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Bullion coins part 3: The American Eagle

This bullion coin of the United States, first released in 1986, can look back on a long tradition. Its obverse takes up an effigy that was designed by one of the greatest American artists. more ]

Bullion coins part 4: American Buffalo

The bullion coin “American Buffalo” is supposed to capture the beauty of the Wild West. In reality though, the models used for the images were anything but wild. more ]

A mint for the Comstock Lode in Carson City / Nevada

Only for a few years the US Mint struck gold and silver coins at its branch in Carson City. Only 57 types of gold coins originated there. Auction house Gadoury is now able to offer an impressive number of these rarities in their forthcoming auction. more ]

American Eagles made of Palladium

In the near future investors can choose between four different American bullion coins made of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium... more ]

America the Beautiful

United States Mint Releases Designs for 2011. The America the Beautiful Quarters® Program will feature five new coins... more ]

Director of United States Mint Resigns

Edmund Moy will depart for position in private sector. He will join L&L Energy... more ]

The Freedom to strike Gold

A U.S. court sentenced Bernard von NotHaus, private producer of the Liberty Dollar, to 15 years in prison and a fine of 250.000 $. Furthermore the company’s stock of gold valued at 7 million $ was confiscated... more ]

Ronald Reagan on coins

For years now, an off-stage fight is going on whether or not the portrait of Ronald Reagan ought to be seen on coins... more ]

The Great Comet of 1811 and “A man of many battles”

Tenth annual coin issues of the Sovereign Nation of the Shawnee Tribe commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Great Comet of 1811 and Chief Kish-kallo-wa... more ]

Utah authorizes gold as currency

The Associated Press reports that Utah has authorized gold and silver as currency of the Utah territory... more ]

ANS commissions medal in honor of Eric P. Newman’s 100th birthday

To celebrate the 100th birthday of its Trustee Emeritus and benefactor, the American Numismatic Society is presenting Eric Pfeiffer Newman a portrait plaque, which was commissioned to commemorate this event... more ]

Numismatic events at Chicago in 2012

Krause Publications has announced 2012 dates for its Chicago numismatic events, the Chicago International Coin Fair and Chicago Paper Money Expo... more ]

9/11 Memorial Medal – Over 50,000 Sold in First Week

The official proof silver medal of the US Mint commemorating the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, arouse extreme interest with US buyers... more ]

Concurrent Technologies Corporation Researchs Alternative Materials for U.S. Circulation Coins

Concurrent Technologies Corporation has been awarded a competitively bid contract by the United States Mint to conduct research and development for more economical alternative metallic materials for the production of all circulating coins... more ]

Martin Luther Art-Medals Commemorating 500 Years Protestant Reformation

Establishing a partnership with German medallist Victor Huster the International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals (IARCM) strikes the first in a series of art-medals commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation... more ]

Year of the Rabbit Silver Bars Issued

PandaAmerica issues a new silver bar in the Lunar Zodiac series. The 2011 bar commemorates the Year of the Rabbit and will be available as 1, 10 and 100 oz. bullions... more ]

ANS Unveils New Medal Honoring Eric P. Newman

The American Numismatic Society announces the limited edition medal honoring ANS Trustee Emeritus, Eric P. Newman. The medal will be minted in both bronze and silver and will be available by subscription only until January 13, 2012... more ]

US coins to alter material: steel instead of copper, zinc and nickel

Two bills are presented to US Congress proposing alternative coinage materials because production costs of zinc, copper and nickel based coins exceed the coins’ face value. Steel seems to be the new choice... more ]

Medal commemorates Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Gertrude Elion

The Jewish-American Hall of Fame issues a medal in honor of Nobel Prize in Medicine winner Gertrude Elion. Elion was only the fifth female Nobel laureate in Medicine, the ninth in science in general... more ]

