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Fit for Christmas: A Numismatic Angel

Coin Invest Trust presents a truly heavenly coin... more ]

An Ounce of Luck

Coin Invest Trust presents a very special coin for everybody who wants to wish enduring luck to his beloved ones at the beginning of 2011... more ]

Palau Dedicates an Issue to Escapologist Harry Houdini

Palau has assigned to the Coin Invest Trust the task of developing a coin dedicated to the illusionist and escapologist Harry Houdini. In October the coin is issued as 2 dollar silver coin and as 1 dollar coin in copper/nickel. Both are delivered in a “magic box”... more ]

Endless Paradise: an eternal idyll on silver

Palau issues a new series of rectangular 2 dollar silver coins. You can arrange and combine them deliberately: they always show an exotic idyll of the Southern Sea. The number of combinations will even grow with the following series. more ]

World of Wonders series continued

Palau continues its successful ‘World of Wonders’ series. The Coin Invest Trust has created six splendid, colourful coins for the Micronesian island nation, capturing in silver a selection of awe-inspiring sites from Ireland to Japan. more ]

The World’s Plushest Coin: My Lovely Bear

The Island Nation of Palau has issued a teddy coin and Coin Invest Trust has once again managed to do the extraordinary, creating possibly the world’s plushest silver coin by incorporating a small, furry bear into it. more ]

Easter In All Shapes

For centuries, eggs and rabbits have been a part of Easter, appearing in forms that range from the traditional to the exclusive. Coin Invest Trust has brought both together with an Easter bunny coin and three magnificent coins inspired by the style of the famed Fabergé eggs. more ]

Coin Invest Trust designs coins on historic changes in the Vatican

Coin Invest Trust has designed a series of coins that pay tribute to a historically significant event: the first resignation of a pope since the Middle Ages. more ]

Palau issues coin on Saint Francis of Assisi

The Island Nation of Palau celebrates the election of the new Pope with the issue of a gold coin dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi. In keeping with the simplicity and austerity that the founder of the Order of the Friars Minor always called for, the stamping stands out for its classic simplicity. more ]

Palau honours German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt with gold coin

While Australians know Ludwig Leichhardt as one of their country’s most important explorers, the native-born German is barely known in his home country. That may change now, at least among coin enthusiasts, thanks to a new gold coin. more ]

Mountains and Flora

The series Mountains & Flora, designed by Coin Invest Trust, celebrates the beauty of the Earth. Now three new issues are being added to the 40 coin-series, dedicated to majestic eight-thousanders in South and East Asia. more ]

An ounce of luck …

Luck is not venal but everybody strives for it. However, at least an artistic symbol of luck one might give as a present: the legendary four-leaf clover. On behalf of the Republic of Palau Coin Invest Trust has inserted a real four-leaf clover into an ounce of silver. more ]

Palau issues queen conch pearl coin

For the first time, a coin in the popular pearl series by Coin Invest Trust isn’t dedicated to a shell, but to a sea snail. The latest coin in the series shows a “queen conch”, native to the Caribbean. more ]

World of Wonders continued

San Francisco, Ottawa, Saudi Arabia, Madrid … what sounds like the stops on a tempting trip around the world are actually the themes of the new coins in the “World of Wonders” series. Surely collectors will marvel at the brilliant colours of the world’s wonders depicted on these coins. more ]

A Lucky Pig made of pure gold

A coin is a coin is a coin. And coins are round. Aren’t they?! Again and again, the creative team at Coin Invest Trust shows that coins can be many things: heart-shaped, star-shaped or pig-shaped. Now comes a lucky pig in pure gold, from Liechteinstein, for Palau. more ]

Coins as thermometers

In the 18th century, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit and Anders Celsius independently developed universal temperature scales which are still in use today. Coin Invest Trust has designed two coins for Palau and Cook Islands which can be used as thermometers – with the scale of one of the two famous scientists respectively. more ]

The Fall of the Berlin Wall 2014

The Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the beginning of the German Reunification. 25 years later, the historic event is remembered on this Palauan coin. Designed by Coin Invest Trust, the latent image on the coin surface shows the two major protagonists from 1989: Helmut Kohl and Mikhail Gorbachev. more ]

A Golden Christmas Tree

Every year, Coin Invest Trust surprises collectors with a unique Christmas coin. Special feature in 2014: the coin is shaped like a Christmas tree. more ]

An Ounce of Luck for New Year

Few lucky symbols are as common as the four-leaf clover. Coin Invest Trust annually issues a highly popular collector coin with a real, embedded cloverleaf. The 2015 issue is now available. more ]

A Golden Egg

Eggs symbolise fertility and eternal life. As Fabergé eggs they became world famous. Coin Invest Trust’s Golden Egg No. 1 takes up this tradition. more ]

A real pearl on a coin

On behalf of the Micronesian island state Palau, Coin Invest Trust dedicates the “Rainbow of the Sea – Marine Life Protection” series to mussel and snail species that are as beautiful as they are endangered. The latest issue centres on the green ormer. more ]

