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Five East African Nations Look to Currency Union

Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda may have more in common than shared borders. Each of these five nations is considering a proposed East African Community Monetary Union that would merge their coin and bank note systems in much the same way as has the European Union. more ]

Tanzania celebrates two holy popes

In the millennia-long history of the Roman-Catholic Church, this will be a first: two popes will be canonized simultaneously. On this occasion, Tanzania issues a coin designed by Coin Invest Trust in several editions, one of them in partly gilded silver.
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The three wise Monkeys

Everybody knows the symbol representing an Asian proverb: the three wise monkeys, covering their eyes, ears and mouth respectively. A coin from Tanzania invites collectors to ponder on the wisdom contained in this pictorial maxim. more ]

Butterflies in 3D – 2016: Cymothoe hobarti

By displaying the Cymothoe hobarti, the latest issue in Coin Invest Trust’s Butterflies in 3D series exhibits a species characteristic of its country of issue, Tanzania. The stunning red colouring of the butterfly’s 3D replica stands out from the high-relief silver field. more ]

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