2014, we publish this interview again in CoinsWeekly. more ]

Dr. Arie Kindler (1920-2014)

The famous numismatist Dr. Arie Kindler died on July 23rd at the age of 94. We reprint his obituary written by Cecilia Meir and published first on the website of the Israel Numismatic Society. more ]

Collector Sheik al-Thani died

As Quatar’s Minister of Culture but also privately Sheik al-Thani acquired art objects worth billions of dollars. Coin collectors feared him because of his unlimited financial means, auction houses because of his easy-going payment-morale. On Sunday he died in London. more ]

Dimitri Loulakakis, + 2014

On December 17, 2014 Dimitri Loulakakis lost his battle against cancer. His colleague Ian Goldbart of Baldwin & Sons sends him a last farewell. more ]

New Deputy Director of US Mint in charge

Rhett Jeppson became the Principal Deputy Director of the United States Mint on 12 January 2015. Since the Mint has currently no director, Mr Jeppson will be the chief operating officer of the world’s largest coin manufacturing agency. more ]

Nelson Bunker Hunt (1926-2014)

Economic history knows him as the man whose silver speculation led to Silver Thursday. As a coin investor, Hunt played equally big. His name is inextricably linked to the rise and fall of the legendary NFA. On 21 October 2014, Nelson Bunker Hunt now passed away. more ]

Patrick van Maris new Chief Executive Officer of TEFAF

Paul Hustinx will step down as Managing Director of TEFAF, the world's leading fair for art, antiques and design. The Executive Committee of TEFAF has appointed Patrick van Maris as new Chief Executive Officer, with effect from 1 May 2015. more ]

New Francis D. Campbell Librarian appointed

The American Numismatic Society announced the appointment of David Hill as its Francis D. Campbell Librarian. He took up the position on November 17, 2014. more ]

New Director of Publications Electrifies the ANS

Andrew Reinhard began his tenure as the Director of Publications at the ANS in December 2014, and is already beginning to implement new initiatives opening the ANS publications to the digital world. more ]

Memorial service for Dimitri G. Loulakakis

On March 24, 2015 Mrs Marie-José Loulakakis and the directors of A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd will celebrate the life of numismatist Dimitri G. Loulakakis who died last December. A Memorial Book will gather thoughts and memories of the late Mr Loulakakis. more ]

Jeremy Cheek retires

Jeremy Cheek will retire from his position as a specialist valuer at London-based auctioneers Morton & Eden. ‘But coin people never stop,’ says the Queen’s numismatist, who is responsible for her collection in Windsor … more ]

Canada appoints new Master of the Mint and new Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced the appointment of Sandra L. Hanington as Master of the Royal Canadian Mint and of Carman Joynt as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Royal Canadian Mint. more ]

Richard B. Witschonke (1945-2015)

On 24 February 2015, Richard B. Witschonke, distinguished expert on the Roman Republican coinage, died. more ]

Bernhard Weisser New Director of the Berlin Münzkabinett

Since December 5, 2014, it’s official: Bernhard Weisser becomes the new Director of the Münzkabinett of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. more ]

The Kingdom of Bermania

In a very remote corner of the Balkans a small kingdom is hidden where not only His Majesty Alanus Rex rules, but numismatics and humor as well. Becoming a citizen there is difficult. Only he who feels the true Bermanic spirit is granted citizenship. Ursula Kampmann has been made citizen and noble of Bermania on January 10, 2015. more ]

Perth Mint announces new Chair and CEO

The Perth Mint will see changes: Donald Mackay-Coghill has been appointed as its new Chairman, and Richard Hayes as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1 July 2015. Both men are experienced in the numismatic sales field. more ]

Coins & Collectors

A collection of anecdotes revolving around coins, collectors and the past of US American numismatics is the content of the rewarding book by author Q. David Bowers. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at it. more ]

Matthew Rhett Jeppson nominated new US Mint Director

On 9 July 2015 President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Matthew Rhett Jeppson Director of the Mint. Since January 2015 Mr. Jeppson has been Principal Deputy Director of the Mint. more ]

Jeff Garrett ANA’s new president

Voting members of the American Numismatic Association have chosen three new candidates and six incumbents to the ANA Board of Governors for the 2015-17 election term. Jeff Garrett will become the ANA’s 59th President, Gary Adkins will be Vice President. more ]