Medal honours pioneer American aviator Arthur Welsh

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is issuing art medals commemorating pioneer American Jewish aviator Arthur Welsh (1881-1912) almost exactly a century after Welsh’s tragic death while testing a military plane at the College Park airfield. more ]

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-open New York retail space

Stack’s Bowers Galleries re-opens the legendary retail outlet in New York City on August 23, 2012. On that occasion a new GOLD to go™ ATM machine will be presented and two silver Bison coins officially launched. more ]

Police officer stole Presidential coins from Philadelphia Mint

A North Wildwood, N.J., man who worked as a police officer at the U.S. Mint was sentenced on September 13, 2012 to 36 months in prison for stealing $2.4 million worth of error coins from the U.S. Mint and selling them to a coin distributor in California. more ]

US Mint Coin Study Illustrates Need for Planning

The United States has considered eliminating its 1-cent coin for years. There are politics involved, but putting politics aside a recent study illustrates just how important diligence is when any change to coinage is being considered. Richard Giedroyc explains the background. more ]

How a bullion coin was nearly to solve the US debt crisis – again

For months US and international media were fascinated by the idea of solving the US debt crisis by simply minting one single coin, a platinum bullion coin with a face value of $1 trillion. But how could that have worked? And why did they abolish this idea? Read it here. more ]

The trillion dollar coin to come – as private essay for $9.95

The one trillion dollar bullion coin has not come to solve the US debt crisis... Nevertheless, now there has been struck a private essay. For $9.95 everyone can buy a piece of American business sense. more ]

Free Uncirculated 1943 Steel US-Cents With Whitman WWII Books

Whitman Publishing is giving away Uncirculated 1943 steel cents to readers who order sets of its new “U.S. Army in World War II: European Theater of Operations” books. more ]

Liberty Dollar has returned

In 2011 Bernard von NotHaus was convicted on counterfeiting after having issued the Liberty Dollar, a private currency apparently similar to the official US currency. Now a collector wants to issue a New Liberty Dollar as private medal with no intention of provoking authorities. more ]

Native American Mint – Minting Coins for America’s Native Tribes

The Native American Mint offers native tribes which may issue their own coins to design such coins including traditional motifs in order to remind people of the tribes’ culture and history... more ]

Fake slabs to become illegal in the U.S.

US House of Representatives has passed a bill applying modifications to the ‘Hobby Protection Act.’ Not only producing imitations and selling them is punishable by law but also faking slabs. more ]

USA continue trusting in God

‘In God We Trust’ is the famous US motto since long, and for decades atheists have opposed to it arguing that it offends those who do not believe in god. However, again a court has decided that the motto is not intended in a religious sense and does not harm anybody. more ]

No gold in Fort Knox?

Are you worried about lacking gold in Fort Knox? Relax, it is there! So says Edmund C. Moy, former director of the US Mint who visited the arguably best protected place on this planet and saw the gold reserves with his eyes. more ]

US Mint issues curved coin

During the last years mints have tried to reinvent coins. Now, the US Mint has announced that it will issue a curved commemorative coin on the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Apparently massive problems hindered the development of this product. more ]

ANS consigns small group of Gobrecht dollars to Heritage Auctions

The American Numismatic Society has consigned a small group of Gobrecht dollars to Heritage Auctions. The coins are part of the collection of 100 Gobrecht dollars, bequeathed to the Society by Dr. Julius Korein, one of the foremost collectors of this series. more ]

The Hype about the Golden Kennedy Half Dollar

Due to excessive demand, the Unites States Mint is now forced to stop selling the golden Kennedy Half Dollar. After three days, the coin is available for sale on the internet only. more ]

Quo Vadis: what good will First Day of Issue Grading do to the collector?

