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Israel Issues Its First Gold Bullion Coin: The Tower of David

As gold reaches record high, Israel issues its first gold bullion coin: the tower of David. This first “Jerusalem of Gold” Issue is limited to 3,600 Pieces... more ]

Jonah in the Whale

Israel issues four coins in Israel’s long-running “Biblical Art” series, which are dedicated to Jonah and the Whale. more ]

Bank of Israel Issues Coins Honoring Nobel Peace Prize of Menachem Begin

The latest coin issue from the Bank of Israel, and the last one of 2010 is dedicated to Prime Minister Menachem Begin and his Nobel Peace Prize... more ]

As Israel's Athletes Prepare for London, Bank of Israel Issues Coins in Their Honor

The new legal tender coins issued by the Bank of Israel and designed by David Harel captures the status of gymnastics as visually one of the most attractive of athletic disciplines, demanding strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and grace... more ]

The Dead Sea. Commemorating the 63rd Anniversary of the State of Israel

In 2011 the 63rd annual issue of a coin commemorating the Anniversary of the State of Israel features the Dead Sea. A gold proof quality is available as well as two issues in silver... more ]

“The Western Wall” – Bank of Israel issues a new Gold Bullion Coin

The Bank of Israel issues its 2nd Gold Bullion Coin in the “Jerusalem of Gold” Series: “The Western Wall”. The issue is limited to 3,600 pieces and the price is not permanent but fluctuates in accordance with the daily international price of gold... more ]

Israel Issues a Coin Dedicated to the Prophet Elijah

The Bank of Israel strikes in its long-running “Biblical Art” coin series the 16th annual issue: the Whirlwind. In four silver and gold variations the coins remember the ascension to heaven of the prophet Elijah who was taken by a divine whirlwind... more ]

“Jonah In the Whale” Named Coin of the Year

A 2-New Sheqalim coin from the Bank of Israel has been named Coin of the Year by Krause Publications. The “Jonah In the Whale” silver coin was chosen the best of 10 individual category winners for coins minted in 2010 by an international panel of coin experts. more ]

Numismatics in Jerusalem – Part 2

Actually, numismatics concentrates on quite a narrow space in Jerusalem. There is the Israel Museum, which accommodates beside its own collection the Israel Antiquities Authority as well. And only a fifteen minutes’ walk from there you will find the exhibition of the Bank of Israel. Follow us today on a visit at the Israel Museum. more ]

Israel continues ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ series

The 4th Coin in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ Series is dedicated to the important archaeological site of Tel Megiddo. The Bank of Israel has issued a new coin in gold and silver being legal tender in Israel. more ]

Bank of Israel’s Biblical Art Series continued: Daniel in the Lion’s Den

The tale of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, from chapter 6 of the Book of Daniel, is an amazing one of faith, loyalty and heroism and was chosen by the Bank of Israel as the theme for the 17th annual issue in its Biblical Art Coin Series. more ]

Bank of Israel Releases First Coins in New Views of Israel Series

The Bank of Israel has announced a new series of coins dedicated to some of the most interesting and beautiful sites of nature in Israel. The first issue in the series begins this collector’s journey in the south, at the coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat.
more ]

Israel Coins and Medals has issued ‘Iron Dome’ State Medal

Israel Coins and Medals has issued a state medal commemorating Iron Dome, a mobile defense solution for countering short range rockets and artillery shell threats unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The medal is available in silver and bronze. more ]

Ten Commandment set of gold medals

For the first time in the history of Israel, the Ten Commandments are presented on a set of unique fine gold .9999 medals, just released by Israel Coins and Medals Corp. The set of ten medals is issued in a limited edition and comes in a handsome presentation case. more ]

Israel honours 60 years Holocaust memorial centre Yad Vashem with coins

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem is a pioneer of Holocaust Museums worldwide. It is the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust and celebrates its foundation 60 years ago. To mark that anniversary the Israel Mint issues the Israel 65th Anniversary Coin 2013. more ]

Israel issues state medal to mark 19th Maccabiah

In occasion of the 19th Maccabiah 2013, the ‘Jewish Olympics’, the world’s largest Jewish sports event, the Israel Mint issues a series of state medals in bronze and sterling silver. A limited gold version may be struck by order. more ]

Yitzhak Shamir State Medal Release

A new Israel State Medal in honor of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was presented to his son, Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir and daughter, Gilada Diament. more ]

David Playing For Saul

The Bank of Israel has released the 18th Coin in the ‘Biblical Art’ Series, ‘David playing to Saul’. The coin tells of the rise and fall of Saul, the first king of the people of Israel, told in the first Book of Samuel. more ]

Bank of Israel releases new coin in “View of Israel” series

Following the “Coral Reef, Eilat” coin issued a year ago, the Bank of Israel has released the “Jordan River”, the second coin in the “Views of Israel” series. more ]

Israel Continues Gold Bullion Coin Series: Hurva Synagogue

The 5th coin in Israel’s Gold Bullion Coin Series depicts the famous Hurva Synagogue. One of the most magnificent edifices on the Jerusalem landscape, the synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem is visited by tourists from all over the world. more ]

Israel highlights solar energy on coins

The Bank of Israel has issued the Israel 67th Anniversary Coin highlighting the impressive solar energy developments in Israel. The coin is available in various denominations and versions. more ]

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