PMG Hires Jim Fitzgerald as Consultant

Paper Money Guaranty® has hired Jim Fitzgerald, the current President of the Professional Currency Dealers Association, as a consultant. Jim’s focus will be on the authentication and grading of paper money. more ]

Reminiscences of a Numismatic Bookseller - Part 1

In his Reminiscences George Kolbe is sharing his memories and experiences as a Numismatic Bookseller with us. The text was first published in The Asylum, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Jan.-March 2013) and is the first part in a series of articles. more ]

Paper Money Guaranty Hires Sergio Sanchez as Consultant

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) has announced that the US currency expert Sergio Sanchez, Jr., has joined its team as a consultant. more ]

Kent Ponterio Joins Mexican Coin Company

Mexican Coin Company and Latin American Numismatics announce that Kent Ponterio has joined their team, coming on as full partner in the company. more ]

Israeli numismatist Shraga Qedar (1933-2015)

Israeli scholar and professional numismatist Shraga Qedar (1933-2015) died on September 23 in Israel, surrounded by his children. more ]

Lutz Ilisch celebrates his 65th birthday

On July 2, 2015, Lutz Ilisch celebrated his 65th birthday. It was him who has made Tübingen an internationally renowned center for Islamic numismatics. more ]

Royal Dutch Mint changes CEO

The Managing Board and Advisory Board of the Royal Dutch Mint have jointly decided that Maarten Brouwer will resign from his position as CEO of the Royal Dutch Mint as of December 1st, 2015. The reason are serious operational and financial problems of the mint. more ]

Harold B. Mattingly (1923-2015)

On August 23, 2015, Harold B. Mattingly has died at the age of 92. The distinguished historian, numismatist and epigraphist, looks back on a long and fulfilled life. more ]

Tribute to Shraga Qedar (1933-2015)

The Israeli scholar and professional numismatist Shraga Qedar died in his home in Gvat Shmuel, near Tel Aviv on September 23, surrounded by his six children. CoinsWeekly publishes the obituary written by his friend David Hendin. more ]

Transition in CIT’s management

Coin Invest Trust, the numismatic think tank located in Liechtenstein, announces that there has been a transition in the company’s management, effective January 1, 2016. more ]

Anglo-German switch-over: British Museum Director comes to Germany, while German becomes designated British Museum Director

Neil MacGregor, outgoing Director of the British Museum, will preside over the founding committee of the Humboldt-Forum. His current position will be taken by Hartwig Fischer, General Director of the Dresden State Art Collections since 2012. more ]

Albert Pick (1922-2015)

On November 22, 2015, founder of modern bank notes collecting Albert Pick died. Published in 1964, his standard work “Papiergeld” (Paper Money) provided the first historical overview of this topic. more ]

Dieter Raab (1938-2015)

Dieter Raab, long-time owner of the Frankfurt-based auction house Dr. Busso Peus & Co., died on December 20, 2015. With his passing, we lose one of the most lovable figures of the coin trade in post-war Germany. more ]

Dr Thomas Gräbener retires from Management of Gräbener Minting

On December 31, 2015, Dr Thomas Gräbener will retire from the Management of Gräbener Minting as planned. Martin Stahlschmidt and Ronny Stöcker are appointed new Managing Directors. more ]

Tom Cederlind (1959-2015)

On December 16, 2015, coin dealer Tom Cederlind died. With his passing, the numismatic community loses a quiet and restrained man of great integrity. more ]

Kirsten Petersen receives World Money Fair Award

As one of the most renowned experts on the coin collector’s soul, Kirsten Petersen is given the World Money Fair Award. Her ideas laid the foundation for many coin types that today range among the most successful commemorative coins. more ]

Michel Sapin: Minister of Finance with a soft spot for numismatics

Most European citizens know Michel Sapin as the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts. Only a few know that the politician has also a predilection for coins on a more private level. Starting in his adolescence, he is a keen hobby numismatist. more ]

Gilles Bransbourg Receives French Embassy and ISAW Award

Dr Gilles Bransbourg was awarded the insignia of Chevalier of the “Ordre des Palmes Académiques”. France’s oldest non-military decoration thus acknowledges the exemplary activities of the ANS Adjunct Curator of Roman Coins. more ]

Acting Mint Master for Royal Dutch Mint

Kees Bruinsma has been appointed acting mint master of the Royal Dutch Mint. A limited number of coins bearing his mint mark have been struck in 2015. more ]

Jennifer Cargill Thompson née Warren (1931-2016)

