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Riga Cathedral – “a place to discover the unknown”

The Republic of Latvia issues a collector silver coin commemorating the 800th anniversary of the Riga Cathedral on 25th July 2011. The 1-lats-coin shows the cathedral and an angel. The building is the home of the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church and is seen as a centre for Latvian Christs... more ]

Bishop Albert and the first coin struck in Riga in 1211

800 years ago, in Riga Bishop Albert granted traders from Gotland the right to mint coins. To commemorate the first coins struck in 1211 the Bank of Latvia issues a collector’s silver coin... more ]

150 Years of Latvian Railroad

On September 12, 1861 Latvia’s first railway was opened. In occasion of this event 150 years ago, the Latvian National Bank issues a new silver collector coin dedicated to the Latvian railroad and its history... more ]

A beer mug, “a house of hemp and butter” and the Versailles of the Baltics

275 years ago the magnificent Rund?le Palace was founded, the Versailles of the Baltics. The Bank of Latvia commemorates this event with a new collector silver coin. Also to the Hansa city Riga a coin is dedicated and a new circulation coin shows a beer mug. Why? Read it here! more ]

New Latvian circulation coin dedicated to Gingerbread Heart

The Netherlands Mint struck a new 1 lats circulation coin for the Republic of Latvia. The coin is dedicated to the “gingerbread heart” and has been issued on December 9, 2011. more ]

New Latvian collector “Stone coin”

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new collector coin “Stone coin”. It is a bi-metallic coin made of silver and a granite central disc. It reminds of the importance granite has in the Baltic state’s history, geography and culture. more ]

100 years Latvia in Olympic Games

The Bank of Latvia issues a new silver collector coin dedicated to 100 years Latvian participation in the Olympic Games. In occasion of London 2012 the country remembers its successes and releases this 1 lats coin. more ]

Royal Mint celebrates Bank of Latvia Anniversary with striking of historic coins

The Royal Mint celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the first independent currency issued in the Republic of Latvia on May 28, 2012 by striking a re-dated issue of the 5 Lats coin. more ]

New 1 lats circulation coin with hedgehog

Latvia has issued a new 1 lats circulation coin featuring a hedgehog. The cupro-nickel coin shows this cute animal that is found all over Latvia. more ]

Silver coin on centennial of Riga Zoo

On occasion of the centennial of the Riga Zoo the Bank of Latvia have issued a 1 lats coin in silver. more ]

Latvian Collector Coin ‘Karlis Zale’

The Bank of Latvia dedicated a 1 lats silver coin to the sculptor Karlis Zale who created the Freedom Monument in Riga, a monument that symbolises the nation’s unity and its national ideas. more ]

Latvian Collector Coin “Riga Technical University”

The Bank of Latvia issued a new 1 lats silver collector coin. Dedicated to the Riga Technical University on occasion of its 150th birthday it is not only a coin but a practically employable tool, which enables the measurements of size, direction and source of origin. more ]

New Latvian 1 lats circulation coin ‘Christmas bells’

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new 1 lats circulation coin ‘Christmas bells’. more ]

Latvia to issue new collector coin ‘Silver Salmon’

The Bank of Latvia is commemorating the birth date of the Latvian lats by issuing a silver replica of the original one-lats coin with a twenty times increased nominal value. more ]

Latvia issues collector coin Rudolfs Blaumanis

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new silver collector coin struck within the ‘European Silver Programme’, a collector coin programme of the EU Member States. The coin is dedicated to Rudolfs Blaumanis, one of the most distinguished and famous writers in the history of Latvia... more ]

Latvia issues Baby Coin

The Bank of Latvia has issued a new silver collector coin. The Baby Coin is destined to become a present made by friends to a newborn baby following traditional customs of showing thus their good will and joy over the new human’s birth. more ]

New Latvian collector coin on 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner

The coin ‘Rihards Vagners’ issued by the Bank of Latvia is a dedication to the composer on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birthday and a memorial to his active life period in Riga. more ]

German mint strikes 400 million new euro coins for Latvia

On January 1, 2014 Latvia will adhere to the euro zone. In the beginning 400 million coins will be needed which are being struck at the German mints in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. more ]

Latvia commemorates composer Jazeps Vitols with silver collector coin

Marking Jazeps Vitols' 150th anniversary, the Central Bank of Latvia has issued a collector coin therewith celebrating a composer who sang praise to the light and the founder of the professional musical education in Latvia. more ]

Latvian collector coin dedicated to famous literary work

Latvia issued a new 5 euro collector coin dedicated to ‘The White Book’ by Janis Jaunsudrabins. The coin was struck by the Dutch Mint and features the cover of ‘The White Book’ and illustrations from it. more ]

Tribute to the Baltic states: Latvia issues three new commemorative coins

Latvia brings three new commemorative coins, celebrating unity among the Baltic states, the 300th anniversary of the Latvian writer, linguist and thinker Gotthard Friedrich Stender and Riga’s distinction as European Capital of Culture 2014. more ]