The Kennedy gold Half Dollar was extremely sought-after during the ANA Chicago. That was due to a First Day of Issue certificate that might turn the collectors’ market upside down. At present, the First Day of Issue Graded coins make a lot of money. The long-term question, however, is: for whom. more ]

The Hype about the Golden Kennedy Half Dollar: Explanations

Last week we reported about the excessive demand for the Golden Kennedy Half Dollar. We asked our readers, whether they had a good explanation for this incredible hype although the US Mint had announced that these commemorative coins will be produced until the demand is met. We have received a lot of responses. more ]

Liberty Dollar was not terrorism

A US Federal court has passed a more benign judgment on Bernard von NotHaus, the creator of the Liberty Dollar stressing that he is no terrorist. But again the court made it clear that as for financial matters the US government is not to be trifled with. more ]

Art Medals for the first Jewish Miss America Bess Myerson

Bess Myerson, the first and only Jewish Miss America, died at age 90 on December 14, 2014, at her home in Santa Monica, California. She was inducted into the Jewish-American Hall of Fame in 2001 and 150 bronze, 65 silver and 13 gold art medals were struck in her honor. more ]

United States wins 2016 Coin of the Year Award

The United States Baseball Hall of Fame cupped clad half dollar has been named Coin of the Year by an international panel of judges in a vote that concluded December 6. Another big winner for the year’s awards is Austria, which came away with three category wins. more ]

United States Mint Seeks New Member for Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee

The CCAC advises the Secretary of the Treasury on the selection of themes and design proposals for coins and medals produced by the United States Mint. The Mint is accepting applications for a new member of the CCAC. more ]

New Book on Modern Gold and Silver US Coins and Medals

In December Whitman Publishing published American Gold and Silver: U.S. Mint Collector and Investor Coins and Medals, Bicentennial to Date, by Dennis Tucker. Readers will find a richly illustrated history of silver and gold in the coinage of colonial America and the U.S. more ]

US Mint unveils Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Designs

US Mint has unveiled new designs for commemorative coins celebrating writer Mark Twain around his 180th birthday. In 2016 the Mint will issue a gold and a silver coin in honour of the writer famous in particular for “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. more ]

Congressional Gold Medal on Monuments Men released

Issuing a Congressional Gold Medal, the United States Mint honors the “Monuments Men”. The group received the nation’s highest civilian honor in recognition of its heroic role in the preservation, protection, and restitution of cultural heritage during World War II. more ]

Treasures – the most intriguing topic of numismatics

‘Lost and Found Coin Hoards and Treasures: Illustrated Stories of the Greatest American Troves and Their Discoveries’, by renowned author Q. David Bowers, is the latest release of Whitman Publishing. more ]

US Mint Conducts 2D Barcode Trials

The United States Mint is scheduled to conclude its data collection software and two-dimensional barcode trial. If the test results are positive, the Mint could benefit from an enhanced workflow in their die shops. more ]

US Mint Strikes National Park Service Coin

With a striking ceremony for the media the United States Mint introduced its 2016 National Park Service (NPS) Proof Clad Half Dollar. The issue is now available for everybody. more ]

First Afro-American woman on US dollar bill ever

Harriet Tubman, fighter for the freedom of slaves and women’s suffrage, will be the first Afro-American woman ever featured on an American dollar note, as has been announced by United States Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew. Here you can read his open letter in full detail. more ]

Whitman releases 3rd Edition of ‘American Silver Eagles’

As one of the most popular bullion coins with collectors, the American Silver Eagle celebrates its 30th birthday. On this occasion, Whitman releases the revised third edition of the relevant guide, written by U.S. Mint chief engraver and coin’s reverse designer John Mercanti. more ]

A new Guide Book of Modern United States Dollar Coins from Bowers

Whitman Publishing is releasing a new volume in the popular Bowers Series of numismatic references, a 320-page “Guide Book of Modern United States Dollar Coins”. more ]

Bullion Coins of the World

Many investors prefer bullion coins to bars. Their advantages: they show beautiful motifs deeply rooted in the history and culture of the issuing nations. Learn more about that in our bullion coins series. more ]

