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First silver and gold commemorative coin 2011: The Netherlands and the Art of Painting

On 30th May 2011, the Dutch Ministry of Finance will issue a new 5 and 10 Euro commemorative coin. The coin is being struck as a mark of honour to Dutch paintings and there will also be special issues for collectors... more ]

Royal Dutch Mint issues a commemorative coin: 100 years Mint building

The Royal Dutch Mint will issue a new commemorative coin on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its Mint. More detailed information will be available soon. more ]

First Coin to Have “QR” Bar Code Embedded into Design

To honor the centennial of the Mint building in Utrecht the Dutch Ministry of Finance authorized the issue of an additional commemorative coin this year. A special feature on this coin is a 2D (two dimensional) QR bar code... more ]

Netherlands Commemorate 50 Years WWF

The Royal Dutch Mint will be striking 5 and 10 Euro coins commemorating the 50 year existence of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In addition to circulation coins special editions for collectors will be available in silver and gold proof quality... more ]

Cutbacks at Geldmuseum Utrecht

For years the new Geldmuseum in Utrecht struggles with serious budgetary problems. Now the bigger part of the staff will be laid off, services will be extremely reduced, the research department cut off, the library closed and much more. Here you will find an information send by the Head of Department and the Librarian. more ]

Commemorative coin 2012: The Tulip Five

Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, in 2012 the Royal Dutch Mint will be striking a new commemorative coin with the theme: 400 year diplomatic trade relations between the Netherlands and Turkey. more ]

Coin with Augmented Reality Layar Technology

The Central Bank of Aruba commemorates the ‘Shoco’ (burrowing owl) as national symbol of Aruba with an Augmented Reality Coin struck by the Royal Dutch Mint. This is the very first coin with Augmented Reality in the world. A smartphone permits access to a world of information behind the coin. more ]

Dutch coin is Coin of the Year 2013

After the announcement of the winners in the various categories of the Coin of the Year Award the jury has announced as well the overall coin of the year: a Dutch coin featuring a QR barcode. more ]

A shoe full of silver coins

During construction works nearby the Rotterdam townhall archaeologists made an extraordinary find. They discovered an old leather shoe containing 477 Dutch silver coins dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. more ]

Curaçao and Sint Maarten celebrate 150 years abolition of slavery

In 1863 slavery was finally abolished in the Netherlands Antilles. Now Curaçao and Sint Maarten commemorate the 150th anniversary of that event by issuing a 5 Guilders silver coin struck by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt. more ]

The Rietveld Five Euro is Netherlands’ commemorative coin 2013

On 17 June, the Dutch Ministry of Finance has issued a new 5 and 10 euro commemorative coin: ‘The Rietveld Five Euro’. It is dedicated to the famous Dutch designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) and is part of the Europe-star programme. more ]

Dutch 5 Euro coin celebrates Peace Palace

On the 26th of August, the Dutch Ministry of Finance issued a new Dutch 5 Euro commemorative coin: the Peace Palace Five Euro (‘Vredespaleis Vijfje’). The monumental Peace Palace of The Hague houses international courts and law institutions. more ]

The Netherlands mark 200 years of Kingdom

The Ministry of Finance is issuing a special 2 euro commemorative coin to celebrate 200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands. Various editions among which one with colour printing will be made available. more ]

Netherlands issue new Dutch Euro circulation coins

The Netherland’s ministry of Finance has revealed the design for the national side of the new Dutch Euro coins featuring the portrait of King Willem-Alexander. The coins will be brought into circulation in January 2014 but 1 and 2 eurocents will be part only of the collectors’ sets. more ]

New euro coins from the Royal Dutch Mint

After more than a decade, the Royal Mint introduces new euro Dutch coins. The eight denominations of euro coins featuring King Willem-Alexander’s portrait will be issued in early 2014. more ]

New 2 Euro King’s Double Portrait from the Dutch Mint

Following the 2 euro Double Portrait 2013 and the introduction of the new Dutch euro coins for 2014, a new 2 euro King’s Double Portrait will be released in May 2014. The King’s Double Portrait is the final part in the coin trilogy to commemorate the change of rule. more ]

Commemorative Euro coins for de Nederlandsche Bank anniversary

On March 6th 2014, the Royal Dutch Mint has issued the first 5 and 10 euro commemorative coins of 2014, in honour of 200 years de Nederlandsche Bank. The coin is not only available as silver proof version, but also as coloured version in red, orange and blue. more ]

Royal Dutch Mint sold, effective November 22, 2016

After several months of searching for a buyer, the Belgian investment group Heylen has bought the Royal Dutch Mint. The purchase price amounted to 3.6 million euros. more ]

Dutch coin honors football legend Johan Cruyff

In 2017 Johan Cruyff would have reached the age of 70. As a tribute The Royal Dutch Mint has issued a commemorative coin. It features an iconic 3D portrait of Cruyff, combined with the effigy of King Willem-Alexander, as a symbol of equality and solidarity. more ]

Netherlands to be honored at 2018 World Money Fair

The World Money Fair welcomes a different nation as host country every year. The one for 2018 has just been announced: The Netherlands. more ]

Royal Dutch Mint pays homage to ‘the flying housewife’

To mark the 100th birthday of Dutch sports legend Fanny Blankers-Koen the Royal Dutch Mint will release a new 5 euro silver coin. On 3 June, during the international FBK Games in Hengelo, the ceremonial strike of the first coin will take place. more ]

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