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The “White Gadoury” is available again!

The 4th edition of “Monnaies royales françaises: Louis XIII à Louis XVI, 1610-1792” has been completely revised and comprises 363 numbers on 503 pages in full color. more ]

New edition of an oldie: The red Gadoury

Actually there is no need to introduce the red Gadoury, the book that comprises French coinage from 1789 to 2013. Now the 21st edition has appeared and Ursula Kampmann presents it briefly. more ]

Éditions Victor Gadoury Publishes Book on French Patterns and Piéforts

At last, the authors Michel Taillard and Michael Arnaud now present a comprehensive, new standard work of reference on French patterns and piéforts. The standard work of reference on modern French numismatics, the red-colored Gadoury, did not include those coins. more ]

22nd Edition of Gadoury’s Monnaies Françaises

There are some books, collectors can’t imagine to do without. Gadoury Rouge is one of those, dealing with French coins struck between 1789 and 2015. Its 22nd edition was completely revised and significantly enlarged. It now contains more than 100 new pages. more ]

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