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A numismatic relic of the Miracle of Bern

On November 22, 2011, the auction house Rapp in Wil will auction off a numismatic relic of one remarkable event in the history of sports. On July 4, 1954 Lászlo Budai and the legendary “Mighty Magyars” won “only” silver... more ]

Introduction 'The People of Zurich and their Money' Part 2

Our occasional series ‘The People of Zurich and their Money’ will present one exciting chapter of Swiss numismatics and economic history at a time. The introduction provides an initial overview in two parts. This second section takes us from the Thirty Years War all the way to the present day. more ]

Bullion coins part 6: The Vreneli

The relationship between the Swiss people and their Vreneli could be described as nostalgic, even loving almost. This traditional Swiss bullion coins is still a typical gift for births, First Communions or confirmations. more ]

Swiss gold coins for 25 and 50 francs – Part 1: historical origin

In 1953, Swiss National Bank was obligated by law to exchange banknotes for gold. The consequences: The country needed an enormous amount of gold circulation coins. But it was a rocky road up to the coinage, as you can read here. more ]

Swiss gold coins for 25 and 50 francs – chapter 2: from circulation coin to coveted rarity and then to melting

Since 1955, the Swiss mint was striking coins on a large scale – and did not issue them after all. However, a small part of them became a wanted collectible. The rest was melted down. Read here, how it happened. more ]

New Swiss commemorative coins: «Bernina Railway» and «Marmot»

On January 21, 2010 the Federal Mint Swissmint has issued a silver coin to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bernina Line. A coin will also be issued to complete the ... more ]

Swiss commemorative coin for Henry Dunant

The Swiss Confederation is issuing a 20 franc silver coin on the occasion of Dunant Year 2010. It was presented for the first time on the World Red Cross Day on 8th May... more ]

Swiss gold coin to commemorate Anker Year 2010

The Federal Mint Swissmint is taking the commemorative year for Albert Anker as the occasion to salute the famous Swiss artist with the official 2010 gold coin... more ]

Swissmint Awarded Otto Paul Wenger Prize

The prestigious Otto Paul Wenger Prize was awarded to “swissmint” by the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists. more ]

Swiss commemorative coins 2011

In 2011 the SwissMint promotes an interesting coin program rich in variety. The new coins will be dedicated to Max Frisch, Swiss customs, the “Schellenursli” and the Pilatus Railway.
more ]

New selling prices for Swiss commemorative coins

Extraordinary developments in the precious metal and non-ferrous metal market have led to price increases for Swiss commemorative coins... more ]

„A Bell for Ursli“ in Gold

On May 26, 2011 the Swissmint issues the gold coin “A Bell for Ursli”. This is a numismatic appreciation of the famous and taking figure of Schellenursli invented by the Swiss designer and artist Alois Carigiet and the author Selina Chönz... more ]

University of Vienna awarded Otto Paul Wenger Prize

The prestigious Otto Paul Wenger Prize was awarded to the Institute for Numismatics and Monetary History of the University of Vienna by the Association of Swiss Professional Numismatists. Of special merit are the Institute’s publications... more ]

Swiss Mint dedicates coin to traditional cow fights

Each year in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland the strongest cow, the “Queen of the Queens”, is crowned after many fights. She leads the traditional driving of the cattles to the Alpine pastures. This custom of cow fighting is vivid more than ever and therefore the Federal Swiss Mint has dedicated a coin to it. more ]

Silver on the centenary of the Jungfrau Railway

Swiss Mint closes the series on the subject of “mountain railways” with a 20 CHF silver coin depicting the motif “100 years of Jungfrau Railway”. This issue commemorates the fact that this track made the whole area accessible leading to the highest station in Europe. more ]

Changeover at Swissmint

For nearly 15 years Kurt Rohrer had headed the Swissmint. Now the moment of his retirement is approaching. His successor is Marius Haldimann, previously vice-director. more ]

New Swiss Commemorative Coins

Swissmint honours Silvesterchlausen, a custom rooted in Appenzell Ausserrhoden with a bimetallic coin. A silver coin is dedicated to the daredevil flight across the Alps by the Swiss Oskar Bider. more ]

On the future of smallest denominations in Western Europe

The future of 1- and 2-euro cent coins is open according to a EU Commission press release. However, in contrary to the worldwide trend of abolishing the smallest coins due to high production costs Switzerland decided to keep the coin with the lowest face value. more ]

New Swiss coin for collectors: ‘Patrouille Suisse’

The Federal Mint Swissmint has launched a new commemorative coin for coin enthusiasts and collectors. The silver coin ’50 years of the Patrouille Suisse’ depicts the aerobatic team of the Swiss Air Force. more ]

