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Medieval times in focus – the Coin Cabinet in the Fitzwilliam Museum / Cambridge

Only a few coin cabinets are at the same time centers of research. The Fitzwilliam Museum / Cambridge ranges amongst these. Philip Grierson, Mark Blackburn – they represent the study of medieval numismatics... But there is a lot more going on in Cambridge” more ]

Large Coin Hoard Found In Shropshire

In August a novice metal detector user reported his first find: the largest coin hoard ever found in Shropshire county. Over 9,000 Roman coins from the 4th century AD may have been buried as ritual offering. HM Coroner declared the finding treasure... more ]

Book on Anglo-Saxon counterfeits

The replicas and forgeries of Anglo-Saxon coins have produced a corpus of material almost as extensive as the originals. In this groundbreaking new study Tony Abramson brings together a vast catalogue of Anglo-Saxon counterfeits and copies. more ]

Inaugural Exhibit of Tyrant Collection Long Beach Expo

Labeled “The Tyrants of the Thames,” the inaugural exhibition in a planned multi-year series of displays from the collection will showcase more than 500 superbly preserved examples of portrait coins of English and British rulers minted over the last 1,400 years. more ]

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