The late Jennifer Cargill Thompson née Warren was a numismatist of rare distinction, whose output greatly advanced our knowledge of the Classical and Hellenistic Greek coinages of, above all, the Peloponnese. An obituary by Richard Ashton. more ]

Reminiscences of a Numismatic Bookseller – Part 2

In his Reminiscences George Kolbe is sharing his memories and experiences as a Numismatic Bookseller with us. The text was first published in The Asylum, Vol. 31, No. 2 (April-June 2013) and is the second part in a series of articles. more ]

Reminiscences of a Numismatic Bookseller – Part 3

In his Reminiscences George Kolbe is sharing his memories and experiences as a Numismatic Bookseller with us. The text was first published in The Asylum, Vol. 31, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 2013) and is the third part in a series of articles. more ]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries expand gold trading operations

Stack’s Bowers Galleries announced the return of Richard Gonzales as its Director of Gold Trading and of Amandeep Jassal to lead the company’s new East Coast U.S. Gold trading desk. more ]

Coin dealer killed in Chicago

When his coin shop was burglarized on April 1, 2016, a coin dealer was killed. Police has arrested a strong suspect. more ]

World Numismatics announces a new partner to the Company

World Numismatics announces that Benjamin Bell has joined their team as a full partner in the company. He will be making numerous trips to Europe and will greatly contribute to the company’s goal of becoming a full service world numismatics firm. more ]

Call for nominations for the Executive Board of ICOMON

At the triennial plenary meeting of ICOMON in Milan in July 2016 a new board for ICOMON will be set up. All voting members of ICOMON are eligible to run for office for the coming three-year term on condition that they have paid their 2015 membership fee. more ]

Peter Nikolaus Schulten, M.A. (1936-2016)

Peter Nikolaus Schulten was renowned as coin dealer and author of numismatic books not only in Germany but also abroad. Since 1990 he worked for auction house Künker. Now he died aged 79. Fritz Rudolf Künker remembers him in this article. more ]

29th MDC in Thailand

Every two years, representatives of the mints gather at the Mint Directors Conference, to discuss the main issues. The venue is changing. This time, the Royal Thai Mint in Bangkok was the host. The Land of Smiles was at its best. more ]

Speech of Maarten Brouwer receding from the office as Secretary General of the MDC

At the Mint Directors Conference in Bangkok Maarten Brouwer receded from his office as Secretary General of the MDC. Here you will find his remarks on chances and challenges this organization will face in the future. more ]

Speech of Thanks to Prabir Dee receding from the office as President of the Technical Committee

Dr. Peter Huber gave a speech of thanks to Prabir Dee who receded from the office as President of the Technical Committee at the MDC in Bangkok 2016. Here you will find its full text. more ]

Reminiscences of a Numismatic Bookseller – Part 4

In his Reminiscences George Kolbe is sharing his memories and experiences as a Numismatic Bookseller with us. He can tell a lot of stories about these acquisitional forays but none is more exotic than the one he is narrating in this part of the series. more ]

To Maria R.-Alföldi’s 90th birthday

On June 6, 2016, the numismatist Maria R.-Alföldi celebrated her 90th birthday. Helmut Schubert congratulates her on this special day and recalls the importance of the work of this doyenne of numismatics. more ]

Chester L. Krause (1923-2016)

Chet Krause has founded an empire of numismatic information. The volumes of the phone book-like Krause-Mishler form part of every library. Now, the patriarch of numismatic journalism is dead. more ]

Introducing the Newest Member of the Baldwin’s Specialist Team

A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd are proud and delighted to welcome the newest member of their specialist team, the renowned medallist and curator Mark Smith will be handling Baldwin’s Medals and Orders Department. more ]

Farewell celebration for Hortensia von Roten

At the Swiss National Museum an era comes to an end: Hortensia von Roten, responsible curator for the biggest collection of Swiss coinage world wide, is retiring. Her successor has already been determined. more ]

The Artist who created the Canadian Loonie is dead

Robert Ralph Carmichael, renowned artist behind Canada’s Lonnie died on Saturday, July 16 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, at the age of 78. The Royal Canadian Mint gives a statement on his passing. more ]

Changes at the London coin market

The Antiques Trade Gazette reported that five members of Baldwin have transferred to Sovereign Rarities. Sovereign Rarities is the new numismatic dealership of Ian Goldbart, who sold Noble Investments, owner of Baldwin, to the Stanley Gibbons Group in 2013. more ]

