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International Symposium on Roman Coins in the Renaissance

From November 16 to 18, 2011 various research institutes organize an international symposium in Berlin. The aim is to conduct a comparative analysis of the role and function of antique coins, and the reception, and (re-)construction of ancient culture and history in the age of the Renaissance... more ]

ILAC – new computer applications for numismatics

The Austrian research project ILAC opens the interdisciplinary field of computer vision to numismatic research. One of the applications will be the Computer-aided coin archiving and processing. Martin Kampel and Klaus Vondrovec who are working on ILAC explain what it is all about. more ]

Call for papers for monographs on ancient economy

The Spanish journal “Herakleion” has started to prepare monographs on different topics of antiquity to be published as “Anejos de Herakleion”. The editors call for paper for a monograph on ancient economy. more ]

The Mark Blackburn Memorial Fund

The British newsletter Money&Medals reports in its August issue about a Memorial Fund in memory of the late numismatist Mark Blackburn in order to promote research on coins of various epochs and geographical areas. more ]

Over 7,000 coins from Huntington Collection return to ANS as long-term loan

The American Numismatic Society has received a long-term loan of a group of some 7,291 coins and tokens from the collection of Archer M. Huntington. An anonymous friend of the Society bought the group. more ]

Byzantine Coins and Seals Summer Program at Dumbarton Oaks

From July 8 to August 2 Dumbarton Oaks will again offer a summer program on Byzantine numismatics and sigillography, drawing upon its extensive holdings of coins and seals. A limited number of places will be available for graduate students. more ]

The DAMIN program of the depreciation of silver in history

The axis of the DAMIN program is the study of the depreciation of silver in the second half of the XIXth century and its consequences in developed countries. DAMIN publishes also important historic documents and organizes round tables. more ]

The British Museum and the University of Leicester announce £645K to study Roman hoards found in Britain

The Arts and Humanities Research Council has awarded the British Museum, working in collaboration with the University of Leicester, a £645K grant for a 3-year project on “Crisis or continuity? The deposition of metalwork in the Roman world: what do coin hoards tell us about Roman Britain in the 3rd century AD?” more ]

TropenMuseum petition

Amsterdam’s renowned Museum of the Tropics is hit hard by budget cuts and government plans to even close it. We call everybody to help putting this case again on the government agenda by signing an online petition. This is an open letter from the museum. more ]

Princeton Acquires Landmark Medieval Egyptian Coin Collection

Princeton University has just acquired the Richard Undeland Collection of Mamluk coins as part of its goal of building a comprehensive study collection of the coinage of the medieval Mediterranean. more ]

ANS seeks Assistant Curator of American Collections

The American Numismatic Society seeks an energetic and creative Assistant Curator to oversee its collections of American coins, currency, medals and related objects. more ]

Parva ne Pereant – A visit to the ANS

The American Numismatic Society has been bringing together serious collectors and researchers for more than 150 years. Their headquarters in Fulton Street houses one of the most renowned collections of coins worldwide with more than 800,000 objects. Accompany Ursula Kampmann at her visit to the ANS. more ]

ANS receives NEH Grant

The ANS and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World received a major grant of $300,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities which will provide for the full implementation of the Online Coins of the Roman Empire (OCRE) project. more ]

Annual Meeting Belgian School at Athens

The Belgian School at Athens invites all interested persons to its Annual meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, the 27th of May 2014, at 6.15 pm at the New Acropolis Museum, Athens. more ]

NGC Encapsulates National Numismatic Collection

The Smithsonian Institution has again enlisted NGC to preserve the National Numismatic Collection. NGC previously encapsulated the collection’s top 200 US coins, and has now been commissioned to encapsulate 100 international coins. more ]

India’s Numismatic Institute under cross-fire

India’s only Numismatic Institute is not allowed to admit new master students. The decision made by the university follows the troublesome question whether coins from the affiliated museum have been illegally purloined and offered in auction. more ]


DAMIN is a program dedicated to the study of the depreciation of silver in the second half of the XIXth century and its consequences in developed countries. In this conference talk, Georges Depeyrot tells you exactly what DAMIN does and why. more ]

American Numismatic Society seeks to appoint a Librarian

The American Numismatic Society, located in New York City, invites nominations and applications for the position of the Francis D. Campbell Librarian in its Harry W. Bass Jr. Library. So if you feel like managing some 100,000 volumes don’t miss the job posting! more ]

New Francis D. Campbell Librarian appointed

The American Numismatic Society announced the appointment of David Hill as its Francis D. Campbell Librarian. He took up the position on November 17, 2014. more ]

ANS Partners with HathiTrust for Open Access Publications

The American Numismatic Society has partnered with HathiTrust in effort to make its older publications available to the public as Open Access. Scans of nearly 550 ANS titles have already become fully readable and downloadable. more ]

American Numismatic Society Introduces Digital Library

The American Numismatic Society Digital Library will grow to house three collections of digital material: numismatic theses / dissertations, auction catalogues, and ebooks. Everybody is invited to send material. more ]

