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Macau snake commemorative coins

A new coin of Macau’s lunar coin series will be issued by The Singapore Mint in September 2012. It features the snake, this year’s animal according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, and, on the reverse, the ruins of St Paul’s in the historical centre of Macau. more ]

New editions in Singapore’s Macau Lunar Series and World Buddha Heritage Series

In August 2014, the Singapore Mint unveiled the Macau Lunar Goat, the eighth coin in the Macau Lunar Series, and the first convex coin with the Maitreya Buddha of Vietnam, the seventh issue of the Bhutan World Buddha Heritage Series. more ]

The Singapore Mint ushers in 2017 Year of the Rooster

On behalf of Bhutan and Macau, The Singapore Mint has released the Lunar Rooster Coins for 2017. Featuring the almanac animal and scenic attractions of the relevant country, the coins impress with their ultra-high relief. more ]

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