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Mongolia issues coin on Long-eared hedgehog

As part of the Wildlife Protection series Mongolia dedicates a new coin to one of its native animals, the long-eared hedgehog. The Coin Invest Trust has chosen a design reminiscent of the series’ first coin, the twice award-winning ‘Gulo gulo’ of 2007. more ]

Mongolian Wolf in an artful issue

The Mongolian wolf is one of the many animals in danger of extinction. Now, Mongolia is dedicating a gold plated silver coin to this native subspecies of the wolf, a coin that most certainly has a chance of winning the ‘Innovation’ category at the next Coin of the Year awards. more ]

Mongolia’s most famous son: Chinggis Khan

Chinggis Khan and his sons built one of the biggest empires in the history of man and one that lasted longer than any other nomad empire. A Mongolian commemorative coin has now been dedicated to him. more ]

Wild Horse continues Mongolian Nature series in 2014

Coin Invest Trust continues its Mongolian Nature series by issuing the “Wild Horse”. The new addition to the coin series with the cut-out motifs has been an enormous success just like its predecessor, the “Wolf”. Like the wolf coin, the current edition is available in gilded silver and gold. more ]

Mongolian Nature 2015 - Falco cherrug

The Saker falcon is the national bird of Mongolia and decorates the latest issue of the award-winning Mongolian Nature series created by Coin Invest Trust for Mongolia. more ]

Mongolian Coin with a Dwarf Hamster

The fan community of the Campbell’s dwarf hamster is ever growing. More and more people enjoy the presence of the little rodents at home. The latest issue in the award-winning Wildlife Protection series, created for Mongolia by Coin Invest Trust, is dedicated to this popular pet. more ]

Year of the Monkey

2016 will be the Year of the Monkey. On behalf of Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust created a commemorative coin that will enchant (not just) all those who are fascinated by Chinese astrology. more ]

Evolution of Life 2015 – Ammonite

The first coin in Coin Invest Trust’s new “Evolution of Life” series, minted for Mongolia, renders the fascinating Ammonites alive in rich detail and sensational high-relief. more ]

Mongolian Nature 2016 – Owl

The latest issue in the popular and several-time award winning Mongolian Nature series that Coin Invest Trust designs for Mongolia is the owl. The design is executed in a characteristic cut-out technique as it was already employed with the pluri-awarded first issue, “Crying Wolf”. more ]

Wildlife Protection 2016 – Saker Falcon

Created by Coin Invest Trust on behalf of Mongolia, the latest issue of the multi-award-winning Wildlife Protection Series is devoted to the Saker Falcon. more ]

Evolution of Life 2016 – Trilobite

The EVOLUTION OF LIFE series, designed for Mongolia by Coin Invest Trust, dedicates its second issue to the trilobites. The silver edition shows the trilobite in impressive relief height thanks to smartminting© technology. more ]

Chinggis Khaan 2016

For Mongolia Coin Invest Trust has designed the 2016 issue of the CHINGGIS KHAAN series in silver and gold, honouring the Mongolian ruler. The coin’s high relief achieves an unprecedented height and sharpness thanks to smartminting technology. more ]

Year of the Rooster

For Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust has designed a coin to commemorate the Year of the Rooster. The silver edition is limited to 2017 pieces and its handmade HiCarv element rises particularly high from the coin field. more ]

Fidel Castro

On behalf of Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust dedicates two commemorative coins to recently deceased Fidel Castro. The relief of the silver edition is especially high and rich in detail thanks to smartminting© technology. The gold edition impresses with its diameter. more ]

Mongolian Nature – Roaring Deer

The Roaring Deer completes Coin Invest Trust’s popular and multiple-times internationally distinguished Mongolian Nature series issued by Mongolia. The fifth issue features a red deer, on the silver coin in the shape of a cut-out silhouette in the style of the series. more ]

Exotic Butterflies – Aporia crataegi

For Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust adorns the seventh issue in its successful Exotic Butterflies series with a true-to-life specimen of the black-veined white. This makes the series, which was issued by a different country every year, complete. It is the last issue in the series. more ]

Evolution of Life – Ichthyosauria

On behalf of Mongolia, CIT created the third issue in the popular “Evolution of Life” series. Incredibly true-to-life, “Ichthyosaur” appears like a real fish lizard with its rose gold relief against a slate-grey background. more ]

New coin of Coin Invest features Che Guevara

Following Chinggis Khaan and Fidel Castro, Coin Invest has dedicated the third issue in its “Iconic Revolutionaries” series to Che Guevara, whose face became an icon of the Protests of 1968 thanks to Alberto Korda’s portrait. more ]

CIT starts new series featuring “Prehistoric Beasts”

CIT Coin Invest starts a new series on behalf of Mongolia featuring “Prehistoric Beasts”. The first coin is dedicated to the Velociraptor mongoliensis, a fearsome dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous era. It is best known for its depiction in the cinema classic Jurassic Park. more ]

CIT Coin Invest AG launches new series

CIT Coin Invest AG dedicates its new series called “Woodland Spirits” to magical creatures with the Fox as the first one to be released. more ]

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