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Giulio Bernardi receives Samir Shamma Award

Giulio Bernardi receives the Samir Shamma Award 2012 for his book on Arabic gold coins. This work made him also second in the choice of the International Association of Professional Numismatists in 2011. more ]

The Seljuqs in Baghdad

From Hindu Kush to Eastern Anatolia, from Central Asia to the Persian Gulf – the Seljuq Empire in the High Middle Ages surpassed everything in Europe back then. In 1055, Tughrul Beg, grandson of the eponymous hero, conquered Baghdad. This is the starting point of the exciting book written by Yahya Jafar, which Ursula Kampmann introduces you to here. more ]

Price guide for Islamic coins

Tim Wilkes makes the life of collectors of Islamic coins easier. With his neatly arranged price guide, he makes a complex collecting area accessible also for beginners. Ursula Kampmann has taken a closer look at the book. more ]

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