Tiffany Art 2015 – Nasrid Style

Like a dream come true: The impressive Moorish Alhambra in Granada looks like a fantasy from 1001 Arabian Nights turned reality. And Coin Invest Trust has turned stone into precious metal by creating this new coin in its award-winning Tiffany Art series for Palau. more ]

Treasure Game Coin

Collector coins are only for keeping in glass cases? Not anymore. With Coin Invest Trust’s new Treasure Game Coin, collectors are also players, trying to snatch away the treasure from the cruel captain on the metallic game board. more ]

Four Additions to Mountains and Flora

The world’s most imposing mountain ranges inspire awe and wonder. The Mountains & Flora series, produced for Palau by Coin Invest Trust, got four new representatives. more ]

World of Wonders – the journey goes on

Europe, Africa, America – the new coins in the “World of Wonders” series are truly intercontinental. With the same colourful splendour as always, Coin Invest Trust pays tribute to four monuments. more ]

Ounce of Luck 2016 – Four-Leaf Clover 2016

A four-leaf clover is a one-in-a-million find. If you ever come across one, consider yourself lucky. On behalf of Palau, Coin Invest Trust inserted this symbol of luck into two coins whose mintage is limited to 2016 specimens. more ]

Mountains & Flora

Created by Coin Invest Trust for Palau, the popular Mountains & Flora series is being continued. The two latest additions are devoted to Mount Cook / Aoraki and the Jungfrau. more ]

Golden Horseshoe

On behalf of Palau, Coin Invest Trust created a numismatic lucky charm: a golden coin in the shape of a horseshoe. more ]

Golden Egg No. 2

An original Fabergé Easter egg served as model for the reverse design of the latest issue of the Golden Egg series which Coin Invest Trust creates for Palau. With its oval shape, this coin is a real eyecatcher. more ]

Marine Life Protection – White Tail Damselfish

The White Tail Damselfish presents yet another colourful addition to the popular “Marine Life Protection” series, issued for the Pacific island state Palau. more ]

500 Years Bavarian Purity Law

The silver coin that Coin Invest Trust has designed for Palau on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Purity Law from 23 April 1516 exhibits a very distinct form: it is shaped like a crown cap. more ]

Tiffany Art 2016 – Amar Sagar and Jain Art

The twelfth issue of the Tiffany Art series of Coin Invest Trust for Palau shows Indian Jain architecture. Thanks to smartminting© technology, the coin shows an astounding wealth of detail and an impressively high relief. more ]


Coin Invest Trust has designed a unique skull-shaped coin for Palau. Thanks to smartminting© technology the silver edition turns into a three-dimensional sculpture. more ]

Miracle of the Sea – Marine Life Protection: Triton Trumpet

Created by Coin Invest Trust for Palau, the latest issue of the Miracle of the Sea – Marine Life Protection series is devoted to the Triton trumpet. Into the coin with its unseen level of height, a genuine blue pearl has been inserted. more ]

Marine Life Protection 2016 – Coral Hind

For Palau, Coin Invest Trust has designed the penultimate issues of the Marine Life Protection series. Available in three versions, the coins are devoted to the coral hind. Thanks to smartminting, the silver variant impresses with its unprecedented relief height. more ]

Sea Turtle

Coin Invest Trust creates for Palau a dollar shaped like a sea turtle. This turtle is – like its predecessor the skull – a three-dimensional sculpture of small size. more ]

Sand Dollar

Americans call the skeleton of a sea urchin a sand dollar. Now, Coin Invest Trust makes real money out of it: They strike a sand dollar for Palau in silver and gold. more ]

Laughing Buddha

CIT’s latest creation puts a smile on the face of every observer. It is dedicated to the Laughing Buddha, a popular theme of Asian origins and come in a silver and a gold edition both designed on behalf of Palau. more ]

CIT mints coin in four-leaf clover shape

On behalf of the state of Palau, Coin Invest AG continued the series “Ounce of Luck”. Latest smartminting technology permitted to create a coin in shape of a four-leaf clover. more ]

Final highlight of the “Exotic Butterflies” series

Between 2011 and 2017 CIT Coin Invest AG issued the extremely popular “Exotic Butterflies” series. As final highlight the “Dream Edition” offers a kind of summary. more ]

Coin Set: Chinese Guardian Lions

Guardian Lions always come in pairs. That’s the reason why Coin Invest AG dedicates a coin set to these mythical creatures. Latest coin technology using smartminting as well as Black Proof produced an aesthetic artwork. more ]

Emperor Penguin

An emperor penguin has been added to Coin Invest’s series of animal-featured coin sculptures. One gold and one silver coin pay homage to the bird that, within the animal kingdom, has become a symbol of parental love. more ]

Maneki Neko – Special Shapes Gold

Everybody who can call a cat his or her own knows that cats are very special animals. For all cat lovers, CIT Coin Invest AG has designed a special gold coin in the shape of what is probably the world’s most famous cat: Maneki Neko – a beckoning cat. more ]

Laughing Buddha 2018

The new version of the laughing Buddha CIT presents after the great success of the preceding 2017 edition, unites a wealth of innovative minting technologies to turn a beloved motif into a small numismatic artwork. The silver coin was designed on behalf of the Republic of Palau. more ]

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