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1 Lats Collector Coin Fog Mists the Pane dedicated to Aleksandrs Caks

The Bank of Latvia releases a 1 lats collector coin dedicated to Aleksandrs ?aks, Latvia’s great 20th century poet... more ]

Silver medal features original shred of papal stole

The canonization of Pope John Paul II was held on 27 April 2014. Lithuanian mint has marked this special occasion by issuing a unique piece of art – a silver medal with an insert. This is a shred of pope’s stole that he was wearing during the visit in Lithuania in 1993. more ]

Lithuania issued the last Litas Collector Coin before adopting Euro

A 50 litas silver commemorative coin was issued on December 16, 2014. This was the very last litas coin as Lithuania adopted the euro from the 1st of January, 2015. more ]

Lithuania issues coin in honor of Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis

The latest release of the Lithuanian Mint is a 20 euro collector silver coin dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the birth of national and public figure Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis. more ]

Lithuanian 2 euro coin features amber disc amulet

Coins marked with Baltic symbols are currently issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Constituting legal tender, the latest 2 euro commemorative coin features an archaeological find from the Neolithic period: an amber disc amulet. more ]

New issues of Lithuanian Labyrinth coin series

On behalf of Armenia, The Lithuanian Mint releases two additions to its silver coin series “The Labyrinths of the World”. Devoted to the Barcelona Labyrinth and Masone Labyrinth near Parma, they are equipped with a gilded ball running through the maze’s trails. more ]

Design for 2018 common Baltic coin chosen

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will issue a 2 euro commemorative coin with a common design in 2018. Chosen by the public, the winning design by Justas Petrulis celebrates the countries’ mutual past, present and future. more ]

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