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Unexpected insights into the background of the creation of some Renaissance Medals

Ulrich Pfisterer, Lysippus und seine Freunde. Liebesgaben und Gedächtnis im Rom der Renaissance oder: Das erste Jahrhundert der Medaille
The book “Lysippus und seine Freunde“ is essentially a catalogue of works of the die cutter Lysippus the Younger alias Hermes Flavius de’ Bonis who created numerous ... more ]

Monograph on Renaissance artist Baccio Bandinelli

Nicole Hegener, Divi Iacobi Eques. Selbstdarstellung im Werk des Florentiner Bildhauers ... more ]

The British Museum and the Future of UK Numismatics

The proceedings of a conference held to mark the 150th anniversary of the British Museum’s Department of Coins and Medals in 2011 have been published recently. This book does not only cover topics of numismatics as a whole but also asks for the roles UK museums may play in developing the discipline in the 21st century... more ]

International Symposium on Roman Coins in the Renaissance

From November 16 to 18, 2011 various research institutes organize an international symposium in Berlin. The aim is to conduct a comparative analysis of the role and function of antique coins, and the reception, and (re-)construction of ancient culture and history in the age of the Renaissance... more ]

New permanent exhibition at Basel Historical Museum

Basel Historical Museum has opened its new permanent exhibition. Objects from collections dating back to the 16th century are focused in this impressive presentation. Among other objects Basel presents medals and coins from the property of Erasmus of Rotterdam... more ]

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