Changes in the staff of Giesecke & Devrient

Wolfram Seidemann will follow Ralf Wintergerst as manager of the Banknote business unit at Giesecke & Devrient. Ralf Wintergerst will become the new CEO of Giesecke & Devrient. more ]

Jonne Hankimaa new CEO of Mint of Finland

Mint of Finland CEO Paul Gustafsson has left the company and the board of directors appointed M.Sc. Jonne Hankimaaa new CEO. Previously Jonne Hankimaa was CEO of Cargotec India and worked for Nokia. more ]

Markus Schlein has been made authorized manager at Sack & Kiesselbach

On the occasion of the 125-year company anniversary of Sack & Kiesselbach, CEO Claus-Günther Knorr announced that Markus Schlein will be promoted to authorized manager. more ]

Aldina Cutroni Tusa (1923-2016)

In a very advanced age, Aldina Cutroni Tusa has died – archaeologist and professor of numismatics, doyenne in the field of Sicily. Christof Boehringer dedicates an obituary to this extraordinary expert of Sicilian coins. more ]

Harald Salvesen (1928-2016)

After a long illness, the Norwegian collector Harald Salvesen passed away. He was known as a great aficionado and connoisseur of Athenian coinage. His collection of Trade Dollars was auctioned off at Spink & Son in Zurich in 1988. more ]

Léon Lacroix (1909-2016)

On August 1, 2016, Belgian numismatist Léon Lacroix passed away. He is probably best remembered for his monograph on the depiction of statues on coins, published in Liège in 1949. more ]

New Managing Director for Baldwin's

A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd confirm the appointment of Neil Paisley as Managing Director. Neil joins Baldwin’s from Colin Cooke Coins. A familiar name and face to many in the trade, he has worked within the industry for more than 20 years. more ]

Introducing the new Managing Director for A H Baldwin & Sons

Baldwin announces the arrival of their new Managing Director, Neil Paisley. Read here a first Q&A with him where he talks about how he came to numismatics, what he thinks about the future of Baldwin, and the most memorable coin he ever dealt with. more ]

Dimitrios Gerothanasis joining Nomos AG

Dimitrios Gerothanasis, a PhD candidate in History & Archeology from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece, will join Alan Walker at Switzerland-based Nomos AG on February 1st, 2017. more ]

In memoriam Georg Baums

On 16 February 2017, Georg Baums died aged 81. His collection of siege coins as well as medals referring to war and peace has become a standard reference. more ]

Albert M. Beck celebrates his 80th birthday

The founder of the World Money Fair and the MünzenRevue is celebrating his 80th birthday. Ursula Kampmann congratulates the doyen of modern numismatics and gives an account of his life. more ]

Ross MacDiarmid congratulates Albert Beck on his 80th Birthday

Ross MacDiarmid is not only mint master of the Royal Australian Mint, but also secretary of the Mint Directors Conference. As representative of the coin producing industry he congratulates Albert Beck on his 80th birthday. more ]

The collection of mining coins and medals of Karl Ritter von Ernst

Bernhard Prokisch has published his new catalogue. It is a collection of mining coins and medals which will not only be available in print but also digitally. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the catalogue.
more ]

Benjamin “Ben” Bell (1976-2017)

Numismatist Benjamin “Ben” Bell died on 10 April 2017 after a long, hard fought battle with cancer, as World Numismatics has announced. more ]

Icon of American numismatics passed away

In the night to Monday, May 15, 2017, Catherine Bullowa-Moore has died aged 97. Having been dealing with coins since 1953, she was one of the few women who, already in the 1950s, managed to succeed in numismatics. more ]

New director of La Monnaie de Paris

The French mint La Monnaie de Paris has a new director. Aurélien Rousseau not only has years of experience in the Paris community politics. The Doctor of History has also advised the Prime Ministers of France. more ]

Puzzle over Zahi Hawass

According to Egyptian media, controversial Zahi Hawass has been appointed UN Ambassador for Global Heritage. Reliable source material is hard to find, though. So, what do we make of this news? more ]

In memoriam John Spring

Coin dealer John Spring has died. Douglas Saville remembers his friend who was specialised in numismatic literature and used to travel whole Europe looking for important books and attending auctions – always by train and never crossing France. more ]

Ed Reiter dies at 79

Ed Reiter, former ‘New York Times’ numismatics columnist died at the age of 79 in Pennsylvania on August 24, 2017. A multiply-awarded author, Reiter opined on all numismatic matters over the course of over 50 years. more ]

