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A Numismatic Journey Through the History of Poland

In 2011 World Money Fair welcomes the mint of Poland as guest of honor. On this occasion we will present some modern Polish coins dedicated to the interesting history of this nation. There are only few countries in the world, where history is still such an important issue in everyday life! more ]

Great Battles – a new series of the Polish mint

In July the Polish mint starts a new coin series named “Great Battles”... more ]

Russian Eggs found in the Southern Pacific

The Mint of Poland releases a series of collector coins dedicated to the Imperial Fabergé Eggs in the name of Niue Island... more ]

Soccer makes the world go round

The mint of Poland issues a series on the Kings of Football in the name of Argentina. Right now, the 7th coins of 11 has been published... more ]

The Poles and Their Pope

Few countries have as many coins depicting John Paul II as Poland. And few themes appear as often in Poland's numismatic production as the portrait of the Polish pope... more ]

Mint of Poland turns to the third side of the coin

Mint of Poland has presented a cylindrical coin, Fortuna Redux. The third side, normally the narrow rim, has been extended and worked on extensively with most advanced technologies. more ]

Mennica Polska

The Mint of Poland is one of the few cases in which a state-owned enterprise has been successfully converted into a private company. At present, the Mennica Polska is a stock company, of which the Polish state no longer holds any shares. more ]

Gold as a safe haven?

Ask your investment consultant. He will tell you that gold has been a safe haven since the creation of the world. And when he tells you so, he has forgotten that the American ban of gold ownership was lifted as late as December 31, 1974. more ]

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