In money we trust

It is fascinating to see circulation currency getting a design makeover. However, the general public, even though it is the intended user, is normally not taking part in the decision-making process. Yet positive examples show that there is another way. more ]

Coin collectors share their thoughts with the CCAC in historic Colorado

Colorado is for coin collectors a special location, rich with numismatic history. It was the venue for the 2016 meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. CCAC member Dennis Tucker reports on the agenda and suggestions made by coin collectors. more ]

Exploring the Mints of the United States – From Colonial Days to the Present

Published by Whitman, Q. David Bower’s new book on the history of the U.S. Mint makes its debut in October 2016. Dennis Tucker introduces the book, reflects about the Mint and talks about the author. more ]

Museum Honors Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is presenting its inaugural “Great Americans” award to two former Secretaries of State, Madeleine K. Albright and Colin Powell. more ]

U.S. Mint design competition for Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin

The United States Mint launches a public design competition for the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Program. Designed by and for the public, the winning artist will depict the fight against breast cancer on America’s first “pink gold” coins. more ]

Whitman Publishing: Bob McCabe’s Counterfeiting and Technology

Whitman Publishing has released “Counterfeiting and Technology: A History of the Long Struggle Between Paper-Money Counterfeiters and Security Printing” by Bob McCabe. more ]

New Proposed US Legislation Outlawing Purple Heart Buying and Selling

A new proposed federal legislation to ban the collecting of awarded Purple Hearts currently causes a stir among collectors of these medals. Collectors’ societies call it a “danger to our hobby” and ask for support worldwide. more ]

Whitman Publishing Releases Massive New Bowers Volume on the United States Mint

Whitman Publishing announces the release of A Guide Book of the United States Mint, by Q. David Bowers. The 23rd volume in the award-winning Bowers Series explores the United States Mint itself, which is gearing up to celebrate its 225th anniversary in 2017. more ]

Noodles are the new cigarettes

In U.S. American prisons, cigarettes and tobacco are less and less often used for payments. The new and literally hard currency is instant noodles. But, according to a sociological study, the resourcefulness must be seen against a precarious backdrop: The inmates are hungry. more ]

Coin makeover: a venerable tradition...

Utilizing a sovereign coin to express one’s not so sovereign opinion is a venerable tradition. Reinterpreting coin motifs by engraving can be highly creative. This is how Shaun Hughes creates modern art. more ]

Former President Obama Receives Bronze Medals For Each Term in Office

On January 17, 2017 Treasury and U.S. Mint leaders presented bronze medals to former President Barack Obama. Emblemizing his terms in office, the two presidential medals depict his portrait and portions of memorable speeches from the time of his presidency. more ]

How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World

In “Central Banks and Gold”, Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler explore how today’s financialized form of globalism took shape a century ago, when Tokyo joined London and New York as a major financial center. more ]

PNG advises caution against “Trump Coins”

The Professional Numismatists Guild advises buyers to be wary of so-called “Trump Coins” and to not take them as truly rare coins. Despite how they are being advertised, they are neither legal tender nor a great investment. more ]

MoAF opens exhibition on Blacks on US Currency

The New York Museum of American Finance has opened the traveling exhibit “For the Love of Money: Blacks on US Currency”. On loan from the Museum of UnCut Funk and on view through January 2018, it centers upon blacks which have significantly influenced history. more ]

US Mint Launches Public Design Competition

The United States Mint calls for artists to design the obverse of the commemorative coin honoring the first manned moon landing. This will be the first time that a curved version of a five ounce silver coin is produced and offered by the United States Mint. more ]

NGC Certifies Dramatic New Kennedy Half Dollar Variety

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® has certified a newly discovered variety for the popular Kennedy Half Dollar series. Thorough investigation brought to light that the proof coin revealed one style of mintmark punched over another. more ]

Money laundering by order of the government

What does a country do when its banknotes last less than a year but they do not want to keep printing new ones? Wash and iron the old ones. By doing so, the U.S. Treasury Department saved several hundreds of thousands of dollars of production costs around 1910. more ]