Barry Stuppler New PNG President

On July 30, 2017, Officers of the Professional Numismatists Guild have selected Barry Stuppler to be the organization’s President for the 2017-2019 term. His goals include cooperation for the National Coin Week and counterfeit detection educational programs. more ]

Gary Adkins Becomes ANA’s 60th President

Three new candidates and six incumbents to the American Numismatic Association’s Board of Governors for the 2017-19 election term have been sworn-in at the World’s Fair of Money on August 4, 2017. Succeeding Jeff Garrett, new President-elect is Gary Adkins. more ]

Ermanno A. Arslan elected to Accademia dei Lincei

Italian numismatist and former INC Vice-president Ermanno A. Arslan has been elected a permanent member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome in July 2017. Only few numismatists have been considered worthy of being drawn into the prestigious institution. more ]

Wolfgang Haney (1924-2017)

Wolfgang Haney ranged among the most important collectors in Germany, even without having unlimited resources. He illustrated the history of the Holocaust through his more than 12,000 objects. We mourn the loss of a collector who, on the basis of objects from everyday life, made the incomprehensible comprehensible. more ]

Stephan Satijn appointed Royal Dutch Mint Master

The renowned Royal Dutch Mint has appointed a new Mint Master: Stephan Satijn. This will influence the Dutch Euro coins, as Dutch mint masters have got an individual mint mark. more ]

For my Bulgarian friend Dimitar Draganov

2017 marks the 65th birthday of Dimitar Draganov. On this occasion a Festschrift was published. Ursula Kampmann was responsible for the biography of Dimitar. In order to inform our readers about the difficult situation our colleagues behind the Iron Curtain had to face, we republish this biography. more ]

George Frederick Kolbe: 50 Years of Numismatic Bookselling

Even in times of digital publications, printed literature is vital for coin enthusiasts. One of the best reputed experts in numismatic literature is Georg Friedrich Kolbe. On the occasion of his 50th anniversary in the field, David F. Fanning summarizes his achievements. more ]

Frederick Yow becomes Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio’s Expert for Southeast Asia

Flanking Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio expanding operations to Singapore, Frederick Yow has joined the staff. An avid collector, numismatist and researcher, he will represent this leading rare coin and banknote auction firm as Consignment Director of Southeast Asia. more ]

Theodore V. Buttrey (1929-2018)

On 9 January 2018, the numismatist Ted Buttrey died. We have thus lost a coin enthusiast who has influenced many numismatists as an academic teacher. He was probably the only numismatist whose research was extensively covered by all major American newspapers. more ]

U.S. Mint names David Croft new director as David Motl announces retirement

The U.S. Mint is led by a new director as David Motl has retired from his duties effective January 31th. From February on, his seat is filled by Dave Croft who has been working with the Mint for a little over ten years. more ]

First female chief appointed to Royal Mint

For the first time in its one-thousand-year history, the Royal Mint will be led by a woman. Anne Jessopp is now in charge of the institution and its 900 employees. “I am delighted to be appointed to lead this unique and important British organization”, she said. more ]

Tim Wilkes joins Dix Noonan Webb

Numismatic specialist Tim Wilkes has announced that he’ll be joining Dix Noonan Webb (DNW), one of the leading auction houses in London. He states that he will no longer be trading independently because of his new employment. more ]

Ian Stewart, Baron Stewartby (1935-2018)

Bernard Harold Ian Halley Stewart died on 3 March 2018. He is considered one of the greatest experts of British numismatics. We mourn the loss of a distinguished collector and researcher who also shaped his country’s (monetary) policy. more ]

New chairmen of European Vending Association Coin-Group

After 15 years Klaus Meyer-Steffens has stepped down as chairman of the European Vending Association Coin-Group for retirement. Elected as his successor was Ingmar Gründel. more ]

Berlin coin cabinet mourns the passing of patron Erivan Haub

Erivan Karl Matthias Haub, long-time CEO of the Tengelmann Group, and – along with his wife Helga – the most important patron of the Berlin Coin Cabinet, died on 6 March at the age of 85. more ]

ANS staff news

The American Numismatic Society made some senior appointments. The changes regard the positions of Deputy Director, which had been unfilled for years, and of Chief curator. more ]

ICTA appoints seven industry leaders to non-profit foundation board

The Board of Directors of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets has appointed seven industry leaders to guide the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization recently formed to support the work of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force. more ]