Successful Sixth BM Numismatic Summer School

In its sixth year the British Museum Numismatic Summer School welcomed twenty students from a range of different universities to the Department of Coins and Medals at the BM. more ]

Ex Oriente … Salus! Greeting card from China

This autumn Sven Günther founded the numismatic collection at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations in Changchun providing a basis for the first systematic research activities with Western Ancient Numismatics in China. However, many instruments are still missing. more ]

Princeton acquires Schaaf Collection of Sasanian Coins

The Princeton University Numismatic Collection announced the acquisition of one of the most comprehensive collections of Sasanian coins in private hands, that of Robert W. Schaaf, a New Jersey resident employed in the electronics field. more ]

New ANS grant project on hoard analysis

HARP is the title of the latest grant project of the American Numismatic Society, aiming to create a tool that provides a global analysis of patterns of coinage circulation from Archaic to Byzantine times. more ]

ANS launches online catalogue with Egyptian National Library

The American Numismatic Society announced the digital publication of the non-hoard numismatic collection of the Egyptian National Library, in collaboration with the universities of Washington and Cairo. more ]

New web portal for Thracian coins

The Corpus Nummorum Thracorum has created a new web portal collecting virtually thousands of Thracian coins for research. An impressive amount of data, a clear interface and sophisticated search options are offered for free. more ]

Crowdsourced Coin-Identification Project Completed in Record Time

In December 2015 the American Numismatic Society and British Museum’s Portable Antiquity Scheme have concluded in record time a crowdsourced coin identification project thanks to the help of many volunteers. more ]

3D symbols against the terror

Starting in April 2016, replicas of blasted Syrian cultural heritage will be exhibited in London and New York in 3D and original size. The famous Palmyra arch is currently being recreated using the world’s biggest 3D printer. more ]

Project on Late Antique and early Medieval Economy prepares conference

‘Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy’, a large Digital Humanities project, holds a conference at Princeton University to launch its first phase in reconstructing the ancient economy. The event will take place on April 29-30, 2016. more ]

New ‘Swiss Finance Museum’ to open in 2017 in Zurich-West

Zurich gets a new museum. The museum ‘Wertpapierwelt’ in Olten, operated by Six, will move into its new home in Zurich-West in the second quarter of 2017. The new ‘Swiss Finance Museum’ will illustrate the history of the Swiss financial industry and how it works. more ]

Corpus Nummorum Thracorum wins Berlin DH-Award 2016

The team of Corpus Nummorum Thracorum has won the 2nd place at the Berlin DH Prize 2016. The project presents coins from ancient Thracia in an online database in a exemplary way. more ]

On Open Access

In this contribution, ANS Director of Publications Andrew Reinhard explains why the American Numismatic Society is Open Access” and why any institution, learned society, or publisher, should be, too. more ]

A Transformative Numismatic Donation

The Frank L. Kovacs Numismatic Library, undoubtedly one of the largest and most complete reference collections on ancient numismatics situated on the West coast of the U.S., is now housed at the Stanford Libraries. David A. Jordan presents this marvellous library. more ]

Digital mediation on

Digital mediation on is making the Bibliothèque nationale de France’s Coin department’s collections more accessible. Julien Olivier presents the development of thematic itineraries through the Greek and Roman coins collections. more ]

Game over for the Ephesus excavation?

After more than 120 years, the Austrian Archaeological Institute has lost its excavating licence. The Turkish government thus strikes back against Austrian attitudes towards Turkey. more ]

Interview with Manager of Dutch National Numismatic Collection

With more than 400,000 items, the National Numismatic Collection is the largest collection of means of payment in the Netherlands. Ursula Kampmann talked with Ewout van Haeften, who is responsible for the collection, about the current situation and plans for the future. more ]

ICTA forms Anti-Counterfeit Task Force

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) approved the formation of an Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force committee to mobilize law enforcement resources to protect the integrity of U.S. coinage. As director of anti-counterfeiting, Beth Deisher was hired. more ]

Grant for publications on Dutch monetary history 2017

The Youth Committee of the Royal Dutch Society for Numismatics makes a publication grant available. Eligible are publications dealing with a subject about coinage or monetary history with a special relation to the Netherlands. Applications will be accepted through July 1, 2017. more ]

ANS repatriates coins to Austrian Museum

In 1995 the American Numismatic Society acquired 94 coins which were rumored to have come from a museum in Austria in 1945. In the meantime the rightful owner was proved, and the coins were repatriated end of May. more ]

Vienna research project on Joseph Eckhel’s Austrian precursors

A three-year project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences focuses on the numismatic networks of Joseph Eckhel’s precursors. The project’s core is a body of letters of Erasmus Frölich and Joseph Khell von Khellburg in the Vienna Coin Cabinet, to be published also in a database. more ]

ANS Awarded Funding for NEH / Mellon Foundation’s Open Book Program

The digitization of the American Numismatic Society’s backlist of monographs has been funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. All of the ANS’s book-length publications through 2010 will be made available for free online for anyone to use. more ]

