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A new Catalogue of the British Museum related to the exhibition „Medals of Dishonour“

Philip Attwood and Felicity Powell, Medals of Dishonour.
He who thinks only of the objects his bank displays in a red jewellery box when the subject “modern medals” comes up tends to overlook the fact that the modern medal has become ... more ]

Fundamental Publication on the English Numismatics of the High and Late Middle Ages

Ian Stewart, Lord Stewartby, English Coins 1180 – 1551
The new work of reference on English numismatics of the High and the Late Middle Ages was written by a renowned expert in the field who wrote ... more ]

New book on coins, medals and banknotes featuring the portrait of Edward VIII

Spink issues Joseph S. Giordano’s book “Portraits of a Prince”... more ]

New Book on British Commemorative Medals by Christopher Eimer

The eagerly awaited second edition of the standard work of reference issued in 1987 has been published... more ]

46th Edition of Coins of England & the United Kingdom

The 46th Edition of Coins of England & the United Kingdom will be published in December 2010... more ]

“Ancient British Coins” wins RNS award

The authors of Ancient British Coins - Elizabeth Cottam, Philip de Jersey, Chris Rudd, John Sills – have been awarded the Lhotka Prize by the Royal Numismatic Society. more ]

Coin Yearbook 2013 available

The Coin Yearbook is the independent price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin hobby. It is the biggest-selling guide to UK coins in the world. Now the 2013 edition has appeared. more ]

Two books on the Brussels Hoard of 1908

London-based Auction house Baldwin’s has offered 101 of the rarest Henry III Pennies from the Brussels Hoard, a finding linked by its intriguing history to the auction house itself as two books now available from Baldwin’s explain. more ]

A numismatic glimpse inside English economic history

Coinage and Currency in Eighteenth-Century Britain – this is how David W. Dykes entitled his luxury volume dealing with English tokens and their place in the history of money. The bibliophilic publication is of interest not just to special collectors. more ]

The Coin Yearbook 2015

The Coin Yearbook 2015 is the independent price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin hobby including accurate up-to-the-minute valuations for all English, Scottish, Irish and Island coins. Also featured are sections on Celtic, Roman and early English hammered coins. more ]

50th Edition of Spink‘s Standard Catalogue “Coins of England”

It is an institution, perhaps comparable with the Jaeger in Germany: Spink’s Standard Catalogue on the English coinage. Ursula Kampmann writes the anniversary review. more ]

Spink publishes new books

Book publisher Spink has issued new books ranging from a beginner’s guide to Byzantine coinage to coins of the Late Roman Empire, medieval Britain, and a new volume of the prestigious Roman Provincial coinage series. more ]

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