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Numismatics in Russia

What is it like when a government claims a monopoly on his culture? The real socialism in the former Soviet Union gives an appalling impression about what happens if the state prohibits any private collecting.
Vasily Gerasimov, distinguished expert on the Russian coin scene, provides a close up view of the Russian numismatic world – during socialism and today... more ]

Big coins

Russian commemorative coins become increasingly heavier. Here are some thoughts about possible reasons for that...
more ]

3 ruble commemorative coin from Russia

Russia issues a new commemorative coin on May 31th, 2010.
more ]

New commemorative coins issued by the Bank of Russia in April

Three remarkable issues of coins released by the Bank of Russia celebrate two historical events: The 350th Anniversary of the Voluntary Entering of Buryatiya into the Russian state and the 50th Anniversary of the Man’s First Space Flight... more ]

Bank of Russia commemorates “Towns of Martial Glory”

The Bank of Russia issues a new series commemorating the “Towns of Martial Glory”. The first coin is dedicated to the city of Belgorod in central Russia where once the largest tank battle in history took place... more ]

Two Coins To Mark The Occasion Of The Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011

The Spanish Royal Mint and the Bank of Russia release a joint issue marking the Dual Year Spain-Russia 2011. The two collector silver coins have a common reverse, which depicts Don Quixote and a ballerina of the Russian Ballet... more ]

Russia’s 1- and 5-kopek coins to be phased out

Due to the high production cost the Bank of Russia practices the “soft elimination” of 1- and 5-kopek coins allowing the coins to circulate until they wear out. Simultaneously the Russian government is experimenting with a card, which is thought to replace change in the future. more ]

Credit card on own conditions

Have you ever been angry over a bank advertisement? Or did you notice that the interest rates indicated in the contract were four times higher than in the advertisement? A Russian dealt creatively with such a matter and a court even agreed with him. more ]

Russia has introduced rouble symbol

Russia has introduced a symbol for its currency which will be used in official documents and on computer keyboards. In 2014 a coin will be issued with the symbol that is to enhance the use of the rouble in international trade. more ]

Is ‘altyn’ to become the rival of the US dollar?

The US dollar may have to face soon a strong rival for the most important currency of the world. At least, this is what the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are aiming at. They are propagating a new monetary union whose currency could be called altyn. more ]

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