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Collection of essays by Italian numismatist Attilio Stazio

To remember the important Italian numismatist Attilio Stazio (1923-2010) a volume is to appear which collects some of his most interesting but often quite widespread articles and essays. more ]

Judaea on coins

One of the most popular fields of collecting ancient coins are issues with motifs from the history of Judaea. Spink published last year an intriguing collection of essays presenting the most recent knowledge on these types. more ]

A generations’ work: the Sylloge Nummorum Parthicorum

The Austrian Academy of the Sciences Press has published the first volume of a gigantic project dedicated to the Parthian coinage. Ursula Kampmann presents this epoch-making publication. more ]

New volume in Handbook of Greek Coinage Series

Volume 12 in the Handbook of Greek Coinage series is being at press and will be available soon. This volume represents the 7th of the 12 scheduled volumes of this important work being written by Oliver Hoover and published by CNG. more ]

The Lokrians of Opous

There is this wonderful coinage with the unpronounceable name: the starters with Demeter’s head on the obverse and fighting Ajax on the reverse. A monograph has now been published that enlightens us about the Lokrians of Opous. Ursula Kampmann has taken a closer look at it. more ]

Elite and Coinage in Asia Minor

A coinage more lavishly illustrated and more colorful than the one of Asia Minor in Roman Imperial times is hard to imagine. Responsible was a wealthy elite which expressed its perceptions on coins. Robert Bennett has dealt with this topic, and Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at his book. more ]

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