John Pett (1951-2018)

John Pett died after a long illness on April 22, 2018. The numismatic community mourns the loss of a serene, reliable and pleasant partner. He made a name for himself during the 43 years he worked at Spink in the department of ancient coins. more ]

Greg Allen new ACTF Steering Committee chair

Greg Allen has been appointed as chair of the Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force Steering Committee. Other changes comprise the establishment of the World Mints Work Group with expertise in assisting law enforcement in dealing with counterfeits of bullion coins and bars. more ]

John Pett remembered by his friends

For decades John Pett had worked with Spink. When he died, two men decided to share their vivid memories with us in order to supplement the obituary. You can read how David Worland from Australia and Joe Linzalone from the United States remember their friend. more ]

Kenneth Bressett Named First Editor Emeritus of the Red Book

Kenneth Bressett, longtime editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins (popularly known as the “Red Book”), has retired into Whitman Publishing’s newly created position of Editor Emeritus. more ]

Two more experts joining Dix Noonan Webb

Dix Noonan Webb has recruited two more experts to join its expanding coins department. Chris Rumney has become the company’s roving agent in the United Kingdom and continental Europe while Jon Mann has joined as DNW’s agent in the north of England. more ]

Gerd-Volker Weege (1945-2018)

On May 13th, 2018, Gerd-Volker Weege, owner and editor-in-chief of “money trend”, passed away after a serious illness. Numiscontrol remembers a dedicated and unconventional, thus sometimes even unpleasant, but nonetheless appreciated colleague. more ]

Sandra Hanington to resign as CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint

Sandra Hanington resigns from her post as CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint as of July 1st, 2018. According to the press release, she is doing so in order to improve her work-life balance. The mint’s problems throughout the last three years remain unmentioned. more ]

Jean-Baptiste Giard (1932-2018)

Jean-Baptiste Giard the eminent scholar of Roman Imperial numismatics passed away. His colleague Michel Amandry summarizes his substantial contribution to our knowledge of numismatics. more ]

David J. Ryder sworn in as 39th United States Mint Director

The United States Senate has confirmed President Trump’s nominee, David J. Ryder, as the 39th director of the United States Mint. more ]

New Managing Director for World Money Fair

Ms Gitta Künker will be the new Managing Director of World Money Fair effective from 1 July 2018 according to a statement by the World Money Fair Holding GmbH. She is taking over from Jens Hesse-Engelschalk after he has completed his term. more ]

Vasiliki Penna (1951-2018)

The Greek historian and archaeologist Vasso Penna was one of the most distinguished scholars of Byzantine numismatics. After a long illness she passed away on 17 May 2018. Yannis Stoyas remembers this eminent numismatist. more ]

Wolfram Seidemann New Chairman of the International Currency Association (ICA)

The International Currency Association recently elected a new executive board. The CEO of the global G+D Currency Technology group Dr. Wolfram Seidemann will preside over the organization from now on. more ]

David Michaels Rejoins Classical Numismatic Group

Longtime ancient coins specialist David Michaels has returned to the Classical Numismatic Group as of July 1st, 2018. With 30 years of experience in numismatics, he is, among other things, in charge of reestablishing CNG’s presence at U.S. coin shows. more ]

Bernhard Overbeck (1942-2018)

Bernhard Overbeck, long-time director of the Staatliche Münzsammlung Munich, passed away on July 8, 2018. In Munich, he had curated important exhibitions, such as the one about Coins and Seals from the Holy Land in 1993. more ]

Mark Stephenson Joins Heritage Auctions

Mark Stephenson, an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in virtually all aspects of the coin collecting hobby, has joined the Beverly Hills office of Heritage Auctions as a Consignment Director. more ]

ICTA Names New Director and Officers

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets has elected new board members and has appointed Jimmy Hayes as new executive director. The former congressman is known by many collectors as part of the pedigree of numismatic rarities from his own collection. more ]

David Michael Metcalf (1933-2018)

Michael Metcalf passed away on October 25, 2018. The fervent numismatist, who specialized in medieval coins, was one of those figures in our field who had a lasting influence on our understanding of European monetary history. more ]

Patrick Richey Joins World Numismatics

World Numismatics has announced that Patrick Richey has joined them as a full-time numismatist and will be a key component in expanding the company. He is well versed in both ancient and modern coinage with a focus on 1st Century Roman Gold and U.S. Gold. more ]

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