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Guide book to Celtic Numismatics in Switzerland

The most recent special edition of the journal Helvetia Archaeologica provides a popular overview of the Celtic coins in Switzerland. All aspects of Celtic numismatics are ... more ]

A new Celtic coin book

“It is very easy to use, not just for people with Dr. in front of their name, but for everyone, from schoolkids to scholars.” more ]

A new Dictionary of Coins in Gaul

This dictionary offers a comprehensive typology of the coins that circulated in mediterranean Gaul, from the earliest coins minted in Marseille to Augustus’ accession to power, in 27 BC... more ]

“Ancient British Coins” wins RNS award

The authors of Ancient British Coins - Elizabeth Cottam, Philip de Jersey, Chris Rudd, John Sills – have been awarded the Lhotka Prize by the Royal Numismatic Society. more ]

Fresh look on Gallic coins

This book written by Pierre-Marie Guihard analyses the monetary history of the Gallic’s people in the low valley of Seine between the beginning of the III century and the end of the first century B.C integrating monetary history into the society which made use of the coins. more ]

Australian money man catalogues British boar money

The formerly chief financial officer of Reader’s Digest in Australia has written a pioneering book cataloguing the earliest silver coins of the Corieltavi, a large Iron Age tribe of the East Midlands. It has been published by Chris Rudd. more ]

Call for contributions: Unpublished Anglo-Gallic coins

Do you have any Anglo-Gallic coins as yet unpublished? This is the last opportunity to get any new varieties into the book “A Catalogue of Anglo-Gallic Coins”. All contributions will be acknowledged. more ]

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