New Swiss coin for collectors: ‘Gansabhauet Sursee’

The Federal Mint Swissmint has launched a new commemorative coin for coin enthusiasts and collectors. The bimetallic coin features an illustration of the ‘Gansabhauet’, an age-old custom practised in the commune of Sursee. more ]

New Swiss commemorative coins in gold and silver

The Federal Mint Swissmint launched the sale of two new commemorative coins for collectors and enthusiasts. The silver coin is dedicated to the Swiss national card game ‘Jass’, while the central theme of the gold coin is the 100th anniversary of the Swiss National Park. more ]

Three new Swiss commemorative coins

The Swissmint has launched three new commemorative coins: A bimetallic coin on the custom of the descent from Alpine pastures and two silver coins, one on the innovative “Solar Impulse” project and the second on “1500 Years of St. Maurice's Abbey”. more ]

New Swiss commemorative coins: “Hornussen” and “2000 years of Aventicum”

The Federal Mint Swissmint launched the sale of two new commemorative coins: The silver coin is dedicated to the Swiss national sport “Hornussen”, while the central theme of the gold coin is “2000 years of Aventicum”. more ]

New Swiss banknotes in 2016

Starting in April 2016, the Swiss National Bank will issue new bank notes. The first denomination to be released will be the 50-franc note. more ]

Gottardo 2016: A country in an exceptional state

On June 1, 2016, the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be handed over to the Federation. On this occasion, Swissmint issues two commemorative coins. That is why it has become the center of media interest: TV, the radio and daily press reported on the commemorative coin. more ]

Swissmint releases commemorative coin “150 Years Swiss Red Cross”

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Swiss Red Cross, Swissmint issues an official silver commemorative coin with the legal face value of 20 Swiss francs. more ]

Swissmint’s new commemorative coin honors Alpine Edelweiss

The Swissmint is launching the new, three-part “FLORA ALPINA” series with the commemorative coin “Alpine Edelweiss”. The coin with the legal face value of 10 Swiss francs honors one of the most typical but also rarest flowers of the Alpine region. more ]

Patterns and material varieties of Swiss coins

Jürg Richter has published a new book. His two-volume catalog covers the patterns and material varieties of Swiss coins. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at the two books. more ]

Swissmint starts the numismatic Reformation year

The tradition of minting commemorative coins on occasion of the Reformation-jubilees has existed for centuries. 2017 more coins will be issued. The Swissmint has now lead off. Ursula Kampmann went to the opening ceremony of the Swiss Reformation year in Zurich. more ]

Switzerland’s Most Precious Coins

From 2 to 12 May 2017, the international auction house Rapp, with Chaponnière & Firmenich SA, will present L’EXCELLENCE SUISSE in Wil. Exhibiting the most rare coins, it tells the story of Switzerland’s coins and documents the creation of the Swiss Franc. more ]

Swiss coin features ‘Klausen pass’

The Federal Mint Swissmint starts with the 20-franc silver coin ‘Klausen Pass’ a new series on Swiss Alpine passes. Aficionados of racing cars and motorbikes will be familiar with the pass as the location of the historical Klausenrace. more ]

New Swiss commemorative coin ‘Carline thistle’

On 25 January 2018, the Federal Mint Swissmint launches the new commemorative coin ‘Carline thistle’. The bimetallic coin is the last in its three-part FLORA ALPINA series. more ]

Switzerland commemorates historic steamboat “La Suisse”

Switzerland’s Federal Mint Swissmint launches a new commemorative coin for coin enthusiasts and collectors. The silver coin “La Suisse” continues the three-part Swiss steamships series. more ]

New Swiss commemorative coin: “William Tell”

It’s back again: A Swiss gold coin featuring Hodler’s William Tell on its revers. The new interpretation of this protective confederate is politically correct and artistically better made than its infamous predecessor. more ]

Switzerland’s New 200 Franc banknote released

The National Bank of Switzerland have released their new 200-franc note replacing the banknote of the same denomination issued in 1997 as part of the Bank’s eighth series. The 9th series comes in new dimensions, with new designs and modern security features. more ]

Swiss Commemorative Coin Marks Centenary of the Death of “Swiss Army Knife” Creator

Swissmint has issued a commemorative coin reminiscent of one of Switzerland’s most popular exports. The Swiss Army Knife. We visited the manufactory where it is produced and take a look at the new commemorative coin. more ]

SNB presents results of the 2017 survey on payment methods

In the autumn of 2017, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) conducted a survey on payment methods for the first time. The aim of the survey is to obtain representative information on payment behaviour and the use of cash by households in Switzerland. more ]

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