NEH Funds the ANS’s Hellenistic Royal Coinages Project

The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded the American Numismatic Society a substantial grant to fund the web-based Hellenistic Royal Coinages project which promises to help fundamentally with identifying and researching Hellenistic royal coinages. more ]

Students create interactive approach to ancient numismatics in China

During a project seminar at the Northeast Normal University, Changchun (China) Sven Günther prepared with his students a multimedia exhibition of ancient coins. The exhibition is available through Wechat, a very popular app in China. more ]

New annual academic journal on classical numismatics

Starting in 2018, a new annual academic journal will appear: ‘Koinon: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies’. Koinon will appear in print and is calling for papers for its first issue. more ]

Latest issue of CNL published

The Colonial Newsletter of the ANS has published some of the most seminal studies on early American numismatics. Issue 164 includes the first half of the transcript of the 1787 Connecticut mint accounting records that help understand how the mint actually operated. more ]

ANS Partners with Google Arts & Culture to Present Online Exhibits

The American Numismatic Society has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to present online exhibits of its collections through the Google Cultural Institute. Visitors of the first exhibition can view images and video, engage with maps and link with ANS’s database. more ]

ANS provides online image-zooming feature

The American Numismatic Society will make its highest-resolution images available. With 160,000 numismatic objects photographed thus far, this will enable researchers to zoom down into minute details, in order to assist them in their work. more ]

IAFOR Silk Road Initiative

In 2018 the IAFOR Silk Road Initiative will officially be launch. This network aims at connecting researchers, individuals and institutions with the common interest in interdisciplinary silk road studies. more ]

Seleucid Coins Online is Now Live

ANS has released a new web-based research tool: Seleucid Coins Online, a comprehensive overview of the coinages struck by the Seleucid kings and reports on the substantial increase in the number of coins available now for study on PELLA website. more ]

A Collection in Context – The Dr. Karl von Schäffer collection

In 1888, Karl von Schäffer left his collection to the University of Tübingen. A team of authors has reconstructed the origin of this collection in a book. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at this first volume of the new “Tübinger Numismatische Studien”. more ]

Rutgers digitizes the Badian Collection of Roman Republican Coins

The Rutgers University Libraries has digitized a collection of 1,250 Roman Republican Coins from the Badian collection. more ]

Exhibition at Chinese university showcases strong women on ancient coins

At the Northeast Normal University in Changchun, People’s Republic of China, a team of 15 students has developed an exhibition highlighting strong women on ancient coinage, mostly from the Roman Empire. more ]

Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - Part 1

From September 20-24, 2021 the XVI International Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw. Warsaw? Have you ever been to Warsaw? No? Then you ought to go as soon as possible, because Warsaw is worth a trip - especially in the numismatic sense! more ]

Warsaw: Numismatic centre at the heart of Europe - part 2

The International Numismatic Congress of 2021 will take place in Warsaw. CoinsWeekly will introduce you to some of the numismatic sights of the city. In this article we will guide you through the two largest coin collections in Warsaw. more ]

Warsaw: numismatic center in the heart of Europe – chapter 3

The International Numismatic Conference takes place in Warsaw in 2021. We took a look at what Warsaw has to offer from a numismatic standpoint. The three days we spent there were far too little time for that. In this chapter, we visit the Polish Numismatic Society, the POLIN Museum and find out what we missed out on. more ]

How came images on ancient coins?

Contributions in the proceedings of a conference at the Belgian and French Schools at Athens explore the relation between “issuer” and “user” of ancient coins by asking many intriguing questions as: Were numismatic types chosen and adapted for particular audiences? more ]

Numismatic courses in Athens and Rome

In 2018, 4 international students can apply for the opportunity to also get acquainted with Greek coins and the methods to study them in a course in Athens, organized by the Netherlands Institute at Athens, Radboud University Nijmegen and OIKOS. more ]

International AUREUS Conference Call for Posters

The AUREUS Conference will take place in Orléans November 12-14, 2018. The organizers have released a call for posters addressing subjects related to gold and / or gold coinage in the western world between the 4th century BC and the end of the 1st century AD. more ]

ANS Announces Gift from Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society

The Eric P. Newman Numismatic Society has donated $50,000 to the ANS’s renowned Summer Seminar to enhance the stipend of a Visiting Scholar. In 2018, the now renamed title was granted to Prof. Mariangela Puglisi of the University of Messina in Sicily. more ]

The Largest Collection of Islamic Coins in Germany

Tübingen owns the largest collection of Islamic coins in Germany. It is believed to only be outnumbered by the Russian Hermitage in St Petersburg as well as the coin collection in Qatar. Most notably, the collection in Tübingen is organized systematically and is used for research purposes. more ]

The World’s Largest Number of Credit Hours per Week in Numismatic Studies

Of course, our CoinsWeekly Coin Records also include numismatic teaching and research. A university in Europe believes they offer the largest number of credit hours per week in numismatic studies. more ]

Leipzig University Library receives collection of medals made by local artist Bruno Eyermann

The Leipzig University Library first presented its 218 newly-acquired collection of medals made by Bruno Eyermann to the public. Eyermann was the central figure among Leipzig’s artistic medalists in the first half of the 20th century. more ]

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