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The International Coin Design Competition – Winners 2009

Every year Japan Mint holds the International Coin Design Competition (ICDC) with the objective of encouraging creativity and enhancing the artistry of coin designs. Now the winners of 2009 have been elected... more ]

The Japan Mint in Osaka – exponent of Western modernization

By modernizing the coinage system Japan Mint has played an important part in introducing a lot of modern and Western ways of life in Japan since its establishment in 1871: We tell you the Mint’s history and take you to it’s museum full of amazing objects illustrating the long story of coin minting in Osaka... more ]

Japan commemorates the tsunami

In 2015 two new coins will be struck by the Japan Mint to commemorate the “Great East Japan Earthquake”. The gold and silver coins will hardly be available abroad due to the great demand expected in Japan. more ]

New Japanese Prefecture coins

To mark the 60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law, Japan Mint has launched “Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program” in 2008. The first three coins of this year are dedicated to Okinawa, Kanagawa and Miyazaki.
more ]

Japan Mint issues new Prefecture coin

Japan Mint has issued a new coin in their ‘Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program’. The silver collector coin is dedicated to the Miyagi Prefecture and shows one of its most eminent historical figures, samurai lord Date Masamune. more ]

Japan celebrates Cherry Blossom

Japan Mint celebrates the Cherry Blossom event with a series of legal tender coin sets and medals in gold, silver an red brass. A cloisonné medallion features the Kanda Festival which takes place at the same time. more ]

Japan Mint issues new coins

Japan issues new coins and series, celebrating 400 years of diplomatic relations with Spain, Gunma Prefecture and the children’s story Buying Mittens. more ]

Coin set 'Japan-Spain relations' officially presented

Recently the Japan Mint has issued a 2013 Proof Coin Set dedicated to ‘400th Anniversary of Japan-Spain Relations’. During a bilateral business meeting in Spain these sets were presented to and by high representatives of both countries. more ]

Shizuoka new issue in Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program

To the province Shizuoka Japan Mint has dedicated the latest issue in its Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program. The 1,000 Yen pure silver coin features Mt Fuji following a famous folding screen design. more ]

Japan Mint continues Prefecture series

Japan Mint issues in the last months of 2013 another coin of its Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program: a 1,000-yen silver coin for the Yamanashi prefecture. These is the last coin in this series and year featuring images of Mt Fuji. more ]

Japan Mint releases last new coins of 2013

Japan Mint issued a new silver coin under the Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program as well as two pure gold coins for next year’s zodiac sign, a horse. The silver coin features “Yakushima Island”, which belongs to the prefecture and is registered as UNESCO World Heritage. more ]

Japan Mint commemorates Cambodian friendship and Heisei Era

The Japan Mint has issued a silver coin to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Cambodia. The Mint has also newly released a „Heisei” Era coin set which includes a fascinating red-brass medal. more ]

New Coins for “47 Prefectures” in Japan

In 2014 Japan will issue again coin sets of its “47 Prefectures” series. This year’s issues will be dedicated to Ehime, Yamagata, Mie, Saitama, Ishikawa and Kagawa. more ]

50th Anniversary of Japan’s First Commemorative Coin

Exactly 50 years ago, commemorative coins were issued for the first time in Japan to mark the Tokyo Olympic Games, which were held for 15 days in 1964. These coins attained enormous success and Japan Mint will issue a coin set to mark the anniversary. more ]

Japan Mint: New year, new coin sets

In 2014 Japan Mint issues various Mint Sets featuring proof coin sets and a special medal. One set celebrates the famous cherry blossom viewing, another the Horse, this year’s Oriental zodiac. more ]

Bicolor Clad Coins in Japan’s 47 Prefectures series

Japan Mint continues the popular “47 Prefectures series” issuing coins dedicated to the prefectures of Okayama, Shizuoka, Yamanashi and Kagoshima. more ]

New Bicolor Coins from the Japanese Prefecture Series

CoinsWeekly readers will already be familiar with the popular Japanese 47 Prefectures series. Japan has now released three new coins, featuring an expressway connecting the islands Honshu and Shikoku, a clay prehistoric goddess figure and an ancient pilgrimage route. more ]

Cherry Blossoms from Japan

Since its inception in 1883, the Japan Mint’s Cherry Blossom Viewing has enjoyed lasting popularity as one of Osaka’s best-loved spring traditions. The Japan Mint releases the 2014 “Cherry Blossom Viewing” BU Coin Set, which includes a special silver medal. more ]

Japan Mint combines color printing and iridescent color shining technology

This silver proof coin commemorates the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Shinkansen bullet train in 1964. It is the first time that Japan Mint uses both color printing and iridescent color shining technology for a single coin. more ]

New 1,000 Yen Silver Coin from Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Program

This time, the pure silver coin from the popular Japanese coin program comes from the Saitama prefecture and features Shibusawa Eiichi, an influential contributor to the First National Bank, and a bell in the city of Kawagoe, which is part of the national cultural heritage. more ]

The new coin sets of the Japan Mint 2015

In 2015 Japan Mint issues various Mint Sets featuring proof coin sets and a special medal for this year’s Oriental zodiac, the Sheep. And a special commemorative 50,000 Kip Silver Proof Coin celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Japan-Laos Diplomatic Relations. more ]

Japan Mint honors Earthquake Reconstruction Project

On March 11, 2011, a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit eastern Japan, which killed more than 15,000 people and caused a nuclear crisis in Fukushima. The Japan Mint releases now a gold and a silver coin in honor of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project. more ]

Japan Mint continues 47 Prefectures Series

The 47 Prefectures Coin Program issued by Japan Mint got a new representative. The silver commemorative coin is devoted to the 42nd prefecture: Wakayama. more ]

Final Japan Earthquake series

Japan Mint has struck the coins of the fourth and last series under the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project Commemorative Coin Program. more ]

Japanese 47 Prefectures Series’ coin devoted to Fukushima

The latest addition to the 47 Prefectures Coin Program issued by Japan Mint focuses on the 46th prefecture of the country: Fukushima. more ]

How Tokyo, London, and New York Shaped the Modern World

In “Central Banks and Gold”, Simon James Bytheway and Mark Metzler explore how today’s financialized form of globalism took shape a century ago, when Tokyo joined London and New York as a major financial center. more ]

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