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Bullion coins part 5: Libertad

There are bullion coins that simply bear a wonderful name, for instance the Mexican Libertad, liberty, the bullion coin of the United Mexican States. It tells the story of the Aztec and Mexican past. more ]

Aztec God and jaguars – The Aztec calendar on a 2011 Mexican 1 kg silver coin

One of the world’s most impressive archaeological treasures ? weighing over 22 tons and with a diameter of about 12 feet ? has inspired one of the world’s largest coins, containing 1 kilogram (over 32 oz.) of pure silver... more ]

“A Meeting of Two Worlds”: Historic Ibero-American Coins Re-issued

The Royal Spanish Mint issued nine Ibero-American historic coins like Argentina’s first 1-peso coin or the Spanish 8-reales. But on the obverse these coins show the coats-of-arms of all participating countries... more ]

‘Mexican Paper Money 2017’ online available

World Numismatics has released the 2017 Edition of the most complete guide to Mexican Paper Money for digital download. Listing more than 7,000 items and thousands of changes including many newly discovered notes, this industry standard is now fully searchable. more ]

Introduction of New 500 Peso Banknotes Launches New Series

With the issue of Mexico’s newest banknote into circulation, the country is introduced to a new historically themed series focusing on notable chapters in the country’s development. Michael Alexander presents a detailed analysis of the new banknote. more ]

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