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Spectacular gold coins found in Iraq

According to media reports archaeologists discovered 66 Sassanid gold coins in the city of Aziziyah in the south-west of Baghdad. The coins were expected to be sent for laboratory tests in order to confirm their authenticity. more ]

Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum – Uzbekistan

Three things are the basis of numismatics: material, material, material. The Sylloge volumes on Sasanian numismatics make this material accessible to researchers. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look at one of the volumes. more ]

Princeton acquires Schaaf Collection of Sasanian Coins

The Princeton University Numismatic Collection announced the acquisition of one of the most comprehensive collections of Sasanian coins in private hands, that of Robert W. Schaaf, a New Jersey resident employed in the electronics field. more ]

Welcome to Iran! Part 11: Persepolis! At last!

If ever there was a reason why I wanted to travel Iran, it was Persepolis, the capital of the Persians with its incredible Apadana. Finally the day has come. We are going to see the city of cities! more ]

Gems, rings and seal boxes from Caesarea Maritima

In 2016, a content-rich book on a private collection of gems, finger rings and seal boxes was written in Tel Aviv. The objects of the collection all have one common trait: they were all found in Caesarea Maritima. Ursula Kampmann has taken a look. more ]

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