AINA Medal commemorates Balfour Declaration

The American Israel Numismatic Association issues a medal commemorating three important events: the Balfour Declaration, the Reunification of Jerusalem, and AINA’s 50th anniversary. more ]

New Edition of A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents

Whitman Publishing has released an expanded, updated second edition of its best-selling “Guide Book of Lincoln Cents”. It provides a detailed study of this American classic, including history, grading, market values, and more. more ]

21st Edition of “Paper Money of the United States” released

The 21st edition of Friedberg’s “Paper Money of the United States” was released. Featuring color illustrations of notes from America’s greatest currency collections, this updated and revised standard reference book is available in three formats. more ]

United States Mint Resumes Mutilated Coin Redemption Program

The United States Mint is resuming its Mutilated Coin Redemption Program after its previous suspension in 2015. The program provides a possibility through which individuals and businesses can exchange bent and partial coins for reimbursement. more ]

US Mint releases first coin in new platinum proof coin series

The United States Mint has opened sales for the 2018 Preamble to the Declaration of Independence Platinum Proof Coin. It is the first release in the three-year series that features all new obverse designs on a one ounce, 99.95 percent platinum proof coin each year. more ]

New 2019 Official Red Book available soon

Whitman Publishing offers an expanded, updated 72nd edition of its best-selling Guide Book of United States Coins, popularly known as “Red Book”. The book can be pre-ordered online and will be available on March 22, 2018. more ]

Photographic insight into American economic history

The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery dedicates an exhibition to those who made America great. The over 100 exhibits show workers at worksite and are art as well as historic testimonies. more ]

Third Edition of Whitman’s Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

Whitman Publishing has released the third edition of “A Guide Book of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars”, by professional numismatist Rick Tomaska. This version is expanded with new research and market analysis. more ]

U.S. Medals and Tokens featured in new 4th MEGA RED Edition

Whitman Publishing released his new 1,504-page MEGA RED edition featuring also American exonumia ranging from dime-sized tokens to dollar-sized and larger medals. more ]

Donald Trump in the tradition of ancient emperors

The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took place after all. Prior to this summit, a medal minted on this occasion had led to controversial debates. This is, however, quite a common procedure that dates to back antiquity. more ]

Contemporary medals on display at New York gallery

“TEXTURE TEMPERATURE WEIGHT” at Medialia Gallery, New York, shows over a hundred medallic sculptures created by members of the American Medallic Sculpture Association. more ]

A Quarter for the Comrade

Flags, flowers and wreaths. That's what we expect to see when we visit an American military cemetery. However, for some decades now, people have also been encountering coins on headstones there. This recent tradition has a moving origin. more ]

Prop money leads to prison sentence

When you watch a movie, you want it to be as realistic as possible. A case in Hong Kong has now proven that some cinematic elements can also be too authentic. Two prop makers were sentenced to four months in prison – because their prop money was too realistic. more ]

American Eagles most counterfeited bullion coins in the USA

A new survey indicates the popular U.S. bullion coins are now the most frequently encountered bullion coin counterfeits in the USA. Therefore members of the buying public should follow a solid advice how they can best protect themselves. more ]

Designs for 2020-2021 America the Beautiful Quarters Series

Sometimes we tend to think that coin designs are without any alternative. That this is not true is demonstrated by the elaborate process of reviewing drafts by the U.S. mint’s advisory committees. Their opinions offer unique insights into possibilities how to judge a coin design. more ]

Coins and Banknotes via the same website

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing have formed an alliance to sell US currency through the Mint’s e-commerce system beginning this fall. more ]

How the Czech Tolar Became the Dollar

Petr Vorel takes us on a journey of monetary history: from the birth of the taler and its rise in the 16th century to its global victory as the dollar in the 20th century. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the pivotal work. more ]

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