Latvia celebrates 500 years of the Riga Castle

The Latvijas Banka has issued a silver collector coin that marks the 500th anniversary of the Riga Castle. The obverse of the coin depicts Wolter von Plettenberg, the Master of the Livonian Order, and the Madonna. The reverse shows the Riga Castle in a bird’s-eye view. more ]

Collector coin honors most influential Latvian couple

The latest collector coin released by Latvia celebrates two poets Rainis and Aspazija, the country’s most influential couple. They became leading figures in the New Current movement and are linked to a time of radical change around 1900. more ]

Latvia issues coin to honour 30 years of EU flag

Latvijas Banka issues a 2 euro commemorative coin to honour 30 years of the European Union flag. Designed by Georgios Stamatopoulos, it features 12 stars that morph into human figures embracing the birth of a new Europe. more ]

Latvia issues 2 euro coin featuring nesting stork

Latvijas Banka is issuing a 2 euro commemorative coin featuring a nesting stork. The coin is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia and all the euro area countries. more ]

Latvijas Banka issues ‘Fairy Tale Coin II. Hedgehog’s Coat’

Latvijas Banka has issued a new 5 euro silver collector coin – ‘Fairy Tale Coin II. Hedgehog’s Coat’. This is the second coin in a special collector coin series dedicated to the most dearly loved and significant Latvian fairy tales. more ]

Latvia issues collector coin ‘”Baltars”. Porcelain’

Latvijas Banka issues a 5 euros silver collector coin in the unique shape of a flat plate. Serving as legal tender, this creation is dedicated to “Baltars”, the workshop of fine china and faience and pride of Latvian national culture. more ]

Latvijas Banka issues 2 euro commemorative coin featuring cow

The cow of the former 2 lats circulation coins has been restored to live on the 2 euro commemorative coin Latvia has issued. more ]

Latvia issues 5 euro silver collector coin “National Entrepreneur”

Latvijas Banka is issuing a 5 euro silver collector coin “National Entrepreneur”. This coin is dedicated to the achievements of Latvian entrepreneurs and honours their endeavour and contribution to reinforcing the economic independence. more ]

Latvia issues innovative collector coin “The Earth”

A 5 euro collector coin “The Earth” has been issued by Latvijas Banka. Made of translucent perlucor with a silver outer ring and depicting Earth at the center, the issue is both innovative and unique, in terms of technology and design. more ]

Latvian coin celebrates “The Old Man’s Mitten”

Constituting the third issue of the Fairy Tale Coin series, Latvijas Banka has released the collector coin “The Old Man’s Mitten”. After Five Cats and The Hedgehog Coat, this 5-euro silver coin, too, celebrates one of Latvian’s most loved fairy tales. more ]

Winners of Latvian collector coin design competition announced

In the competition for the design of an innovative euro collector coin, Latvijas Banka has announced the winners. The first prize goes to industrial designer Arturs Analts for his design concept “Honey”. more ]

Design for 2018 common Baltic coin chosen

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will issue a 2 euro commemorative coin with a common design in 2018. Chosen by the public, the winning design by Justas Petrulis celebrates the countries’ mutual past, present and future. more ]

Latvian gold coin features horseshoe fibula

Latvijas Banka has issued a new 20 euro gold collector coin “Gold Brooches. The Horseshoe Fibula”. Continuing the series dedicated to Latvia’s centenary, it resembles a 12th century specimen of this piece of jewellery and carrier of centuries-old information. more ]

Latvia dedicates coin to folk songs

Latvijas Banka has issued a 5 euro silver collector coin “Smith forges in the sky”. Dedicated to all Latvian folk songs and bearing a poetical message enhanced by the drawings of artist Edgars Folks, it refers to a key symbol of Latvian identity. more ]

Latvia dedicates coins to Kurzeme and Latgale

Marking the country’s centenary in 2018, Latvijas Banka issues a four-part series of 2-euro commemorative coins featuring the coat of arms of selected cultural and historical regions. The latest two coins are devoted to Kurzeme and Latgale. more ]

Latvia’s new collector coin “My Latvia” features a child’s drawing

The National Bank of Latvia has issued a silver collector coin called “My Latvia”. The coin commemorates Latvia’s 100-year independence anniversary and shows a colorful drawing of the sun made by an 11-year old Latvian child on its reverse. more ]

Bank of Latvia to issue 2 Euro coin commemorating Baltic independence

The Bank of Latvia has announced the emission of a 2 Euro-coin that celebrates the independence of the three Baltic states that gained their sovereignty from the Soviet Union after World War I. more ]

“Smith Forges in the Sky” named Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2017

In a public voting more than 7,000 votes decided on Latvia's Coin of the Year 2017. During the award ceremony on 27 April 2018 it was made clear how pivotal traditional Latvian folk music is still in Latvian society. more ]

Curonian Kings on Silver Coin

To commemorate their extraordinary history, Latvijas Banka has issued a commemorative coin dedicated to the Curonian Kings. They were no kings as the name suggests, but free villagers. more ]

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